Saturday, June 30, 2007


This news just in....So I went to the website My Blog Log today, after a while of not visiting their site and using their really great features of their blogger community and oh no! The community messaging feature is gone! Oh no! What am I going to do now? How long has this been going on? Where am I gonna leave my messages to other bloggers and build links? Is this Google page ranking thing going to become a minus 00 now? Can I not quit my day job now as a result? I can barely type correctly thinking of the impending blogger doom. I can barely finish reading their blog about all of this before I have to blah blog about all of this myself. What will this mean for the blogger community? Is the blogging world going to end now? What's going to happen? I can see they have been updating their site lately, as every website updates their site every so often, but I think as a blogger for bucks, or at least for pennies, that this could be major. Who's gonna visit my site now as most of my visitors came....I mean come from the MyBlogLog community. There's no other site like MyBlogLog is there? Where have all the features gone? What does this mean? Am I imagining, misunderstanding or misinterpreting all of this? What does Google have to say? What does the blogger community have to say about this? What does the blogging future hold? I must finish reading the MyBlogLog blog now to see what they have to say about this update. Have a great day.

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Cover My Travels

It may be vacation time again and you may be looking to travel to that all out beautifuil destination that you have always dreamed of to stay in that beautiful resort hotel, condo or villa. Or you may even be looking to take that cruise ship to some Oceanfromt exotic location, or even a car or bus trip across the country just for the fun of it as a tourist, or to visit friends, or even for business. And maybe you could be interested in participating in some of the many activities the area has to offer. Whatever your travel and recreational plans are, have you ever thought of "What may happen in case of emergency?" You may want to consider travel insurance. Cover My Travels offers medical travel insurance for every occasion. Their travel insurance policies cover many medical conditions and hazardous activities. They offer one of the widest ranges of travel insurance products available on the internet for single trips, long stay travel, persons over 65, families and other options . You can see example premiums and get an online quote in seconds when you visit their website.

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No One Should Ever Work

No one should ever work. Workers of the world relax. This statement in on a flyer I saw in a bookstore the other day. Its dialogue looked pretty interesting, almost Utopian. Here are some excerpts from its text:

Work is the source of nearly all the misery of the world. Almost any evil you'd care to name comes from working or from living in a world designed for work. In order to stop suffering, we have to stop working. That doesn't mean we have to stop doing things, It does mean creating a new way of (missing word?) based on play, festivity, for a collective adventure in generalizing joy and freely interdependent exuberance. (Skip a lot of text.......)
For certain purposes it's not too misleading to call our system democracy or capitalism, better still, industrialism, but its real names are factory fascism, (Whats fascism?, That's a whole another post). and office oligarchy. (Skip more text....) You are what you do. If you do boring, monotonous work, chances are you'll end up boring and monotonous. (Skip even more text.....). It is now possible to abolish work and replace it, insofar as it serves useful purposes, with a multitude of new kinds of free activities. (Skip yet even more text....) On the one hand, on the quantitative side, we have to cut down massively on the amount of work being done. At present most work is useless and we should simply get rid of it. On the other hand, we have to take what useful work remains and transform it into a pleasing variety of game like and craft like pastimes, indistinguishable from other pleasurable pastimes, except that they happen to yield useful end products.
Surely that shouldn't make them less enticing to do. Then all the artificial barriers of power and property could come down. Creation could become recreation. And we could all stop being afraid of each other.
Interesting.... Have a great day.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Water Water

Should I stop drinking water? I mean bottled water? I have been asking myself this question for a few months now already. What are the pros and cons of buying that bottle of Deer Park and jug of Poland Spring on a regular basis? Besides going further in debt, I am not sure. Of course those plastic jugs and bottles are filling up the landfills a mile a minute, but then there are recycling programs that are now in place for that very reason. And how much waste is that preventing of plastic, a non biodegradable item? And is bottled water really any better than the tap water that comes out of the kitchen sink that is full of fluoride which actually is not good for the teeth in some sort of way I hear, rust, and who knows what other chemicals I probably can't even pronounce. Well, can you boil the chemicals away to a better health? I believe in Europe they put ozone in the water which is much healthier. Is bottled water a status symbol also, does it mean that one is better or healthier than another because they drink bottled water? Can bottled water actually be tap water in disguise? Who knows. And the idea of paying for water, a basic necessity of life that should be free I still cannot comprehend. When did the idea of buying bottled water even start? And bottled is everywhere. Does that mean that if one could sell the air they would? Oh, air rights in real estate are already being sold. I foresee in some science fiction movie where water will be auctioned off and rationed as a valuable commodity in exchange for ones life, save the oceans and rivers. And filtered water, is that any better than tap, what is it actually filtering? Oh the choices, the choices, the choices.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mail to Go

