Friday, May 30, 2008


And I came across one of those Awake magazines the other day, that are the same as those Watchtower magazines, those little newspapers that I usually see Jehovah Witnesses selling everywhere on street corners and in the subways throughout my travel in that city of New York. And this one was left sitting on a subway train car, as I usually see them strewn everywhere on the streets. And the photos on the covers of their magazines are always interesting. And the photo on the cover of this edition was titled "Should You Fear The Future? And Awake and Watchtower are one of those Jehovah Witness religious publications that I would assume most everyone may have heard of at some point, maybe. And the beginning of the text and passage on page one of this edition read something like:

Why Many Despair. Around the world, disturbing trends are causing fear of the future. In a growing number of cities, surveillance cameras monitor citizens. Because of fear of terrorists, many busy airports have almost become military camps. Prowling the Internet in growing numbers, thieves and pedophiles prey on unsuspecting victims. On the environmental front, pollution, deforestation, extinction, and global warming threaten future life on our planet.

Unthinkable two or three generations ago, these concerns are global today. For good reason many people wonder what is happening to the world and what kind of life awaits them and their children. Is the time coming when people will be too afraid to board a bus, a train or a plane? With prices rising and earth's resources being taxed more and more, will future generations be able to afford good medical care, quality food, and sufficient fuel?

"The future looks very very scary" said a Canadian health minister in regard to rising health costs.......Hence In order to reduce their dependency on fossil fuel, some countries are investing heavily in biofuel, such as ethanol, which is derived from vegetation. Hence, for the first time in history, the human stomach is competing with the automotive gas tank for the produce of available land. The resulting inflation in food prices is already being felt.

Meanwhile, the disparity between the rich and the poor is growing, adding to social tensions...."life expectancies have collapsed n some of the poorest countries to half the level of the richest".....Thrown into the mix the specter of global warming...and it comes as no surprise that many informed people are jittery about tomorrow. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, which sets the so called Doomsday Clock, expressed fears of a bleak future "as scientists continue to observe cascading
effects of global warming on Earth's complex systems."

And this passage goes on and on. And these Watchtower and Awake publications go on and on with their titles and cover photos on their magazines that gets me to wondering and realizing about life true meaning, religion and the world. And I think that yoga guy in the photoo above may have something to do with Jehovah. He is Spiritual God and he depicts the progression of humanity. 12.21.2012. A-L=12, O-Z=12.. ALOZ, 0LOZ, 0102, . allah. yahwah. Jehova. JHVH. YHVH. YHWH. Yoga. Part of the trinity.
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

This Rap Song

And yet again, I have always every so often found myself listening to rap or hip hop music at some point in time. And sometimes I even find myself singing along to the lyrics of those songs. And if you are looking to find Kanye West Lyrics, the latest top songs, top albums, top hip hop and rap artists of the day, year and time, you can find them at along with the latest hip hop news, albums, lyrics to those hip hop and rap songs and more. Their website can keep you rocking to a beat of music.

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Those Dish TV's

And I am starting to wonder about those Dish TV Cablevision satellite tv antennas that I see atop of roofs of buildings everywhere throughout New York City and beyond with those pointy antennas sticking out of them in some sort of direction pointing towards the sun or something. And it is like something out of a science fiction movie when I visit a friends apartment who lives on the top floor of their building, and out of their window is what seems like a whole landmine of at least one hundred cable television dish tv antennas on the rooftops of the surrounding buildings pointing in their direction, almost right at their window as if to zap them indefinitely with those invisible zapper rays. And I am starting to wonder about how safe are they in the zap you with those invisible electromagnetic waves everywhere throughout your body department. And then again, isn't just about every modern high tech device giving off those invisible zap you everywhere throughout your body invisible electromagnetic waves. Aren't those invisible rays and signals flying through the air everywhere already? And I imagine there's the cell phone that could top this list also, and even those wireless computers, wireless everything else's, cordless telephones and other communication devices that are possibly radiating radiation everywhere through the air, flying invisible. And what about those satellites beaming down from outer space and other aeronautic outer space devices. And what about the blue light beaming from that television and this computer. And that's not even including microwaves radiating the food, metal detectors, cat scans, and other x ray devices radiating the body. And what does to radiate mean anyway? Do these devices affect the human body, mind and spirit or the electro magnetic pole of the earth and universe. Could these invisible waves be related to this recent, new and modern climate change go green thing. And will there be some sort of side affects from all of these invisible waves and rays a billion years from now. What would some scientist have to say about all of this. What would those environmental save the world groups have to say about this. Does Wikipedia have an entry for this, and what category would it fall under, environmental technological hazards? And whatever this may all mean, have a great electromagnetic radiating day.

