Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Lease

And so that Spring Equinox and turn off the lights on planet Earth go green day have both come and gone in this past week, and time on planet earth has rolled around to yet another Sunday in that day of the week, the day of rest, or is that Saturday, the Sabbath. And yet I find myself blah blogging away again for some reason, probably for the purpose of attempting to find content for this blog to maintain it whenever possible. And so on this day, I find myself wondering about the word "lease". What's up with the meaning of that word. And I keep thinking that word lease has something to do with a month to month lease on life. And the car dealer comes to mind with the lay a way plan, to temporarily rent a car as in lease it. And that housing comes to mind as in to pay the rent each month to some lord of the land for ones temporary lease to that dwelling. And isn't a leash something that is attached to an animal to keep him from escaping. Are these two words related in some way? And this word could be symbolic of the meaning of life, one living from paycheck to paycheck, bill payment to bill payment, promissory note to promissary note on the month to month 30 day cycle of leases of life. And so that term a month to month lease on life comes to mind, as what could happen if one of these promissory notes were not met in that 30 day month to month lease of a cycle. Could ones life or lifestyle unravel in a matter of 31 days,. A 30 day notice on life. The lease. What's up with the meaning of that word. Have a great day of dios, the sun.

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

14th and 1st

Hey Bloggers, or anyone who happens to be in that neighborhood of the East Village in that city of New York around that street of 14th street and 1st Ave, whats up with 14th and 1st? What's up with those policy officers who have seemingly appeared out of nowhere on horseback just standing there, I mean sitting there on some horses, five in a row, right there in the middle of the street, well, not exactly the middle of the street, though the intersection of the street to be seen for all to see on display indeed. And where did that big NYPD New York Police Department policy bus with the words "Command Unit", or was it "Communications Division" appear out of nowhere. And this is the sight I beheld yesterday. And are those official office officers there today? I am not exactly sure. And so I asked these officers, as I assume a lot of other passerbys did yesterday also, "Why are you here?", and that answer was something like "Oh, this famous actor is filming a scene around the corner and we're in it...", "So you are actors?", the response was, "Yeah, the response was again". And so in my questioness I just thought to ask that other official officianiating officer two horses down, "So, why are you here, are you actors part of a film?", "Film, what film, we're just doing patrol". "Oh, so its a police state for the people?". And so I found myself continuing on my way before this conversation went where I preferred it not to. And what are, were those barricades for at that intersection of fourteenth and first ave in that neighborhood of the East Village in that city of New York, where I find myself wandering every so often there for yesterday and maybe today I am not sure. And what is that "Mounting Unit" bus for those horses doing on that street around the corner from that intersection of 14th and 1st in that city of New York. Is someone expecting a parade, a riot, to intimidate a passerby? Is this all reality or a scene from some film. And so those passerbys continued to gawk at this spectacle in that intersection of fourteenth and first for all passing by to see and gawk at, and take photos of with ones portable camera as if a tourist, those portable cameras that have become a fixture of everyday life with the invention of technology. And are those command post people there at this moment I find myself blah blogging away. And what is a post to be commanded. And who is officer friendly anyway. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Who's On The Phone

Hey Bloggers, and it's the age of technology of seemingly everything these days and times. And then there's the telephone as part of this technology. And these days technology makes it possible for one to ask themselves that question, Who Called My Phone? Well now you can find out who called you with Who Called My Phone. They are a website who can help you find information about those telemarketers and others who called you on that telephone. And they have some interesting comments to read about who called me as well. With Who Called My Phone, finding out who called you has never been easier.
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Law and Order

