Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Holy Dayze

And another holiday has come and gone. New Years Eve is here on this day and Christmas has came and went. And I can barely even remember it was Christmas as for looking at that TV Guide listings schedule, there was not a single Christmas movies, show or reference to be found on Christmas day. Except for paid programming. And it was regularly scheduled programming as usual from what I saw. And what's that all about, the idea that on Christmas, there are no free Christmas programs to be found on TV. Or maybe I just overlooked them in that tv guide. And "We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is New Year's Day. " ~Edith Lovejoy Pierce. And that is an awesome saying to me that I ran across in my internet travels on this day of that Gregorian calendar year. And there are many parties to be partied at, many resolutions that are to be made, and many Auld Lang Syne's that are to be sung on this day from what I recall. What lies behind at years end and what lies ahead before at New Years Day for humanity and the world. Do we all go to that same place eventually, where ever that may be. And it is old long ago. Happy New Years!

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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Those Eyeglasses

Eyeglasses. I have seen those around. As usually I come across someone who has them to help with their vision. And sometimes it seems as if lots of people are wearing them whenever I find myself outside somewhere wandering around town. And glasses are helpful when it comes to ones vision and being able to see properly. And what about Holiday frames. You know, those stylish frames for those eyeglasses you may find yourself wearing around the holidays. And being that today is one of those holidays, now would be a good time to buy those holiday eyeglass frames at Zenni Optical. They have a great selection of holiday eyeglass frames to choose from for wearing during the holidays or any other day of the year. And what's great about Zenni Optical's frames is that you can find complete prescription eyeglasses for as low as $8.00 at their website. And they have a wide variety of lenses, frames and eyeglasses to choose from. And those Red Plastic Full-Rim Frame eyeglasses in that photo above with that lacey snowflake pattern, well they look like they can add some colorful festivities to your holiday celebrations you may find yourself at during the holidays. At Zenni Optical finding those holiday eyeglasses for that festive occasion and beyond has never been easier.

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Monday, December 29, 2008


And there is unrest in the world. And I know because there are headlines in the news and sitting in my email inbox seemingly piling up upon each other with no end in sight with titles that read, "Defiant Hamas hits Israel with dozens of rockets, Taliban burning, beheading its way through Pakistani valley, Man shoots talker at movies, 'Santa' opens fire at Calif. party , Clashes hit Athens ahead of boy's funeral, shots fired in SoCal Toys 'R' Us". And these headlines seem as if they want to be endless. And even though the mantra of the day seems to be "Happy Holidays", it sometimes does not seem so happy. As a bleak grim photo of the world seems as if it is being painted between the economy, people who are losing their lives on a daily
basis due to gun violence, that subject that seems to be nowhere found in those presidential election campaigns, an endless amount of seemingly never ending wars that seem as if they have been around since the beginning of time, and a seemingly endless amount of other atrocious and incomprehensible headlines that are too innumerable for me to mention in one blog posting. And are these merry happy holy dayze in this seasons greetings, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year time of year. Are they to be found somewhere here on planet earth. And I wonder if this world that seems as if it is spinning out of control is all part of that 2012 on track thing, or that Kali Yuga iron age descending thing, or some other magical explanation that could be written the stars somewhere in prophecy. And is there a reason to celebrate the holidays this year, these days and times. And it is an observance. Where is the world headed. No one is free when others are oppressed. Is another world possible. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.
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Saturday, December 27, 2008

A Different Calendar Year

Hey Bloggers, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah and those other holy days this time of year are here and according to that Gregorian calendar New Years Eve and New Years Day is just around the corner. I know because the calendar, the date on this computers clock, and all of those advertisings and listings in all of those newspapers says so. And with that New Years days usually comes what seems like a ton of New Years Day parties and celebrations to celebrate the ringing in and coming of the new year. And from what I recall, according to that Chinese New Year zodiac 12 year cycle calendar, it is also the year of the ox, I think. And its New Years Eve party time for another calendar year. And the admission prices of some of those New Years Eve events are usually priced well beyond my go to a party or an event budget sometimes to me and can be enough to have me just hiding out under a rock and going nowhere that day. And some of those New Years Events that are to be found in that City of new York are as follows:

Kwanzaa - It’s a Family Affair

University of the Streets, an oasis in the Lower East Side founded by the late visionary Muhammad Salahuddeen in 1967, which has promoted, encouraged and nurtured artists of all disciplines presents its First Annual Kwanzaa Festival "It’s a Family Affair", a fundraising event to support the organization’s efforts, on December 26th, 27th and 31st, 2008, and January 1st, 2009, at Headline performances include The Timelessness Project, Indie Recording Artist, Nhojj, Tony Award Nominee and Blue Note Recording Artist Ms. Elizabeth Withers and Jay Rodriguez’s Saxophone Choir. And there is an artist reception as part of this event December 28, 3pm, that I have a few pieces of artwork in also.

New Year’s Eve

Winkel and Balktick Present Mysteries of Creation

Earth-shaking audio black magic on the dancefloor from DJs: D Juice, Time trotting dubstep and and techno; Dhundee - Beats, breaks and house from beyond; Reza, Primordial bouncing house and techno; Timeless troubadour and minstrels shows from live musicians: Djibouti, Brassy funk from the age of the Pharaohs. Zack Hagan & 1050, Legendary live electronic trip hop dance trio. Miss Angelina, Celestial sassy female rapper lady. Miraculous future primitive feats and spectacles from: The Modern Gypsies. Art, installations, activities, games and assorted wizardry from: Brian Bucher, The Jellie Collective, Joe Che, Miss C Spot, Ms. D Pak Kei Mak, Tara McManus, Meghann Plunkett. Performance by Betty T Kao, Evan Cairo, Gregory Skolozdra, the Jellie Collective, Justin Lange, Joe Che, Laura Sheedy, Liz Latona, Miss C Spot, Ms. D, 0h1o M1ke, Pak Kei Mak, Tara McManus, Meghann Plunkett, Yung Oh Le Page, and Zoe ShihZaru.

