Thursday, June 1, 2023

MORUS at The 36th Annual Loisaida Festival

We had a great time listening to Batala New York pass by in a parade while tabling at Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space – MORUS during The 36th Annual Loisaida Festival this past Memorial Day weekend. Viva Loisaida!

And those are the words I find myself typing on this blog the day after that Memorial Day weekend of events that has since come to pass in that City of New York.

And if I were to copy and paste that 36th Annual Loisaida Festival Facebook event invite and the participants of this Loisaida Festival event, it would read something like as follows:

“For the 36th Annual Loisaida Festival, we’re taking it back to our streets! Join us for a day of community on Sunday, May 28th on Avenue C!

We are gearing up to celebrate the The 36th Annual Loisaida Festival, every year on the Sunday before Memorial Day, Loisaida, Inc. celebrates our Latino and Hispanic culture, heritage, food, music and art by turning the Avenue C – Loisaida Avenue corridor into a one-of-a-kind block party spanning across 14th Street to 5th Street inside the historic district known as the East Village/Alphabet City/Loisaida neighborhood.

Main Stage

DāSo+ DJ Drestar, Batalá New York, Dorill Initiative Teens, Eljuri Power Rock Trio.

Kinto Zonó Plena & Bomba, VIVA Loisaida! Awardees Recognition, Lower East Salsa, NaboriNyah

Theatre Lab at La Plaza Cultural

Line-Up & Schedule

12:00 pm – The Island School (short play)
1:00 pm – Brentwood High School Bilingual Theater – (short play)
1:45 pm – Westbury School Bilingual Theater – (short play)
2:00 pm – DJ Sunny Cheeba (music)
2:30 pm – Alejandra Rosa (poetry, performance)
3:00 pm – Adriana Devers (poetry, dance, stories)
3:30 pm – Teatro Yerbabruja (short play)
4:00 pm – Teófilo Torres con Pateco (performance)
4:30 pm – Jota Erre (music)

Street Level

5th Street – 12th Street

Conjunto, Los Fascinantes, Casa Adela Rumba with Jip Jop Jibarito, PRIDA Artisan Block, Charlie Rosario Exhibition, Bouncy Houses, Bio Bus, Pony Rides, Thrive Collective * Community Mural Painting in honor of Jean Michel Basquiat, LES Sports +, PSA – 4, Kids vs Cops, Basketball Game, Loisaida Inc. & Listening Lab Activation”

And then there’s MORUS, that Lower East Side radical history museum that finds itself in that city of New York, whose Facebook event invite reads something like as follows:

“Come celebrate the The 36th Annual Loisaida Festival. Join us for a day of community on Sunday, May 28th, 11:30 am – 5 pm, an all day festival of food, music artists, activists and vendors on Avenue C. MORUS will be tabling outside our space between 9th and 10th Street.’

And if I were to copy and paste their May/June mailing list , their upcoming events are:


Pop-up design exhibit at the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space

155 Ave C, NYC

May 19 through June 11

Opening: Friday May 19, 6-9pm
Viewing Hours: Fri-Sun, 2-6pm

“Design Without Authority” speaks to autonomous action, and building without authority in architecture and design. The project borrows lessons from an ad hoc approach often seen in the urban environment, where an abundance of improvised decisions, broken rules, unauthorized additions and constructions participate in the realization of the built environment. Can tacit architectural knowledge become ubiquitous, entering everyday life? 

Featuring Work by Catherine Grau + Nathan Kensinger, Fly, George Bliss, John Szot, Kotti & Co, LOT-EK, Marwan Kaabour, Mohamed Nahleh, Nina Cooke John, Nof Nathansohn, Ross Martin and Xavier Delory.Curated By Renan Teuman.& ABC No Rio In Exile

Screening: Saturday May 27 at 7:00Pm


Sunday, May 21…………12:00pm

Green Oasis Community Garden, 8th St between Avenues C and D
Come learn the basics of beekeeping for city honey bees and their importance to the urban environment. From pollination to good tasting honey, learn from bee expert Dan Rothschild of City Bees and Peas.


Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space. 155 Ave C

Thursday May 25th…………6pm-9pm

La Plaza Community Garden

One of the cleanest forms of transportation is the wind. Come learn how to sail and let the world be your new home! Once you complete your free sailing classes you will have the opportunity to sail you own boat on the East River.


