Wednesday, March 31, 2010

An Online Degree

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of USC. All opinions are 100% mine.

Hey bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. And welcome to the twenty first century and the age of seemingly everything internet, so much to where one can now earn their degree online without ever having to leave home, or at least without ever having to leave a computer. And the thought of being able to go to school for that education in ones pajamas and studying at your own hours, well that's an interesting way to receive an education in class. And with the The University of Southern California Rossier School of Education and their program information, one can now earn that master of arts in teaching online in twelve months or less. And what a great way to earn a degree in twelve months of less instead of twelve years or less, maybe. And what's really interesting is that they have a tuition reimbursement program. You can also request more information at their website as well. And from what I recall, being a teacher has always been one of those great professions. And with the USC Rossier School of Education, earning that teaching degree is just a website visit away.
Visit my sponsor: Master of Arts in Teaching degree online from USC

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Gun Control

And if there is ever one thing that I can agree on with that Mayor of the city of New York as one of those citizens of the world, it would be the following New York Post Article titled "Mayor Bloomberg slams White House on gun control: report". And the article says something about that the issue of gun control is not being addressed by that president of those United States of America, maybe. And I believe guns, the images, glorification, marketing and advertising of guns are the worst invention of an industry ever. If only guns could be banished from every human being on planet earth. Is another world possible. And this following article speaks for itself in its entirety from that New York Post website, and I thought to repost it because, hey, it's less writing sometimes. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State?

President Obama is under the gun when it comes to Mayor Bloomberg and his crusade against illegal weapons.

Bloomberg, generally considered a White House ally, put Obama on notice after he fired off a letter to the White House this month where he reportedly accused the president of dragging his feet when it comes to gun control, according to a report today.

In the March 3 letter sent from Bloomberg's coalition, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, the mayor points to a separate report the group sent the Obama administration last August, which laid out 40 recommendations to "improve enforcement of existing gun laws," according to The Huffington Post.

Read the Letter Here

The letter was co-signed by Boston Mayor Tom Menino.

"We appreciate the ... consideration of the report, but this is an urgent matter: further delay will almost certainly result in the needless loss of innocent lives, including many children. Mr. President, the time has come for action," the mayors wrote, according to the letter obtained by The Huffington Post.

The White House did not immediately have a comment in regards to the letter.

Bloomberg has been an ardent fighter for gun control, blaming illegal handguns smuggled into New York State for shootings that take place in the city. He has also taken on the National Rifle Association in the past.

"Over the past six months, approximately 6,000 Americans have been gunned down in intentional acts of violence. The 40 recommendations in our Blueprint, many of which could be enacted immediately, offer the best hope we have for making our country safer over the next six months -- and the years ahead."

The Huffington Post report comes after the city conducted a sting operation last year where it caught unlicensed gun dealers selling weapons to undercover investigators who admitted they couldn't pass background checks.

The stings were conducted at seven gun shows in Tennessee, Ohio and Nevada. Those states are among the many that permit private unlicensed dealers, known as "occasional sellers," to sell weapons at gun shows without conducting background checks.

Nine states, including New York, have passed laws to close the loophole, requiring background checks on at least all handgun purchases at gun shows.

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And in case you haven't heard of that recent phenomenon called the internet by now, you know, that computer television like interface that keeps a lot of people up all hours of the day and night that seemingly every other person uses these days and times to collect information or communicate with others in some ways or another. And if you haven't heard of that internet by now, one would think that you may have been on planet mars for the last ten years or so, as that internet seems to be found everywhere, or just about everywhere on planet earth these days. And what about those places where that internet signal or connection is not to be found, what about those places in the middle of the desert, ocean or middle of nowhere where the internet is not to be connected to to surf away. Well now there's satelite internet for when you find yourself in the middle of nowhere wanting to surf the web. With high speed internet satellite providers, you can access the internet just about anywhere in the United States. As so the next time you may find yourself in the middle of nowhere, finding that internet signal from one of those dishes in the sky has never been easier.

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Monday, March 29, 2010

The Beach

I need a vacation, a so and so vacation. And so goes the words to that song that comes to mind whenever I hear the word vacation. And with the way it seems that the world could sometimes be spinning out of control and going to hell in a hand basket, one sure could use one of those great escapes and a trip to the beach for some fun in the sun, maybe. As who couldn't use one of those opportunities to become one of those tourists travelling to great destinations. And if you happen to be planning visits to various myrtle beach attractions, myrtle beach can be one of those fun places to visit in that state of South Carolina to be found in that country of North America. And some of those photos of myrtle beach to be found on some of those websites out there in cyberworldland are really beautiful to behold and look at. And then usually there is to be found the myrtle beach hotel to go along with that myrtle beach vacation. And from what I recall, myrtle beach has many hotels and resorts to choose from. And there are also tourists attractions to be found in that state as well. And with those planning guides that are to be found out there on the internet, planning your Myrtle Beach vacation is just a website visit away.