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has always sounded like a great place. Isn't London located there? London has always sounded like the place to be, or at least the place to visit. Europe and London have always been a popular tourist destination. If you happen to be in, or are located anywhere in the UK mainland area and are looking for packaging materials and other mailing supplies, maybe to send that special postcard of Big Ben or London Bridges back to your loved ones and friends, The Packing Station has all sorts of packaging materials, mailing and storage materials, tools, equipment and gifts for your packaging needs. Their website has a wide variety of mailing supplies. You can find all sorts of boxes and cartons, envelopes, CD/DVD mailers, postal tubes, bubble lined envelopes, packing paper and other products from their website. You can also find furniture covers, carrier, wine bottle and gift bags, and arts and crafts products too. The Packing Station delivers to the UK Mainland only.

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Monday, June 25, 2007

The Bystander

"Attorney claims cop punched him, wife". That is one of the many horrific headlines in today's Metro New York Newspaper. And one of the many horrific headlines around the world that occur and are occurring on a daily basis with no end in sight. The article states a civil rights attorney and his wife were both punched in the face by a police sergeant after they tried to stop cops from beating a handcuffed teen. And so this similar situation has happened to me and so this situation may have happened to others at one point in ones life. You are a witness to an incident as a passerby and you intervene only to be oppressed yourself. And there are too many of these "Person leaves home, gets caught in crossfire and never makes it back" stories these days. What does one do when you are a witness, an innocent bystander to an incident involving the polizei, a passerby caught in the middle of crossfire of gun play of people who have guns, whether civilians or state sponsored militia? Of people who may think they are cool simply because they have a gun and get their power through the barrel of a gun. It has become the wild, wild west. Caine and Abel are everywhere and the images of guns and violence are everywhere in the media and reflected in our society and culture. The latest trend in advertising by seemingly a lot of people involved in entertainment is of a picture, poster, or photo of a person holding a gun pointed at your face. How has the standards, morals, and values of this world declined this far in these days to where it has now become cool and trendy to portray images and references to violence in all forms of media and advertisement. It seems as if from the beginning of time in cinema, film, television and movies that there has been bad boy characters with guns in their hands to tell humanity on planet earth that it is okay and almost glamorous to kill people. Does not media and violence influence our culture? Is not the media propagating and programming the world to become violent? For what reason is violence entertaining? Is not the media feeding violence to the people? Is it George Orwell's hate hour every hour? It could be that vicious circle again where crime feeds the media which feeds the advertisers which feeds the population which feeds the media which feeds the crime which feeds the advertisers which feeds the population and so on and so on and so on. It seems to be an industry that keeps everyone in business. What would happen if nobody died tomorrow? And people are losing their lives on a daily basis with no end in sight from this sort of thought, for reason at all. I am only one blogger, one voice. I average about 30 page views a day, I think. Who could actually be paying attention to what I say and write in my appeal to banish guns from every human being on planet earth for peace on earth. Mayors To End Gun Violence, maybe? God Not Guns? The National Rifle Association? The inventor of guns and gunpowder? Who is going to try and change the world, try and create a more peaceful world. Ghandi? Martin Luther King? Jesus Christ? This grip of evil, Satan, seems to have been let loose for a thousand years roaming the earth, seeking to whom he may devour. The Babylon confusion and anomaly is everywhere. Where are we in this state of the world? Is there hope for the world, for this generation in these days, in these times? As these times can be hell on earth, and what are these days, these times? Freedom for all. Is another world possible? And what does this have to do with a No Police State? Have a great day.