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Hip Hop You Don't Stop

Hip Hop you don't stop, gonna rap this beat till the break of dawn. Or something like that. And if you happen to be looking for Rap or Hip Hop Lyrics of your favorite artists, you can find the latest hip hop news, albums, lyrics and more at Their website has just about every rap and hip hop artist one can think of and their database is updated daily, as they are all rap and hip hop all the time.

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Celebrate Brooklyn

Hey Bloggers, it's summer music festival's in New York time again. I know because it's almost summer and festivals and concerts are starting to appear everywhere in the streets, parks and open spaces throughout this city. And one of those festivals that must be coming up soon, as the ads for this festival are in this weeks papers, is Celebrate Brooklyn. Celebrate Brooklyn is music, dance, word and film. And that's this really cool music festival out in the Prospect Park Bandshell where one can sit on the grass and make a picnic, or just sit in the chairs they usually have available to listen to their concerts. And this years Celebrate Brooklyn is 30 summers, does that mean 30 years?, 9 weeks, 25 shows and 80 artists. And its opening night is June 12 with Isaac Hayes. And this years artists to perform include:


Have a great music festival day.
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

What Does It Mean

What does it mean when devotes a whole section of its homepage to a section titled "Related stories", with stories titled "Downtown Shooting", "14-Year-Old Shot In Thigh During Drive-By Shooting", "Deadly Shooting', "Police Investigate Delaware County Shooting", "One Dead In Wake Of Quadruple Shooting", "7 shot on Harlem street corner, police say". And these are titles on only one website for only one hour and one day. What does that mean. What would Mayors Against Gun violence, New Yorkers Against Gun Violence, The National Rifle Association, Alfred B. Noble, the inventor of dynamite and merchant of death of whom the Noble Peace Prize was named after, I think, and any other gun related advocacy groups have to say about this. And again I could copy my blog posts over and over in my appeal to banish guns from every human being on the face of planet earth, and to banish the images of guns from all forms of advertising, media and marketing in the news and pop culture. Or is that some sort of utopian thought. And I am one blogger. And then there is the news of yet another gun shooting and act of gun violence in the news yesterday, today and tomorrow. So many atrocities of the is it the fourth amendment right to kill anyone over a piece of property, that I am becoming numb and desensitized from reading the stories from a news, advertising, marketing and media industry that feeds itself off of violence, of yet another person who has lost their life to gun violence for no reason at all except for the fact that guns have been invented for the merchant of death industry, a seemingly endless cycle that feeds upon itself. Guns are the worst invention of an industry ever. Is there hope for the world and mankind. Where is the world headed in these days and times. Are the morals and values of society declining and collapsing. No one is free when others are oppressed. What was life like before the invention of guns. Is another world possible? And what does this have to do with a No Police State? Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.
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Monday, May 26, 2008