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Headlines

And here lies yet another one of those posts where I find myself blah blogging for the sake of attempting to maintain content for this blog whenever possible. And it could be that blah bloggers block thing again. And how do those other bloggers out there in a bazillion other bloggersvilleland do it, find content for that blog. Can one just copy content from another blog or website, or is that ethical? Can one consult a magic internet guru genie for the days what to blah blog about news. And so here I am again, blogging that stack of newspaper clippings and headlines from various newspapers around town that sits before me on this day with one or two sentences commentary for each headline because hey, it's less writing sometimes.
1. Time to put out faith in ending gun scourge. A self explanatory article and something about God Not Guns and gun control and gun violence. And guns are the worst invention ever. If only guns could be banished from every human being on planet earth. What would happen if there were no crime tomorrow, would a lot of people be out of a job in the crime and crime related industries?
2. Halliburton eyes the Mideast money. An article saying something about Halliburton is seeking to invest in the oil and gas rich Middle East. And I recall them as being a part of the welfare prison industry complex somehow, I think.
3. A Silent Roadside Reminder. An article about a bikers memorial to honor bicyclists killed on New York City streets and yet another cyclist death as roadkill on the mean streets of New York City where the street speed limits are that of highways and seem to be built for cars and not people. No Blood For Oil, no profit before people.
4. The Conscientious Objector, Amanda Park Taylor's weekly column in that L magazine with the title "Let There Be (Less) Light". Something about on bringing earth hour to NYC, a blackout to save energy I guess. And only if that go green change to fluorescent lighting campaign thing could disappear as I think flourescent lighting is the worst lighting ever from Lucifer fluoresce, Lucifer, the bearer of light and deceiver of mankind stealing light from heaven. And besides fluorescent lighting induces seizures with a color of the lighting spectrum missing I think.
5. And then there is a Yahoo headline appearing on their home page at the moment with the title "Honeybee crisis getting worse, drastic drop in bee population, third of food supply at stake". And so that Albert Einstein honey bee quote comes to mind, "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would have only four years of life left." And it is that colony collapse disorder thing that seems to be doing them in. Save the honeybee.
And so I find myself blah blogged out at the moment from blogging that stack of headlines. Have a great blogging day.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Calling Card

Hey bloggers again, or whoever could be reading this blog. And for some reason or another, this posting happens to be about those phone cards. You know those calling cards you can buy at the corner grocer store to make those long distance phone calls for usually much cheaper than that home phone can. And even with the invention of those cell phones that are to be found on everyone, everywhere, these telephone calling cards are still around. And from what I recall, those international phone cards are awesome for making phone calls internationally to places like India, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, China, Israel, Russia, South Africa and other countries to be found here on planet earth. And I am not so sure if even those cell phones can give such a low rate as the calling card can to out of the country even in these days and times. And being that buying these phone cards are pre paid, there is no mysterious seemingly outrageously overpriced made up phone bill to deal with each month. And now with the invention of all things internet, one can actually buy these cards online without ever having to leave home, or at least without ever having to leave a computer. And if you happen to be looking for that calling card to call that place, finding it is just a website visit away.