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Sunday, June 24, 2007

50 Signs You're A Blogaholic

In my quest to monetize this blog, I am lost in Bloggerland today trying to figure out which pay you to blog company to write for next, as some companies have blogging assignments available when others do not. And so I wrote about furniture today. And in my quest, I ran across Cool Buzz online which had the following post from Jonathan Deamer on their blog and as it turns out, tens and hundreds of other bloggers have posted the same following post. It's hilarious! Absolutely hilarious! Today is Sunday; the Sabbath, Sabado, a day of rest. I should take a break.

50 Signs You're A Blogaholic

Are you addicted to blogging? You know you blog too much if:

1. You have to turn back on your way to the airport because you forgot to “tell” your blog that you’re going away.
2. You sneak off during a date to check your hit stats.
3. You update Twitter about your life more than you actually live it.
4.You think LSD is something to do with RSS or XML.
5. Your family don’t call anymore, they just check your blog.
6. You have daydreams about links from Boing Boing.
7. You pray to Steve Pavlina.
8. You eat blogging. You sleep blogging. You drink coffee.
9. You think Nike should make a shirt that says “just blog it”.
10. You would buy it if they did.
11.You’re considering naming your first-born child Scoble.
12.You start conversations with the phrase “top 10 ways to…” because you think it will get you on the front page of Digg.
13.You’re listening to the travel news and get excited by the phrase “heavy traffic”.
14.You moblog your own wedding.
15.You keep a blog ideas notepad by your bed. And you go to bed early just so you can write in it.
16.You check your Adsense revenue more than your bank account.
17.You’ve got more “blog friends” than “real life” friends.
18.You turn down invitations to go out because you haven’t yet written your post for the day.
19.You introduce yourself at parties as a “new media journalist”.
20.Your breakfast of choice is toast, cornflakes and Google reader.
21.You care more about what Technorati says about your authority than what your children do.
22.You’ve got “Custom CSS for Dummies” on your Christmas list.
23.You think the 3 Rs are Reading, Writing and RSS.
24.You can’t remember what you did last week without consulting your blog.
25.Your blogroll is longer that your cell’s phonebook.
26.You think “I wonder how this’ll look on Flickr?” when posing for photos.
27.When asked to feed the dog, you think “RSS or Atom?”
28.The only time your friends hear your voice is on your podcast.
29.You include ownership of your blog in your will.
30.You know what a blog carnival is.
31.You’ve participated in one.
32.You wonder if they do vacations at the Googleplex.
33.Under the hobbies section of an online dating profile you just put “Googling myself”.
34.Your licence plate matches your domain name.
35.Your lifetime goal is achieving a Page Rank of 10.
36.People in the street recognise you from your MyBlogLog photo.
37.You have a scorn for Xanga users normal people reserve for rapists and serial killers.
38.You refuse to wear black hats because you think it will affect your SEO.
39.You got that last one.
40.You have more than three friends with numbers in their names.
41.You’ve ever used the term “blawg” in conversation. is banned on your office network.
43.You try to offer links as a form of payment in restaurants.
44.You start getting withdrawal symptoms when you go a day without posting.
45.You met your girlfriend/boyfriend through a blog.
46.You get more “approve this comment” e-mail messages than spam.
47.People worry about you when you do not post for a day.
48.The name Kubrick means more to you than the director of A Clockwork Orange.
49.You make the wrong post to the wrong blog on the wrong day.
50.You finish reading this and go to make a post with your own additions

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Furniture, we all need it. Well maybe we don't, but if you dwell in a house, apartment, adobe, tent, igloo, temple, castle, shoebox or some other type of housing, chances are you have some type of furniture. And even if you live outside; couches and chairs can make a nice addition to the sidewalk or other lawn area of your choice. If you are looking for furniture for your home, you can find bedroom furniture, Home Office Furniture and Sectionals at Furniture From Home. Furniture From Home can help you with your furniture needs. You can find Bedroom, Living room, Dining Room, Home Office, Dinette Sets, a great lounge sectional, Contemporary Furniture, Sofas and other great furniture there also. They offer the best solid wood, Oak wood, Birch Hardwood, Cherry Wood and other woods available. You can shop by rooms, styles and colors such as brown, neutral, black and other colors. The photos of furniture in the rooms that are displayed on their website look so beautiful that I would want to live there myself. This may be the latest trend in online shopping over the Internet, buying furniture from home. How much easier can it get, shopping for furniture from home? You can shop online or call their toll free number for prompt and friendly service. You can request a catalogue from them and they also offer free nationwide delivery. This is a sponsored post.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade

