Monday, March 14, 2016

A House Of Yes Shwick Market

And even when that Google Page Rank Update still wants to send me in search of a fifth full time job for when that get rich internet quick does not get rich internet quick, I still find myself blaghing about events, events, and more events on this blog. And so I have been attempting to vend that DecorForU jewelry to try and sell those #blacklivesmatter and #berniesandersforpresident! necklaces, I guess. And so in that latest attempt to sell that handmade jewelry, I came across that Shwick Spring Market Facebook event invite in facebookland that read something like:

A Crop of Creative Makers Bringing You The Freshest Product


Join us at the House of YES as we host a bunch of creative makers of all sorts of stuff, from clothes to toys, jewelry, food, art and more!

Groove to Tunes by Sam Rad

Some of the makers...

Sunflower Pipes
Color Me Chad LLC
Pierre's Spicy
SAS Quiltz and other stuff.
Peppa Jewelry
Michael Krasowitz
Strange Vixens Inc
Scavenger Shop by SL
Bread x Butta
Graff Names
Tuxedo Cat Designs
Lovely Sunday
OOO Foods
Jeni Lynn Arts
Shino NYC
Cee Cee's Closet NYC
Zen Art & Design, Inc.
Metrix Jewelry
Taproot Organics
Lorraine Khalil
Divya Candles
Bottle Charms
Made Here
Legalize Your Mind
Brick and Hoarder
Decor For You
Schizophrenic NYC
Andrew Andrew
Revolt Vintage
Reiki Healing by Nicole
3D Brooklyn
Michael Krasowitz
Mousei Bear

And so I applied for one of those sidewalk tables and paid that vendors fee to sell at that Shwick Spring Market in hopes that it wouldn't rain and you would make that vendors fee back in sales on that day you decided to vend on the sidewalk in front of House of Yes, the coolest art space and performance venue ever that seems to be all burlesque and beyond to be found in that rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of Bushwick Brooklyn, now called East Williamsburg or Billyburgwick or something like that, for real estate marketing purposes maybe, to be found in that city of New York. And if I must blogger say, those artist markets, or flea markets of just markets where people vend, rock, with all of the handmade arts and crafts and designer stuff to be found.  And according to Markets of New York City, there appears to be no end to these kind of markets in New York City.  And what else is there that I can say about vending and markets that has not already been said in vendors and market time as in those photos and videos from that Shwick Spring Market that find themselves posted above, I am not exactly sure, except have a great market day and more. 
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