May 28…………11:30am-5pm

Come celebrate Latino and Hispanic culture, heritage, food, music, and art by turning the Avenur C – Loisaida Avenue corridor into a one-of-a-kind block party spanning across 14th Street to 5th Street inside the historic district known as the East Village/Alphabet City/Loisaida neighborhood. Mesuem of Reclaimed Urban Space with be tabling outside our space between 9th and 10th Street.


Saturday, June 3…………8:00pm

Wednesday, July 5…………8:00pm
La Plaza Community Garden, SW corner of 9th St & Ave C  NYC

Celebrate the light of the full moon in La Plaza. Pause and be guided into unconscious bliss under the healing light of the moon with a meditation. Then reconnect sonically with ourselves and the planet. Get up and move with the moon in a moon circle of healing, sounds and higher consciousness. Release your limitations and step into nature.


Help local communities as we help cultivate these beautiful community gardens


Last Saturday of the Month

May 27…………7:15pm. 

June 24…………7:15pm. 

Grand Army Plaza Entrance to Prospect Park, Brooklyn

Meets at 7:15pm at Grand Army Plaza entrance to Prospect Park, Brooklyn, across the street from the arch where the Saturday Greenmarket takes place. Discover Prospect Park at night with a peaceful ride that visits the park’s little-known treasures. Bicycle lights are recommended.


Meet every Wednesday at the south side of Union Square, 8pm, April through October. Weekly social skate through the streets of NYC, since 1996. 


Every Thursday 7pm meet at Columbus Circle entrance of Central Park.

Hosted by Social Cycling NYC.


Last Friday of the Month

May 26…………7pm

June 30…………7pm

Union Square Park-North

This Critical Mass bike ride will be a celebration of future renewable energy and non-polluting transportation. Critical Mass meets the last Friday of every month in over 200 cities around the world. NYC’s Critical Mass and group bike rides increased bike riding and created the sustainable, safe infrastructure that we now enjoy today in NYC.

8-Ball Zine Collective Outdoor Zine Fair

St. Marks Place between 1st and Avenue A

Saturday, June 24th…………..12pm

MoRUS and Time’s Up! will be tabling and leading a free radical outdoor walking tour starting at 2pm, meeting at our table.


626 E 14th St between B & C Manhattan.


Sundays at 4:00pm-8:00pm & Wednesdays at 4:30pm-8:00pm. New indoor space will open after Easter.

Come check out the new TIME’S UP space: 626 E 14th St between B & C Manhattan

Open shop – you use our tools and stands to work on your bike. Experienced mechanics will be present to answer questions but you do the work. Bike workshops are free but we strongly encourage you to make a donation or become a Time’s Up member to help support our efforts. If you have a big project in mind please be considerate of the time and plan ahead.


La Plaza Community Garden. 9th St & Ave C, East Village

Come and learn how to fix your bike and do simple maintenance and tune-ups. This is a class, not a workshop, so you do not have to bring your bike. If you want to repair your bike you should be attending the indoor bike repair workshop which is every Wednesday and Sunday. 

First and Third Saturday of the Month.”

And in the midst of reading headline news of the day, some stories do not end as you expect and the only thing constant is change. Have a great Loisaida, Lower East Side Festival, Memorial Day weekend and more.

Friday, May 12, 2023

A Union Square Park NYC Vendors Row Protest

One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh, but the earth abides for ever. And the only thing constant is change and some stories do not end as you expect.

Everything happens for a reason. And it seems as if we are living in Satan's world these days and there is a battle between God and Satan

And this blog post is yet another one of those posts where I find myself rambling whatever thought comes to mind solely for the sake of attempting to maintain web 2.0  user generated content for this blog and my other blagh whenever bloggers block possible, and also to find a place to post those photos and videos from those events that have since come to pass. 

And in between reading the headline news of the day, somewhere in between that fig tree generationgog and magog war, agenda 2030 new world order artificial intelligence mark of the beast system, a bazillion people are crossing the US Mexico border as Title 42 ends and those Justice for Jordan Neely protests from this world that we live in, I find myself in that city of New York, Babylon, which has historically been a police state for as long as I can remember, with I think something like 1 polizei for every 15 people that live there.

