Thursday, June 18, 2015

Occupy Psychiatry

And on this day finds itself as Occupy Wall Street day one thousand and something. And Occupy Wall Street is still moving fast, I think. And then there is Black Lives Matter, and there is a March to shut down Rikers - Justice for Kalief Browder! No to criminalization! Facebook event for all things #blacklivesmatter related and beyond. And the only thing constant is change and some stories do not end as you expect. You can only play with the cards you are dealt with in life. And a bunch of other philosophies, random thoughts and sayings on this blogging day. And I have blogged about psychiatry and the mental death system on this blog before in times past, so much that I find myself recycling those same posts on this blagh every so often. And there is a Google+ group called  Occupy Psychiatry, and a Facebook group called Speak Out Against Psychiatry also. And then there is that book, Mass Murderers in White Coats : Psychiatric Genocide in Nazi Germany and the United States. And then there are those articles I find myself coming across in internetland every so often about psych trickery with titles like America's Largest Mental Hospital Is a Jail and Study: 70% of People on Antidepressants Don’t Have Depression and Medical holocaust: Psych drugs have killed more than 5 million people over the last 10 years . And most people in psych cia trick hospitals, it is their own family that put them there. I have never believed in mental illness. I have always thought of mental illness as problems in living. Psychiatry is an art and not a science. An industry bigger than the war industry. And in other thoughts, and then there is Occupy the NRA and the latest gun violence headline that reads, "Charleston Shooting: What the Gunman Allegedly Told Churchgoers Before the Shooting". Guns are the worst invention ever. If only guns could be banished from every human being on planet earth.  And then there is that age of Pisces, age of Aquarius thing going on, I think. Wake up world. On the winter solstice, December 21, 2012, the end of the world isn't coming, it is simply the end of an age - the Age of Pisces - followed by the Age of Aquarius. At the present time we are going through a transitional change. And the description of that Occupy Psychiatry Google+ group reads something like: 

"Occupy Psychiatry. Occupy Big Pharma. Psychiatry Kills. Abolish forced psychiatric treatment. During Nazi Germany the "mentally ill" were the first group killed by the nazis and were required to wear a yellow star badge. This community is inspired by Occupy Wall Street."

And so some of those posts in times past read something like the following as well: 

And so I guess it seems to be recycle this blog day again today, as this is yet another one of those posts that found itself on this blog a while ago in an attempt to maintain content for this blog and my other blog whenever web 2.0 social media user generated content blaghers block possible. Oh, and by the way, these days and times finds itself as Occupy Wall Street Day 87 of another Occupy Wall Street day.

Psych Trickery

And I am not sure what this all may mean, but these headlines keep repeating themselves, time after time, day after day. And though the names may change, the story remains the same. Another person takes another ones life because they were on psychiatric drugs. And the latest headlines being "NYPD Rips Taser Cops", an article that is to be found in last weeks NY Daily News. And this article seems as if the polizei are now using taser guns as a license to subdue someone, and the mentally ill to where that person loses their life. And this person was called an emotionally disturbed person, an EDP, or every day people. And I do not believe in mental illness. I think of mental illness as problems in living. Psychiatry is an art and not a science. And I do know that psychiatry kills and that psychiatrists are mass murders in white coats, as psychiatry and the mental health death system were born during Nazi Germany where the mentally ill were the first group killed by the nazis and were required to wear a yellow star badge. And I oppose involuntary psychiatric intervention because it is a violation of an individuals right to control his or her own soul, mind and body. And I oppose forced psychiatric procedures such as drugging, electroshock, psychosurgery, restraints, solitary confinement, and "aversive behaviour modification". And I oppose the psychiatric system because it is inherently tyrannical. And I oppose the psychiatric system because it is an extralegal parallel police force which suppresses cultural dissent. And I oppose that psych trickery for a whole lot of other reasons. And it is my hope that forced psychiatric treatment could be abolished. No one is free while others are oppressed. And I know that common neuroleptic psychiatric drugs such as Thorazine, Haldol, Prolixin, Navane, Mellaril, Stelazine, Compazine, Dartal, Daxolin, Lidone, Loxitane, Moban, Orap, Permitil, Prozac, Proketazine, Quide, Repoise, Serentil, Sparine, Taractan, Tindal, Trilafon, Vesprin and others cause brain damage and tardive dyskinesia. And it is these tranquilizers which cause homicidal and suicidal thoughts in individuals, creating more and more of these "A mental person takes another persons life" headlines. And so I thought to post this blog entry again that I posted from some time a while ago:

