Friday, November 30, 2012

Squat or Rot

Squat or rot. Squat the world. The Squatters are your neighbors. Housing is a human right. And all of those other slogans and sayings that used to go with that squatter movement of the Lower East Side, now called the East Village for real estate marketing purposes in New York City, maybe. And so now that Tompkins Square Park everywhere movement could now be thought of as homestead or rot in the age of gentrification and the Disneylandification of a neighborhood. And so I came across this Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space Facebook event invite throughout my travels in internetland on this day for their opening party at their space. And that Facebook event invite and their website reads something like as follows:

Opening Party for Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space Saturday, December 8, 2012, 7:00pm

*Due to Hurricane Sandy and its physical damage to the museum, the grand opening party was rescheduled from November 17th to December 8th. Come celebrate the opening of the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space (MoRUS) with a party at our C-Squat space, 155 Ave C, on Saturday, December 8! The museum will be opening to the public at 3:00pm Saturday, and we will be hosting events throughout the day, including a chain-cutting ceremony, tours, and presentations by community organizers. At 7:00pm, the party will begin, with live music, dancing, food, and drinks. Hope to see you there! Spread the word and help us open this innovative history museum in style!

Grand Opening The Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space is officially opening on Saturday, December 8. Councilwoman Rosie Mendez will kick start the grand opening with a chain cutting ceremony at 3pm. More events will follow throughout the day, including free museum and garden tours and slideshows. The East Village’s own radical marching band the Rude Mechanical Orchestra will play at 7pm. Then at 8pm, join us for a big grand opening party, complete with music, dancing, and plenty of food and drinks. See you on Saturday, December 8!

MoRUS Grand Opening Party
Saturday, December 8, 2012 at 8:00 p.m.
MoRUS Storefront at C-Squat
155 Avenue C, NYC (between 9th and 10th Streets) AddThis Social Bookmark Button

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Visit This Website

And in the age of technology, the internet and online just about everything under the sun, it seems as if everyone, or at least a lot of people have one of those websites to be found on a lot of computers these days and times. And if you happen to find yourself as someone with a website, you may every so often find yourself in search of seo consulting services, as in can someone help me make my website appear on page one of those search engines instead of page one thousand and one in the search engine graveyard, so that this website can get lots and lots of visitors. And so seo consulting services can help you get results and increase your search engine ranking when it comes to internet marketing and advertising. With seo consulting services, finding that website traffic can be just a website visit away.
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Friday, November 23, 2012

Buy Nothing Day

And in case you haven't heard again, yesterday was that American holiday of Thanksgiving. Remember the Indians and eat more tofurky. And so after Thanksgiving, advertisers and retailers have seemingly invented some other holiday that calls itself Black Friday in order to get people to shop, shop and shop until you drop for all of those discount deals that seems to encourage one of those holiday season consumerism shopping frenzies on this day. And so then there is Buy Nothing Day, that also finds itself on the same day. As in buy nothing. And from what I have read throughout my internet travels, Wal-Mart Workers Will Walk Off The job On Black Friday. And one of those events on this day finds itself as follows. And those Buy Nothing photos that find themselves posted above, well they just seem to Buy Nothing Day speak for themselves.

Wall Street to Walmart: Occupy Black Friday

Friday, November 23, 2012  12:30pm

In the wake of a series of unprecedented Walmart retail and warehouse strikes, Walmart workers, labor allies and community supporters have put Walmart on notice for Black Friday: End retaliation and attempts to silence workers or face nationwide strikes and direct action.

On Black Friday -- the busiest shopping day of the year -- Occupy Wall Street, 99 Pickets, ALIGN NY, Rev. Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir, Retail Action Project, and allies will occupy a Walmart store in North Jersey in solidarity with these courageous workers. Join us as we clog the checkout lines, take over the store with shopping carts, sing songs, picket the store, and disrupt Walmart’s business.

Sign up for updates:
Sign up for text message alerts: text “@blackfridaywalmart” to 23559.

N22 THANKSGIVING DAY 4PM: On Thursday we’ll have THANKSGIVING DINNER in Zuccotti Park, with hot meals also provided to Occupy Trinity and Union Square. This will be a time to come together as a community and reflect on the struggles of workers and indigenous communities.
FB event:

Afterwards, a small delegation will be going to Walmart to deliver treats and notes to workers who are being forced to go to work instead of spending the day with their families.

5AM: We will kick the day off at an early morning “Walmart sales event” and put Walmart on notice that this year, they won’t be able to conduct business as usual.

12:30PM (Note the new time): The main event. Hundreds of us will be gathering at the Walmart store in Secaucus, NJ and staying all afternoon to disrupt commerce and stand in solidarity with workers across the country who are fighting for their rights.