And on that thought, after attempting to vend those #blacklivesmatter #nopolicestate #occupywallstreet #notmypresident #sh*tjustgotreal #washingtonsquarepark #tompkinssquarepark #unionsquarepark #yoga #music #brooklyn #eastvillage #lowereastside & #iloveny necklaces, magnets, key chains and pins for $2 each at Union Square Park during a vendor crackdown by the New York City Parks Department doing the rounds of ticketing and shutting down vendors, it was a Union Square Park NYC vendors row protest May Day 2023 on International Workers Day event that I found myself attempting to protest the crackdown of NYC street vendors at and a 50th Anniversary NYC Cannabis Parade & Rally at Union Square Park that I found myself at also. Stop Ticketing vendors. Stop Shutting Down Vendors.

And those Facebook events and other protests of the day read something like as follows: 

Union Square Park NYC Vendors Row protest May Day 2023

Join vendors of Union Square Park vendors row May 1st, #MayDay2023 , noon-3pm @ Union Square Park in protesting the New York City Parks Department crackdown of handing out tickets and shutting vendors down at Union Square Park & Washington Square Park.

"Beginning April 1st, NYC sanitation will be the enforcing department of street vendors in the city. This change has been met with protest and pushback from vendors and city council members who say that street vendors are people, not trash." 


2023 NTC Cannabis Parade & Rally
The New York City Cannabis Parade & Rally (NYCCPR) is among the longest running marijuana legalization events in the world. What began as a “Smoke-In” in Washington Square Park organized by the Yippies in 1973 has evolved into a two-part Event: A Parade down Broadway and a Rally in Union Square Park, all on the first Saturday in May. Sister events have taken place in more than 300 cities worldwide on the same day.
NYCCPR is the founding chapter of the Global Marijuana March.
Location - Broadway between W.32 & W.33
Time - 11:00AM - 12:30PM
Location - Union Square South Plaza
Time: 1:00PM - 5:00PM 
Have a great Union Square Park, New York City parks day and more. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State.

Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Rage Against The Police State



In trying to combine the police state of New York City, where I think there’s one polizei for every fifteen people, with that Rage Against The War Machine anti -war rally event that happened in Washington D.C. this past weekend, I have decided to call the title of this blagh post “Rage Against The Police State”.

And I know that Libertarian Party, People’s  Party Rage Against The War Machine event happened in Washington D.C. this past weekend because this short compilation of speakers video from the Rage Against the War Machine anti – war rally in Washington D.C. with speakers Max Blumenthal, Jimmy Dore, Gerald Celente, Dennis Kucinich, Tulsi Gabbard and Ron Paul and this video that East Ghost Reports or NJEG Media made says so. And according to that Rage Against The War Machine website, Cynthia McKinney, Scott Horton, ChrisHedges, Kim Iversen, Daniel McAdams, Garland Nixon, Jackson Hinkle, Anya Parampil, Ann Wright, David Swanson, Tara Reade, Diane Sare, DanMcKnight, Jill Stein, Craig “Pasta” Jardula, Wyatt Reed, and Dan Cohen were speakers also.

‘Join us at the Lincoln Memorial on February 19 to rally against US funding for the Ukraine war.’….. That gog and magog, sixth trumpet war.

And then there was that World Wide Rally For Freedom NEW YORK NEW YORK CITY TOGETHER, WE ARE FREE. 18TH OF FEBRUARY, 2023. PFIZER WORLD HEADQUARTERS. 235 EAST 42ND STREET. 12PM. #WewillALLbethere event that came to pass also where people gathered outside Pfizer’s Headquarters in New York City to protest against medical tyranny and where Kozi-19 koziswellness sang his  “I’m unvaccinated I ain’t showing you my papers!” song.

And then if I can continue to rage against the police state of this past week in that city of New York, there is this “Seen while attempting to vend Black Lives Matter jewelry at Washington Square Park. NYC Parks Department police tell me to remove my price sign then proceed to hand out tickets and shut down every other vendor at Washington Square Park video that I posted on my twitter page. No wonder Leeroy Press has been posting all of those Viral News NY videos of people getting arrested at police state Washington Square Park in New York City this past summer.

And that’s not even counting the subway fare beating scenarios I witnessed by the New York City Transit MTA of someone getting subway summonses or getting arrested seemingly every time I pass by that 14th Street and 8th Avenue subway station trying to get to the park. Dear New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority, could you please make the subway and transit fare free and stop giving out tickets and arresting everyone who don’t pay their fare? I don’t think hardly anyone pays their fare anymore for the subway, at least that’s what Decolonize This Place thinks.

