Friday, April 9, 2010

A Note

The Post It Note. You know, those little square pieces of paper that come in pastel and neon colors of green, blue, red and yellow that are glued together in stacks of fifty that you write some sort of reminder on it and stick on the wall, or refrigerator, or table, or just let pile up in various places around the room or something. And one of those brands of post it notes is 3M Post it Notes. And there must be lots of brands and styles of post it notes to be found in those stationary stores and now even online in the world. And I have always thought post it notes are great for having little pieces of paper to write on instead of whole sheets when it comes to writing short notes or something. And what else it there to say about post it notes that has not already been said in time, as I find myself blogging about this topic for some reason or another. And what's really cool is that with the invention of advanced technology, you can now get those post it notes in full color custom printing with your name or logo on them. Now that's awesome. And those business cards, envelopes, invitations, address labels and post cards can be custom printed as well. And what better way to remind yourself or advertise something than with custom printed logos. With post it notes, posting a note has never been easier.

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