And there it is in the headlines in the news again today. The AM New York says it was the fourth shooting at a U.S. school in a week. Another person has lost their life to the latest rampage of the day. It is in the news on a daily basis so much that I am just going to repost a blog entry I posted just a few days ago:

There is was in the headlines again yesterday. A rampage occurred in a different state of America everyday this past week and another person has lost their life to gun violence with no end in sight. And it seems as if I could almost devote this blog to reposting and repeating this blog entry over and over on a daily basis with no end in sight. The following is a blog entry that was posted a few days ago:
There it is in the news again today. Again, I could cut and paste my blog entries over and over in my appeal to banish guns from every human being on the face of planet earth and to end the use of the images of guns in all forms of advertising, marketing, film and television as I have written in blog posts of the past. Does not advertising influence society. Guns are the worst invention of an industry ever. The am New York had an interesting statistic in an article titled "Guns and people"; there are nine guns for every ten people in the United States, a scary statistic. And there is another interesting article in their paper titled "Mayors band together to combat gun violence", some sort of acknowledgement that there is a problem. And The Villager has interesting statistics in an article titled ""Lower East Siders blast back against gun violence", New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, told a forum that 30,000 people a year are killed in gun violence nationally. And yet another person has lost their life to gun violence, and everyday someone loses their lives to acts of gun violence for whatever reason and no reason at all except for the fact that guns have been invented. It is a story that has been told in yesterdays headlines and will be told in tomorrows headlines with no end in sight. It is an industry that feeds on itself, advertisement and sensational nationalism breeds crime which breeds news, which breeds crime, which breeds more advertisement which breeds more crime. Will the cycle of the beast that has it's grip on humanity ever end. Should not guns be abolished from humanity as a whole, from everyone on the face of planet earth. And then there is that constitutional 4th amendment, the right to bear arms that should be abolished or rewritten to abolish guns and replace them with sticks and stones or something. The idea that property, material goods are worth more than life. It seems as if it is that story "The Emperor Wears No Clothes" and the whole world is paying with the loss of human life which seems to be a disposal commodity in the war industry of people against humanity. Are the slaughters of wars debasing the value of human life? Will the beast, who or whatever it is, ever release it's grip on mankind? Are the standards of social behavior declining? Is there a worldwide moral breakdown? Is society collapsing? Where is the world headed, is there hope? And one could turn the page of the newspaper and forget about these stories and daily atrocities of the world, yet they still exist. And I watched that film Bowling For Columbine by Michael Moore the other day. It is an amazing documentary to me never seen before in the history of time. And the on the back cover jacket for this film it says: "Acclaimmed filmaker Michael Moore (Roger & Me) takes aim at America's love affair with guns and violence in this Oscar winning film that "demands attention" (People)! Mixing riveting footage, hilarious animation and candid interviews with everyone from the NRA's Charlton Heston to shock rocker Marilyn Manson, Bowling for Columbine is a "brilliant" (The Hollywood Reporter) tour de force of filmaking." I am one voice, one blogger. If only it were possible to go back in time before guns existed. Is another world possible. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?
And this latest massacre of the day story, as well as another loss of life story of the day earlier this week are also a psychiatric state. So much that I just find myself reposting the same blog entry I posted just a few weeks ago it seems: And what doe these stories have to do with a No Police State?

And my friend gave me a flyer as we were discussing the latest atrocity of the day in relation to gun violence. It is a flyer she received back in April at Union Square Park of New York City. And it is a flyer about gun violence and psychiatry. The Pharmaceutical industry is bigger than the war industry. Psychiatry Kills. Abolished forced psychiatric treatment. And what's that "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest" film by Ken Kesey all about anyway. That's a whole another blog posting. For all things human rights and psych cia trickery and alternatives to the mental death system, Mind Freedom is a great website to visit to support human rights in the mental health system. I am one voice, one blogger. Is another world possible. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?
And the flyer went on to read:

What caused the tragedy in "this state"?

