Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Tiles. And I have seen those objects throughout my travels here on planet earth. As usually they are some sort of square, circle or other shaped object that one can glue on and place on walls and other kinds of surfaces. And then there are subway tiles, bathroom tiles, glass tiles, mosaic tiles, marble tiles, stone tiles, metal tiles and many other kinds of tiles to be found here on planet earth in many different colors, shapes and sizes. And those tiles can make some really beautiful patterns and decorations and designs when they are placed together in their various fashions. And I have seen many a mosaics that just plain rock, as I have seen many a swimming pool, I think, lamp post, sidewalk, wall, countertop, floor and beyond decorated this those tiles of a beautiful design. And now with the invention of that thing called the internet and online shopping, finding those tiles can be just a website visit away.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

The News

Hey again bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. And here on this day I find myself encountering that blah bloggers block again wondering what to blagh about for the sake of maintaining content for this blog whenever possible. And how do those other bloggers out there in bloggerland maintain those blogs with content all the time. Is there some sort of internet guru for that. And so I find myself blogging about some of those news headlines in that stack of local newspaper articles that I have come across in my travels here on planet earth before me that one day I thought I may have made some kind of commentary on and blaghed about. And so there is the headline with one or two sentences of some blah blog commentary as follows. "We're not even close to Christmas", some article about all of those stores having summer aisle displays right next to Christmas aisle displays. Whatever happened to the holidays in between that used to exist, has time sped up that fast in the past few years that the holidays all run together? And "Man loses leg in 8th Avenue crash", unfortunately the driver was not even given a parking ticket and was left to go home as if no pedestrian was killed or injured as a result of cars on the mean streets on New York that are not bicycle friendly at all. It is a misfortune the roads are built for cars and not for people in that city of New York to where people can become endless roadkill for cars whose drivers are never penalized at all. Is another world possible? And "Woman cyclist killed by bus", same as the previous article, another misfortune of mean streets of New York built for cars and not for people. Is another world possible again? And "MTA: terror strategy not going away", some article about that Metropolitan Authority of Transit MTA flooding its rail system with even more polizei in the name of safety and security, so much that it seems as if the polizei now outnumber the passengers. Is another world possible again? "And Now That Bees Are Legal", which I guess is an article having something to do with beekeepers being able to keep bees legal. And I have read that Albert Einstein has once said that once the bees disappear off the face of the earth, man has but four years left to live, or something like that. And so goes another news headlines day. Have a great news and more day.
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Furniture

And on this day has found itself another one of those Sundays that has rolled around again. That day of rest, the Sabbath. Or is that Saturday? And yet I find myself blogging about Modern Furniture. You know, furniture that is modern. And what else is there that I can say about furniture that has not already been said in time. And usually if one happens to find themselves as one of those human beings dwelling here on planet earth, one can usually use some sort of object to sit, lie or lean on. And there seems to be an endless amount of those objects to be found for human beings here on planet earth such as tables, desks, chairs, beds and beyond, for those kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, living rooms and other rooms one finds themselves dwelling in. And those objects usually are to be found in many shapes, colors and styles when it comes to decorating ones room. And now with the invention of modern furniture, I would imagine that that furniture can make ones home look modern and up to date with its furniture statement. And now also with the invention of that modern thing called the internet and online shopping, one does not even have to leave home to shop and find that furniture, or at least one does not have to leave a computer to find that modern furniture. Now in these modern days, finding that furniture can be just a website visit away.
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

An Article

And for some reason or another this post has me wondering what the phrase CAT 2011 means. And now with the the invention of that thing called the internet where knowledge finds itself increased at the speed of a millennium to the point of information overload, one can find out what just about anything under the sun means with just a website visit away. Long lore ago are the days of looking in one of those encyclopedias or dictionaries to be found on ones shelf under that first letter of that word to see what that book says about it. And so back to that phrase CAT 2011. What does that mean? As it seems as if it has something to do with some sort of study material or test or exams for careers or something like that. And what is there to say about study and study materials and schools and education and careers that has not already been said in time enough to blog in this blog post. And that subject of careers and the work world workplace can be a whole another topic to itself, I think. And then what does that word work mean anyway, that could be a whole another blog post. And so if you happen to be looking for study materials, knowledge, exams, or some kind of career profession for some reason or another, finding that information can be just a website visit away.
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Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Calendar

