Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nonstop Talk

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Straight Talk for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Checkpoint Charlie

The only thing constant is change. And some stories do not end as you expect. Once an outsider, always an outsider. You can only deal with the cards you are dealt with. You take a deep breath and you jump and you hope that there's water at the bottom of the pool when you land. The saddest song ever told. And a host of other sayings and philosophies that want to pass me by on this blog your way to the bankless get rich internet quickless day when it comes to this thing called life. And so what I wanted to blah blog about on this blaghing day. So what's up with that Checkpoint Charlie checkpoint that found its way to that intersection of Dekalb Avenue and Wyckoff Ave in that neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn, or is it Bushburg or East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, to be found in that country or is it continent of North America to be found on planet earth, the other day where there seems to be more New York City Department of Polizei, Politi people on the streets of that city of New York than people themselves these days and times and seemingly beyond. And as I found myself passing by that intersection the other day going my way, that intersection found itself closed off with polizei at all four corners shining flashlights in everyones faces, checking drivers I.D. for when asked for what reason? "Drunk drivers" was a response and, "Are you liberal?" Hugh? Are the Gestapo's here yet. And what's the Gestapo anyway. And it seemed like some scene straight out of a checkpoint Charlie Museum scene. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State?
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Thursday, July 21, 2011

A Monument

And the memory of you is forgotten. Okay, and so it's another one of those days where I find myself at a loss of blogger words in that bloggers block land that wants to find itself visiting me every so often on this blog in that attempt to maintain content for this blog and my other blog whenever possible in that web 2.0 user generated content social media era. So much that I find myself posting this blog entry that found itself on this blog some time a while ago, because hey, it's less writing sometimes. I think.

What happens when a monument is destroyed and something else is put in its place? What happens when a landmark building is destroyed and another building is put in its place? What happens when whole communities are torn down and another community is put in its place. What happens with the destruction of old, historical buildings to create new and more modern buildings. Does this type of thing happen everywhere around the world these days. Is New York real estate a reflection of the world of real estate? I was watching that film "New York: A Documentary" the other day, and part of the film described how Robert Moses destroyed and built New York. The film discussed urban renewal, urban removal, urban development, urban sprawl and the displacement of people from their homes for the development of highways and cars, as cars were seen as more important or economical than people or something. And then there was the destruction of old New York for a more newer, modern New York City in this film also. And people, their community and their thoughts did not matter. Only the developers, construction engineers and money seemed to matter. Was, is this a profit before people thing or something. And there are a few emails that are in my inbox this week with the subject "Save Washington Square Park" and "Rally to save Washington Square Park". And what happens when a historical monument, landmark structure is destroyed and replaced with another structure. Is this a reflection and representation of the city and real estate market as a whole. The destruction and construction of property for money or urban renewal or something. And who profits from this. As I saw in that film the other day, New York is ever changing. Whether that change is good or bad I am not sure. I am only sure that the only thing constant is change. And then there is CBGB"s and a host of other places that have disappeared to gentrification, genocide, or just plain change of times or other things in the end of an era. Babylon, Bael babble on. And what does this have to do with a No Police State.
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Sewing my own throw pillows

Guest post written by Mimi Rogers

When I have the opportunity to cut costs here and there, I really try to take advantage of it. One example is just around the house. I've always been pretty handy with crafts and a sewing needle, so I save a lot of money by doing that. Plus, most of the time the stuff that I make for myself is of a better quality than anything that I could get in stores. It was about time to give my living room a facelift again, so I decided that the easiest way would be with some new throw pillows.

So I went online to see if I could find some really interesting ways to make my own special throw pillows. As I was looking for that, I ran across the site and after I looked through it some I decided to sign up for one of the internet packages that I saw on there.