Museums. Now those places are usually fun to go to. And usually when one is being one of those tourists in their travels around the world, one can sometimes end up at museums, as those places are always usually on tourists routes. And I know that from a dweller in this city where I reside that museums are usually always first on the list that someone visiting would request to go. And museums are great for looking at art, art, and more art. And those places are great for learning about history and historical art. And one can usually spend hours and days at a time going to museums, museums, and more museums. And usually when one in travelling throughout America, one can see the landscape, names of towns, and even souvenirs for each town and city change and become more western with Indian art and names appearing everywhere. And those Indian names and symbols that are to be found out west are beautiful. And one can sometimes learn how whole cities and states are usually named after Indian tribes throughout America. And then there is the Stark Museum of Art. The Stark Museum of Art is part of the Stark Foundation and this museum explores the art of the American West. Their museum has different collections of Western Art, American Indian Art, Decorative Arts, and Rare Books and Manuscripts. And that photo that is placed in this blog entry looks really interesting. And the design of their website looks interesting with photos of cowboys and indians, and red rock mountains on it. At the Stark Museum of Art, they have many collections of American Western art.
You can find paintings, sculptures, prints, furniture and other items from around the world from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries of the people and wildlife of that region. Their museum has collections, exhibitions, educational materials, a Media Center and a store to find out about everything art and the west. And their current featured exhibition is called "Celebrate Shangri La". And by visiting their museum, one might think that it has always been cowboys and indians since the beginning of time, or maybe not. Their museum is located in Orange, Texas and Texas sounds like it can be a great place to visit. For all things American Indian and Western Art, The Stark Museum of Art can be an interesting museum to visit.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Honoring The Fallen?

And Memorial Day is almost near in a couple of days or so according to that Gregorian calendar and all of those street festivals that are to be found everywhere in the streets today. And I thought to blah blog about this patriotic flag waving holiday. And this also leads me to realize that I have been blahging on this blog for over a year now and that these holidays seem to be a recurring event and same day, different year when that same ole Gregorian calendar date roles around. And then I thought, hey, I can just post the same blog entry from a year ago that I posted on this blog a year ago because it almost seems like it's the same day, different year. And besides, it;s less writing sometimes. So the following is a passage that I posted on this blog a year ago:

And today is Memorial Day in America. A celebration of the war day. Another one of those patriotic holidays. The flag wavers are out and yellow ribbons, badges of honor, medals, parades, marches, prayers, patriotic songs, tributes and ceremonies are being broadcast everywhere. The headlines read "Honor the dead soldiers, honor the fallen soldiers and comrades". Today is the ultimate patriotic fanatic holiday. My question of the day; for what reason is it an honor to volunteer to be fodder for the canon. For what reason is it an honor to die for nothing, to fight for reasons that do not exist, to fight against the flesh for powers that be that one cannot even see. For what reason is it an honor to be so poor that one will volunteer their life in exchange for money after one leaves the service, if one leaves the service. For what reason is it an honor for persons to be brainwashed with propaganda, theirs or mine. For what reason is it an honor to become a violent person and pick up a gun and kill another person for no reason at all. For what reason is it an honor to be a veteran who now make up the majority of the homeless population. For what reason is it an honor to attend one of those military sponsored funerals and cry over the image of a flag that propagates violence, the same flag that caused ones death. For what reason is it an honor to fall and die for nothing. For what reason is it an honor to promote this ideology. What is heroic about all of this? And why does the word "Patriot" have the word "Riot" in it? And why does the word "Military" militant militia have the word "Mal" in it? "Parens Patriarch, Father of our country", that phrase seems to be the basis of endless deaths of the world. I saw Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary. It is nineteen eighty four and Orwellianism is everywhere at its best today. Is it written somewhere that this must all come to pass? Happy beach bar b queing Memorial day. Peace on earth. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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An Arts Festival

And that 13th Annual Lower East Side Festival of the Arts is going on today. I know because I happen to pass by there today in my travels around town and saw a big street festival with vendors everywhere there next to Theater For The New City where those festivals are held every year. And I also saw their ads in this past weeks papers as well. And those festivals are a festival indeed as their theater seems to be s hughe place with so many theaters that that one can seemingly get lost there tryiing to find one of their theaters. And their annual Lower East Side Festival of the Arts brings together performing arts organizations, local and international celebrities, independent artists, poets, puppeteers, film makers and many others. And Theater For The New City's 3 day festival by Crystal Field is free, from Friday, May 23 through Sunday, May 25. And if you happen to be in the neighborhood, it may be worth checking out. And their list of performers are many including:

