Friday, November 3, 2023

Dark Winter 2023


So in reading the headline news of the day somewhere in between that plannedemic virus that started in 2020 and now that Gog and Magog war, Psalm 83 warEzekiel 38 war, 6th trumpet warIsrael Palestine holy war, World War three, I think it's safe to say that a dark winter is approaching,  the four horses of the apocalypse are upon us, peace will be taken from the earth and all hell is about to break loose on the road to Armageddon and the second coming of Jesus Christ, as the book of Revelations from that book of the bible is unfolding right before our very eyes in the last days and the end times here on planet earth and we are living in crazy times, if you believe.

And I am waiting for and even witnessing the final seven years on the road to the battle of  Armageddon, the end of suffering and death according to this Gregorian calendar on earth.

I am waiting for, and even witnessing the Revelation 12 sign that appeared in the sky in 2017, the sign of the dragon, and for the internet to even go dark.

And I am waiting for and even witnessing the great tribulation, the covenant, the raptures, the resurrections, the abomination of desolation spoken of by Daniel the prophet and for the antichrist to stand in the holy place and declare himself god halfway through Daniels's 70'th week and implement the mark of the beast during his reign of the beast, all for the second coming of Jesus Christ, the redeemer, if you believe. 

And I am waiting for end time prophecies to unfold and even witnessing the annual eclipses, the solar eclipses, the lunar eclipses, the blood moons, the comets, the asteroids, the wildfires, the hurricanes, the earthquakes, the migration of people, the 5th seal martrydom, the holy days of the feast of tabernacles, feast of trumpets, feast of first fruits and the day of atonement, the seals being opened, the bowls, the judgments, the trumpets angels to blow their trumpets..

And I am waiting for that 5th trumpet to sound, for the devil, Satan, the fallen star to be cast from heaven to earth and for the bottomless pit to open with the arrival of Abaddon from the abyss to release the fallen four angels who are bound at the great river Euphrates to release the winds of judgment and chaos and kill a third of mankind before the day of the Lord.

And I am waiting for alien invasions and for the New World Order and Babylon the Great Harlot system, also known as the Statue of Liberty possibly, to fall, to be burned and destroyed by fire, smoke, brimstone and sulfur in one hour by the beast that she sits upon.

And I am waiting to receive an immortal body for the millennium reign of Christ for a thousand years.

And I am waiting for Jesus to cleanse the earth, for the marriage supper of the lamb and judgement day to see if I am written in the book of life and if I will go to heaven or hell and the lake of fire.

And it is happening now, in this generation, if you believe.

And why did Palestine choose the exact colors of the four horses of the apocalypse for it's flag?

The ten kings are here. Israel is surrounded by armies, a coalition of nations and is in travail and having birth pains for the child to be born. We are the fig tree generation and this generation shall not pass til all things be fulfilled.

And in between waiting for the end of the world, I found myself attempting to vend those #blacklivesmatter #S#!tJustGotReal #NotMyPresident #occupywallstreet #nopolicestate #yoga #music #morus #TheShadow #squat #tompkinssquarepark #washingtonsquarepark #unionsquarepark #eastvillage #lowereastside #brooklyn & #iloveny necklaces, magnets, key chains & pins for $2 each & Tompkins Square Park t shirts for $10 each @  Chris Flash's Tompkins Square Book And Arts Fair at Psycho Parkula 2023 @ Shows in Tompkins Square Park in the Lower East Side now called the East Village for real estate marketing purposes in that city of New York. And the Facebook post description for that event read something like:

Come and get works of art, hand-made crafts, zines, books, clothing, records, videos, and more, including FREE stuff, all offered by members of your community on the Lower East Side.

This will be happening at the same time as Mike Lewi's psychobilly Halloween show, from 2pm - 6pm, in our beloved Tompkins Square Park.

[Those interested in participating in selling, trading or giving stuff away (there are NO fees!) can either email us at: ...... or just come on down. Bring a table!]

And this Halloween event has since come to pass as I type this blagh post. Have a great Halloween, the devils holiday, end of the world religious rant day and more.