And I would want to post the lyrics of that no police state song.

And what, if anything, do these events in the past week in that New York City area have to do with a police state. We are living in crazy times. Have a great Revelations, gog and magog, 6th trumpet war, great reset, new world order, apocalypse, antichrist, mark of the beast system day.

Thursday, January 5, 2023

An End of the Year Holiday Event in New York City









Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blagh. Another year here on planet earth. 2022, according to that Gregorian calendar, has passed since I last signed in to post on this blog. And in between following King Jesus and his Guardians of Divinity Drag Queen Story Hour protests at New York City Public Libraries, via East Ghost Reports, NJEG Media's videos and internet travel, and reading other, Agenda 2030, gog and magog and seemingly end of the world headline news of the day..... 

It was also an attempt to have a MoRUS Fly & Carla Holiday Art Market on the coldest day in New York City in three years at the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space, that radical history museum that finds itself in that City of New York, where I attempted to vend that Black Lives Matter jewelry, those Tompkins Square Park T - Shirt 's with Fly Orr and lots of Fly hand stamped holiday cards and more. And if I could just copy and paste that MORUS mailing list information for this holiday market and other events at morus, because hey, it's less writing sometimes... And that Bill TIME'S UP events mailing list would read something like as follows:


Join us at a Rally to save CHARAS/El Bohio Community Center


605 E 9th St between Ave B and C

CHARAS has served the Lower East Side for over 20 years, providing artists space, educational programs, and meeting space for countless neighborhood organizations. For the past 21 years, a coalition of community organizations have fought to landmark the building, enforce the use restriction, and return the building to community use. The developer is now in foreclosure and it is time to return CHARAS to the community!


'STOP THE INVASION! An Exhibit of Artists Protesting the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

 pop up  show Thursday,Friday, and Saturday DEC 22,23,24 

At the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space- 155 Ave C, , NYC.

Free / Suggested Donations strongly recommended to benefit charities helping people in Ukraine.
Seth Tobocman and Tamara Wyndham are co-curators of this International art show condemning the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. This is a travelling exhibit which was first shown in New York at the First Presbyterian Church on 12th Street and then again at the Unitarian Church of Staten Island.
This art show includes artists holding many different political and philosophical beliefs, working in different styles, from graphic novels to photo-journalism, from Fusionism to fashion design, and more abstract pieces. The artists come from many different countries including Ukraine, Russia, Italy, France, the UK, the USA, Israel, and Palestine.
The purpose of the show is to demonstrate that all over the world, people of good conscience condemn this invasion.
This art show originated with artists sending each other jpegs that were printed and shown in numerous locations around the world — so that this exhibit has had various manifestations. Versions of this exhibition have been shown so far, in Manhattan, Staten Island, Prague, Berlin, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Yerevan-Armenia, Paris-France, Easton-PA, and Miami-Arizona.


MORUS Holiday Market


Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space- 155 Ave C, first floor, NYC. 

Winter Solstice is upon us and we are having a Holiday Market.
Handmade items by MoRUS volunteers. 
Zines, Postcards, Art Prints, Hand-Made Holiday Cards, Patches, and More!! by Fly Orr
Holiday themed jewelry, hand stenciled t-shirts, hand knitted hats and ornaments by Carla Cubit
Customers can purchase handmade, local, artisan and vintage gifts for your holiday shopping.

TIME'S UP! Annual Future Positive New Year's Eve Bike Ride

Start the year off right- on your bike or skates!
Feeder Bicycle rides Four meet-up locations:
9:00pm at Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn9:45pm at the Brooklyn-side entrance to the Williamsburg Bridge10:00pm at Washington Square Park Arch, Manhattan10:20pm at Madison Square Park, 23rd & Broadway, Flatiron side
Come celebrate a future positive New Year's Eve in the great outdoors. We'll be riding up to Belvedere Castle in the middle of Central Park for the best (and free)!New Year's Eve dance party in town, with fireworks!
Dress festive- don't forget your noisemakers and party favors.
This year's Annual New Year's Eve bike ride and after party will be focusing on positivity and bring people together in the future.
Let's stop the division and create a positive future."
No one is free when others are oppressed. Have a great end of the year holiday event and more.