Dorothy Friedman August, Louisa Bradshaw, Steve Cannon, Judith Andrea Caporale, Steve Dalachinsky, Ellen Farber, Five Easy Peaces (Amber, Be Laroe, Lois Kagan Mingus, Marlena Lortez Terwilliger, Joanie Fritz Zosike), Geoffrey Holman, David Hubermann, L.E.S. Jules, Barbara Kahn, Lissa Moira, Ronne Norpel, Richard O’Brien, Valery Oisteanu, Yuko Otomo, Anthony Parker, Howard Pflanzer, Goya Robles, Tom Savage, Bina Sharif, Kelsey Shipman, Ellen Steier, Danny Shot, Bruce Weber, Richard West, Daniel Albert, Krista Anderson, Jeanette Arnone-K, Jennie Booth, Crystal Bretschger, Fernando Carpaneda, Caitlin Casell,a Jennifer Cauffman, Marisa DeMarco, Denise DeSpirito, Lu DiRusso, Lauren Fatzinger, Brian Fee, Maria Fee, Columbia Fiero, Anabel Giladi, Darius Gubala, Erika Huddleston, Marina Korenfeld, Ethel Kriss, Morgan Lappin, Evan Laurence, Micha Lazare, Ujin Lee, Leora Lent, Samantha Levin, William Lindsay, Hariclia Michailidis, Adam Miller, Alli Miller, Lissa Moira, Judy Negron, Rochelle Pashkin, Karen Pawson, David Platt, Vadim Prokhorov, Carolyn Ratcliffe, Hannah Rawe, Janet Restino, Carla E. Reyes, Jamison Sarteschi, Justin T. Shockley, Fedele Spadafora, Len Speier, Chris Swiatek, Thailan, Charlene Weisler, Nicole Wilson, RENO, Penny Arcade, Vinnie Burrown, Epstein and Hassan, Steve Ben Israel, Taylor Meade, Rome Neal, Lavina Co-Op, Joe Franklin, Rosie Mendez, Deborah Glick, Jerry Tallmer, David Amran, Judy Gorman, Arthur Abrams, Joe Bendik, Juini Booth, Susan Gittens, Mark Marcante, Joanie Fritz Zosike, Robert Fitzsimmons, Richard West, James Rado, Gary Legault, Laurence Holder, Barbara Kahn, Bina Sharif, Matt Morillo and many more.

Have a great art and festival day.
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Friday, May 23, 2008


Hey Bloggers, oh gee. I have just found myself stumbling across yet another website to become addicted to in my blogaholicness of the seemingly never ending social media websites to visit. And as if MyBlogLog, YouTube, MySpace, SocialSpark aren't enough to keep one busy in webaholicness already. And the list of social media websites out there in the webasphere goes on and on. And I came across Twitter from my Social Sparkaholicness, as they are one of the many bazillion and seemingly zillions of Twitter users. And so I wondered what Twitter was and is, as I see their website listed everywhere on the internet every so often. And now I have found out and I have found myself myself Twittering as npsgirl non stop, or at least until I stop, attempting to follow practically every user on their website for every name and noun I can think of in the universe and world for the past hour and this blogaholicness may go on till evermore or something like that, as their website seems never ending. Is this one of those 50 signs you're a blogaholic? And Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people using the web, your phone, or IM. Join today to start receiving npsgirl's and everyone else you can think of's updates. Have a Great Twitter day.
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Social Spark Is Live