I subscribe to the nonsense nyc email list powered by Laughing Squid. Nonsense NYC is a weekly email list sent by Jeff Stark of events for sort of underground, alternative and above ground events in the New York City area. They always list cool music events, warehouse and loft parties, burlesque events, critical mass rides, marching band parades, rooftop films and parties, walking tours, barefoot boogies and the like. A lot of their events are in the Williamsburg and Bushwick areas of Brooklyn and throughout Manhattan. It is a helpful compilation list of events, for I could never find about about these events without the help of their list. If you are in the New York City area or would be interested in subscribing to their list you can find them at nonsense nyc. Here is one of several listings of their events for today.

Coney Island Mermaid Parade
Surf Avenue, Brooklyn
2p; $free

After all these years, through rain and redevelopment, still the glorious York summit of New York's creatively inclined, from the half-assed to the heart-felt. Don't miss it. Paint yourself blue, put on a sailor hat, and -- they've probably been saying this for the last 20 years -- go before its too late.

***** Also on SATURDAY *****

The 5th Annual Mermaid Parade Ball

Inside the former Childs Restaurant, a colorful terra cotta and
stucco homage to the sea. Dress outlandishly or minimally for this
great party, a full night of live music, magic, and burlesque. The
Brooklyn musicians include rock mama Jill Cunniff, whose latest
album is inspired by Coney Island, the Shapes, Mighty Fine, the
Atomic Grind Show -- a musical 10-in-1 playing rock, jazz, blues, and
carnival music -- and Big A Little A. Burlesque performances by Bambi
the Mermaid, Bunny Love, Jo Weldon, Little Brooklyn, Tigger and
Dottie Lux, and sideshow magician Albert Cadabra. With DJ Jess of the downtown seedy club scene and DJ Xerox.

Childs Restaurant
Boardwalk and West 21st Street, Brooklyn
6p-midnight; $10 advance, $15 door supports Coney Island USA
Mermaid Parade Ball

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Friday, June 22, 2007

Cheap Eats New York

I have come to the conclusion that I can no longer afford to eat in New York City. I can no longer afford the overpriced gourmet yuppie (Young Urban Professional) food in this town, or at least in this neighborhood the East Village, and that I may have to resort to dumpster diving, where you can actually find some really good food, and/or soup kitchens in order to continue to eat. Maybe I can compile a list of restaurants who give out leftovers at the end of the day after they close. Do they exist? For there is a ton of good food being thrown out and wasted in this town everyday at unbelievable and unbearable proportions to witness. City Harvest is an organization that collects this food to give away to others, and that is a good deed indeed. Maybe I should try calling them to see if they have any good food to give away. Is the word "Gourmet" a code word for overpriced food that one cannot afford? For richer or for poorer, this Quality of Life gentrify the neighborhood campaign is doing me in. Am I paying for location, location, location for this item of food that can probably be found for less than half the price in Nowhere Ville, Nowhere Town? And every single building I walk past on the Island is food, food, food and more food to remind me that it's time to eat again and again nonstop for as long as I am walking around on the street. Every building I past seems to be either a food market or restaurant and I want to go in and eat at every single food establishment I past as the menu and food display always looks so good and appetizing. And forget about going into those Whole Foods Health Food Markets that are popping up everywhere these days. Only the rich or at least people who are willing to pay the price for those outrageously overpriced food items shop there. I would need a full time job just to be able to afford to impulse eat in this town. I am being reduced to a rice and beans, bread and water diet here and thereafter. No more sushi, lobster, crepe suzettes, le' ten string beans with fancy sauce de jour, tuna tartare, bagadou bagels, shi shi salads and cafe' au laite's for me anytime soon. A cheaper way of eating is at hand, somehow.