New Year’s at Jivamukti

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Sharon Gannon and David Life and special kirtan with Sura and the Temple Bhajan Band. There will be a Special Class and Dinner, a special, Last Jivamukti Class of 2008 with founders Sharon Gannon and David Life followed by a vegan dinner at our JivamukTea Cafe. Also a Kirtan Dance Party with Sura Das and The Temple Bhajan Band Featuring a live performance by Sharon Gannon. Jivamukti opens its doors to provide a yogic place of refuge for Free to all. Mauna, the yogic practice of silence, will be observed from 9:00pm-12:00am. All the practice rooms will be open and available to provide a space for individual reflection on this special evening. At midnight we will break the silence with chanting and elevated messages lead by Sharon Gannon and David Life. The Famous Jivamukti New Year’s Eve Yummy Vegan Chai will be served free of charge during this time. 12am - 12:30am: New Years’ message with Sharon Gannong and David Life. Programs Open to all.

New Year’s Eve at Cosm @ CoSM

Experience the grand finale. Chapel of Sacred Mirrors last party in NYC. This is the last party where the entire art exhibit including the Sacred Mirrors will be on view. In MicroCoSM gallery, Alex Grey’s 40 year self portrait retrospective. 9pm. Raw organic food by Gabrielle Brick. 10pm-3am, Chapel: Mz Imani & The Rhythm Shamans, HuDost, experimental Eastern fusion, Ray Ippolito, Transcendental soundscapes, Steve Booke, Cosmic guitar. 10pm-4am, CoSMosis: Live Painting: Alex Grey, Allyson Grey, Sharon Fulcher, Percept, Black Snow, Collyn Gold. DJ Cloud CoSM, NY electro tech-house. Mikio & Blacklight CoSM, Freek Factory NY Soulful dub breaks & visionary MC. Satchi Om CoSM, Jungle, NY, LA, Miami dance hall & breaks. Abai vs. Sleepyhead All original Cali street ritual dubstep/hiphop dubstep/basshop. Midnight Om Ceremony led by Allyson & Alex Grey, Sera & Solstice/East Coast Tribal bellydance, Satchi Om. 12-4am, Hall of Spirit: Primate down-tempo psytrance, Satchi Om psydub, Environmental Deco by Phantomine.


Easy Lover Loft New Year’s Special

The New Yearís Eve plans have been hatched. Easy Loverís taking REFUGE in Bushwick for the evening, and Justin Carter and DJ Probus are ringing in 2009 with their special friend Dex from Underground Resistance. The views from the roof are expansive, the space is cozy, the sound is sweet, and weíll be dressing it all up just for you. To boot, the champagneís on us from the time the door opens until the clock strikes 2009, and if you donít have someone to kiss when the ball drops, chances are youíll be able to find someone. It is called Easy Lover after all. Easy Lover Loft: New Yearís Special with Justin Carter, DJ Probus, and special guest DJ Dex from Underground Resistance. Open champagne bar from 9pm until the midnight toast.


Also again...

December 30

Great Small Works Plus Spaghetti Dinner End of the Year Bash

With Flight, shadow theater created and performed by Erik Ruin with Leslie Rogers and live violin score by Katt Hernandez. Great Small Works Festival of Lights shadow show. Special New Year sonic massages by Wollesonic. Exerpts from Bread and Puppet Theater's Dirt Cheap Opera, after Bertolt Brecht. And Michael Winograd's Infection party music: skeleton mambo with a twist at Judson Memorial Church.

And also again..

A Surreal New Years Eve

Share your New Years celebration at the warmest community-run building in Brooklyn, Surreal Estate. We've got it all folks, on four fabulous floors: a variety show starring J Lyn from Decadancetheater, a contortionist, a tall unicycle rider, jugglers, a breakdancing troupe, the neighborhood bottle collector playing such sweet harmonica music with his nose. Or check out our D.I.Y. Winter Fashion Runway Drama, a puffy and passionate demonstration of self-made fashion. Playfully projected on multiple walls with help from The Glass Bead Collective.
Also, Talibam! back in NYC after six European tours, Whack, reggae hip-hop artist Melodic hyping the crowd, Shamari Rockca and the Prosulas Band, Kashawn, Zoe's Band, Jared's bluegrass, and a Balkan brass band. DJs spin tropical Afro Caribbean, Latin, Chicano-electro-punk, hip hop, dubstep. Cheap beer, fancy beer, homemade pomegranate wine.
Stay all night and eat our yummy pancakes early in the morning. Yoga and meditation to celebrate the New Year on our secret floor tucked away from the noisy crowd. Please come support our six community organizations where we'll be donating funds raised.

And then there are those L Magazine events that are listed for this "Last Look at 08" week for New Year's Eve 2008 for Sutra Lounge, S.O.B's, Sin Sin, Mehanata Bulgarian Bar, Soho Grand Hotel, Sapphire, Webster Hall, Pacha, Cipriani, Duvet and more.

And there seems to be many, many more party on a New Years Day events going on around town on this day and time.