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Bilder Aus Amerika

Bilder Aus Amerika - Eine Reise durch das schwarze Amerika. Now I am not exactly sure what those aforementioned words mean in the German language, though it seems that by the title of this book that I found on a friends bookshelf titled "Bilder Aus Amerika" by Jacob B Holdt, that this book has some serious photography in it and has something to do with black America, and images of the poor and rich, with its cover image of the seemingly depressing looking photo of a black woman who appears solely alone on it's cover as in that photo next to this blog post. And I would think that there must be an American English written version of this book floating around somewhere, though without understanding not a word in the German language this book is written in, a picture tells a story and speaks a thousand words without ever even reading the text. And the guy who wrote this book has photos of himself throughout this book as he traveled the land of America seemingly backpacking and hitchhiking his travels through it, maybe. And what an amazing feat these photos are to me that he has documented. And though I do not have that book before me at this moment as I blah blog away, from memory this book seems as one of those books that wants to leave a lasting impression to me with its black and white and color images of 1970's photos from America in it documenting the stark contrast between poverty and riches in America with its constant themes throughout it of images of the interior and private intimate lives and quarters of people in their bedrooms in most of these photos with images of pot belly stoves for cooking and heat or what not, ten children sleeping to a bed, piles of clothing piled miles high in bedrooms, empty refrigerators, miller beer cans strewn about, pepsi and coca cola ads as reappearing themes, lanterns, people either sleeping or dead on the sidewalks in front of pharmacies and liquor stores, the holy ghost in churches, people shooting up drugs with needles, images of slavery, the slave auction block of whole families torn apart with the sign that reads "$1,200 to $2,000 for negroes", people picking cotton in the cotton fields, tobacco plantations in North Carolina or somewhere in the south, images of prostitution, images of civil unrest, demonstrations from the civil rights movement, barking attack dogs from police, the Rockefeller law of seemingly oppression, abandoned buildings, children in poverty surrounded by images of piled up garbage, people living in shacks, crime, violence, crumbing buildings, falling down shacks and ghetto life contrasted with stark images of riches and mansions and how the other half lives. And this book almost seems as if it could have been one of those Jacob Riis How The Other Half Lives documentaries and seems to be a wake up call in life to me. Schiff ahoi, schiff ahoi a couple of passages reads in this book. Schiff ahoi.

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Credit Debit

Hey Bloggers, and on this day finds itself another one of those Sundays, day of the suns that has rolled around again according to that Gregorian calendar here on planet earth. That day of rest, day of God. Or is that Saturday that is the sabbath. And yet I find myself blah blogging away on this blog for some reason. And so for some reason I find myself blogging about the disadvantages of credit cards. You know, those wallet sized plastic cards that are usually to be found in someones wallet and they most likely have something to do with money, credit, debit and more money. And that card reminds me of the globalization of the world, a cashless society in these digital transactions of buying and selling days and times. And what is there to say about the disadvantages of credit cards. Well from what I read in the news about this item, with the invention of technology, identity theft seems to be the fastest way to get free money from someones else's credit card and is on the rise. And for some reason that verse from the Bible comes to mind that goes something like "Save no man that he may buy or sell except that he have the mark of the beast the number of man, the number of the beast, and his number is six hundred threescore and six, 666".

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

An East Village Story

Hey Bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. The Villager, that local newspaper to be found in that neighborhood of the Lower East Side now called the East Village for real estate marketing purposes maybe, has an article in this weeks newspaper titled "New blog on block as N.Y.U., Times, team to get hyper". And I know that article is in this weeks paper because that copy of that newspaper I got out of one of those yellow boxes on the street corner in that East Village neighborhood says so. And this article goes on to say something about the gentrification and genocide of that neighborhood the East Village, which seems as if it could be a reflection of a gentrification and changing of times around the globe maybe. And they say the only thing constant is change. And New York and beyond is ever changing. And so gone are the days of long lore ago from that squat or rot, bohemiaville, live free or die, anarchy, John The Communist and his save the word banners, Tompkins Square Park riots to save the world everywhere days from a seemingly war torn zone for freedomsville era of the East Village to what now seems as if it has become the era of hipsterville chi chi cafeboutiqueville, gentrification genocide of rent increases to where even the yuppies can't afford the rents anymore, socialmediaholics, cellphoneaholics, computerholics everywhere days. And this article goes on again to say something about that web 2.0 social media user generated content phenomenon to where it now seems as if everyone, or at least every other person has one of those blogs, Facebook pages, YouTube pages, MySpace pages, Twitter pages, MyFace, MyPlace, SpaceBook, SpaceFace, SpacePlace, MyBook websites and so on and so on and so on. And so welcome to the world of high tech technology and internet everything, so much that these days and times seems as if it could be the generation of the ten second attention span of me, me and more media overload with all of these social media and communications advances. And maybe it could be that video killed the radio star who killed the television star, who killed the cassette tape star, who killed the CD Star, who killed the eight track star, who killed the VHS star, who killed the vinyl records star, who killed the I am not sure what the latest invention of popular culture communications device will be next star thing. And so back to that East Villager Newspaper article. And this article went on to say something like New York University, that University that seems to own all of New York, is starting a blog to be called the Local: East Village, or LEV with the New York Times, and that NYU told those bloggers Bob Arihood, John Penley, Clayton Patterson, Eden Brower, EV Grieve, as in East Village Grieve and other people from that neighborhood the East Village so. And this article also goes on to say that some of those people from that neighborhood are not so keen on this idea of New York University and the New York Times starting a blog to cover that news of the East Village for some reason or another, or something like that. And I guess maybe this has something to do with journalism, gentrificationicide and beyond, maybe. And those NYU students are to maintain this blog. And so welcome to the world of the blah blogosphere cyberworld where the list of blogs seems as if it can become a bazillion blaghs bloggers and more endless. And what was the world like before the invention of cyberworld. Have a great web 2.0 social media user generated content blogging day.