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Summer Beach Castle Time

Summer Solstice was yesterday and according to the calendar, summer has officially begun. It's summer beach time again. It's summer vacation time when you may go to your favorite vacation spot. It's that time of year to pack the picnic baskets, get the beach balls out of the closet and whatever your beach items of choice may be in gear. The ocean is waiting and the blue skies are calling. And whenever I go to the beach, I am always looking for that great beach activity to do, whether it be volleyball, listening to music, jogging up and down the beach, swimming in the ocean or just plain relaxing and lying in the sun. And sandcastles are a fun thing to make on the beach. I've always wanted to build myself a castle. If you love creating sandcastles, you can now Build A Sandcastle and create and send your very own virtual sandcastle e card without having to go to the beach to build it. I built My Castle E Card. You can build your own sandcastle at the Beaches website and find great featured beach and resort specials while you are at it too. Their virtual sandcastle is very fun to play around with and easy to use. You can select your castle and drag it to the beach, add beach accessories and save your castle as Wallpaper or send your castle e-card to a friend. You can also visit their sandcastle gallery. Let your imagination run wild when you build your luxurious playground. This is a sponsored post.

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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Your Song

Now this is interesting. I received this email in my MySpace inbox the other day. I thought it would be interesting to blah blog about. "I share your distaste for the police state, but unfortunately your song is monotonous, obvious, and boring. Preaching to the choir is bad enough, but in this case the choir is sound asleep. Sorry. Better luck next time". And I am not exactly sure what to make of it except that maybe someone does not like the No Police State song. And I am not exactly sure what to say except have a great day anyway. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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Make Music New York

Today, June 21, 2007 is the first annual Make Music New York! An event where there is music all day, all night, all places. Music on the sidewalks, the parks, the streets and other creative and inventive places. More than 300 cities around the world are participating and celebrating music today. Any musician can sign up to perform at this event. No Police State Girl signed up to perform her No Police State song at Green Oasis Garden as part of this event from noon to 1pm. I showed up, no one else did, except for the picnickers who were there anyway by default. And so I wander around today from block to block, neighborhood to neighborhood, particularly the The Lower East Side which is now called the East Village for real estate marketing purposes maybe, and Williamsburg just to see some of the performances. The open mic at the East River Amphitheater seems interesting, and so does the Mobile Oxygen Unit, a jazz group who are marching throughout the Williamsburg neighborhood. And there is music all day at McCarren Park, Tompkins Square Park and La Plaza Cultural. And then it got cloudy and looked like it wanted to rain. Oh no! Don't rain on this parade! This is such a cool event. It seems like every day should be Make Music New York day. Every day should be a holiday, maybe. For a complete schedule of events visit Make Music New York. Today is summer solstice. Happy summer.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Celebrity Gossip

If you think you could be one of those celebrity gossip supermarket tabloid, television and website junkies who are sometimes forever finding themselves looking for the latest news about who has the latest hairstyle, who is wearing the trendiest clothes, and who just woke up and broke up, then yet one more celebrity gossip website may be just for you. Another website to be added to the latest round of websites for celebrity rumors, is the website Celebrity Gossip. There you can find all the latest hot gossip about your favorite celebrity. Celebrity Gossip is a brand new celebrity gossip site. If you need your daily celebrity gossip scoop, they are a great site to visit. Your can see all the latest celebrity news on their website and search your favorite celebrity by name. Celebrities lives seem to be fascinating. You can register and join thousands of other gossipers for free and be on your way to celebrity gossip heaven. This is a sponsored post.

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blogger Burnout

It's been a while since I've visited those blogger sites that I once visited when I first signed up to blog. So much a while it has been since I've signed in to most of those websites that I've forgotten half of their names and my member name too. Blogger beware; I could be suffering from impending blogger burnout, unable to keep up with the pace of the blogger routine. It was so exciting to blog when I first signed up. Wow, to get to blah blog away, and make millions of dollars while I am at it and get rich internet quick too. What better way to make money than blogging for bucks online! Well again yesterday while I was at my day job realizing that I cannot quit my day job for my new found wealth from blogging for barely one good takeout dinner a month, all I could think about was dang, I wish I could win the lottery of either increase that Google Page Ranking SEO Search Engine Optimization link building money making thing that all of the other bloggers talk about on their sites in their quest to make money blogging so that I will never have to go to this day job ever, ever, ever, ever, again. I've always wanted to be one of those entrepreneurs. How I have forgotten about the blogger communities MyBlogLog, the directories Blog Explosion and Blog Flux, the and is it Digital Point forums,the social bookmarking sites Digg, Reddit and Stumble Upon, and even those Craigs Lists ads for bloggers wanted so that I could have a staff of thousands and become the New Blog Times. And how are the Technorati, Pingoat and Autopinger websites doing? And what has happened to all of the other sites that I once visited in my quest to make millions. They may have gotten lost in the routine of daily life. Where are they now?