Happy New Year
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Thursday, December 25, 2008

A Last Minute Gift

Hey bloggers, this day around the world is Christmas, Christ's day of birth, a most joyous holiday with seasons greetings. And Merry Christmas. And with that holiday season and most joyous time of the year usually comes shopping, shopping and more shopping, and gifts, gifts and more gifts. And yes, that it is Christmas on this day, you may have already opened your Christmas gifts and the day on the morrow you may find yourself enjoying those Christmas gifts you have received on this day for many days to come. And what about those last minute shopping deals? Did you forget to buy your Christmas gift for that special someone. Well there's sill time to buy that holiday gift at Kmart. You can find those last minute gifts from Kmart that you may be looking for. And from what I recall Kmart is one of those trusted department stores that has been around for decades and you can find thousands of gifts for under $25 at their website. You can find great holiday and after holiday gifts like Joe Boxer mens and womens two and three piece cozy sleep sets, LeapFrog Leapster Learning Games and more at their website. And you can also sign up at their website to receive the latest Kmart news and sales from their emails. And don't forget to look for those attention shoppers blue light Kmart specials, as Kmart is your savings place.

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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An Athens Christmas

And from what I can tell by looking at the clock on the lower right hand corner of the screen on this computer is that it is 1:02am eastern daylight saving time in that country of America, and that must mean that it is officially Christmas according to that Gregorian calendar, Christs birthday in that EST time zone. And there must be many midnight masses and holiday travelling going on on this holy day. And those photos above are from Athens, Greece, a city with protesters in the streets on behalf of the shooting death of a teenager at the hands of the Greek police. And guns are the worst invention of a death industry ever. If only guns could be banished from every human being on the face of planet earth. If only guns could be banished from every form of advertising, marketing and media campaigns. Is another world possible. And these photos are from a website BagnewsNotes. And this is a website that was sent to me from a friend who sent me some images of Christmas. And that is an interesting website to read. O Christmas Tree. And these photos, which do not exactly seem like holiday greetings, seem to speak for themselves. And what does this have to do with a No Police State.

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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

City of Talk

Hey Bloggers, and it's chat city time. As in online chatting in the age of technology and computers in these days and times. And if you happen to be looking for Goth Chat Rooms, you can find them at Goth Chat City. They have free Goth Chat rooms, and you know who goth people are don't you, maybe? And Goth Chat City is a great forum for Goths to meet and chat. So the next time you may find yourself looking for those Goth chats, Goth Chat City is a place to look.

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The Trash Guy

And I just read an article on todays Yahoo homepage that had a title that read something like "Guy does not throw his trash away for a year". And that title caught my eye. And sure enough when I went to go visit Dave's Blog, 365 Days of Trash, sure enough there were photos of trash that was filling up the contents of his basement posted all over his blog. Now this gives new meaning to the word sustainability and helping to save planet mother earth. And his blog is really interesting to read and look at, as it seems like it could be an environmental save the world blog. And I would want to be one of those Sustainable Dave's of the world. And I wonder, as his blog says that there is two weeks left of his not throwing away his garbage, what will happen to all of that garbage he has not thrown away? Will it become a permanent installation in his home? I should read his blog again to find out. And some interesting tips and advice he has on helping to save planet mother earth he has indeed, as I could sit there and read his blog all day. And he is going green, it's the new thing. And looking at all of his trash neatly arranged in his home, it gives a different of the amount of garbage the average person consumes. And it all seems to be about composting and recycling. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.
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Talking Away

Chatting. I have always liked chatting, as I see that as some form of talking and communicating. And then there's online chatting. And if you happen to be looking for an Asian Chat Room for some reason or another, you can find it at Asian Chat City. They are a free Asian online forum and chat room and they are a great way for Asians to meet and chat. With Asian Chat, finding an Asian chat has never been easier.

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Monday, December 22, 2008

The Binary Code

We wrestle not against the flesh, but against spiritual wickedness that lies in high places. And that is one of those verses from that book the Bible that passes me on this day. And Christmas, that holy holiday of the birth of Jesus is almost hear, and the air seems still and quiet in his approach as everything seems as if it wants to stand still and come to a halt in anticipation of his appearance, or birth, or something like that. And everything seems so much as if it wants to come to a halt that even this blog finds itself seeming as if wants to become blogaholicless in my blogaholicness these days and times, so much that I find myself asking that question "To blog or not to blog" that is the question. And what's that Binary code number system all about. Isn't that what computers operate on, that 10110010010100010111 system thing. And how is that. And 0 plus 0 = 0 as 0-0=0 and with the addition or subtraction of zero there is only zero. Nothing. And with nothing and from nothing there is only nothing. What's that all about. Is that an infinite endless number that can go on and on throughout all time endlessly. Is that some sort of secret code to unlock all things. And these are random thoughts I find myself blahging. Have a great binary day.