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Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Time, father time, if I could turn back the hands of time, time passes us by, those sticks that tell us what to do, to be twenty one forever, and a host of other thoughts and sayings there must be found to be said about the word time. And seemingly books, novels, films and movies have been written about this word time, as it is one of those things we will have with us always, the past, present and future. And then there are Howard Miller clocks, watches, time pieces, alarm clocks, grandfather clocks and lots of other devices that can tell us as human beings dwelling here on planet earth what time it is. And clocks seem as if they are one of those things and objects always to be found somewhere near, as in on this computer, on that wall or on that table. And from what I have seen throughout my travels here on planet earth, some of those grandfather clocks, grandmother clocks, wall clocks, atomic clocks, mantel clocks, cuckoo clocks, miniature clocks, alarm clocks, novelty clocks, world clocks and other kinds of clocks to be found in those stores are really cool to look at with their designs and colors. And that word time again, what is there to say about it that has not already been said in time.

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Learning Annex Internet Expo Again

And according to that Gregorian calendar, it is a Sunday on this day again, that day of rest, the Sabbath. Or is that Saturday. And yet I find myself blaghing away for some reason. And so I found myself at that Learning Annex Internet Expo on this day with one of those free full day passes , at that Marriott Marquis hotel near Times Square in that City of New York, that I event that I blah blogged about a few days ago on this blog. And so I went to that expo in an attempt to network and learn a class my way to internet riches and also to network with other bloggers or would be bloggers in an attempt to leave those No Police State Girl business cards everywhere and to everyone in an attempt to get rich internet quick. Though with the lack of tables or booths placed anywhere for this purpose, instead I found myself leaving and placing those business cards on hallway floors, bathroom floors, elevator floors, water cooler tables, bathroom sinks and in bathroom stalls etc; in hopes to network and interact with other attendees at this expo other than the presenters, speakers and organizers at this event. And for who this advertising and marketing event is for, I am not exactly sure. And so that catalogue for this event to be found on a table there and the cover of that program reads something like:
The Learnng Annex Internet Expo. America's Largets How to Make Money Expo. with Twitter Co-Creator, Dom Sagolla (wow!), Get 28 million viewers, Dmitry Shapiro, Huffington Post, Jonah Peretti, Sell anything with video, Mike Koenigs, Six figure blogging, Lockhart Steele (now that one sounds interesting I think...), Start A T-shirt Line, Buy, sell and profit on eBay, Get a number one Google reading, Andrew Hazen, Make money with iPhone Apps, Dana Farbo, Get Free advertising, Fabrice Grinda (And if it's free, then its for me, maybe.), Publish your ebook, Susan Danziger, Money for your idea, Jay Levy, Internet Businesses for women, Karla Lightfoot, Start a seven figure internet business, Nate Richardson (Seven figures you say?), Get free publicity, Steve Krakauer, Sell your content, Murray Hidary, Blog, podcast and grow rich (wow again!), Scott Paton, Attract anything with the secret, David Schirmer and Raise money for any business, Morgan Howard. And so the inside of this program goes on to mention Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and just about all things social media user generated content everything and lots of other things for the internet and beyond and the entrepreneur in one. Have a great attempt to get rich internet quick and more day.

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Friday, March 12, 2010


Labels. We've all heard of those things before as human beings dwelling here on planet earth, maybe. You know those graphics and pieces of papers with names and letters on them that are to be found on certain objects. And welcome to the age of digital technology seemingly everything communications and more. And if you happen to be looking for Custom Labels or Custom Printed Labels you can find them at Data Graphics Inc.. They are a website where you can find that Custom Label you may be looking for. You can find nameplates, digital printing, graphics, industrial labels, vinyl labels and more. With Data Graphics, finding those graphics you may be looking for is just a website visit away.

