Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some Sign of the Times

And is this some sign of the New York real estate gentrify, gentrification, genocide, yuppie, young urban professional, poor run into the river times or something. And as I found myself riding another one of those New York Metro buses the other day going my way, I overheard some other passengers conversation about "My rent used to be 300, now that same apartment is 3,000", or something to that effect. "And so what's this conversation all about?", I found myself asking that other rider passerby. And that conversation had something to do with the idea or fact that the New York City Housing Authority is privatizing its project Baruch Houses on Avenue Departments along the East River FDR Drive and turning them into condos for the rich, and there are, were signs on the door to prove it. The tenants have to move out. Hugh? How is that possible? And I thought I heard some proposal rumor or read some article maybe about this idea seemingly decades ago. And now it's real? Huh? And does this reflect some trend across America, the world? Luxury resorts being converted into the projects, and projects being converted into luxury resorts. Is this urban sprawl or something. What's that all about. Are the poor being run into the surrounding metro suburban areas of New Jersey, Connecticut and beyond from that Metropolis of that City of New York and other cities across the country and world in exile. Will Manhattan become an island for the rich only. Housing, shelter, that basic human necessity. Whose right is it to say the land is for sale anyway. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State.

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