Meet at the intersection of Park Plaza Drive and Harmon Meadow Blvd, near Sam’s Club. MAP:

Have a car? We need help with carpooling and we have a fun, safe “Occupy the Parking Spaces” action planned at Walmart all day.

Don’t have a car? We have buses leaving NYC at 11:30AM.

If you want to take the bus or are able to drive, fill out this form with both your email and phone so we can follow up with you.

Mass transit: You can take NJ Transit to the store location; the store is a 20 minute ride from Port Authority at 42nd and 8th Ave. Take the 320 bus. Buses leave about every twenty minutes. Buy a ticket (about $4 one way) and tell the bus driver you’re going to Walmart, You’ll be dropped off in the Walmart parking lot next the meetup point.

Sign up for text message alerts: text “@blackfridaywalmart” to 23559.

Not in NY, NJ, CT?
Participate in one of 999 Walmart solidarity actions around the country.


Sign up for updates here:

We’ll send you info about logistics for the day-of, Black Friday action meetings and the planning email list.


Support Walmart Black Friday Strikers!
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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Black Friday

And in case you haven't heard, today finds itself that holiday of Thanksgiving in that country of North America. And usually after that holiday is over, the next day finds itself Black Friday 2012, that shop till you drop discount day the day after Thanksgiving. And from what I hear, stores are opening even earlier this year for that day. And one way to find those Black Friday discounts is online without ever having to go to one of those stores in person to endure those mid morning rush for deals on Black Friday. One can find Target coupons, Best Buy Black Friday coupons, promotion codes, discount codes, online coupons and online deals for just about any day of the year from many online stores such as Target, Office Depot, Old Navy, Best Buy, Dell, Orbitz and more for just about any item and category one can think of such as electronics, food, clothing, books, phones, cameras, shoes and more. As now, finding those online deals can be just a website visit away.
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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Middle East

And in what seems like immediately right after the presidential elections in North America and right before the presidential elections in Israel, just in time for the holidays and right before that 12.21.2012 Mayan calendar end of the world as we know it thing, the Middle East, Israel and Palestine find themselves in the headline news again with headlines that read Israel Names Its New War "Pillar Of Cloud" and seemingly a bazillion more headlines and commentaries about this Israel, Palestine war that has those religious thoughts coming to mind enough to make me wonder if Israel is becoming a nation and getting its parable of the fig tree holy war gog and magog promised land back and Jesus is going to return soon or something. And I Cannot Go to Bed - There is Epic S**t Happening on the Internet. And so I find myself posting this Prophecy of John of Jerusalem post that found itself posted on this blog sometime a while ago.
The Prophecy of Jerusalem

The birth pains increase and the blind multiply.

For the blind cannot see, no matter if Jesus stands right in front of them.

Surely Lord, is there even more to save?
When they only scoff and mock and are filled with evil thoughts?

Surely Lord, you know the hearts of men.
Is there left any man still that can be called to you Lord?

In Jesus Christ.

A Thousand Years
The Prophecy of John of Jerusalem

When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins
Hunger will squeeze the stomachs of so many men
And cold will turn blue so many hands
That these people will want to see another world
And dream-merchants will come who will offer them the poison.
But it will destroy bodies and rot souls
And those who will have mixed the poison with their blood
Will be like wild beasts caught in a trap
And will kill and rape and extort and steal
And life will become an everyday apocalypse.

When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins
Each person will seek as much sexual pleasure as he can
The man will repudiate his wife as many times as he marries
And the woman will go from place to place taking whomever pleases her
Giving birth without giving the Father’s name
But no educator will guide the child
And each one among the others will be alone
Tradition will be lost
The Law will be forgotten
As if the Annunciation had never been made and man
Will become wild again

When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins
The father will take his pleasure with his daughter
Man with man, woman with woman
The old man with the impubescent child
And that will be known by all.
But blood will become impure
The disease will spread from bed to bed
The body will receive all the putrefactions of the earth
Faces will be gaunt, limbs will be emaciated
Love will be a great threat
For those who only know each other sexually.