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The Internet Expo

And The Internet Expo is happening at the Marriott Marquis in that city of New York this Sunday. I know because that free admission ticket that a friend of mine just sent me says so. And I am not exactly sure what their schedule of speakers, workshops, panels or seminars may read like, although being one of those blogaholics that I find myself being sometimes, I plan to go to that expo, as it has something to do with the internet, blogging, websites and more blogging. And so let's see what that schedule may read like. Well according to that email I received and their website, that expo reads something like "The Learning Annex Internet Expo. Learn everything you need to know about making money online in one day". Making money online you say? Get rich internet quick? Well if it's free than it's for me, maybe. And then there are to be found the logos of facebook, ebay, blog and iPhone. Does that mean that these logos can make you internet rich? Buy Tickets Now. And sure enough the smiling lady sitting at her computer in that photo on their website sure looks as if she could be making money online, maybe. And everything you need to know to computer your way to the bank from 25 experts in just day can be found at this expo, maybe. Have a great web 2.0 social media computer internet day.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010


Candles. And I have seen those objects around throughout my travels here on planet earth. And those objects usually give off light with one of those flames that can sometimes even symbolize peace, bliss or even nirvana. And one can sometimes come across them in peoples homes, temples and even at stores for sale in various shapes, designs, colors and even scents. And from what I recall, those candles can also make for some great hours of meditation, candle light dinners and many a party festive atmosphere decorations and the like. And with the invention of technology, some of those candles are pure forms of artwork to behold indeed. And now with the invention of technology and everything internet and beyond, one can now buy those candles online without ever having to leave home, or at least without ever having to leave a computer. And what better way to buy a Candle than online, maybe. And with the age of technology and everything internet, buying those candles online is just a website visit away.

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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

SXSW 2010

Hey Bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. And even when the world seems as if it could be falling down all around me and going to hell in a hand basket, that festival SXSW is still happening again this year. I know because that ad in this weeks copy of the Village Voice newspaper says so. And I have found myself blah blogging about this seemingly indie rock and beyond end all to be all of concerts before on this blog, as this concert seems to make its way around on that Gregorian calendar each year. And that South by Southwest festival is where music, film, conferences and more seem to happen in is it Austin, Texas. And this festival SXSW rocks. And so some of the bands and performers to be found there this year include:
Aa,Nicole Atkins and The Black Sea,The Black Atlantic,Break of Reality,B-Real of Cypress Hill,Broadway Calls,Carsick Cars, Caucus, Contra Coup, Cotton Jones, Daveman, The Daylights,DJ Evil Dee, DJ Revolution, Val Emmich,Eternia,Michael Feinberg,The Funeral Pyre, Rosi Golan, Jazz One, Julia Says, Karnivool, Audra Mae, Malente, Natalia Mallo, Marco Polo & Torae, Paleo, Parlovr, Past Lives, The Peelies, Julie Peel, Peter Wolf Crier, Steve Poltz,Andy Pratt, Sean Price, Princeton, Rebelle, Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson, Brisa Roche, Rock of Heltah Skeltah, Ruste Juxx, Skyzoo, Smif N Wessun, The Spring Standards,Sabrina Starke, Steel Train, Team Facelift,Timber Timbre, Two Star Symphony, Uncle Lucius, The View, We Are Scientists, We Are Wolves, Withered, Wolf Gang, Zona Tango and more. And the list goes on and on. Have a great music festival day.

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Mobile Marketing

Hey Bloggers, welcome to the age of the twenty first century. And unless you could still be stuck in the stone age of a hundred years ago before the invention of modern space age high tech superman communications technology, you should be aware that cell phones and those other high tech handy devices that everyone, or at least every other person seems to be wandering around town and fidgeting with, are very much a part of our every day lives. And one could actually wonder how did humanity ever exist without all of these cell phones, computers and other electronic devices. What was life actually like a hundred years ago before the invention of these items. And so one of the things these devices are good for is marketing, advertising and more marketing of ones products and services. And with Cellit Mobile Marketing, you can do just that, market your product mobily with a cell phone or internet, as they are mobile marketing made easy. And you can also find information about Short codes at their website as well in case you could be wondering what that phrase even means. You can get your own phone number for text message promotions and more at their website. With Cellit, text marketing and text promotions is just a website visit away.

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A New Orleans Jazz Festival

And New Orleans is having a New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival. I know because that copy of this weeks Village Voice says so. And so I thought to post this announcement on this blog because hey, it's less writing sometimes in my attempt to maintain content for this blog whenever possible.
And that ad to be found in that weekly seemingly underground aboveground paper in New York with its bold yellow color and drawing of a dancing person made of music says something like "Come Marching In. April 23-25 & April 29-May 2, with performers Simon & Garfunkel, Pearl Jam, Aretha Franklin, Van Morrison, Lionel Richie, Anita Baker, Allman Brothers Band, My Morning Jacket, The Neville Brothers, Widespread Panic, Darius Rucker, B.B. King, Jeff Beck, Gipsy Kings, The Black Crowes, Band of Horses, Baaba Maal, Average White Band, George Clinton & Parliament/Funkadelic, Trombone Shorty & Orleans Avenue, Richie Havens, Rebirth Brass Band, Blues Traveler and a host of other performers and hundreds more, and the list goes on and on. And this event sounds like one impressive line up of a music event. Have a great New Orleans music day.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