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Monday, June 18, 2007

The Emperor's New Clothes

So what's that story about The Emperor Wears No Clothes? It came across my mind today as I am running out of topics to blog blah blah about. I could use a how to blog class or online tutorial for blogging. How do those millions of other bloggers out there in the blogosphere blog on a daily basis without running out of things to say and write about. So again, today's topic and random thought of the day is what's that story about the Emperor Wears No Clothes, and in my Google search I have just discovered that is a book about the conspiracy against marijuana and cannabis written by Jack Herer. What I meant to say is, so what's that story about the Emperor's New Clothes? Wikipedia says that is a Danish fairy tale written by Hans Christian Andersen. Wow! Hans Christian Andersen rocks! On my first impression of this story I always gather the image of a king riding down the street on a float in a parade procession wearing no clothes and all of the parade watchers are applauding and congratulating him. And I have always interpreted this as meaning the parade watchers, the people all see that he is wearing no clothes and say nothing. That the people could be brainwashed and programmed, are participating in groupthinc, are playing follow the leader, are not thinking for themselves, are succumbing to peer pressure and gossip, are kissing his rear behind, are lying and deceiving themselves and others, are blind and covering up the truth or are just plain unaware and naive. It almost sounds like it could be a George Orwell nineteen eighty four story from hell also. Does something exist because someone says it does? But the fairy tale is much more complicated and beautiful to read in its description of the emperor. What does this mean? What is the moral of this story? Does the Emperor represent the state, does his wearing no clothes represent freedom from oppression, the naked truth, or something else? And can this concept be applied to life? Will the Emperor ever put his clothes on? I must go read the story of the Emperor now. And what does this have to do with a No Police State? Have a great day.

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Saturday, June 16, 2007


Glyconutrients? What the heck is that? And whatever glyconutrients are, what can I say about them enough to fill up this page. At first glance the word sounds like some chemical nutrient manufactured in a laboratory, small nutrients or something. Well, according to the Glycoinformation Blog, Glyconutrients are carbohydrates and are necessary for maintaining good health. Does bread and pasta contain glyconutrients? Am I getting enough glyconutrients every time I load up on potatoes? To discover more about what glyconutrients are and how they are important in your health you can visit the Glyco Information site. Their site explains everything you need to know about glyconutrients. This is a sponsored review.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

The Tree of Life

Fire, Earth, Air, Water, Metal. Has anyone ever heard of or seen the Tree of Life? I somehow ran across a photo of it the other day in a book I was reading and wow is it a cool and complex drawing that can take years and then some for me to understand. I guess it's Jewish mysticism and suppose to be about life's paths in a spiritual sense. Well I am not exactly sure if it is a tree because it looks like some graph chart with triangles, squares and circles everywhere and some of those drawings of it are awesome with the colors. And there seems to be a pentacle in their also. It seems to be about the paths of consciousness that are associated with planets, colors, plants, symbols, tarot cards, birds and animals. Aleister Crowley seems to have figured it all out according to this book. Is it the ultimate be all to what life is suppose to be about? Is it magic? Is this the image the Cabalaists are worshipping who wear those red strings on their hands or is that another tradition? Is there wisdom to be found here? Does it hold the answer to the meaning of life? What does it all mean?

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Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Cave Canem

Hey Bloggers

If you happen to be in the neighborhood, I will be performing with Funk Monk, Wednesday, June 20th, 8pm at Club Canem.

DJ Charles Blass spins

There will also be an artists slide show with my art and several other visual artists.

Club Canem is located at 24 First ave btw 1st & 2nd Street.

