Sunday, September 27, 2009

This Ride

Hey bloggers, and in case you happen to be one of those human beings who finds yourself dwelling here on planet earth, you may sometimes find yourself in need of a ride to transport yourself from place to place. And that is where those cars and automobiles could come in handy. And then there is the maintenance for those wheels to get you around. And in case you happen to be looking for honda goldwing parts, you can find them at Goldwing Country. They are a website where you can find many different brand name makes and models, motorcycle parts and accessories for your ride. You can customize your ride at up to 60% off at Goldwing Country. With Goldwing Country, maintaining and accessorizing that ride is just a website visit away.

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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The News

And even when the world seems as if it could be falling down all around me, I still find myself blah blogging away sometimes, maybe. And this is another one of those postings where I ponder what to blah blog about and where I wonder for what content to fill this blog up with in my attempt to maintain this blog whenever possible. And so I see all of these emails that have been sitting around in my email inbox for quite some time now with titles like "AP IMPACT: Tons of released drugs taint US water", "Ohioans ticketed for parking in own driveways","Saudi clerics want women banned from TV, media", "Threatening text prompts 3-school lockdown in Del",
whose article story links on Yahoo News have long been expired and the page is not found. And a New York Daily News article, poor families line up for Bloomberg cash for school plan. And then yet another news article in yesterdays amNewYork with a title like "Sci-fi crime fight too far?, Mayor's plan includes a face recognition system, cell tracking". And so what do I make of these story headlines of these days and times of the planet earth we live on. What commentary does anyone make of these headlines for the society and the world we live in here on planet earth? And what, if anything does this have to do with a No Police State?

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Friday, September 18, 2009

Nonsensenyc Time

Hey bloggers, or at least whoever may be reading this blah blog posting. And even when the world seems as if it could be falling down all around me, I still find myself blah blogging sometimes, maybe. And this is another one of those postings from Nonsense NYC, that weekly email list from Jeff Stark that I have somehow found myself subscribing to. And nonsensenyc has the coolest events and parties listed on their list to be found in those lofts and beyond in those cool happening hipster neighborhoods of Williamsburg Brooklyn and beyond in that city of New York. And I find that list so interesting with events, that I thought to post their events on this blog as follows, and besides, hey, it's less writing sometimes:


Williamsburg Fashion Weekend

Williamsburg Fashion Weekend, the original innovator of unorthodox fashion shows in Brooklyn, opens its sixth season at Secret Project Robot. The group of designers we assembled this year, with their finger on the pulse of our fashionable neighborhood, will display the diverse elements that make up what Williamsburg fashion aesthetic is about, right now.

With Erin Weckerle for Sodafine, Sirius for Treehouse, Saira M.Huff of Total Crap Uninc., King Gurvy, Racecar by Nettie Tiso, Marcus Hicks of SDN, Adrianne Lee of Ninkybink, Alisha Trimble, Raab West of Yard, and Noname Collective. DJ C0unt Zyr0, from the band the Trilateral Commission, does his turntablism magic between shows, and is joined by guest Djs after. Javelin play the after party on Saturday.

Secret Project Robot
210 Kent Avenue, entrance on River Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
8p; $free
Continues SATURDAY

***** Also on FRIDAY *****


Billy Name, Kymara Lecchi-Lonergan, Robert Munn, and Sara Cook invite you to join us as we magically transform the Art Space at the Historic Chelsea Hotel into a Silverized Celebration of the Warhol Superstars and the Ante Art Movement. Music: Whore's Mascara, Ixion Burlesque, and Albert Garzon's Fabulous Cabaret Show. Art. Film. Performance. Featuring the Warhol Superstars Billy Name, Ultra Violet, Mary Woronov, Allan Midgette, Robert Heide, Bibbe Hansen, Louis Waldon, And Ivy Nicholson. New works by Ante Artists Robert Munn and Sara Cook, Jayne County, Rick Longo-Burrows, Christophe Von Hohenberg, Coco Dalton, And Philippe Laurent. And the fashion design and work of Justin Drew.

Chelsea Hotel
222 West 23rd Street, Manhattan
7p-midnight; $10

***** Also on SATURDAY *****

The Soul Clap and Dance-Off

Returns to its Glassland’s Gallery home Saturday. This month’s Soul Clap will, as always, feature dancing to the exquisitely dynamic 45s of soul proprietor Mr. Jonathan Toubin, plus the Dance-Off will be presided over by lovely MC Laura Leigh and a distinguished panel of judges consisting of New York Press’ Jamie Peck, Heeb/Impose Magazine’s Jason Diamond, Jesse Gassface, author/publisher of Quality of My Life fanzine, Maria Falgoust, co-founder of activist librarian group the Desk Set, and OJ, guitarist for Brooklyn underground music favorites Golden Triangle (and one-time Dance-Off winner). Additionally, this night is dedicated to the spirit and memory Dance-Off’s finest and most prolific contestant, Carlos Alvarez, a local nightlife legend and friend to all who died August 15. This is first time we will soul clap since his ascension to the big dancefloor in the sky.

289 Kent Avenue, Brooklyn
11p, free beer from 11-midnight, 1a dance off with $100 prize

***** Also on SUNDAY *****

The Hip Hop Subway Series

Yo people I am back in NYC after an amazing run of the Hip Hop Subway Series in Prague, Berlin, and even one set up in Warsaw. Had an amazing time in France and got to chill for real in Singapore. After my travels its time for me to reconnect.