I found a really cute tutorial on making some pillows with bird appliquĊ½s on them that are just going to be so adorable.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Lincoln Square Free Summer Concert

And so goes another one of those get rich internet quickless, blog your way to the bankless days that I have found myself blogging about lately every so often to where I find myself instead blah blogging about a Lincoln Square Free Summer Concert at Richard Tucker Park that I found myself attending on this blogger day. And some good friends were performing at this concert that I found myself at as in that photo and video above. And according to that flyer that was handed out at this Lincoln Square Free Summer Concert, this concert at Richard Tucker Park that is sponsored by Music Under New York and the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District takes place every Wednesday, July 6-August 31 from noon to 2pm in that city of New York in Lincoln Square that finds itself across from that arts institution of Lincoln Center. And so according to that flyer again, grab your lunch and some friends and enjoy a taste of New York's Eclectic "Underground" music scene! With different musicians from MUNY that play in the New York City subways from the underground. And this concert subway musicians rocks. Have a great music and more day.
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Saturday, July 9, 2011

A Gun Bill

Okay so here's another one of those posts that was written on this blog some time a while ago. It's just that hey, it's easier to recycle this blog sometimes in that what to write on this blog for the sake of maintaining content whenever possible bloggers block, I think...

There was a headline in the news yesterday on the Yahoo homepage that read "Gun bill inspired by "A place where gun violence occurred", and the article went on to say something about the mentally ill will be targeted and asked for documentation when they go to buy guns. Hugh? Is not the problem with guns that guns are sold everywhere to anyone at all, and not the people. And there was a sales excerpt in this past weeks Sunday newspaper for a sports store. This advertisement was for the hunting section of their store and it pictured a man dressed in camouflage with a gun tossed over his shoulder and there were photos of guns and rifles with brand names and fancy descriptions for sale all over the page. Are people animals who are people to be hunted? Is hunting for animals and people now considered a sport to be sold in the malls of America and on sales brochures next to roller skates and advertised in the papers for all to see. Is this not the same? Is not the problem that the images of guns are found in television, film, commercials, posters, newspapers, cartoons, video games and marketing and advertisements everywhere these days. Does not advertising influence society. I could cut and paste my blog entries over and over in my appeal to abolish guns. Guns are the worst invention of an industry ever. Everyday someone loses their lives to random acts of gun violence for no reason at all except for the fact that guns have been invented. It is a story that has been told yesterday and will be told tomorrow with no end in sight. It is an industry that feeds on itself, advertisement breeds crime which breeds news, which breeds crime, which breeds more advertisement which breeds more crime. Will the cycle of the beast that has it's grip on humanity ever end. Should not guns be abolished from humanity as a whole, from everyone on the face of planet earth. And then there is that constitutional 4th amendment, the right to bear arms that should be abolished or rewritten to abolish guns and replace them with sticks and stones or something. The idea that property, material goods are worth more than life. And the whole world is paying with the loss of human life which seems to be a disposal commodity in the war industry of people against humanity. And my friend gave me a flyer as we were discussing the latest atrocity of the day in relation to gun violence. It is a flyer she received back in April at Union Square Park of New York City. And it is a flyer about gun violence and psychiatry. The Pharmaceutical industry is bigger than the war industry. Psychiatry Kills. Abolished forced psychiatric treatment. And what's that "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" film by Ken Kesey all about anyway. That's a whole another blog posting. For all things human rights and psych cia trickery and alternatives to the mental death system, Mindfreedom is a great website to visit. I am one voice, one blogger. Is another world possible. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?
And the flyer went on to read:

What caused the tragedy in "this state"?

It was reported in the Times and the Post Wednesday:

The killer had been taking anti-depressants.

All too often in the present age, we hear the tragic news of a senseless massacre somewhere in the country. Experience has shown, that the killer has almost always, if not absolutely always, been someone who had been prescribed anti-depressants.

The killers with names were kids who had been prescribed the anti-depressant ritalin.
The man who shot someone at this place had been prescribed an anti-depressant whose classic symptom is extreme rage directed at one specific person. The killers in the recent massacres in three different states, also one in another state, had been taking various prescription anti depressants.

Pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed, not as a last resort but as a first thought, not hesitantly but hastily and with excess. They are not properly used, but abused, with no thought of the side effects of taking chemicals which nature did not produce and evolution did not plan for us to be subjected to, like bug spray or insecticide. And this is not a small and isolated phenomenon, but rather a deliberate and systematic poisoning of the bodies and minds of the American people, on an epidemic scale.

The concentration of power, Mr. Moneybags, the State, which controls the American military-industrial complex and the pharmaceutical chemical companies that are an integral part of that system, the State, which, as Eisenhower warned, would one day gain undue influence and endanger our Liberties, has an interest in promoting this epidemic scourge of prescription drug use. Hundreds of billions of dollars a year, are made by the corporations that sell these drugs. It is big business. In addition, the State which experience has shown, for thousands of years all over the globe, tends to want to empower itself and dis-empower the People, gets exactly that benefit from this epidemic of drug use. Power and authority, competency and incompetency breeds corruption. It dis-empowers individuals by making them unhealthy. And it dis-empowers the community and the nation, by making people distrustful of each other; by making people think that their neighbor is a crazy person who they must be protected from; by persuading the People to accept, even to demand, increased police power of the State to protect them. Under such conditions even the will to independence vanishes.

The innovations of scientists and engineers are stolen and subverted by the concentrations of power; a virtue has become a vice, and chemical technology, which can and of right ought to be a liberating force in society, becomes enslaving.

Doctors are encouraged, by the drug industry, to prescribe artificial drugs to their patients. It is a regular practice, for the drug companies to pay a doctor a fee every time that doctor prescribes one of their drugs. It is no secret. In this way, the basic essential character of the American medical profession becomes one of conflict of interest.

The companies that make these drugs exert a great deal of pressure upon the mass media. There are huge advertising contracts, and there is an overlap of ownership between the drug companies and the media companies. The fact that a mass murderer was taking prescription drugs, is one of those things that will show up once in the newspapers, but is immediately and finally buried, and mum becomes the word.

There have been a thousand analyses of the killer in papers, of his history, his personality, his psychological problems; there have been a thousand demands for increased police powers; there have been a thousand calls for the outlawing of guns, and a general de-clawing of the People. But has anyone asked, how is it that society produces so many sick people?

Prescription anti-depressants are known to be a common cause of suicide; they are known to be a constant presence in senseless massacres. Surely the number of individual murders caused by these drugs must be many times greater than the number of massacres. And if there are so many suicides and murders, how many people taking pharmaceuticals must be gravely suffering, but have not quite yet arrived at the point of suicide or murder?

This epidemic of drug use, this deliberate poisoning of the bodies and minds of the American people, this deliberate, and thus far largely successful, did-empowerment of the American people, must stop. It is our purpose to reveal this truth to the American people, so that we may once again live in a sane and healthy society and the tragic deaths of so many good people in this State shall not have been in vain.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011


And so on this day finds itself another one of those blogging days where for some reason or another I find myself blogging about the phrases Cool Gadgets, Office Depot coupon code and Musicians Friend coupon. And so what else is there that I can say about these phrases that has not already been said in cool gadgets, Office Depot coupon code, Musicians Friend coupon blogger time. Except that if you happen to find yourself looking for these coupons and gadgets for some reason or another, GeekAlerts has them. And what an interesting name for a website, as who would have thought that the day would come where practically everyone, or at least a lot of people could have one of those personal computers enough to where one could become one of those computer geeks of long lore ago. And so at GeekAlerts you can find some cool gadgets and geeky stuff as well as coupons for those stores, news and more. As now with the invention of all things internet, one can find some discount coupons for Amazon, Best Buy, Dell, Disney, Office Depot, Old Navy, ThinkGeek, Vistaprint and a whole lot of other stores without ever having to leave home, or at least without ever having to leave one of those computers. As now finding those promotion codes, coupon deals and more can be just a website visit away.
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Saturday, July 2, 2011

A Facebook Event

Hey again bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. And those social media web 2.0 user generated content facebook events are happening this weekend. And I know those facebook events are happening around the world and specifically in that city of New York to be found over this July 4th patriotic flag waving holiday weekend because because all of those seemingly bazillion and more events that arrive in those pop up event invite windows each day on that facebook page says so. And some of those events to be found straight from that facebook wall are as follows. And these events facebook rock.



