Friday, June 28, 2013

A Tompkins Square Park Riot Anniversary

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blagh. And on this day finds itself as Occupy Wall Street day 600 and something I think. And Occupy Wall Street and those Global Revolution of a movements Occupy Together are still moving fast. And in that latest event of events that I find myself posting on this blog every so often, Tompkins Square Park, that somewhat revolution of a park that finds itself in that neighborhood of the Lower East Side now called the East Village for real estate marketing purposes maybe, is having a Tompkins Square Park Riot: 25th Anniversary Shows: July 28, Aug. 3 + Aug. 4 show in that city of New York. And I know this show is going on in that park because I plan to sing my No Police State song at this event. Ditto.... and that photo and video from that park that find themselves posted on this blog, well they were posted on this blog after I sang that No Police State song on that riot anniversary of a day. And so that facebook event invite reads like as follows. Long Live The Bandshell. Long Live The Lower East Side. Squat the world worldwide. 

A dwindling number of those in the area remember this night in August of 1988, when Community Board 3 and the NYPD's 9th Precinct swept through Tompkins Square Park, randomly assaulting and arresting park residents and passersby in an attemt to enforce a curfew on what had, over the years, become home to hundreds of individuals. Cops stormed the crowd on foot and on horseback, and police helicopters streaked across the sky. This show of force was not taken lightly, and fighting went on for hours on end. The more politically outspoken of those present decried what they claimed was a far reaching plan to bulldoze low income residents and artists out of the community, to be replaced by overprivileged, affluent individuals with no respect for the history and cultural richness of the area. Fast forward 25 years later, and what do you get? A luxury spa, directly across the street from Tompkins Square Park! And they called us delusional....

COME ON DOWN to Tompkins Square Park on Sunday, July 28, Saturday, August 3 and Sunday, August 4, 2013, to shake hands with the Ghosts of the Fallen, and with those of us who are STILL FUCKING *HERE*.

ALL THREE EVENTS START AT 2:00pm SHARP (with some accoustic performers before 2:00.)

AFTER THE SHOWS IN THE PARK, we will be hosting the following events at 7:00pm:

JULY 28:
• Bands (to be announced) at The Pyrmaid Club, 101 Avenue A)
• Films to be shown at MORUS (the Museum Of Reclaimed Urban Space), located inside C-Squat at 155 Avenue C

• Films to be shown at MORUS (the Museum Of Reclaimed Urban Space), located inside C-Squat at 155 Avenue C

• Bands (to be announced) at The Pyrmaid Club, 101 Avenue A)
• Special panel discussion on the 25th anniversary of the 1988 Tompkins Square Police Riot hosted by Norman Siegel and Frank Morales, at Theater 80, located at First Avenue + St. Marx Place

Brought to you by The Sh@dow Underground Newspaper, Chris Flash, Iconicide,Uncle Don Yippie and Those Fucking Anarchists!


1. Fever Dream (Featuring Joe Merolla of Rage Against The Machine)
2. Team Spider
3. Sexual Suicide
4. Ruckus Interruptus
5. Roger Manning
6. Transgendered Jesus
7. Sewage

1. Porno Dracula
2. Coffin Daggers (Featuring Victor of Nausea)
3. David Peel
4. ISM
5. Bambi Killers
6. Hammerbrain

1. Iconicide
2. Urban Waste
3. Nihilistics
4. Sic F*cks
5. Reagan Youth
6. Antidote

• Attorney Norman Siegel (New York City's TRUE "Public Advocate")
• Movement attorney Ron Kuby
• Movement attorney Stanley Cohen
• Radical priest Father Pat Maloney
Penny Arcade
• Jennifer Blowdryer
• Investigative journalist/activist Paul DeRienzo
• Investigative journalist/activist Frank Morales
• Zero Boy
• Aron Kay (the "Pie Man")
• No Police State Girl
• David Huberman
• The "No 7-11 Coalition"
• Members of OCCUPY

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

And Then There Is Brazil And Turkey

And being that that Google page rank update has long sent me in search of a fifth full time job, I find myself blaghing about headline news, news and more news. And it seems as if when one reads the headline news that one would sometimes think that the world is going to hell in a hand basket. Not only is there Occupy Turkey and Occupy Gezi, there is now Occupy Brazil, where the biggest protests in 20 years sweep Brazil. And even Occupy Bulgaria. A nation of unrest, so much that I am starting to wonder if that 2012 a time for change Mayan calendar thing is a year off track. And those photos that find themselves posted above, one of them with The Standing Man in Turkey, well they speak for themselves. Keep on standing at Taksim Square. And what else is there that I can say about these protests and world revolutions that has not already been said in headline news and current events time. And what do Bosnia, Bulgaria, and Brazil have in common? And it is a Global Revolution LIVE. Occupy Wall Street Worldwide. And what does this have to do with a No Police State.
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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