And it is yet another Sunday on this day that I find myself blah blogging away on this computer yet again. Sunday, that day of rest, the Sabbath, or is that Saturday. And it has been seemingly a while since I have really blaghed about anything that requires much thought, because hey, it's less writing sometimes. And yet it is one of those headlines that caught my eye the other day titled, or sort of titled, Ad featuring "Yet another Hollywood celebrity who sales their soul for fame and fortune", ordered off UK TV. And this article goes on to say something like "In London, a TV ad showing "Yet another actor who sales his or her soul for fame and fortune" firing weapons must not be shown because it could be seen as condoning gun violence, Britain's advertising watchdog said. The Advertising Standards Authority said the ad for the DVD version of Universal Pictures 2008 action flick "Wanted" breached ad codes and should not be broadcast". And this article seems to be about the Law and Order isms of the world, The Special Victims Unit, NYPD Blue, CSI, The Sopranos, Starsky and Hutch, OZ, Dick Tracy, Dragnet, Miami Vice, Criminal Intent, Murder She Wrote, The Murder Channel, NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, Universal Media Studios, Universal Pictures, Sony Pictures, major hollywood studios, major television networks, prime time television, primetime late night network television shows and dramas, day time dramas, crime dramas, soap operas, TV series, commercials, feature films, radio, pop culture, and the list goes on and on and beyond that has captivated the universe through entertainment and media, and has its grip on a society. And it seems to be film noir, the glorification of violence, gun violence and gun crime in television and films, as if it is cool to be seen holding a gun, an idea that seems to have existed as long as there has been cowboys and indians and some sort of media outlet. And does an actor, artist or any other entertainer sale ones soul, values and morals for fame and fortune if given the opportunity. And would one be a hypocrite if one were to sale ones soul if given the opportunity. And what would Michael Moore and his Bowling For Columbine film have to say about this. The idea that the majority of programming on network television, at least in that country of North America contains violence. And if only every other advertising watchdog could just follow that Britain and London condoning and ordering gun violence off UK TV's lead, it seems as if the world could have a chance of being a better place. Does not advertising influence society. And guns are the worst invention of a death industry ever. If only guns could be banished from every human being on the face of planet earth, and the images of guns could be banned from every form of advertising, marketing campaign, newspaper, pop culture, toys, video games, news, television and film. And it is a vicious cycle that feeds upon itself, advertising breeds crime which breeds more advertising which breeds more crime. And what would happen if no crime occurred yesterday, today or tomorrow. Would an industry be out of a job. And it is the emperor who wears no clothes. And for what reason does the word patriot have the word riot in it. Parens Patraie, father of our country, father of the people. Where is the world headed. Is there hope for the world. And I am one voice, one blogger. Is another world possible. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind. And what does this have to do with a No Police State.
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Saturday, March 21, 2009


And I am not exactly sure what factoring business is, though it seems as if it could have something to do with working capital. And I would think a lot of people have heard of that word capital as when used with that other word capitalism, as in making money, money and more money. And Working Capital Company has financed companies for over twenty years. And when your business is short on cash, Working Capital Company is there to help you. They are a number one factoring company. You can find factoring brokers at their website as well, as they are all factoring all the time.

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Friday, March 20, 2009

The Population

And I find myself sitting here with a copy of one of those free Metro New York newspapers, this paper that always seems to have the most interesting and informative articles to read. And the title of this article is "Does the planet seem crowded". And lo and behold that article goes on to say something like 147,000 people are born each day. Did I read that correctly or is that a type? 147,000 humans are born each day onto planet earth. Are there seriously 147,000 people being born each day? I find that number to incomprehensible to comprehend. Is this that J bell curb thing, where the population is supposed to double every twenty years and go straight up or something. And if one were to do the math, that is a lot of people being born each minute and second. How can the earth hold all of these people, all of us. Is the earth too crowded. Well it definitely seems infinetly crowded in this city of New York where I find myself dwelling in at the moment. And how many people die each day. Is this some sort of cycle of birth and death that make up the composition of planet earth. What about the question of life. Do these meanings give new meaning to the meaning of life. And this article went on to say, think about natural disaster that have occurred where hundreds of thousands of people have lost their life. Can that life just be replenished with more humanity, the same amount the next day. Is life disposable like this, or not. What is the meaning of life, its resources, morals, values and its sustainability. Where is the world headed. Is there an answer for this out there in internetland.
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Monday, March 16, 2009

A Live Wired Music Event

Hey bloggers, and it's Live Wired Music events time again. I know because that email I just received in my inbox says so. And Charles Blass and his Live Wired WKCR events seemingly have been all jazz music and beyond all the time for as far as I can remember in my Live Wired Music time. And this time his event is as follows:

artist: Melvin Gibbs' Elevated Entity
Santos Party House, 96 Lafayette St., NYC
Friday March 20, 7PM doors

Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber
Blue Note, 131 W. 3rd St, NYC
Friday March 27, late night 12:30AM

As Brooklyn-based record label LiveWired Music prepares its launch with two releases on March 17 and two more on April 21, flagship artist
Melvin Gibbs is gearing up his Elevated Entity collective to storm the stage at Tribeca's Santos Party House on Friday, March 20 to celebrate the release of Ancients Speak (March 17, LiveWired Music)--a rhythm-rich journey through what Gibbs likes to call the "Black Atlantic Continuum" that stretches from New York to Bahia to West Africa and beyond.
Featuring guest spots from guitarists Pete Cosey (ex-Miles Davis) and Blackbyrd McKnight (P-Funk), keyboardists John Medeski (MMW) and Craig Taborn (Carl Craig), and guest vocals by Antibalas frontman Amayo--among many more
--Ancients Speak draws from a seething mass of musical influences. Funk, jazz, hip-hop, Brazilian candomblé and Yoruba drumming styles fuse together in a tight mosaic, with Gibbs leading the way on bass and behind the mixing board, where he's joined by globe-trotting producer Arto Lindsay and Brazilian groove upstart Kassin. "An exciting ride," writes Alex Henderson at All Music Guide. "[The] lack of predictability is a big part of the fun, [and] Ancients Speak is certainly a musical roller coaster."

For his March 20 set at Santos, Gibbs will be joined by
Vernon Reid (guitar), Amayo (vocals), Kid Lucky (vox, rhymes and human beatbox), DJ Logic (turntables), Casey Benjamin (sax/keyboards), JT Lewis (drums) and some very special guests.
DJ Lovolution will be on the decks when doors open at 7PM. Tickets can be purchased in advance for $15 at Do yourself a favor and catch this Elevated Entity live--you'll be levitating for weeks afterward.

For an advance taste of MG and EE, check out "Audio Gumbo" on WKCR-FM in New York City (89.9FM and between 1 and 5AM early on Thursday March 19. The show will feature special guests Melvin Gibbs, JT Lewis and Kid Lucky.

Flashing ahead a bit, across town the following Friday,
Burnt Sugar the Arkestra Chamber will take over the Blue Note as part of the legendary jazz club's Late Night Groove Series. Burnt Sugar are celebrating their tenth anniversary as a solid fixture on New York's downtown avant garde scene, and their latest album Making Love to the Dark Ages (March 17, LiveWired Music) is their first full-length studio recording in five years. The major jazz press have already weighed in on Making Love, with DownBeat magazine describing the album as "fluid, funk-fortified music"--a state of being no doubt bolstered by the presence of such heavies as Bruce Mack (synthesizers), Vijay Iyer (piano) and Vernon Reid (guitar) on several of the album's key tracks.

Founded by conductor, producer, musician and
Village Voice icon Greg Tate, Burnt Sugar is a sprawling band of musicians whose prodigious chops cover a wide swath of the experimental soul-jazz spectrum. Anchored by Jared Michael Nickerson (bass), the live version of the group can feature as many as 22 players at any one time, but the stalwarts tend to include Justice Dilla-X (vocals), Mikel Banks (on freak-a-phone), André Lassalle (guitar), Ben Tyree (guitar), Avram Fefer (sax), "Moist" Paula Henderson (baritone sax) and Trevor Holder (drums) as well as singers Lisala and Maya Azucena.

Burnt Sugar will hit the Blue Note stage late night at 12:30AM on
Friday, March 27 (which is actually Saturday morning--we know). Tickets are $8 at the door. You've been warned.

