Wednesday, July 12, 2023

East Village Zine Fair 2023

The 8 Ball CommunityPrinted Matter St Marks, East Village Zine Fair happened indoors at PS 122 Community Center this past weekend after being postponed from a rain date outdoors on St Marks Place in that city of New York in that neighborhood of the Lower East Side, now called the East Village for real estate marketing purposes maybe. 

And I had a great time vending #blacklivesmatter #nopolicestate #occupywallstreet #sh*tjustgotreal #washingtonsquarepark #unionsquarepark #morus #theshadow #yoga #music #brooklyn #eastvillage #lowereastside & #iloveny necklaces, magnets, key chains & pins $2 each & Tompkins Square Park t shirts for $10 each outside on the sidewalk next to Chris Flash of Shows in Tompkins Square Park, The Shadow Newspaper and indoors with Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space - MORUS at East Village Zine Fair at 8Ball Community Printed Matter Zine Fair/ St. Marks this past weekend.

And with over 70 exhibitors at this zine fair, if I were to copy and paste part of Printed Matter's website description of this event, (because hey, it's less writing sometimes....) it would read something like:

"Printed Matter / St Marks and 8-Ball Community are excited to welcome you to the third annual East Village Zine Fair, a celebration of NYC’s zine-makers, independent publishers, and the East Village’s history of DIY culture past and present.

Though originally planned for June 24, due to rainy weather the EVZF will now take place Saturday, July 8th AND Sunday, July 9th at Performance Space New York, 150 First Ave.

Saturday, July 8th 11AM - 7PM (11AM - 1PM are mask mandatory hours, register here*) 

Sunday, July 9th 11AM - 5PM 
For our new venue, we cannot imagine a better alternative than Performance Space New York, a fellow arts non-profit in the heart of the East Village. We are so grateful for their support and generosity in hosting the EVZF this year 📚🎱

 *Saturday will begin with two mask-mandatory hours and a reduced visitor capacity to ensure that those who are immunocompromised and/or disabled have a chance to browse the Fair. To ensure entry during this time, register via the link above or through
For the rest of the Fair masks will be available and highly encouraged. 

We’re so excited to welcome everyone to the fair, and since we are not outside on St Marks Pl this year, we Are working with a much more limited visitor capacity. As such, we encourage you to arrive early and be prepared for potential wait times to enter the fair. Once inside, we are asking that guests try to keep their visit limited to 2 hours so that as many people as possible get to experience the EVZF. 

Questions? Email

The EVZF and its programs are free and open to the public. Details about fundraising editions, musical performance and more are forthcoming!Stay up to date via Instagram Printed Matter8-Ball Community) and by subscribing to Printed Matter’s mailing list "

We are still living in crazy times. Have a great New York City festival day and more.

Tuesday, July 4, 2023

A Compilation of New York Freedom Rallies

And so I signed into this blog today, that finds itself that holiday of July 4th here on planet earth, solely for the purpose of posting that six minute New York Freedom Rally and East Ghost ReportsNJEG Media compilation of New York Freedom Rallies video for when I can't figure out where to post it where it won't get taken down in the age of social media censorship for not following the New World Order narrative, though this blog seems to be hosted by Google, the biggest brother of them all. Maybe the text that is written in this video can describe what it is about when I am at a lost of words. We are still living in crazy times