Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Cell Phone Zombie Apocalypse Again

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blagh. And even when that get rich internet quick is still not getting rich internet quick years later, and that Google page rank update is still sending me in search of a fifth full time job which has now become a sixth full time job, I still find myself blogging those random thoughts for some reason or another. And so on this day, its the Zombie Apocalypse again. And I have blaghed about that Zombie Apocalypse thing on this blog before in times past, you know, that thing where everyone now has a cell phone and life has become a robot nation of everyone fidgeting and staring at their cell phones as if in a trance, in all forms of transportation, people are now in a zombie trance on trains, planes, boats, cars, scooters, you name it. And it seems to have only gotten worse than when I last posted that Zombie Apocalpyse post on this blog in what seems like years ago, to where headlines now read, College Kids Text During Showers, Sex And Class. We're Doomed. And a bunch of other articles about the alienation and inhumanization of mankind due to technology, or something like that. And it also seems as if everyone, even the homeless, now have cell phones these days and times to where if you don't have one, and you are still stuck in the technological stone age or something,  it becomes like change or die, or you are going to get left behind, maybe. Oh, and did I blogger mention, aside from cell phones zombie apocalypse, This Is How We Date Now.  Have we all become a slave to computers? And even though it's a different day, it seems to be the same zombie apocalpyse game in these days and times, so much that I can just copy and paste those same zombie apocalpyse posts from times past over and over on this blog as follows:

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blagh. And even when that Google page rank update still wants to send me in search of a fifth full time job for when that get rich internet quick does not get rich internet quick, I still find myself blaghing for some reason or another. And I know I have posted these zombie apocalypse posts on this blog before. It's just that when I keep reading articles such as The anxiety of unplugging and why we should disconnect to connect, and coming across photos like that This Is Progress photo that finds itself posted above and then videos with titles like The Innovation of Loneliness and what Facebook is doing to us that also finds itself posted above, it just brings me back to images of the zombie apocalypse and the robot nation again of wherever people are gathered these days and times, and that's not even including my travels throughout planet earth on the streets, planes, trains, buses, boats or whatever social situation or traveling mode that one may find themselves in only to be surrounded by people staring at handheld devices with blue light emanating from them and fidgeting with handheld gadgets as if in a trance and life amongst humanity seems as if it is a scene out of a science fiction movie sometimes. And this scenario seems as if it is a world wide phenomenon these days and times. What has technology done to humanity, for better or for worse. And what if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State.

And this one.....

Robot Nation Again

And so I saw someone post this post on facebook that went something like:

"Last night my friend went to the ladies room at the theater and while I waited, 6 or 7 people were waiting outside with me. Some standing, some sitting, like me. I wanted to strike up a conversation about the movie we all had just seen. "What did you think about so and so?" "How about that scene?" "That guy really can act!" You know, basic human conversation. But I couldn't. Every single person was staring down at their stupid phone. Every. Single. One. "

And this one also....

Robot Nation

Hey Bloggers, and today in America at least, is it the world also? This day seems to be finish giving ones social security mark of the beast 666 number tax day where one gives unto Caesar what is Ceasers. And who is Ceaser anyway? And for what reason does the word Caeser sound like CZAR. And in other thoughts, what's up with technology these days. Is this the result? I was sitting on that MTA subway train the other day going my way listening to their prerecorded terrorize the riders with those "If you see something say something" messages and I noticed that practically everyone on the train has a wire hanging out of their ears with some sort of walkman like, I guess iPod like device, listening to or watching something on the other end. And those who were not attached to wires were staring at or fidgeting with cell phones of some sort. And this all seemed like some sort of scene out of a science fiction movie to me as I seem stuck in the stone age of technology or something. And then there are those people who are walking around town with mini, tiny cell phones attached to their ears. Hugh? And then there are those almost non stop telemarketer phone calls that one seems to get all day long and night with what seemingly seems like every sales pitch under the son that man can think of. And those telemarketer calls seem to be automated and voice activated these days with prerecorded messages pitching some sort of product with some sort of persons prerecorded voice in every single emotion that one can think of. And these prerecorded voices even seem to speak to answering machines, and can even fill up an answering machine if one is not careful to empty those messages on that answering machine in time. How long have I been stuck in the technology stone age? What has technology done to humanity. Is this the result, a robot nation? Have a great technology and more day.

And oh, that 

Can We Auto-Correct Humanity?

video that finds itself posted above, well that's just way cool and kind of sums up this whole technological impersonalization thing.
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