And from what I can see by looking at that Gregorian calendar on the wall is that is still the year 2010 A.D., or something like that. Though this post happens to be about 2011 promotional calendars. As usually the number 11 comes right after the number 10. And there's that year 2012 to be found soon afterward. Now that should be an interesting one. That's right, father time is passing us by, where seconds become minutes and minutes become hours, and hours become days and days that become weeks that become months, that become years that become centuries that become millenniums and so on and so on and so on. And so soon those holidays of festivities will be rolling around each year again and soon those stores will be displaying more and more of those end of the year beginning of next year calendars, those calendars that seem as if they want to tell us what to do right along next to those two sticks on the wall called clocks. And so there must be lots of words and sayings to be said about that word time. And now with the invention of all things internet, finding those calendars and creating your own personalized promotional calendars and more has never been easier.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Go Greyhound

Hey bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. "Go Greyhound and leave the driving to us". Or something like that I think their motto goes. And from what I recall throughout my travels here on planet earth is that people sometimes take that Greyhound bus to that destination in somewhere North America and leave the driving to them. And those sides of those buses seem to have a photo of a hound dog going somewhere on them I guess. And so what's that greyhound bus ride all about when one goes cross country in that country of North America, as it seems as if one has to be up to some serious adventure between sleeping sitting up for days at a time, trying not to sit near the bathroom seat if possible, getting off those buses at all hours of the day and night to transfer to another bus on one of those buses, trying not to get left behind at the rest stop or stranded at the side of the road kind of bus rides, reading one of those novels and books non stop even if it isn't even interesting kind of rides to ride one of those buses and wondering whether to sit near the front or back of the bus kind of Greyhound bus rides. And that ride sometimes seems to be a ride of hard knock stories. And if one can get two seats to themselves to sit and sleep in on that Greyhound bus ride, wow! What's that Greyhound bus ride all about.
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Lamp

Now here's an interesting term that has me wondering what it means. Salt Lamps. And if you happen to be wondering that those salt lamps are all about or if you happen to be looking for them, you can find them and all about those Himalayan Salt Lamps from that recent invention called the world wide web internet, as those Himalayan Salt Lamps, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Prayer Flags, Tibetan Stress Tension Healing Incense, Tibet and Himalayan bath and spa salts and meditation and relaxation crystal singing bowls all seem to have something to do with Tibet and the Himalayas and are all Tibet and Himalayas and more all the time.
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Saturday, September 4, 2010

New York City

New York. Babylon. And it is not often that I find myself blah blogging someone else's blog article, or is it? Though this is one of those times that I find myself reposting that article that someone else posted on one of those facebook pages titled "8.4 Million New Yorkers Suddenly Realize New York City A Horrible Place To Live". And that is one funny article, I think. As that ONION seems to be one funny newspaper to be found in that city of New York. I think. And that articles is as follows. Have a great New York City Day.

NEW YORK—At 4:32 p.m. Tuesday, every single resident of New York City decided to evacuate the famed metropolis, having realized it was nothing more than a massive, trash-ridden hellhole that slowly sucks the life out of every one of its inhabitants.

With audible murmurs of "This is no way to live," "What the hell am I doing here—I hate it here," and "F**k this place. F**k this horrible place," all 8.4 million citizens in each of the five boroughs packed up their belongings and told reporters they would rather blow their brains out with a shotgun than spend another waking moment in this festering cesspool of filth and scum and sadness.