A Greeting

Hello, Halo, Hola. And that word that humanity says to each other here on planet earth can be found in many different languages for many different nationalities to great each other in. And then there are greetings cards, for those who wish to give their wishes and greetings in the form of a piece of paper. And then yet again there are also Business Greeting Cards for the person who wants to give their family and friends that very special greeting. And there are also personalized Christmas cards, holiday cards, sympathy cards, birthday cards, corporate holiday cards and other cards to give to someone for just about any occasion one can think of. And the photos of some of those greetings cards to be found out there in internetland are really beautiful to look at with their various designs, words and styles. And what better way to say your greeting to someone than with your very own personalized greeting card that you can say yourself. And you can also choose your own design at many of these websites yourself as well. With one of those greeting cards, saying seasons greetings your own way has never been easier.

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The Costume

Hey again Bloggers, and from what I see from looking out the window, and looking at that Gregorian calendar on the wall, it is nowhere near that holiday of Halloween, that time of year where people take the opportunity to dress up in their favorite outfits. And sometimes I think everyday should be Halloween here on planet earth, then everyone could be free to dress as they feel without wondering about what one is wearing. Then again, everyday seems like it is Halloween in that neighborhood of the East Village, New York and maybe some other neighborhoods here on planet earth that are passing me by. And yet this posting happens to be about Discount Halloween costumes, you know those Halloween costumes one can buy at a discount price. And what better way to have one of those Halloween costumes than at a discount. And the photos that I have seen one some of those Halloween costume websites to be found in internet land are really interesting to look at with photos of witches, Superman and other characters for women, men and children. And the accessories to go along with those costumes are interesting to look at as well. And when Halloween rolls around again, or even before Halloween rolls around again, finding that discount Halloween costume can be just a website visit away.

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Hey Bloggers, or whoever could be reading this blog. Now I understand that chocolate can be the gift of love, though can chocolate also be the gift of hate? And a friend of mine received the above chocolate in that photo as one of those chocolate gifts, break up chocolate, as I guess as in chocolate that one breaks up to eat or cook with. And that friend of mine received what seems like a ton of chocolate in great quantities, or pure sugar, from a friend of theirs. And who on earth could eat what seems like a million pounds or a ton of chocolate and still be standing. Or at least still be standing after eating all of this chocolate in one day. And I thought that this person should give this ton of chocolate to another friend, who should pass it along to another friend, who should give it to another friend and so on and son on and so on, until that chocolate is eaten by someone, anyone. And what a beautiful photo that photo is above is to me, and what a beautiful image the image of chocolate can be. Though is this a gift that one gives to someone they like in great amounts, or is this ton of chocolate a gift for enemies? Have a great chocolate day.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Hey bloggers, and this post happens to be about Scrubs and Beyond. And this post doesn't happen to be about that television show on television titled Scrubs, that has something to do with doctors and drama in a hospital setting or somewhere, though they could be wearing koi scrub pants or koi uniforms on that television show in one of those scenes, who knows. And from what I recall from seeing those hospital personnel uniforms throughout my travels here on planet earth, those pants and shirts are usually to be found in the colors blue or green or some other colorful floral print. And if you happen to be looking for koi scrubs for some reason or another, or if you could even be wondering what that word koi even means, you can find it and all about it at Scrubs and Beyond. They are a website where you can find medical scrubs, nursing scrubs, student scrubs, shoes and other medical uniforms. And their scrub tops and jackets are now fashionable for spring with their newest color of koi orange. You can also find lab coats, Cherokee scrubs, Landau uniforms and more at their website. And their colors seem to have come a long way from that blue and green medical uniform of long lore ago and even today. With Scrubs and Beyond, finding those fashionable scrubs you may be looking for has never been easier.

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A Statement

And so I received this email with the subjest title "Damn... It ain't 2012 yet!", the other day that was sent from two different people, or maybe the same person twice with two different names in internetland. And I am not exactly sure what to make of this email or what commentary to comment on it, if its words are a poem, commentary, statement or what not. And I thought it interesting enough to post as follows, because hey, it's less writing sometimes in my attempt to maintain content for this blog whenever possible. And for some reason I found myself exchangng those nationalities with the words so and so people.....:

They tried to sell me out the day I was born… injecting me with disease thru vaccination…

Yet I survive.

