Friday, October 6, 2023

Staten Island Invades Tompkins Square Park

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blagh. And this is yet another web 2.0 user generated content attempt to post all those photos that find themselves on this camera, to ramble random thoughts and to attempt to maintain content for this blagh and my other blagh whenever bloggers block possible.

And so there was a Staten Island Invades Tompkins Square Park concert by Shows in Tompkins Square Park event at Tompkins Square Park last weekend October 1st that I found myself attempting to vend those #blacklivesmatter #S#!tJustGotReal #NotMyPresident #occupywallstreet #nopolicestate #yoga #music #morus #TheShadow #squat #tompkinssquarepark #washingtonsquarepark #unionsquarepark #eastvillage #lowereastside #brooklyn & #iloveny necklaces, magnets, key chains & pins for $2 each & Tompkins Square Park t shirts for $10 each at Shows in Tompkins Square Park at Crackhead Barney & Friends.

And that Facebook event invite reads something like:

This show was put together to try and bridge the gap between the forgotten borough of Staten Island and the rest of the boroughs in NYC.

It seems that bands and fans will travel to Long Island, Connecticut, New Jersey and even Pennsylvania, but not to Staten Island for shows. Yeah we know about the ridiculous toll, but there's also a FREE ferry that serves beer! 
To be honest, Staten Island does suck, but every borough has its areas that suck as well. But we have Mother Pugs Saloon, an awesome dive bar with an old school vibe in an area that don't suck, and bands and fans should come out to.
 So I put together some bands to represent Staten Island and play a free show at Tompkins Square Park in Manhattan, in hopes of bridging the gap and getting bands to possibly exchange shows with bands from other boroughs and for fans to see bands we have here. So, since you won't come to our house, we're coming to yours! Free and all ages!

And there are also migrants who have invaded Staten IslandRoosevelt HotelRow Hotel and other hotels around the New York City area. We are all immigrants or are we all immigrants?

And in other random thoughts....

There was a nationwide test of the emergency alert system the other day, a test that spawned a million conspiracy theory twitter posts and more reading something like:

"my neighborhood after 5G marburg activation . recorded this with my android phone. i'll update whenever possible. it's bedlam out here. stay safe."
"Marburg virus, waiting for the 5G activation"
"Scroll down under the video, there are links to things about detox , to get the graphene out of your bloodstream."
'Good Morning Folks the big day approaches 7.20 PM UK time 2.20 PM EST USA FEMA is about to send text message to everyone phone in the globe Activation of the Marburg Virus is coming this is going to get horrible warning to people who took the vax you are In grave danger"
'Tomorrow is 5G activation of Marburg virus freedumbers. I'm told that whether you are vaccinated or not, turning your phone off won't help due to tower strength. You need to smash your phone with a hammer or Fauci and Pfizer are going to turn you into a zombie.'
'Marked Safe from Marburg activation, 5G enhancement, brain override:'
'Just got the Marburg activation signal via the emergency alert test
Can't wait to be zombified, can't wait'
"today's work email auto-reply:
"Thanks for your message, but I have turned off my phone and laptop to avoid being turned into a zombie via the Marburg virus activation.
I will be back online on October 5th. If I am not a zombie, I will reply to your message then."

either that or it could be Gog and Magog's nuclear war emergency alert test for World War 3.

and in other rambling thoughts of the day......

There is a 'Survival Without Rent' Work in Progress Screening film October 15th in Brooklyn if you happen to be in the neighborhood, a film that has something to do with New York City and the squats of yesteryear, a short film about squatters on the Lower East Side, that could be a continuation of Brick by Brick: Morus 11th Annual Film Festival that took place last month. Need a home? Take one. Squat the World. 

And then.....

There's something called The Birth Eclipse that's supposed to take place on October 14th during that solar eclipse, new moon, and something having to do with that Revelation 12 sign a child is born, fig tree generation, apocalypse and that Feast of Tabernacles high holy watch day, or something like that.

Generations are still passing and generations are still coming, but the earth still seems to be abiding forever. And this generation shall not pass til all things be fulfilled. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind as we are still living in crazy times.