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Saturday, December 20, 2008

A New Years Day

And New Years Day must be coming up soon, I know because Christmas is near, almost here, and usually New Years Day is to be found soon after. And besides, Village Voice New Year's Eve Event Guide says so. And as sure as one can say New Years Eve, one can almost say The Poetry Projects 35th Annual New Year’s Day Marathon Reading, an annual event that is held at St. Marks Church in that city of New York every year. And this event seems to be synonymous with the new year to me each year in New York City. And this years participants include:
Bruce Andrews, Sally Silvers,Ernie Brooks, Steven Hall, Peter Zummo, Vyt Bakaitis, Jim Behrle, Martine Bellen, Anselm Berrigan, Edmund Berrigan, Barbara Blatner, Justin Bond, Donna Brook, Franklin Bruno, Tisa Bryant, Peter Bushyeager, Reuben Butchart, John Carroll, Steve Cannon, Yoshiko Chuma, Todd Colby, John Coletti, Corina Copp, Brenda Coultas, Geoffrey Cruickshank-Hagenbuckle, Mónica de la Torre, Katie Degentesh, Barry Denny, Maggie Dubris, Douglas Dunn, Marcella Durand, Steve Earle, Will Edmiston, Marty Ehrlich, Joe Eliot, Laura Elrick, Avram Fefer, Bonny Finberg, Jess Fiorini, Corrine Fitzpatrick, Foamola, Merry Fortune, Tonya Foster, David Freeman, Ed Friedman, Joanna Fuhrman, Cliff Fyman, Drew Gardner, John Giorno, John Godfrey, Abraham Gomez-Delgado, Sylvia Gorelick, Stephanie Gray, Ted Greenwald, John S. Hall, Janet Hamill, Diana Hamilton, David Henderson, Bob Hershon, Mitch Highfill, Bob Holman, Erica Hunt, Brenda Iijima, Lisa Jarnot, Hettie Jones, Patricia Spears Jones, Pierre Joris, Erica Kaufman, Lenny Kaye, Evan Kennedy, Aaron Kiely, Paul Killebrew, David Kirschenbaum, Bill Kushner, Paul La Farge, Susan Landers, Denize Lauture, Joseph Legaspi, Joel Lewis, Rachel Levitsky, Brendan Lorber, Filip Marinovic, Susan Maurer, Gillian McCain, Tracy McTague, Taylor Mead, Jonas Mekas, Jennifer Monson, Rebecca Moore, Tracie Morris, Gina Myers, Eileen Myles, Marc Nasdor, Murat Nemet Nejat, Jim Neu, Richard O’Russa, Akilah Oliver, Geoffrey Olsen, Dael Orlandersmith, Yuko Otomo, Ron Padgett, Julie Patton, Yvette Perez, Nicole Peyrafitte, Wanda Phipps, Kristin Prevallet, Arlo Quint, Chris Rael, Lee Ranaldo, Citizen Reno, Frances Richard, Renato Rosaldo, Bob Rosenthal, Douglas Rothschild, Thaddeus Rutkowski, Tom Savage, Michael Scharf, Harris Schiff, David Shapiro, Elliott Sharp, Frank Sherlock, Nathaniel Siegel, Samita Sinha, Hal Sirowitz, Patti Smith, Christopher Stackhouse, Stacy Szymaszek, Anne Tardos, Cecil Taylor, Steven Taylorm, Debra Salvo, Susie Timmons, Rodrigo Toscano, David Vogen, Anne Waldman, Nicole Wallace, Jo Ann Wasserman, Phyllis Wat, Karen Weiser, Dustin Williamson, Max Winter, Don Yorty, Emily XYZ and more.
And this event poetry rocks.
Have a great New Years poetry Day
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Thursday, December 18, 2008

A View From the Bridge

And that photo above is a photo of the Manhattan Bridge, taken by a friend and their crackberry blackberry telephone from a view from someones most beautiful loft in that neighborhood of Dumbo in that borough of Brooklyn in that city of New York. And I guess that word DUMBO means down under the Manhattan bridge I think. And it is an artist community of some sort. And those phone cameras can come in handy sometimes when it comes to taking photos in an instant on a whim in these days and times of technology. And this photo was taken at night time as only the lights of the city seem to be visible in that photo. And for some reason, one of the topics of conversation I found myself hearing from several people at this gathering was "I got laid off from my job last week". And is this a topic to be found at many parties, gatherings and circles these days. Topics that could be a result of the recession, impending depression and a tightening economy with uncle scam, I mean sam seeming as if he is going out of business and having one of those everything must go sales. And back to that photo again. That is a beautiful view that someone has from their really big loft apartment that sits right on the water of that East River. And I could just sit in their room all day and watch the ships and the boats pass by right in front of their window as my occupation as a full time job if I were to live there. And I guess the title of that job could be called something like boat passing by watcher. And that photo above is a beautiful photo to me. Happy down under the bridge day.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Big Brother Again

Hey Bloggers, and it's Big Brother surveillance time again as I find myself being stuck in the stone age again when it comes to technology and its advances. And are those technological advances for the better or worse for mankind. And who is Big Brother anyway? Isn't that some character from that classic George Orwell nineteen eighty four book about totalitarianism or something. And so I find myself being stuck in the stone age again, as aren't these days and times the iron age of Kali Yuga or something. And this time it's instant photo badges of ones I.D. that somehow those entry people are able to make with these simple yet sophisticated looking computer machines in those office buildings that are to be found throughout that island of Manhattan in that City of New York, and who knows where else those machines are to be located throughout this planet earth we find ourselves living on. And how long have I been gone that technology and its advances seemingly passes me by. And this instant print a photo of a persons id card into an instant sticker badge from some office building says a misspelled name on it plus the word "Visitor" for such and such an office of such and such a company at such and such an address, valid thru such and such a date. This visitor badge can be used as an adhesive badge or on adhesive badge. Visitor badge reorder from such and such a company. And lo and behold if that door person guy did not scan that photo I.D. into some desktop looking computer machine and out comes a sticker badge with that photo on it within seconds. Lo and behold. And what if one does not have an I.D. at all. Will one find themselves standing on the other side of an entrance waiting to pass through the door till further notice. And it seems that peoples civil liberties are disappearing at the speed of light in the name of security. And what, if anything does this have to do with a No Police State?

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Chat Line

And from what I know, there must be lots of different chat lines out there in internetland these days and times. And one of those chat lines is Biker Chat City. You can find Biker Chat Rooms at their website. Biker Chat City brings together bikers and bike lovers in their online chat forums. And what better way to meet and chat with that biker than with Biker Chat City.

