Sunday, September 21, 2014

Occupy Art Was At The 9/11 Cultural Festival

And on this day finds itself another one of those Sundays that has rolled around. The day of rest, the Sabbath.  Or is that Saturday. And yet I find myself blogging away for some reason or another. And it also finds itself as the People's Climate March on this day that is going to be the largest climate march in history around the world and a #FloodWallStreet Mass Action to Shut Down Climate Profiteers tomorrow in New York City.  And it is also autumn on this day, or near autumn on this day of September 21st and that season of Fall is here in that country of North America according to that Gregorian calendar on the wall. And on this day also finds itself as Occupy Wall Street Day 1,000 and something. And Occupy Wall Street is still moving fast, well sort of. And being that that 9/11 Cultural Festival  has come to pass, I feel as if I blogger should blog something on this blog about that event just for the sake of saying that that Occupy 9/11 Art Show has come to pass. And Occupy Art was at the 9/11 Cultural Festival. Or at least that Occupy Art banner was at the 9/11 Cultural Festival in First Street Green Park that finds itself in New York City. And whether or not anyone besides those actors from Naked Uncle Sam of The 9/11 Plays attended that Occupy Art Show as part of that 9/11 Cultural Festival, well that's a whole another blog post, save for Bread and Puppet Theater who where there and got people there to watch their play and saved the day. And thanks to that one reporter who made it that day also. And that Bread and Puppet garlic bread that Bread and Puppet Theater served at the end of this event, well that garlic bread was awesome. And that Bread and Puppet Theater Youtube video that finds itself posted above, well that just Bread and Puppet Theater marching band rocks. Ditto a few days later.... And that theatre video that finds itself posted above, well that's from that 9/11 Cultural Festival Script in Hand Series for those 9/11 Plays a few weeks ago.

And part of that 9/11 Cultural Festival Eventbrite description for that 9/11 Cultural Festival read something like:

The 9/11 Cultural Festival will take place 8/16 &  9/11 - 9/14 in New York City at The Playroom Theater, Medicine Show Theatre, First Street Green Park and Bowery Poetry Club. There will be a Script in Hand Reading Series and an Occupy 911 Art Show as part of the event. The World Premiere of a new play "Gaza Emergency Pageant"  by Bread and Puppet Theater Company will be the featured event....

The 9/11 Cultural Festival is a festival for peace in which an honest dialogue about 9/11 is encouraged through the arts, theatre, dance, music, poetry and the visual arts and crafts. Artists will be performing independent, original plays, music, dances, and poetry reading to commemorate the 9/11 tragedy.

And now that this event has come to pass this post was seen on the 9/11 Cultural Festival Facebook Page:

"Hi everyone,

Now that the 9/11 Cultural Festival, 9/11-9/14 has passed, we wanted to post a message to say thanks to the actors from The 9/11 Plays and the performers at First Street Green Park and Bowery Poetry Club for putting the time in to help with the 9/11 Cultural Festival these past few weeks and months. We would also like to thank everyone who follows and has followed the 9/11 Cultural Festival Facebook page during the 9/11 Cultural Festival.
Whether or not the 9/11 Cultural Festival will take place again next year remains to be seen.
Whether or not there will continue to be posts on this page for the 9/11 Cultural Festival and beyond remains to be seen, as there are a few different administrators for this page.
We can not think of much else to write at the moment. Good day.

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act". - George Orwell."

9/11 Cultural Festival

And so what else can I blogger say except to post some photos and videos from that day that find themselves posted above. As a picture tells a story and a picture says a thousand words. Occupy Art. Occupy Wall Street Worldwide.
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