Hey Bloggers, SocialSpark is live. And if you happen to be one of those bloggers who are attempting to blog their way to riches, you may understand what that phrase means. SocialSpark is a Social Marketing Network that connects advertisers and bloggers through an online advertising marketplace. And I can not seem to say enough about Social Spark these days, as it is another one of those Pay Per Post and IZEA company websites. And Social Spark is as its names implies, one of those social media websites with a spark, and user can create sparks for their blogs at their website. And what's different about this website is that one can interact and network with other bloggers, leave comments on their profiles, request other bloggers to be their friends on their profile and actually get paid for marketing opportunities and writing about products they like at the same time. What better way than to network and blog online than this. And I find myself visiting their website on a daily, hourly and minutely basis or at least as much as I can possible in my blogaholicness. And the colors and photos of everyones blogger profiles on their website are really cool and fun to look at. And one can also nominate and vote for their favorite blogs for their Bloggers Choice Awards 08. And that little sparky guy character on their page with the flame is hot. Social Spark rocks.

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

A Full Moon

And this following passage is another one of those New Pacifica Yahoo group emails that I received in my inbox the other day. And those emails are sent by so many people that they can fill up an inbox in an hour if one is not looking. And this email is about full moons, and I found it interesting to repost, as those full moons are one of those amazing mystical, astrological, spiritual and magical events of the world to me where Dracula, witches and the werewolves come out, and as the word lunatic seems to come from lunar, and month from the word moon, that cycle of life:

New Moons and Full Moons often influence us for the 3 days before and 3 days after the actual event.

From Anne's interpretations, The Mountain Astrologer

The Moon is Full at 29º of Scorpio
Monday, May 19, 2008 at 7:12 p.m. PDT

This Full Moon represents the 2nd of two rare consecutive Scorpio Full Moons in a row. Scorpio represents such emotionally intense and complex energy that it takes four symbols to describe and encompass Scorpio’s journey of transformation:

1) Scorpion – stinging itself or stinging others to express power or hide pain
2) Snake – shedding the constricting skin of the past
3) Phoenix – rising from destruction to be reborn
4) Eagle – able to soar higher and see farther than any other bird

It is likely that you are seeing one or more of these archetypal energies at work somewhere in your life. If you have your natal chart, look to where the transiting Moon (29º of Scorpio) and the transiting Sun (29º of Taurus) are located at this time. The issues associated with these houses are very likely where these archetypal energies are being felt the most.

Adding major stress to an already intense Full Moon is a planetary face-off in all four fixed signs (i.e., Sun in Taurus, Moon in Scorpio, Saturn in Leo, and Neptune in Aquarius). This Fixed Grand Cross really ratchets up the intensity, especially if you were born with planets in those signs. This face-off underscores the need to let go, so you can turn some corners. It may feel very unsettling, but it's a divinely designed reality check guaranteed to increase your awareness of what's not working. It demands that you face your illusions and peel away some significant layers of “stuckness.” It's time to change or be changed! So, be ready and willing to move out of your comfort zone. Positive constructive focus is really a key to your sanity now.

On April 20, when the 1st Scorpio Full Moon occurred at 0º, you were called to initiate a process of physical and emotional release in at least two area of your life (i.e., in the houses where. 0º of Scorpio and 0º of Taurus are located in your natal chart). Now this 2nd Scorpio Full Moon occurs at 29º. The 29th degree of any sign is called the "critical" degree of that sign, and it indicates that a phase has come to an end in these areas and a test regarding your mastery of the lessons is being presented. Wherever this Full Moon shines its light in your natal chart tells you where transformation is underway. (If you'd like to know what areas these are, what this means for you, and how to make the most of it, contact Bernie to schedule an appointment for a personal reading.)

The previous Full Moon in Scorpio also provided a 6-month checkpoint for the intentions you seeded at the time of the New Moon in Scorpio on November 9, 2007. Your insights at that time told you where you had more forgiveness and release work to do regarding old hurts and undermining habits. This Full Moon reveals how well you've used those insights, what's still not working, and where completion is now called for.