...O.k drums 8:00-9:00

Filthy Savage 9:00-9:15

RITZ RIOT 9:15-9:30

Fiya Divine 9:30-10:30

ID Vicious 10:30-10:45

JAYMZ 10:45-11:00

Taylor Young 11:00-12:00

Cash aka Chuc Bars 12:00-12:15

Bossman 12:15-12:30

Wilson Man 12:30-12:40


Jamai Venus

Arkie Boat

Shemu Peters

Maya Thomas

and many more..



5$ Magical Brownies

1$ Cookies from Narnia


7$ Require After 7pm

but more will be cool :)

And also.....

3rd Annual SLF 4th of July Rooftop BBQ & Dance Party

In case you didn't already know, our rooftop party has become the de facto place to be during 4th of July Weekend if you're looking to avoid the tourist crowd, cheesy parties and overpriced bars.

Now in our 3rd year, we're moving to a new rooftop in the heart of Brooklyn and will feature our good friends Pleasuremaker and Senor Oz from the notorious AFROLICIOUS party in San Fransisco. They will surely bring the dance party to a level! People's Champs return with their energetic live performance and the SLF DJ crew and friends Kunal Merchant and Seif al-Din of Music Without Borders and Lily Vanilli of Nana Chill will keep the vibes with their trademark eclectic blend of House, Hip-Hop, Soul, Disco, Afrobeat, Reggae and more.

NOTE: The party will be on SUNDAY, JULY 3 (and NOT on the 4th itself, so you're not hurting on Tuesday when you go back to work, because we love you like that).

NO COVER. Bring cash for the bar and the BBQ.

Hope to see y'all there and feel free to invite friends.


** SUNDAY | 03 JULY 2011 **
6p-2a | FREE | Cash Bar

Please send e-mail RSVP for location:

/// featuring ///



( WHCR's Impulse Travels, Sound Liberation Front, Soular Grooves, --=(] buhbOmp [)=-- )

( Sound Liberation Front, Music Nerd Club )


( Nana Chill, The BRMG )

( Sound Liberation Front, Music Nerd Club )

And also.....

Rubulad Presents: A [Brooklyn] Odyssey!

Rubulad Presents

on Saturday July 9, 2011:

Odyssey! In which our heroes are buffeted by storms on the high seas of Kings County, lured by the sweet siren singers of East Williamsburg and menaced by Mayor Mike’s minotaurs, landing in a sweet loft space in Greenpoint on our way home.

171 Lombardy St. at Varick Ave.

live bands:

Lily and the Parlour Tricks

Pablo Malaurie (direct from Argentina!)

The Pendulum Swings

Poodle/Bear Love Association

with your DJs:

Repo Man

Joro Boro

Dirty Finger

Ol’ Stark


G. Scopitronic’s Non-Stop Film Fest

Light Circus Extraordinaire by Norm Francoeur

Hot F***ing Tamales

All Night Shadow Puppet Swashbuckler by Pierre Pressure and Doc Lance Boyle

10 pm doors, 11 pm show, 10 golden drachmas before 11 pm or way late. 15 golden drachmas in costume all night. 20 otherwise (come on, everybody has a bedsheet).

Dress: think togas, monsters from the deep, nautical adventures, groovy gods and goddesses, killer mermaids

20 minute walk from subway, so wear your dancing shoes, not those ouchy ones. If you must wear heels or die, get a cab from the train.

Fabulous view on that rooftop, by the way.

Please forward wildly!

This is our season closer. Last Rubulad till September. Let’s spend it together.

And the events go on and on. Have a great July 4th weekend.

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