They tried to mentally beat me into submission, telling me that asking questions was a bad behavior… prescribing Ritalin, holding back grades…

Yet I am stronger through the education of life after conquering their system

They tried to suppress my individuality, condemn my sexuality, sell my self-image to me as a damaged fallacy…

Yet I love me more the more I get to know.

They tried to bar me from my brothers… teaching us to kill each other not only with guns and violence- but indifference and resentment, hatred and lust.

Yet, I love them more than ever with every atrocity and victory- because I understand.

They tried to blame my people for our current state, knowing that the corruption of this system is the real issue…

Yet, I still admire the resilience of a spirit in the smile of Harlem, Tuskegee, Atlanta, Africa that just won’t die…

They tried to teach me to fear and hate "filled in the word with so and so" people…

They tried to mask the "filled in the word with so and so people" community as inferior…

They tried to de-sexualize "so and so people"…

They tried to paint "so and so people" as nerdy and un-cool…

They tried to paint "so and so people" as terrorist…

They tried to de-humanize "so and so people" as impoverished ignoramuses

They tried to say that "so and so people" were no good.

Yet when I look at the various array of beautiful friends and lovers that I embrace from ALL of these cultures, none of these stigmas reign true.

They tried to kill is with Polio, then poison us with cancer thru its vaccine

They killed over 150 "so and so" men with Syphilis, experimenting its affects 40 years after a “cure” was found

They are taking new born babies not even 12 hours old and administering “vaccine” shots to them with drugs that the FDA has tried to ban from animal vaccines…coincidentally autism in new borns is skyrocketing.

They are producing a new influenza virus every year, then selling shots to us

They are releasing air borne germs thru pollution

They are poisoning our foods with hormones

They are lacing our vitamins with drugs

They are taking our troops and using them as human guinea pigs- shooting them up with inoculations of drugs with unknown side affects; holding them up in VA hospitals using them as human experiments for their sick, graduated 6th grade science project agendas…

They injected "so and so" men in NYC and San Francisco as well as "so and so" people in Africa with a Hepatitis B “vaccine” in the late 70’s that killed the same monkeys that they tested it on who supposedly started the spread of “AIDS” in NYC, San Francisco, and Africa in the mid 80’s.

There is nothing new under the sun

History only repeats itself

There is no issue without resolve… There is no disease without cure as sure as there is gravity.

There is man made law…

There is chemical war fare

This AIDS is a lie

This HIV is a lie

There is no virus… there is propaganda and fear.

There are people too emotional to look at logic with common sense and see the truth.

There are people willing themselves to die because they BELIVE they are going to die, thus giving up on life.

There is masonry and illuminati, and all types of other crazy s..t.

There are gangsters… the real ones wearing lab coats and goggles, three piece business suits swearing “Justice For All” while standing on certain peoples shoulders… Piggy back riding injustice all the way to the bank…

Swearing “Justice For All” on The Bible, promoting perjury while condemning dishonesty when that is what this whole system is built on.

The greed of man is amazing… The lust for these worldly possessions profuse.

Don’t they know that none of it means anything?

There are misunderstandings

There is mind manipulation.

There is evil… so much of it that I sometimes feel overwhelmed.

Yet, I do not despair…

Not when I see you smile.

Not when I see you laugh.

Not when I see you loving each other.

Not when I see you sharing.

I will not despair…

Because any force dumb enough to think it can con the God in us is a fool so supreme that the joke is already on them.

The wicked is laughable… They have no power.

Don’t they know we are unbreakable?

Don’t they know that we will not be used for their agenda?

Don’t they know that it is time to get it together?

When there is Haiti and Chile, 911, and Katrina- not even within a full decade span of each other?

It has arrived…

It is already unraveling… and the information is too easy to access.

They monitor text and facebook messages, listen to our cell phone calls… They know your ip address, look out for key words, trace everything you google, have copies of all of your emails… Mapquest registers your whereabouts, hopstop traces your steps… Bank account and credit transactions from online ordered services logged and reported… not to mention that we already post our inner most thoughts and feelings all over social networking sites.

Your whole life is LITERALLY in the palm of your hand via Blackberry and Iphone from which you obtained off of your social security number… Hope you don’t lose it…

There is no more mystery… no privacy.

Yet it means nothing because we’re all talking about the same things.