It was reported in the Times and the Post Wednesday:

The killer had been taking anti-depressants.

All too often in the present age, we hear the tragic news of a senseless massacre somewhere in the country. Experience has shown, that the killer has almost always, if not absolutely always, been someone who had been prescribed anti-depressants.

The killers with names were kids who had been prescribed the anti-depressant ritalin.
The man who shot someone at this place had been prescribed an anti-depressant whose classic symptom is extreme rage directed at one specific person. The killers in the recent massacres in three different states, also one in another state, had been taking various prescription anti depressants.

Pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed, not as a last resort but as a first thought, not hesitantly but hastily and with excess. They are not properly used, but abused, with no thought of the side effects of taking chemicals which nature did not produce and evolution did not plan for us to be subjected to, like bug spray or insecticide. And this is not a small and isolated phenomenon, but rather a deliberate and systematic poisoning of the bodies and minds of the American people, on an epidemic scale.

The concentration of power, Mr. Moneybags, the State, which controls the American military-industrial complex and the pharmaceutical chemical companies that are an integral part of that system, the State, which, as Eisenhower warned, would one day gain undue influence and endanger our Liberties, has an interest in promoting this epidemic scourge of prescription drug use. Hundreds of billions of dollars a year, are made by the corporations that sell these drugs. It is big business. In addition, the State which experience has shown, for thousands of years all over the globe, tends to want to empower itself and dis-empower the People, gets exactly that benefit from this epidemic of drug use. Power and authority, competency and incompetency breeds corruption. It dis-empowers individuals by making them unhealthy. And it dis-empowers the community and the nation, by making people distrustful of each other; by making people think that their neighbor is a crazy person who they must be protected from; by persuading the People to accept, even to demand, increased police power of the State to protect them. Under such conditions even the will to independence vanishes.

The innovations of scientists and engineers are stolen and subverted by the concentrations of power; a virtue has become a vice, and chemical technology, which can and of right ought to be a liberating force in society, becomes enslaving.

Doctors are encouraged, by the drug industry, to prescribe artificial drugs to their patients. It is a regular practice, for the drug companies to pay a doctor a fee every time that doctor prescribes one of their drugs. It is no secret. In this way, the basic essential character of the American medical profession becomes one of conflict of interest.

The companies that make these drugs exert a great deal of pressure upon the mass media. There are huge advertising contracts, and there is an overlap of ownership between the drug companies and the media companies. The fact that a mass murderer was taking prescription drugs, is one of those things that will show up once in the newspapers, but is immediately and finally buried, and mum becomes the word.

There have been a thousand analyses of the killer in papers, of his history, his personality, his psychological problems; there have been a thousand demands for increased police powers; there have been a thousand calls for the outlawing of guns, and a general de-clawing of the People. But has anyone asked, how is it that society produces so many sick people?

Prescription anti-depressants are known to be a common cause of suicide; they are known to be a constant presence in senseless massacres. Surely the number of individual murders caused by these drugs must be many times greater than the number of massacres. And if there are so many suicides and murders, how many people taking pharmaceuticals must be gravely suffering, but have not quite yet arrived at the point of suicide or murder?

This epidemic of drug use, this deliberate poisoning of the bodies and minds of the American people, this deliberate, and thus far largely successful, did-empowerment of the American people, must stop. It is our purpose to reveal this truth to the American people, so that we may once again live in a sane and healthy society and the tragic deaths of so many good people in this State shall not have been in vain.

No one is free when others are oppressed. Is another world possible. And what, if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State.
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Monday, June 8, 2015

Black Lives Matter Went To Figment NYC

And being that I actually just posted this post on that Occupy Art blog, I thought to repost it on this blog as well because hey, it's less writing sometimes in an attempt to maintain content for this blog and my other blog whenever blaghers block possible. 