And these events rock. Have a great Live Wired Music day.
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A Memory

Hey bloggers, and somehow I found myself at one of those social gatherings the other day attempting to be sociable and the topic of one of the socialites in the society came to memory. And that person said something like "They say you actually never forget anything, the brain is infinite". And I found this thought interesting enough to run over to that pile of notebooks and pencils that was laying on the table waiting for someone to run over to it and jot down something on it. And in my blogaholic thoughts, I wrote down what this person said, as somehow it was actually the topic of computers that led us to this conversation. And like the power of "can not read this world that I scribbled on this paper??", things don't get erased in ones mind like ram, that random access memory on computers unless I imagine, if one receives electroshock, as psychiatry kills. And that could be a whole another blog posting. And can the brain crash, the computer hard drive of the brain? And then what about that phrase "They say it takes a while to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, a lifetime to forget them. What's that all about. Have a great blogging day.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Communist Architecture

And even when it seems as if the world is falling down around me, I still find myself blah blogging away for some reason. And this is one of those posts where I really have no idea of what to blagh about. That bloggers block again. And this could be another one of those random thoughts blog entries yet again. And so I find the phrase communist architecture written down in one of those scribble books I have around for one of those 50 signs you're a blogaholic signs that I have blah blogged about in times past. And so what exactly does the phrase communist architecture mean. Does that internet bible dictionary Wikipedia have an entry for that. As I heard someone say a while ago "Gee that building looks ugly, like it is designed like a prison" or something like that. Was communist architecture designed to be oppressive and not so beautiful looking on purpose to keep in with the oppressive mood of its inhabitants of artists, the poor and the like maybe, housing designed to dampen ones spirits. Is it just meant to mean most urban cities and that cookie cutter home depo strip mall effect look maybe. Is it those public housing buildings, tenements, or any building in general. I would like to see if Wikipedia really does have an entry for this word, hold on a second...... Well the term communist architecture does seem to exist, used in conjuction with places like Berlin, Prague, Russia and something like "Communists left many ugly legacies to the Czechs; most visibly to its urban landscapes.....". Well what does a communist architecture look like? Is it the tree of life? Hold on another second as I try to look for one of those photos to put in this post as in the photo above..... Now I'm not trying to be funny, as some of those photos of communist architecture I just photoed up on this computer look really beautiful of those buildings like castles and the like and some look downright drabby like factories and the like. So maybe communist architecture reaches a whole wide range of looks. And whatever this communist architecture may mean or look like, have a great communist architecture day.

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Friday, March 6, 2009


And the following is another one of those funny emails I received from a friend the other day who received it from somewhere. And this is hilarious to me. And these emails are great for content when I find myself running out of things to blah blog about in an attempt to maintain this blog whenever possible.........


To hoom it mae cunsern,

I waunt to apply for the job what I saw in the paper.

I can Type realee quik wit one finggar and do sum a counting..

I think I am good on the phone and I no I am a pepole person,
Pepole really seam to respond
to me well. Certain men and all the ladies.

I no my spelling is not to good but fi nd that I Offen can get a job thru my persinalety.

My salerery is open so we can discus wat you want to pay me and wat you think that I am werth,

I can start emeditely. Thank you in advanse fore yore anser.

hopifuly Yore best aplicant so farr.



PS : Because my resimay is a bit short - below is a pickture of me.

(And this was supposed to be the photo of some gorgeous hunk of a man in this space.....)

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Monday, March 2, 2009

Murphy's Law

Hey bloggers, and so I find myself running out of things to blah blog about again on this day in an attempt to maintain content for this blog whenever possible. And what do those other bloggers out there in bloggerland do when bloggers block arises. Is there an internet guru for this? And what does that phrase "Murphy's Law" mean. And I sure did find myself singing the words to that Murphy's Law song the other day. some lyrics to the tune of "Got it all together don't you baby, Murphy's Law, sure out to get you." And I think it has something to do with whatever can go wrong will go wrong. And so let me go see what that internet bible dictionary Wikipedia has to say abut this word, hold on a second.....And sure enough Wikipedia has an entry for it saying something like "Although often equated with Sod's law, it can be seen as a special case of this more general tenet, which holds that the most inconvenient turn of events is the most likely, or whichever course of action you may take, the Fates will mock you for the choice you make. Murphy's law is sometimes strengthened, as Finagle's law". Or more so, as: "Whatever can go wrong will go wrong, and at the worst possible time, in the worst possible way. The law's name supposedly stems from an attempt to use new measurement devices developed by Edward Murphy. The phrase was coined in adverse reaction to something Murphy said when his devices failed to perform". And so there seems to be part of the meaning of that phrase in whatever it may mean.

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