An NSA Surveillance State

And on this day finds itself as Occupy Wall Street Day 600 and something, and Occupy Wall Street and those global revolutions of a movements Occupy Together are still moving fast. And now there is Occupy Gezi and Occupy Istanbul, a Turkey Revolution, as in that Turkey protests with those anonymous masks in Taksim square above. And there is an awakening. And with a bunch of headlines in the news these days that read something like Occupy the NSA, Inside the NSA's secret Utah data center, NSA Reportedly Mines Servers Of Internet Firms For Data, Leaked secret court order forces Verizon to hand over call records to NSA, Anonymous Just Leaked A Trove Of NSA Documents that has something to do with a George Orwell 1984 Prism Project, and a host of other scary sounding articles with titles about the National Security Agency spying on every one and everything, I thought to blagh this The Internet is a surveillance state CNN article and copy and paste it in all it's entirety because hey, it's less writing sometimes, I think. 2011, 2012, 2013=1984. And what does this have to do with a No Police State.

The Internet is a surveillance state

By Bruce Schneier, Special to CNN
updated 2:04 PM EDT, Sat March 16, 2013

  • Bruce Schneier: Whether we like it or not, we're being tracked all the time on the Internet
  • Schneier: Our surveillance state is efficient beyond the wildest dreams of George Orwell
  • He says governments and corporations are working together to keep things that way
  • Schneier: Slap-on-the-wrist fines notwithstanding, no one is agitating for better privacy laws
Editor's note: Bruce Schneier is a security technologist and author of "Liars and Outliers: Enabling the Trust Society Needs to Survive."
(CNN) -- I'm going to start with three data points.
One: Some of the Chinese military hackers who were implicated in a broad set of attacks against the U.S. government and corporations were identified because they accessed Facebook from the same network infrastructure they used to carry out their attacks.
Two: Hector Monsegur, one of the leaders of the LulzSac hacker movement, was identified and arrested last year by the FBI. Although he practiced good computer security and used an anonymous relay service to protect his identity, he slipped up.
Bruce Schneier
Bruce Schneier
And three: Paula Broadwell,who had an affair with CIA director David Petraeus, similarly took extensive precautions to hide her identity. She never logged in to her anonymous e-mail service from her home network. Instead, she used hotel and other public networks when she e-mailed him. The FBI correlated hotel registration data from several different hotels -- and hers was the common name.
The Internet is a surveillance state. Whether we admit it to ourselves or not, and whether we like it or not, we're being tracked all the time. Google tracks us, both on its pages and on other pages it has access to. Facebook does the same; it even tracks non-Facebook users. Apple tracks us on our iPhones and iPads. One reporter used a tool called Collusion to track who was tracking him; 105 companies tracked his Internet use during one 36-hour period.
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Increasingly, what we do on the Internet is being combined with other data about us. Unmasking Broadwell's identity involved correlating her Internet activity with her hotel stays. Everything we do now involves computers, and computers produce data as a natural by-product. Everything is now being saved and correlated, and many big-data companies make money by building up intimate profiles of our lives from a variety of sources.
Facebook, for example, correlates your online behavior with your purchasing habits offline. And there's more. There's location data from your cell phone, there's a record of your movements from closed-circuit TVs.
This is ubiquitous surveillance: All of us being watched, all the time, and that data being stored forever. This is what a surveillance state looks like, and it's efficient beyond the wildest dreams of George Orwell.
Sure, we can take measures to prevent this. We can limit what we search on Google from our iPhones, and instead use computer web browsers that allow us to delete cookies. We can use an alias on Facebook. We can turn our cell phones off and spend cash. But increasingly, none of it matters.
There are simply too many ways to be tracked. The Internet, e-mail, cell phones, web browsers, social networking sites, search engines: these have become necessities, and it's fanciful to expect people to simply refuse to use them just because they don't like the spying, especially since the full extent of such spying is deliberately hidden from us and there are few alternatives being marketed by companies that don't spy.
This isn't something the free market can fix. We consumers have no choice in the matter. All the major companies that provide us with Internet services are interested in tracking us. Visit a website and it will almost certainly know who you are; there are lots of ways to be tracked without cookies. Cellphone companies routinely undo the web's privacy protection. One experiment at Carnegie Mellon took real-time videos of students on campus and was able to identify one-third of them by comparing their photos with publicly available tagged Facebook photos.
Maintaining privacy on the Internet is nearly impossible. If you forget even once to enable your protections, or click on the wrong link, or type the wrong thing, and you've permanently attached your name to whatever anonymous service you're using. Monsegur slipped up once, and the FBI got him. If the director of the CIA can't maintain his privacy on the Internet, we've got no hope.
In today's world, governments and corporations are working together to keep things that way. Governments are happy to use the data corporations collect -- occasionally demanding that they collect more and save it longer -- to spy on us. And corporations are happy to buy data from governments. Together the powerful spy on the powerless, and they're not going to give up their positions of power, despite what the people want.
Fixing this requires strong government will, but they're just as punch-drunk on data as the corporations. Slap-on-the-wrist fines notwithstanding, no one is agitating for better privacy laws.
So, we're done. Welcome to a world where Google knows exactly what sort of porn you all like, and more about your interests than your spouse does. Welcome to a world where your cell phone company knows exactly where you are all the time. Welcome to the end of private conversations, because increasingly your conversations are conducted by e-mail, text, or social networking sites.
And welcome to a world where all of this, and everything else that you do or is done on a computer, is saved, correlated, studied, passed around from company to company without your knowledge or consent; and where the government accesses it at will without a warrant.
Welcome to an Internet without privacy, and we've ended up here with hardly a fight.
Join us at Facebook/CNNOpinion.
The opinions expressed in this commentary are solely those of Bruce Schneier.
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Monday, June 3, 2013