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Show Biz

And there is a ShowBiz Expo coming up soon. I know because those emails sitting in my email inbox from Marc Walters says so. And the title of that email says "Free Registration Now Open". And I would imagine by the title of this Expo, that this expo has something to do with showbiz. And it does. This Expo is all about film, stage, theater, acting, dancing, singing, comedy, music, producing, directing, performing, writing, composing and just about every form of entertainment one can think of. And everyone in show business will be together under one roof at this expo. And if you are into entertaining of any sort, this entertainment industry event is for you. And there will be workshops, seminars, meetings, showcases, and classes to go along with this expo. And this event is in March of next year and according to their website, there is 102 days left for the big event at the Hilton Hotel in that City of New York, that seemingly show biz capital of the world, I think. And some of their exhibitors include and have included Actors Access, Actors Connection, Acting Success Now, The Actor's Market,Alex Kaplan's Professional Headshots, The Algonquin Theater,Barbizon Electric Company,Barry Morgenstein Photography,Blue Man Group, Casting Network,Celebrity Centre New York, CEO Productions,Commercial Theater Institute,Emerging Talent, Entertainment Connection, Ensemble Studio Theatre, Fringe NYC, Great Opinions,Hairspray the Musical,HB Studio, National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, The New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission, The New York Times, New York 411, New York Bartending School, New York Film Academy, NY State Govenor's Office,,ProductionHUB, Professional Sound Services, Screen Actors Guild, Shetler Studios, Show Fax Inc., Stage Managers' Association,Telsey and Company, Theater Extras,, Theatrical Wardrobe Union, TVI Actors Studio, The Wardrobe Union, Local 764,Westin Hotels & Resorts,The Zipper Theatre and more. And this event rocks.
Have a great show biz day.
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Santas In Town

Hey Bloggers, it's that Christmas time of year again. I know because the holiday decorations that are to be found everywhere and all of the advertisements that are to e found everywhere, and all of the toys and Christmas items that are to be found in all of the stores says so. And I've been seeing Santa on the streets a lot lately, hailing cabs, hanging out on street corners and attending parties and celebrations. And where does Santa Clause get his costume for this Christmas holiday season I wonder. Well, if you happen to be looking for santa costumes for the Christmas season occasion or any other occasion, you can find them at Eastern Toys. Easter Toys sells Christmas costumes, Halloween Costumes,
cheap costumes, Easter costumes, Disney costumes, Thanksgiving costumes, pet costumes, children's costumes, adult costumes, infant toddler costumes, costume accessories, toys, and just about every kind of costume one can think of for many occasions. You can dress up to be just about anyone you want to be with the costumes from Eastern Toys. And that Santa Beard and Wig Set Costume they have on their website looks just about right for walking around town in about now. With Eastern Toys, dressing up has never been funner.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Those Automobiles Again

And it is Sunday again, that supposed day of rest or is that Saturday the sabbath. And yet I find myself blah blogging away again on this blog. And those thoughts going on to me on this day are, am I still stuck in the 1800's or something when I pass by those nightclubs with bouncer doormen velvet ropes in front of a doorway scanning photo I.D's of customers with handheld machines that can take ones photo as if they are suspect for wanting to enter a venue. And how long have I been gone with Big Bother passing me by with this technology world. And in other thoughts again. Speaking of cars and automobiles again as in that previous post. Am I still stuck in the 1800's of the stone age again or something as I look inside of cars and automobiles and see that there are little flat screen televisions in them on the dashboards. And every other one of those cars seems to have one of these televisions in them built in or sitting on their dashboards. What's that all about? Isn't it supposed to be distracting to be driving while watching television. And then there's that UV ultraviolet light beaming tons of blue light out from them. And are those those GPS global positioning systems that have been in the news a lot lately. Those follow you where ever you are on planet earth tracking surveillance spy on you big brother devices, that can also help one find directions when they are lost somewhere on planet earth. And what's the purpose of those devices again? And do those mini television screens talk to you, as I believe I heard someone say that they do. Maybe they have computer voices or advertising voices coming from them, I am not exactly sure. And whatever those mini automobile tv screens may be all about, have a great television watching day.
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This Ride

Hey bloggers, it seems like lots of people have automobiles these days. I know because looking at all those cars out there on the roads says so. And if you have one of those rides and are looking to supercharge it, you can do just that at They are your supercharger pros. They can soup up your vehicle with a mercedes supercharger, a buick supercharger, pontiac supercharger and more superchargers when it comes to charging that auto. You can find super chargers, turbo chargers and other auto parts and more at their website as well. With, supercharging that auto has never been easier.

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Friday, December 12, 2008

An Auto Bailout

So what's that thing that has been in the news a lot lately that along with the economy and the Wall Street stock market exchange seemingly going out of business and having one of those everything must go sales, the three big automakers of Ford, general Motors and I forget the other one, is it Chrysler, are asking for bailout of their debt in I guess the latest of companies to succumb to the domino effect of businesses that seem as if they want to go out of business. And I guess they are asking for a bailout to basically make more cars. And isn't the world already chocked on enough cars already. Shouldn't those automakers see this as a sign to stop making cars that seem to be speeding up global warming, climate change and 2012 on track with their carbon dioxide greenhouse gas emissions. And those auto maker employers who are having sit ins from being layed off as a result of this going out of business sale, can't they just be given severance pay and the automobile industry close down altogether or switch to environmentally clean fuel such as electric, solar or other alternatives fuels sources that are not contributing to the war for oil, oil and more oil. Isn't it possible to just recycle cars and automobiles, as it may look cool to have a bunch of retro looking cars on the road these days from eras of days past ago. Wouldn't it be safer for the environment for those oil guzzling automobiles to just disappear. And those presidential policies in that country of America seem all the same as if the demoncratics seem to be speaking the language of the republicans who seem to speak the language of the state, and the state of what I am not exactly sure. Isn't it possible to help save planet mother earth instead of asking for more money to harm it and the environment. Is another world possible. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.

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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Cell Phones Pop Corn

Now this following video is bizarre to me. It is a video of people demonstrating that cell phones can pop popping corn with radiation. And that is a scary idea to me, enough to have me getting rid of that cell phone somehow. And this video is from one of those emails that was sent to me from a friend who was sent to them from another friend, and so on and so on and so on...