This “1” year is all about creating a new order and new life. That's what you've been working on for some time. It's as though the planets themselves are conspiring to kick-start your journey through the birth canal. And the birth process that really began with your intentions for 2008 will culminate at the time of the Summer Solstice (June 21). Before this time, you'll want to free yourself of as much old excess baggage as possible, and that’s what this Full Moon encourages you to do.

Pluto is now moving in retrograde motion and is hovering at 0º of Capricorn. This reminds you that transformation begins internally and that truly owning your power implies responsibility. Is Capricorn a heavy weight energy? Yes! But Pluto’s retrograde motion through this sign also gives you the opportunity (now and throughout the summer) to explore new methods and tactics. This energy also encourages you to reflect on your long-range goals and the beliefs that will and won't take you there.

In addition to Pluto, there are three other celestial bodies are about to turn retrograde:

· Chiron turns retrograde on May 25 and stays in retrograde until October 25. This encourages all of us to turn inward and reclaim our hopes and dreams. During this time, healing is likely to be done internally; then, after Chiron turns direct on October 25, our inner lessons will be brought out into the light to be shared with others who will heal from your newly gained wisdom.

· Mercury turns retrograde on May 26 and stays in retrograde until June 19. This backward movement through Gemini will encourage the break up of old mental patterning and foster the reconfiguration of new neural pathways (i.e., new ways of thinking). It is an excellent time to be exposed to new philosophies or thought-processes.

· Neptune turns retrograde on May 26 and stays in retrograde until November 1. This calls for you to turn inward and dream a new dream. Due to turning inward to explore the depths of your psyche, it is often a time when fears will come to the surface in order to be healed. However, it is also a time when your connection to Spirit/your Higher Self can strengthen and you can establish new faith and trust in this connection. Fear versus faith . . . it is a choice!

These two Scorpio Full Moons brought you a double dose of Pluto's powerful alchemical forces of death and rebirth. However, the Sun in Taurus has lit up both of these Full Moons, meaning you're also getting a double dose of Venus, which is the ruler of Taurus. And therein lies the key to the successful navigation of these deep turbulent waters. Use and focus on all of Venus’s strengths . . . beauty, grace, and most importantly, love. Taurus highlights your values . . . so make love your highest value. Beauty and grace are sure to follow.

The stem of the word transformation is "trans" meaning change. But the type of transformation indicated by this Full Moon is not like changing your favorite color. It's deeper and more the caterpillar becoming a butterfly... a complete metamorphosis.

However, you're currently in the chrysalis stage. It’s a time when significant endings and new beginnings are occurring. Remember to take care of your body, spend time connecting with nature and the earth, reflect and acknowledge your true feelings, and forgive everyone and everything . . . especially yourself. Then prepare to spread your wings. "What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly" (Chuang Tse).

Have a great astrological day
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The Marines

And for some reason, today I find myself blogging about marine electronics. Now that sounds like an interesting word. And what exactly are marine electronics, electronics that are for marines. And doesn't marine have something to do with water. Well upon visiting their website, I figured out that this website is actually a place to find Marine GPS, Global Positioning Systems, military tactical gear, boating, fishing, camping, recreation, outdoor sports and other sports supplies. So if you happen to be looking for sporting goods and more for your sport, Big T Sports is a place to look. Their website offers lots of supplies when it comes to sports. And if possible, please try to remember to be kind to the earth and help save planet mother earth. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The News