When the Year Thousand that comes after Year Thousand begins
He who speaks of sworn Oaths and of Law
Will not be heard
He who preaches the Christian Faith
Will lose his voice in the desert.
But everywhere will spread the strong waters
Of other religions
False messiahs will assemble blinded men
And the armed Infidel will be like never before
He will speak of justice and of right
And his faith will be burning and decisive
He will take his revenge for the Crusade

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Repair This Credit

And unless one has been hiding out underneath a rock or stuck in the stone age the past few years, one must have noticed that the economy has been enduring one of those recessions, impending depressions to where even the bailouts are having to be bailed out and there seems to be so much debt that the treasury can't seem to print up enough money fast enough to cover it all. And so for that reason I find myself blogging about Credit Repair and The Best Credit Repair Service .  And if you happen to find yourself as one of those people looking to repair your credit, you can find Credit Repair and credit repair information at You can find out how to remove bad credit, how to get free credit reports and more and be on your way to being bad credit free with just a website visit away.  
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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


And so somehow I came across this Capitalism Is a Pyramid Scheme photo on Facebook throughout my travels in internetland the other day. And I thought the colors and drawings of that photo looked interesting in all of its pyramidilism with its pyramid scheme in graphics and all. And the photo description reads something like... okay actually I am unable to read the very small text in the photo, though one of those interesting comments to this photo reads something like,

"The labor of those lower on the pyramid enriches the ones towards the top. To stay stable, the economy has to draw in more and more resources—colonizing new continents, workforces, and aspects of daily life. The resulting inequalities can only be maintained by ever-escalating force. We’re encouraged to compete against each other to improve our positions on an individual basis. But there’s not enough space at the top for all of us, no matter how hard we work—and no pyramid scheme can go on expanding forever. Sooner or later it’s bound to crash: global warming and recession are just the first warning signs. Instead of going down with the Pharaohs, let’s join forces to establish another way of life."

I am the 99%. We are the 99%. Occupy Wall Street Worldwide.
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Saturday, November 10, 2012


And it's that time of year again, at least in that city of New York to be found on the east coast of North America, where the cooler weather starts arriving along with that season of winter and suddenly one notices that everyone are wearing boots, comfortable boots for women and other different kinds of walking shoes on the streets of New York City, that seemingly fashion capital of the world. And if you happen to be looking for some comfortable shoes for men, women and kinds, Schuler Shoes has them for every season of the year. You can find boots, casual, dress, walking and more shoes at their website. And they have those New Balance shoes as well, which are really cool shoes when it comes to comfortable walking shoes in many different styles. And now with the invention of all things internet, finding those comfortable shoes can be just a website visit away.
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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Occupy Sandy

And on this day finds itself another one of those Sundays that has rolled around, the day of rest, the day of the sun. The Sabbath, or is that Saturday. And on this day also finds itself as Occupy Wall Street Day 415. And those global revolutions of a movement Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together are still moving fast. And so here on the east coast in that country of North America, there is Occupy Sandy Relief to be found as a result of the aftermath that Hurricane Sandy also known as Frankenstorm left behind in New York City. And Occupy Sandy Relief NYC and its volunteers are in need of supplies and donations to help their Sandy Aid Efforts for those who have been affected by this storm. And New York Magazine has published a photo of  Lower Manhattan without power in the wake of Hurricane Sandy for its cover story that also finds itself posted above.  And some information from Occupy Wall Streets website reads as follows:

 Occupy Sandy has raised over $79,000 for people-powered disaster relief: click here to donate!

For the most up-to-date info on how to help, go to:

In the aftermath of the worst climate change disaster in New York City history, organizers from Occupy Wall Street and have teamed up with to coordinate a people-powered relief effort for New York’s hardest hit neighborhoods. Beginning with the Lower East Side, Red Hook, Astoria and Staten Island, volunteer organizers are using the new site to connect offers of help with places of need.
The group has already launched a relief hub in Red Hook, in partnership with the Red Hook Initiative, to help coordinate donations of food and supplies and to cook meals for the over 5,000 residents of the Red Hook Houses housing project that are without electricity in the flooded neighborhood. An afternoon relief caravan will head out to the Rockaways, one of the hardest-hit areas of the city. This evening, members of the OWS Puppet Guild will be putting on free puppet shows for children in the Sunset Park and Red Hook neighborhoods.
“There is only one force more powerful than a storm like this, and that’s the power of people coming together to help their communities. We’ve been able to put together an amazing network of people in a short time who are providing the help our neighbors need, and building stronger, more resilient communities in the process through mutual aid. Thanks to climate change, this storm is unfortunately only the beginning of an increasing trend of natural disasters hitting large urban areas. We hope that we can provide a blueprint for how to generate a rapid response in the face of such emergencies. All power to the people,"
said Lopi LaRoe, artist and Occupy organizer.
“Corporate power contributed to this disaster, and people-power will get us out of it. Without climate change, Sandy would not have been the storm it was. The fossil fuel corporations have wrecked our climate and now our homes, and it’s well past time for us to work together to fix this problem. Building a stronger movement that cares for each other is one of many steps we need to take in the coming years.”
said Duncan Meisel of
If you are interested in volunteering or donating supplies to the ‘Occupy Sandy’ effort, visit
Some of the most pressing needs for the effort are:

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