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Monday, December 8, 2008

This Online Date

Hey Bloggers, are you looking for love, are you looking for companionship, are you just looking. Well if you happen to be online at the moment, you can Meet Local Singles at Local Match. They are an online dating service that can help you find your perfect match. You can find local dating, local singles and local personals at You can browse thousands of profiles of singles near you at their website. And what better time to look for that match than at the moment you may be online reading these words online.

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Born Into Restriction

A friend was telling me abut the situation in that is it a city, continent or country of Cuba? And that friend was saying something about how one does not have the freedom to travel freely outside of Cuba. Once born into Cuba and not having the freedom to travel nowhere else outside of Cuba. How is that possible. And this friend went on to say something about the United States, the states that are united I guess, have placed some sort of embargo, or is that a restriction against Cuba for some reason or another from years and decades ago to where only people with money can leave the country or something like that. And then there are banana boats, crossing the border, coyote slave houses, illegal immigrants and all of the perils of risking ones life to travel freely. And this all reminds me of that photo above, the upc bar code and 666, save no man that he may buy or sell except he have the mark of the beast. No one is free when others are oppressed. And the following are some of those blah blog posts that I have blaghed about regarding this subject in times past.:

And on this day is Sunday, that sabbath day of rest, or is that Saturday. And yet I find myself blah blogging away for some reason on this blog. And for some reason that verse from the bible comes to mind, "Foxes have holes, and birds of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath not where to lay his head". And that other verse, "A brother is born for adversity". And a friend mentions to me that war is a business. Is war a business? And is it George Orwell's statement from that nineteen eighty four movie, the war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous. And another friends mentions that another friend has been denied entry to that country of the United States, or deported from a country for various reasons. And what does that word immigration mean, to migrate, to travel? Does that internet bible dictionary Wikipedia have an entry for that. And I have heard horror stories of whole families being separated, destroyed and torn apart from this idea of Immigration And Naturalization Services, INS company that seems to be some form of modern day slavery to me. And what about those visas, green cards, forms, applications, petitions, employment, interviews, Department of Homeland Security, U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, residence alien from outer space, illegal aliens, refugee, asylee, settlement, immigrant, nonimmigrant, genealogy, nationality, naturalization things. What does this all mean. Are we all not foreigners and strangers in this land. The whole idea that one can prevent another from travelling freely from one place to another on this planet of earth I can not comprehend. And has humanity become slave to computers, that modern invention of technology, to where one is no longer a human, but becomes a robot to technology, a machine, some sort of beast like thing. No one is free when others are oppressed. And so I thought to post a blog entry that I posted a while ago on this blog.:

The Passport

For what reason is the number of that passport immigration law that prohibits freedom of travel amongst humanity anywhere on planet earth, and that Section 666 Social Security Act, cashless society, national I.D., the number of your name to receive any state services and everything else in between thing, 666? Is this that save no man that he may buy or sell except that he have the mark of the beast thing in the book of Revelations. Is this written in prophecy somewhere. Did George Orwell or Nostradamus predict this? Is that a coincidence or on purpose that this law has the same number of that beast thing. And who or what is the beast, and what is that mark on ones right hand or forehead. What does that mark represent or mean, if anything. And what's up with that UPC bar code photo that I placed in this blog entry. And for what reason do all universal product codes contain this number. What the heck does that mean? Is that the number of the beast, the number of man? And what's that New World Order, Verichip and RFID tag thing all about. Big Brother, Brave New World and technology are here and that's a whole another blog posting. And I have heard so many green card immigration nightmare stories about green card marriages, lotteries and green card everything else in between. Of people leaving a country and not being able to return for whatever reason. And the stories of loss of life while crossing a border, whether by land or sea. And for what reason are there boarders, divisions, restrictions, barriers and territories of land in this world. And for what reason are people not free to travel anywhere in the world without the permission of someone else. Who invented this concept. Is it possible to undo this passport, visa, citizenship, where are your papers to come here law so that everyone can be free to travel anywhere in this world. For what reason does this concept exist. And who is a foreigner. Aren't we all strangers in this land. Is another world possible. No one is free when others are oppressed. It is Sunday today, day of God, a day of rest. Or is that Saturday, the Sabbath, Sabado. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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A Place Somewhere

Hey bloggers, is there another place somewhere. I mean, do you long for a better world where people live at peace with one another? a world in which thee is no war, no crime, no oppression. And those words are to be found in that Watchtower publication, newsletter, some article about Noah's Ark I think. And I find myself receiving those Awake and Watchtower magazines from those Jehovah Witnesses that seem to roam the streets of that City of New York and possibly everywhere these days, seemingly in the more downtrodden areas. And these are the days and times of travails, trials and tribulations. And what were the words to that song I came across the other day, something like, "I wish there was a place somewhere, where there's love and no despair. I would not have to be so special, just no more crying and no more pain". Is another world possible. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.
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A Brooklyn Gallery Hop

