Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Lease

And so that Spring Equinox and turn off the lights on planet Earth go green day have both come and gone in this past week, and time on planet earth has rolled around to yet another Sunday in that day of the week, the day of rest, or is that Saturday, the Sabbath. And yet I find myself blah blogging away again for some reason, probably for the purpose of attempting to find content for this blog to maintain it whenever possible. And so on this day, I find myself wondering about the word "lease". What's up with the meaning of that word. And I keep thinking that word lease has something to do with a month to month lease on life. And the car dealer comes to mind with the lay a way plan, to temporarily rent a car as in lease it. And that housing comes to mind as in to pay the rent each month to some lord of the land for ones temporary lease to that dwelling. And isn't a leash something that is attached to an animal to keep him from escaping. Are these two words related in some way? And this word could be symbolic of the meaning of life, one living from paycheck to paycheck, bill payment to bill payment, promissory note to promissary note on the month to month 30 day cycle of leases of life. And so that term a month to month lease on life comes to mind, as what could happen if one of these promissory notes were not met in that 30 day month to month lease of a cycle. Could ones life or lifestyle unravel in a matter of 31 days,. A 30 day notice on life. The lease. What's up with the meaning of that word. Have a great day of dios, the sun.

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