Thursday, June 21, 2007

Make Music New York

Today, June 21, 2007 is the first annual Make Music New York! An event where there is music all day, all night, all places. Music on the sidewalks, the parks, the streets and other creative and inventive places. More than 300 cities around the world are participating and celebrating music today. Any musician can sign up to perform at this event. No Police State Girl signed up to perform her No Police State song at Green Oasis Garden as part of this event from noon to 1pm. I showed up, no one else did, except for the picnickers who were there anyway by default. And so I wander around today from block to block, neighborhood to neighborhood, particularly the The Lower East Side which is now called the East Village for real estate marketing purposes maybe, and Williamsburg just to see some of the performances. The open mic at the East River Amphitheater seems interesting, and so does the Mobile Oxygen Unit, a jazz group who are marching throughout the Williamsburg neighborhood. And there is music all day at McCarren Park, Tompkins Square Park and La Plaza Cultural. And then it got cloudy and looked like it wanted to rain. Oh no! Don't rain on this parade! This is such a cool event. It seems like every day should be Make Music New York day. Every day should be a holiday, maybe. For a complete schedule of events visit Make Music New York. Today is summer solstice. Happy summer.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wasn't it a fun day?
I was up town.
You can see the CBS2 TV News report about the day, as well as the Street Film documentary about the Make Music NY Day (and my report of it, too...):

Looking forward to next year :)

All the best,
'Saw Lady'