Yet it means nothing because it’s still relative… viral technology works both ways. We can be monitored, yet…

Internet f....d up your crooked music and entertainment industry

Your television is becoming obsolete, your movies are hawked for free…

Your agendas are being ignored… independence is being born due to the lack of control that can be implemented…

We can’t all be controlled… and we are no longer oppressed by LACK OF EDUCATION

Networks share information… and people are making love without shame or fear, experimenting with the highs of life on their own will, people are eating better, people are not ashamed to be weird, gay, artistic, confused…

People okay with not being okay…

Not looking for the answers in…


We don’t need your cures.

People are okay with being… PEOPLE.

Don’t they know it has arrived?

When we ALL know that our votes don’t count…

When we all know that there is no iron fist, there are no records…

Just fear in the injustice of man…

Don’t they know that it isn’t real?

Do you know that it isn’t real?

The only real thing is love.

Do what you want and love as hard as you can, and please READ AND EDUCATE YOURSELVES… this life is too short and the world as we know it is ending.


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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Market This Product

Hey Bloggers, welcome to the age of the twenty first superman space age century, where everything seems as if it can be all high tech communications all the time. So much that is seems as if everyone, or at least every other person is carrying around and fidgeting with some sort of high tech communication device, be it the cell phone or some other kind of high tech gadget. And what was the world like before the invention of all of the space age like gadgets to be found around town. And then there's mobile marketing, you know, where you can market that product mobily with a cell phone and more. And if you happen to be looking for mobile marketing services, you can find them at Cellit Mobile Marketing, they are a website where you can market your product easy. You can find House4Cell and more to market your campaign for your organization or customers at their website. And some of Cellit's clients include UPS, ACE, Hearts Corporation, IKEA, that furniture store that seems to furnish all of New York's apartments, and beyond, True Value, that hardware store one sees just abut everywhere around town, Coca Cola, and who hasn't heard of Coca Cola, Tribune Company, Subway, Target and a host of other companies that can seem all too familiar in ones everyday life. . And what a marketing campaign indeed these companies have. With Cellit, connecting and communicating with ones customers is just a website visit away.

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The Armory Show

And that all New York art and beyond seemingly prestigious end all to be all of the art world Armory Show 2010 is happening again this year in that city of New York. I know because all of those ads and announcements for The Walkmen, that is it Brooklyn indie rock and beyond band, who will be playing as part of this art show are to be found seemingly everywhere is this weeks papers. And some of those artist and exhibitors to be found in this years art show and exhibition that has made its way around town again are Art in America, The Art Newspaper, ArtReview, DC Moore Gallery, New York Art World, Marlborough Gallery, Ricco/Maresca Gallery, Elizabeth Dee, I-20, Leo Koenig Inc., Andrew Kreps Gallery, Pierogi, PaceWildenstein, Focus:Berlin and others. And the list goes on and on. Have a great Armory Modern Arts Week day.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Weather

Hey Bloggers, do you find yourself as one of those human beings dwelling here on planet earth affected by the weather. You know, the temperature of the air we breathe around us, weather it's hot or cold outside or inside. And gee when its cold inside and one is wanting it to be warm inside, or when its hot inside and one is wanting it to be cold inside, one may sometimes find themselves in search of some sort of heating or cooling device, you know those HVAC systems or boilers. And then there's air conditioners or any other device or product one can think of to stay warm or cold during those temperature changes of the weather here on planet earth. And then there's heating and air conditioning Utah. And I am not exactly sure what the weather is like in Utah, though it seems like wether the weather is hot or cold, there is always some sort of heating or cooling device to go along with it to keep humanity in comfort during those months of the year. And then there are those fireplaces of long lore ago and even today to keep one warm and that also make for great hours of entertainment in place of the television or radio sometimes. And short of going to find a block of ice to sit on during those hot summer months, it seems as if the weather we will always have with us.

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Monday, March 1, 2010


Eyewear. I have seen those objects around town during my days here on planet earth. And those eye wear usually involve some type of eyeglasses that humanity finds themselves wearing on their eyes. And those eyeglasses that I have seen usually come in many different styles, colors, shapes and designs. And sometimes one can make a fashion statement with the style and types of eye wear that they choose to wear. And like any other product, these eyeglasses and their rims have come a long way in their designs with the passage of time, as I can remember was it back in the 60's that it seemed as if everyone was distinctively wearing the black was it horned rimmed glasses, and what a long way those black horned rimmed glasses and their styles have come in today's days and times. And then there comes the topic of where do I find those glasses, how much do I pay to get those eyeglasses, and who is the the cheapest store to find those glasses. Well welcome to the age of internet information technology everything where one can now shop for those eyeglasses online without ever having to leave home, or at least without ever having to leave a computer. And if you happen to be looking for prescription eyeglasses, lenses, or frames, finding those eyeglasses online has never been easier.

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