By 5:15 p.m. there was gridlock traffic on the outbound sides of the Holland and Lincoln tunnels, and the area's three major airports were flooded with New Yorkers, all of whom said they wanted to go anyplace where the pressure of 20 million tons of concrete wasn't constantly suffocating them.

"I always had this perverted sense of pride because I was managing to scrape by here," said Brooklyn resident Andrew McQuade, who, after watching two subway rats gnawing on a third bloody rat carcass, finally determined that New York City was a giant sprawling cancer. "Well, fuck that. I don't need to pay $2,000 a month to share a doghouse-sized apartment with some random Craigslist dips**t to prove my worth. I want to live like a go*amn human being."

"You see this?" added McQuade, pointing at a real estate listing for a duplex in Hagerstown, MD. "Two bedrooms, two baths, a den—a f**king den—and a patio. Twelve hundred a month. That's total, not per person."

According to residents, the mass exodus was triggered by a number of normal, everyday New York City events. For Erin Caldwell of Manhattan, an endlessly honking car horn sent her over the edge, causing her to go into a blind rage and scream "shut up!" at the vehicle as loud as she could until her voice went hoarse; for Danny Tremba of Queens it was being cursed at for walking too slow; and for Paul Ogden, also of Queens, it was his overreaction to somebody walking too slow.

Other incidents that prompted citizens to pick up and leave included the sight of garbage bags stacked 5 feet high on the sidewalk; the realization that being alone among millions of anonymous people is actually quite horrifying; a blaring siren that droned on and f***ing on; muddy, refuse-filled puddles that have inexplicably not dried in three years; the thought of growing into a person whose meanness and cynicism is cloaked in a kind of holier-than-thou brand of sarcasm that the rest of the world finds nauseating; and all the g**amn people.

In addition, 3 million New Yorkers reportedly left the city because they realized the phrase "Only in New York" is actually just a defense mechanism used to convince themselves that seeing a naked man take a s**t on a park bench is somehow endearing, or part of some shared cultural experience.

"I was sitting on my stoop, drinking coffee, and out of nowhere this crazy-looking woman just starts screaming, 'I am inside all of you,' over and over," Bronx resident Sarah Perez, 37, said. "Then, we both had this moment where we looked at each other and realized, okay, we have to get out of here."

"This place sucks," Manhattan resident Woody Allen, 74, told reporters. "It just f***ing sucks."

When fleeing New Yorkers were asked if they would miss the city's iconic landmarks, most responded that Central Park is just a pathetic excuse for experiencing actual nature, that the Brooklyn Bridge is great but it's just a f***ing bridge, that nobody goes to the Met anyway, and that living in a dingy, grime-caked apartment while exhaust fumes from an idling truck seep through your bedroom window isn't worth slightly bigger bagels.

"This is no place to raise a kid, that's for sure," said 32-year-old Brandon Rushing, a lifelong New Yorker. "I grew up here and I turned into a giant a**hole. Why would I want that for my son?"

"Plus, we're the place most likely to get nuked by a dirty bomb in a terrorist attack," he added. "So that's great. Also, it smells like sh*t here, and I'm not exaggerating. You'll just be walking around and it starts smelling like human sh*t, and it just fills your nostrils and you breathe in sh*t for like 20 seconds."

Before departing by private helicopter, Mayor Michael Bloomberg spoke with members of the media to address the situation.

"You know what the greatest city in the world is?" Bloomberg asked reporters. "Scottsdale, Arizona. It's clean, it's not too big, it's got a couple streets with shops and restaurants, and the people there aren't f**king insane. This place is f***ing insane. And by the way, that's not a reason to like it. Anyone who says that is a delusional dirtbag."

By Tuesday night, New York was completely abandoned. At press time, however, some 10 million Los Angeles–area residents, tired of their self-centered, laid-back culture and lack of four distinct seasons, and yearning for the hustle and bustle of East Coast life, had already begun repopulating the city.
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