$5 cover

weds. 20 June

Lovolution Presents

Funk Monk
No Police State Girl

Funk Monk combines the hypnotic groove of hip hop, elements of world music and d&b with the dense harmonies of jazz.
The band features Sean Dixon on drums, Michael Kiaer on bass, Tosso Hettinger on guitar, Okai on rhymes and Welf on sax and keys. Funk Monk has performed all over New York including Nublu, the Knitting Factory and the Williamsburg Jazz Festival.

Funk Monk
All About Jazz

11pm Tamango & Charlie Hunter
Charlie Hunter
Cave Canem

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Are you addicted to something? Love? The Internet? Food? Drugs? Should drugs be legalized? I am not exactly sure what High Times, NORML, or Narco News would have to say about this. If you are a junkie or a drug addict, or could use drug treatment or detox, Stop Your Addiction may be just the place for you. They are a brand new 28 day drug treatment program located in Michigan. It's a rehabilitation nation and if anyone asks just say we're High on Life. This is a sponsored post.

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12.21.2012. What do those numbers mean to you, anything? December 12, 2012, that could mean the London Olympics are coming. Well if you are a religious fanatic reader of prophet and psychic predictions like me, it could mean a whole lot. It could mean doomsday, Armageddon, the Apocalypse, judgement day, the end of the world, a new world order or some new age, spiritual transformation, evolution, higher universe. It could mean the beginning and the end of World War III according to Nostradamus. It could mean the meteors, comets, asteroids, aliens and spaceships are coming to planet earth. Could it mean the anti christ and the Pope will appear? Oh, the Pope is already here. It could mean that the sun will reverse its own magnetic pole. It could mean the solstice and moon cycles will end, or at least it could mean that is when the Mayan calendar ends in 2012. The Maya believed that their world would end on December 21, 2012 and that Orion and Pleiades told them so. All of these sciences, beliefs, theories, philosophies, astrology, years and calendars are too complex for me to understand, but at a glance I believe in them all, or what does this mean, will the world really end? Will some world changing event take place in 2012? The clock is ticking. What does the future hold? Wait and be watchful for the return of something. In 5yrs, 6 months, 8 days, 19 minutes and 32 seconds of 5 years and 193 days as of this writing, 2012 is here. 12.21.2012, what do those numbers mean to you?
Note: Lo, and behold. Here is one of many secrets that the yoga guy says in the text below him in the drawing above, he depicts the progression of humanity.. A-L=12, halfway through the alphabet, O-Z=12, halfway through the alphabet. ALOZ, ALLAH. 12.21.2012, 0102. OLOZ, AL-OZ, ALOZ, ALLAH. M and N the middle of the alphabet = the Millennium, the head of Christ, Grist, the Holy Grail, The Holy Ghost, a thousand years shall Satan be let loose? And there is much more to be written in the text below the yoga guy above (Yahweh,Jehovah,JHVH,YHVH,YHWH, YOGA), part of the trinity. Have a great day.

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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Is my latest Internet addiction that I have just discovered? This may be yet another reason that I may be in need of Internet Addiction Anonymous (IAA) and can use the anti Internet get sleep soon routine. After watching and following the latest Paris Hilton events on CNN the past few days and hearing them announce "According to" in their news reports every five minutes, I have discovered, and now may be replacing my MySpace and MyBlogLog addictions for the moment. Their site is really cool for everything celebrity news gossip and entertainment, and what's really great is that it is super easy to comment on their articles, which is why I keep going back to their site for more and more, over and over. Their site seems to be an open forum with the comments and they are very informative with up to the minute posts and information about celebrity news and gossip, so much that I find myself waiting and watching for their next post which could be any minute now. I must visit their site soon again even after I finish typing this post so I can be the first to comment on their latest article or something. I feel as if I am watching their site like a hawk and have voluntarily joined a race. And their site is celebrity gossip heaven, you can browse celebrity news gossip by category and topic, and the sidebar on their site is endless and has even more celebrity news gossip links like Perez Hilton, Just Jared, Gawker, and A Socialite's Life who are a member of the MyBLogLog Community, a blogging site that rocks also. And if you are into blogging for bucks like me, I can see my Google Page Rank increasing with every comment and link that I post on their site. Wow! Yet another Internet addicting website. Maybe this latest Internet website discovery shall pass also. Have a great day.

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Saturday, June 9, 2007


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