Well I guess it can now be Black Lives Matter Art Show went To Figment NYC as I type this blog post. And in the midst of everything else under the sun, Figment NYC 2015 has come to pass, although there is to be Figment Boston, Figment DC and other Figment projects in the days to come. And there was also that Governors Ball and Bushwick Open Studios events that happened this past weekend in that city of New York that were about art, art and more art and music, music and more music. And in between the rain and the sunshine I guess these events may have art and music rocked. And so that Black Lives Matter Art Show also found itself as an Occupy Art Show leftover from last years Occupy Art Show at Figment as in those photos posted above. And every picture tells a story, I think. And again, according to that Black Lives Matter Art Show Facebook event invite,

"The Black Lives Matter Art Show invites you to create your own art posters from art materials and supplies that will be available for everyone. Participants are encouraged to talk about the Black Lives Matter movement as well as the artwork they have created through the open mic."

And some of those thoughts that found themselves being written on that canvas for the day at that Black Lives Matter Art Show went something like:

Your Thoughts On Occupy

"Occupy needs to be more effective. Join in against UN Agenda 21 the plan to destroy the US by the UN. The UN = Global banksters"


"Be The Change"

"I Love Governors Island"

"Go Occupy!"

"Power (some word I can't read) with politics. Don't sit around and complain. Take over Washington."

"Occupy started with an essential conversation about income and equality. But it has expanded. Many people in various groups doing great work. A better world is critical."

"What does "Occupy" mean when possession is an illusion".

"Love conquers all".

"I Love Occupy".

"UK high court bans An Inconvenient Truth due to lies".

"Youtube:  Agenda 21 for dummies".

"Great Grean Hoax. The radical enviro - eco - ists are useful idiots for unagenda 21".

Your Thoughts On Black Lives Matter

" It's time to do better. End the genocide of African - Americans and Black people around the world. Everyone deserves to thrive."

"Be the change you wish to see in the world".

"It's complicated, more complicated than either left or right media presents. It comes down to love and respect at the end. Treat everyone like your brother, that will make this world a better place".

"Keep the conversation going! We all matter!"

"Love is internal. It transcends the physical limitations racism creates. We are all connected".


"#All black lives matter will ensure that all lives do matter. Let's keep fighting to re - center the conversation".


"LOVE, opportunity, respect for all people, equally + equitably! DIGNITY for all, JOY for all, PEACE for all".

"why can't we all just get along?".

"500 years later and we're still trying  to make this point?!  We need to come together and heal now. Educate about the true history. Share stories. Work for change".

"Just because blacks are blacks doesn't mean they have to be treated bad."

"I am black and my life does matter".

"It's a shame that statement even needs to be made! I should matter because I am human!!"

"So much I can say... I'm a product of the 70's bus protests to allow black children to attend and integrate all white schools. It was an eye opening experience. We were told "We don't want your kind here." And so 40 years later we still must stand up and demand that "Black Lives Matter!!!"

And thank you Figment for giving the opportunity to express those thoughts on Black Lives Matter. And a very super thank you Metro for mentioning that Black Lives Matter Art Show at Governors Island.  And as I find myself posting on this blog every so often, whether or not there will be any more of those Occupy Art Shows or Black Lives Matter Art Shows to be drummed up in the New York City Area remains to be seen, though on this day finds itself as Occupy Wall Street Day one thousand and something, and Occupy Wall Street is still moving fast, I think. And Ferguson Action NetworkMillions March NYCArtists For JusticePeoples Power AssembliesGrand Central Terminal Crew, and a host of other Black Lives Matter related groups still continue to discuss the Black Lives Matter movement through rallies, protests, die - ins and other events and strategies that are welcome. No one is free when others are oppressed. Is another world possible. And what does this have to do with a No Police State

Justice for Eric Garner and all victims of racist police brutality

#blacklivesmatter #shutitdown #wewillnotbesilent #alllivesmatter #handsupdontshoot #justiceforericgarner #stolenlives ##thisstopstoday #boycottblackfriday #wewantjustice #indictamerica #icantbreathe #Ferguson #Baltimore

Black Lives Matter. Occupy Art. Occupy Wall Street Worldwide.