Kali Yuga Again

Yeah I know that end of the world date 12.21.2012 has come and gone and we're still here. It's just that I like that photo of Kali Yuga that finds itself posted above from one of those blog posts that was posted on this blog some time a while ago. And with those current event headline news of the day that read something like Thousands take to streets in Turkey, clash with police, Tornado touches down near Oklahoma City, Mayhem in the city: 25 people shot in 48 hours, Thousands evacuated as deadly floods swamp Europe, and each headline seemingly more horrific than the next in the ten second attention span information overload generation to where one would think that planet earth is going to hell in a hand basket, I somehow find myself posting that Kali Yuga age of sin and device post again.

Kali Yuga

And I am not exactly sure what this blog posting is all about, but I think it has something to do with the beginning of the end of the world and my religious fanaticism. And I somehow came across a copy of this DVD titled "2012 The Odyssey". And an odyssey indeed it is to watch this tape for me. And the cover jacket of this tapes describes it as "The Mayan Calendar is ending December 21st 2012. What will happen to us between now and then? Are there other prophecies that also predict the closing of this world age and the start of a new beginning.
Join author Sharron Rose on an adventure into the future. In this exciting and thought provoking feature documentary she travels across the entire United Stated speaking to many experts on this fast approaching prophecy.
Featured noted experts Jose Arguelles, Gregg Braden, John Major Jenkins, Rick Levine, Geoff Stray, Moira Timms, Alberto Villoldo, Jay Weidner, the Incan Elders and more, this film shows us that the coming world is ours to reshape and to remake in any way that we deem possible.
Sharron Rose also travels to the Georgia Guidestones, Washington D.C., the Denver Airport and many other places to discover that there are numerous groups and people who understand that this present age is ending and a new world is now just beginning.
Discover the secrets of the Mayans, the Incans, the Alchemists, the Christians, the Masons and others of our ancient ancestors concerning the end of time and the promise of our destiny as human beings. Written and Directed by Sharron Rose". And this tape gets me to thinking in my religious fanaticism. And I would like to watch this tape again and attempt to blah blog about it again. And from what I remember, it said something about 26,000 years and 4 ages are complete for something in time and life. And is not 26 the number of God. And there was, was it the 16th, 17th,and 18th card that of the tarot deck that depicts judgement day of the sun, moon and stars or something like that. And humanity is living in the age where the father and son will meet in the sky and Jesus may return or something like that where the galactic alignment of the sun will meet the middle of the milky way on December 21, 2012, and this only occurs once every 26,000 years. And then there is that iron age, golden age and Kali Yuga thing, something about that Kali Yuga, a Hindu Krishna prophecy, the age of Kali, the age of vice, and it is the apocalypse demon, the age and time of the devil, the age humanity is now living in and is the present Vedic knowledge, the Dark Age and is one of the four ages, and that this age is an age of spiritual darkness, ignorance, violence, hypocrisy, sin, materialism, strife, discord, quarrel, contention, short lifespans and humanity deteriorates, human morality deteriorates and people are gone the furthest astray from God. And Kali Yuga is 1200 years of something. And for what reason does Vedic sound like that Ayurvedic yoga center here in New York and ayurvedic medicine. And for what reason does all of these stone, iron, golden and other ages remind me of that Daniel the Prophet guy and Nebuchadnezzar's dream and vision in the bible that marked the beginning of the end of something. And this wisdom is all too much for me to understand or comprehend as it seems as if it can all be the secret knowledge of the unknown. And 12.21.2012, it is yoga and cycles. Lo, and behold. Here is one of many secrets that the yoga guy, "Spiritual God" says in the text below him in the drawing above, he depicts the progression of humanity. A-L=12, halfway through the alphabet, O-Z=12, halfway through the alphabet. ALOZ, ALLAH. 12.21.2012, 0102. OLOZ, AL-OZ, ALOZ, ALLAH. M and N the middle of the alphabet = the Millennium, the head of Christ, Grist, the Holy Grail, The Holy Ghost, a thousand years shall Satan be let loose? And there is much more to be written in the text below the yoga guy above (Yahweh,Jehovah,JHVH,YHVH,YHWH, YOGA), part of the trinity. Have a great spiritual day.
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