Hey Bloggers, and even though it is still Sunday, (Just yesterday, that is...), that day of rest on this day, am still finding myself blah blogging away. And this time it's about art, art, and more art. And I now it's about art, art and more art because this flyer I have sitting here in front of me says so, and also because hey, it's less writing sometimes. And this event happens to be called Smart Brooklyn Gallery Hop. And this is one of those colorful glossy postcards in the artful colors of blue, and is that a lime green, white and orange. And it's Brooklyn art time again as this flyer says, Sunday, December 14, 2008, 1pm-6pm, free, fun and easy. Hop on and off the buses and drop into the galleries to see the exhibitions, meet their friendly, informative staff and see why Brooklyn's art scene is famous. Neophytes or collectors, (What's a neophyte?), buyers or browsers, all are welcome. And some of those participating galleries and venues are: A.I.R. Gallery, Amos Eno Gallery, BAC Gallery, Byrd Hoffman Watermill Foundation, DUMBO Art Center, Farmani Gallery, Gloria Kennedy Gallery, Henry Gregg Gallery, Klompching Gallery, Henry Gregg Gallery, Smack Mellon, Spring Design and Art, BRIC Rotunda Gallery, Metaphor Contemporary Art, BWAC, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, Look North Gallery, Lucky Gallery, Kentler International Drawing Space, WORK, MoCada, Clinton Hill Art Gallery, House of Art, Zion Gallery, FiveMyles, 440 Gallery, Madarts Gallery, Object Image Gallery, Phyllis Stigliano Gallery, Proteus Gowanus, Tabla Rasa Gallery, The Dorsey Art Gallery, Ad Hoc Art, NURTUREart, Pocket Utopia, Galeria Janet Kurnatowski, Art 101, Artbreak Gallery, Capricious Space, Cinders Gallery, Figureworks, Front Room Gallery, The Hogar Collection, The Journal Gallery, Klaus Von Nichtssagend Gallery, Parker's Box, Pierogi, Sideshow Gallery, Slate Gallery and more.
Have a great artwalk day.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

This Day

And this day seems to be another one of those Sundays of the week that has made it's way around in that cycle of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years and life. That sabbath day of rest, day of God, or is that Saturday? And yet on this day I find myself blah blogging away again to this blog as if it could be some sort of magic crystal ball or something in the age of that internet web 2.0 social media user generated content world that one now finds themselves living in, in these days and times. "You must be the change you want to see in the world. -Gandhi". That is a phrase I just came across in my cyber webosphere travels on this day. And it is a phrase that caught my eye for some reason or another. And I am wondering about those New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority vintage trains that are back for the holidays. Those trains appeared on the tracks sometime last year I think, and they seem to be a ride back in time. And then there's those vintage buses that are supposed to be on the road also for the holidays, so the newspaper articles say. And I find myself on the lookout for them, to see some sort of ride back in time. Have a Great Sunday day.
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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Student

Hey bloggers, and this posting happens to be about private student loans. You know those loans one may find themselves looking for in order to attend some school of some sort. Well, if you happen to be looking for one of those loans, you can find a private student loan program at They are a service of the student loan network. With Private Student Loans, you can borrow the difference between what your other loans do not cover to finance that education you are looking for. Private Student Loans also has private student loan news that you can read about when it comes to student loans and more. And their website is also interesting in that one can read private student loans conversations as well. At Private Student Loan, finding a student loan program has never been easier.

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Friday, December 5, 2008

First Thursday

And being that I find myself on that topics of events again as in the previous post, here is another one of those events in New York City posts again. And somehow I found myself coming across one of those art event advertisement announcement flyers the other day,as I guess these type of flyers abound just about everywhere in this that town. And this flyer was for 1st Thursday, Dumbo Gallery Walk, 5:30-8:30 every first Thursday of the month. And this event seems like one of those Dumbo neighborhood in Brooklyn kind of events. And there are monthly special features such as artist talks, book signings, printmaking demonstrations and live music. And some of the participating galleries are Aswoon Gallery, Gallery QB, Melville House, VII Dumbo, Pochron Studios, Powerhouse Arena, Smack Mellon, Dumbo Arts Center, Rabbithole Studio, 5 plus 5, Brooklyn Arts Council, Byrd Hoffman Watermill Fdn., Farmani Gallery, Gloria Kennedy Gallery, Henry Gregg Gallery, Klompching Gallery, Nelson Hancock Gallery, Robert Wilson/RW Work, Safe T Gallery, Tivoli, Umbrage Gallery, Wessel plus O'Connor Fine Art, Spring and more. And this event art rocks.

Have a great gallery walk day.

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Poetry Electric

Hey bloggers, and Jeffrey is having another one of those poetry events in that City of New York. I know because that postcard flyer that he gave me says so. An those poetry events that he does are always interesting. And it looks as if some of the previous poetry events may have passed, though there is another one coming up just next week. And so I thought to blah blog this event as it looks on this card because hey, it's less writing sometimes:

La Mama presents every 3rd Monday of the month
Poetry Electric

Poetry Electric fuses music, movement, sound, and dance with the spoken word and word performance. Poetry Electric will be performed at the Club La Mama.

October 20, 2008 8m
featuring Iris
a solo performance by Jen Yip. A candid look at the short life of Iris Chang.
featuring Recess
one girls struggle between getting an education and getting schooled. written and performed by Una Aya Osato

November 17, 2008 8pm
featuring: Women's Poetry Happening V
Hosted by Ilka Scobie. A solo performance gathering of dynamic, thought provoking female poets featuring Jane LeCroy, Annie Lesser, Tavi Fields, Lee Ann Brown, Velez Moore, Erika Jo Brown, Sasha Painter, and other guests.

December 15, 2008 8pm (the date that has not actually passed yet...)
featuring Shooting from the lip
Hosted by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright, poets spew hot lead on the oral tradition of hynotrance wordfire at the Skip Beat Cafe with Wanda Phipps, Bakar Wison, Vincent Katz, Basil King, Valery Oisteanu, Kristen Prevallet,Cody Franchetti, Akilah Oliver, and Ilka Scobie.