There are gonna be a few surprise guests from another country so get ready to get your network on. The theme will be Da Hustla. In these days and times, hustling is on the come back. Hustlas know how to make gold out of lead. I wanna know can you rhyme about economics? Can you rhyme about making real life and death situations just to feed your family? Just to live? The theme is for the ones who go out every morning never knowing exactly how to get that bread and at the end of the day give it to their family. Da Hustla does not recognize recession. Hosting will be yours truly Kid Lucky.

Times Square
Meet at the rear of the A train platform on the Brooklyn-bound side, Manhattan
6p; $free
609 910 1842

***** Also on MONDAY *****

North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition presents:

Moviehouse on India Street Film Series

As part of its India Street Mural Project -- currently on view on the Greenpoint waterfront -- the North Brooklyn Public Art Coalition and Moviehouse celebrates six murals created this summer by projecting a series of films directly on the wall around the murals. On September 8, six local filmmakers Lam Thuy Vo, Joshua Carrero, Sarah Pirozek, Vanara Taing, Nathan Punwar, Hiram Becker, and Chris King presented the movies they created to capture the mural artists as they spent the month of June turning a common white wall into a master work of public art. On September 21, the series wraps up with two decidedly Brooklyn documentaries: Uncertain Industry and Up on the Roof.

India Street between West Street and the East River, Brooklyn
8:30p; $free

***** Also on TUESDAY *****

Jane Jacobs Night

Readings and musings by those inspired by the defender of neighborhoods -- MC'd by Rev. Billy Talen and Savitri D from the Church of Life After Shopping.

Activists and authors read excerpts from Death and Life of Great American Cities and correspondence that Ms. Jacobs sent in support of neighborhood-saving campaigns over the years. With: Michael Premo, New York Hip Hop Festival and Picture the Homeless; Cathryn Swan, Washington Square Park Blog and Save Union Square; Christabel Gough, NYC preservationist hero; Bob Holman, Howl Festival, Bowery Poetry Club; Kevin Baker, Historian and author of Dreamland; Joy Chatel, Defender of the Duffield House Brooklyn Underground Railroad landmark; Philip Dipaolo, the People's Firehouse and Brooklyn neighborhood activists; and Carol Greitzer, City Councilwoman, Landmarking of Tammany Hall building on Union Square.

After a street in the Village was named Jane Jacobs Way --and the presiding city official of the ceremony was Christine Quinn-- we learned a lesson. The legacy of our heroes will be appropriated by our opponents as a matter of strategy. The letter to Saving Coney Island by Ned Jacobs, Jane’s son, urging resistance to the Bloomberg-and-Quinn backed highrises of Coney -- underscores the need to hold our values in the face of sophisticated public relations spin.

We celebrate Jane Jacobs Night to share the personal impact that she has had on our campaigns to save neighborhood diversity here in the city. We celebrate Ms. Jacobs as the founder of our activism.

Judson Memorial Church
239 Thompson Street and Washington Square South, Manhattan
9p; $free, donations encouraged for space rental

Have a great nonsensenyc event list day.

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Watches, those ages old devices seemingly as old as time itself that seem as if they tell us what to do. And those watches can come in many different shapes, styles and sizes and even one size fits all. And then there are Patek Philippe watches. They are the finest watches that stand for quality and reliability. And they have many special features that make them fine. Patek Philippe has photos of many of their watches for you to view and choose from. And those colors of gold and silver in some of their watches are really beautiful to look at. With Patek Philippe watches, you can find that fine watch you may be looking for.

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Friday, September 11, 2009

The Concrete Jungle

And as I found myself wandering along that East River Park in that city of New York the other day, (which was actually a while ago by now...), I found myself beholding that East River with its ships, boats, runners, joggers, bikers and roller skaters passing by. And so I found myself walking inland afterwards, towards the city, towards what seemed like the concrete jungle, maybe. And for some reason that phrase prison industrial complex came to mind. What's that phrase all about. Does Wikipedia, that internet bible dictionary have an entry for that? Would Halliburton and that welfare war machine know what that phrase is all about. What do those words mean. And in other thoughts, what happened to that Salvation Army thrift store that used to be in that city of New York that is no longer there. And as far as I know when I went there looking for it in my thriftness, it seemed to have fallen to the latest victim of gentrification, genocide and was replaced by the latest trendy, chi chi restaurant, bar, cafe, shopping or housing venue. And that real estate and gentrification in that city of New York topic, well, that could be a whole another blog posting. Have a great concrete jungle, gentrification day.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Search For This Car

Hey bloggers, and this posting happens to be about car leasing. You know, when you find yourself in search of one of those automobiles to transport yourself around town. Well if you happen to be in the UK region looking for that car to get around town, you can find it at They are a place where you can find used cars for sale and car leasing offers. You can advertise your car and find car loans and car insurance at their website as well. You can also view many different photos of cars from many different makes and models, and compare offers for their cars they have. With, buying that car you may be looking for is just a website visit away.

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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Career

A career. It sometimes seems as if almost everyone runs into that word at some point in ones lifetime. That age old question of what am I going to do for a job, work. And if you happen to be thinking of or looking for Career Planning, you can find it at MyPursuit. You can find careers as an actor, which sounds really cool if you happen to be into entertainment, agricultural, artist, baker, bank teller, carpenter and the list goes on and on in the alphabetical order of your choice. You can also get information about many of the top colleges at their website as well. With MyPursuit, you can find that college, job training and career planning you may be looking for.

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