Have a great poetry day
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Monday, December 1, 2008

Planet Earth

And there must be some sort of sky show going on this evening. I know because Yahoo, CNN , Google and National Geographic says so. As their headlines read something like "Watch planets shine tonight", "Venus, Jupiter will shine on Monday night" "Smiling sky", and "Frowning sky". And the articles say that this Venus Jupiter thing has something to do with the crescent moon forming a tight triangle with Venus and Jupiter to look like a smiley face, or a frowny face. Whichever way you look at it. And the articles also say something else about it being a Venus, Jupiter conjunction show that will last for one night only. Whatever that may mean. And being that some articles are relating this planet conjunction to the star of bethlehem not seen last since 2 B.C in bible days, it has me wondering if Jesus is about to return to planet earth, if the anti christ is on his way, if some war, yet another war, is about to happen, or if some plague is about to have an outbreak or something, in my religious fanaticism thoughts. And I always find myself looking for signs in the sky, astrology, the planetary alignments, the stars and the moons for some reason. As sometimes those planets and stars seem as if they cold be a destiny and fate that controls the world, maybe. As isn't that horoscope from those moons and stars ones personality traits. And speaking about, or writing about stars, moons and the skies, what's up with that weather in that city of New York lately. Is it me, or does it feel like summer in the middle of winter. And I see people walking around town with no coats on, in November and now December. And so I went to go looking for some of those Global Warming articles, and sure enough places like Montana, any maybe somewhere else I am not sure of, are seeing summer in the middle of winter, to where the trees are still green, the grass is still green, little tiny insects and bugs, maybe mosquitoes are still flying around. Flowers are budding. All in the month of November and now December. Is this one of those record breaking weather patterns or something. And this all has me to wondering. So which season is it this month, summer, spring, fall or winter? Is this all a part of that climate change thing. Are greenhouse gases going out of control. Is it that 12/21/2012 on track thing or something. Are the polar bears floating on ice yet. The clock is ticking, whatever clock that may be. Mother nature seems unseasonably warm these days and times. Help save planet mother earth. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.
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Friday, November 28, 2008

A Sale For Shopping

Attention holidays shoppers, if you happen to be one of them. Have you noticed that today is black friday, that shopping holiday that's been advertised for quite some time now in anticipation of the holiday shopping season. Well that day is here today. And I know because all of those long lines around the block at what seems like every shopping outlet says so. And what better time of year to get that great gift of communications and the digital age of technology. Now you can order Charter’s Ultimate Bundle online or any of their services sold separately, you get a $250 gift card to go along with that cable TV, high speed internet and telephone service. Now that's an interesting online holiday deal. With their ultimate service bundle, you can get digital cable with lots of different movie channels to keep you movie watching, unlimited calling for the telephone, and also a chance to win an X-Box 360 game console. This can be a great deal online for bundled services at great prices. And that free $250.00 gift card seems like it can be the shopping deal of the year. At Charter Communications, you can also customize the bundle that's right for you. With Charter Communications, shopping for the ultimate television, telephone and internet service bundle has never been easier.

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Trials And Tribulations

And this day seems to be some day that is called black Friday in that country of America. Some name that seems to be made up for the purpose of consumerism, consumerism, and overconsumerism And what about sustainability in consumerism. And this day is also that buy nothing day, as in buy nothing in ones consumerism. And I find myself here looking at and reading articles that are sitting in my email inbox with titles that read Five hostages killed in Jewish center, chaos at hotel, Mumbai gunmen besiege hotels, Wife shot and killed at New Jersey church, Man killed at Scientology building had church ties. And these are articles from the past week. And the one factor they all seem to have in common is gun violence. And this is a story that seems to be never ending from yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yet another person has lost his life to gun violence. Guns are the worst invention of a death industry ever. And it is an industry of war, a vicious cycle that seems to feed upon itself. If only guns and firearms could be banished from every person on the face of planet earth, and from every form of media, marketing, video games, toys an advertising. And with those presidential elections that have taken place in that country of America, is gun violence an issue that will ever be addressed, or will it simply be a continuation of the current rhetoric of the state, "The war on terrorism". And the state of what. And who are the terrorists? And sometimes I wonder if these are all signs of the beginning of the end of the world when civil liberty concerns are a concern, society and its morals and values collapses and global terrorism exists. And I start to wonder if the world is seemingly spinning out of control and if this is all 2012 and Kali Yuga descending on track. Where is the world headed. Is there hope for the world. And for some reason that verse comes to mind again from that Bible book, "For the love of money is the root of all evil, and while some have coveted after, they have erred from the faith and have pierced themselves through with many sorrows". Does power and authority breed corruption. And I am only one blogger. One voice in an internet world of web 2.0. No one is free when others are oppressed. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?
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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Black Friday

And that day on the morrow must be Thanksgiving. I know because the supermarket lines that are out the door an the restaurant menus that are posted on their doors says so. And remember the Indians, who were seemingly betrayed for a bag of beads, as this country of America may have been founded on violence. And what the heck is a Black Friday, as that day must be the next day son after that holiday of Thanksgiving. And I know Black Friday must be this Friday because the cell phone conversations on the streets with subjects like "Friday is payday". They got Black Friday this Friday". And the tons of advertising headlines that read "Sample Sales, Woodbury Common Premium Outlet Black Friday Sale: Nov 28, IKEA's Black Friday Sale: Nov 28, H & M's 24 Hours Of Black Friday Savings: Nov 28, Black Friday Wine Special At Burke In The Box At Bloomingdale's, Housing Works Thrift Shops Wine Saturday Event?, what's a White Saturday?, Best & Co's Black Friday Sale, Muji's New Chelsea Store Giveaway, and the Black Friday advertising sale headlines seem to be endless. And this buy as much as you can spendaholicness could be interesting with that impending recession depression going on. And I must have blah blogged about this Thanksgiving Day holiday before on this blog, as this blog seems as if it wants to repeat itself another year that I have been blaghing about blogatopics. And then there's that make up another name to go shopping and spend money holiday called "Cyber Monday". What the heck is that all about? And that could be a whole another blog posting. Oh, and there's also Buy Nothing Day this week also, as in buy nothing in ones consumerism. Have a great remember the Indians day and eat more tofurky.

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