And I can not comprehend the news today of one of the many headlines that read "5 million homeless in China." And it is my Utopian thought that the land can be squatted there and housing can be provided free for all. Whose right is it to sale the land anyway, a basic necessity of humanity life, food and shelter. And it is my hope that the world can be squatted one day, and everyone can be free from oppression of having to pay for a roof over ones head, a basic necessity of human life. And I also cannot comprehend the headline that was yesterdays, or maybe the day befores headline in AM New York that read, "Vending Their Anger". And it seems as if it is a continuation of yet another one of those New York City give a ticket to anyone and anything that moves traffic violations money racket schemes. And this article went on to say that now food and merchandise vendors are being given frivolous tickets and fines simply for being food and merchandise vendors, even with permits. First it was the parking ticket and get your car towed violations money racket, and then the Metropolitan Transit Authority give out as many summons to anyone and everyone as possible for anything one can think of money racket, and now this. Will this everyone in New York who can possibly finance the finance department of New York City money racket ever end, or is that another one of those Utopian thoughts. And what does that phrase money racketeering mean anyway. And what are transportation violation ticket money making scheme statistics like in other cities and countries around the world, and would that make a difference if one knew those statistics anyway. And then there is the news of yet another gun shooting and act of gun violence in the news yesterday, today and tomorrow. So many atrocities of the is it the fourth amendment right to kill anyone over a piece of property, that I am becoming numb and desensitized from reading the stories from a news, advertising, marketing and media industry that feeds itself off of violence, of yet another person who has lost their life to gun violence for no reason at all except for the fact that guns have been invented for the merchant of death industry, a seemingly endless cycle that feeds upon itself. If only guns can be vanished from every human being on the face of planet earth. Guns are the worst invention of an industry ever. Is there hope for the world and mankind. Where is the world headed in these days and times. Are the morals and values of society declining and collapsing. No one is free when others are oppressed. Is another world possible. And what does this have to do with a No Police State? Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.
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Monday, May 19, 2008

A Vacation

And every so often one may find themselves in need of a vacation, or in want of a vacation for some reason or another. And then what about those plane fare tickets or other type of travel tickets that can cost one ones whole life savings sometimes to buy. And then what if one does not happen to have a life savings to buy that travel fare ticket? At Vacation Loans, one can find a loan for that vacation and more. They offer cash advances and payday loans for your vacation, as they are all loans all the time.

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The Yankees

And for some reason the word Yankee is coming to mind as one of those random thoughts of the day. Maybe it could be because I saw someone wearing one of those Yankee baseball caps with the letters NY on them today in my travels around that town of New York City. And what does the word Yankee mean anyway, does Wikipedia, that internet bible dictionary, have an entry for that. And I think of that Yankee baseball team that is supposed to represent the State of New York I imagine, and baseball and apple pie. And then the lyrics of that song comes to mind, "Yankee Doodle went to town a riding on a pony, stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni." What are those lyrics about? Is there some secret hidden meaning in them or something, or maybe not. And doesn't that word have something to do with cowboys and indians or something. What is the origin of that word. Can that word be translated to Latin, Greek and then back into English or something. Is that some sort of a person, nationality or philosophy? What's that word all about. And whatever it may mean, have a great Yankee day.

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Who's On The Phone

And every so often, usually when someone does not leave a message, or for some other reason, one may find themselves looking for that Reverse Cell Phone Lookup to see who just called and to find out who that nuimber was on the phone. And if you happen to be looking for that reverse number lookup, you can find it at Whos Number Is That.You can find detailed information of family, friends and other phone numbers at their website. And you can also find No Call List Information to register your number for that do not call list as well.

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The Parking Ticket

And while I am on the topic of tickets and summons again as in the previous post about two posts ago, is there some sort of money racket going on with the City of New York and parking and towing cars or something in this town. Historically I have heard of horror stories, and just one today of "Gee, I just had to pay a zillion dollars and more revenue to the City of New York to have my car ticketed and towed and it cost me a billion dollars more to get it back" stories. And then it seems as if that between the rent a parking space, off the side street parking, paying for parking tickets, having ones vehicle towed and whatever else that requires money for ones automobile, that one needs twenty full time jobs just to afford their car in New York City. Is it possible to have a world without The New York Department Of Finance Parking Violations so that one would never have to hear another one of those "My car got ticketed and towed for a bazillion dollars to finance the department of finance" stories ever again. And what would that mean, or is that another one of those utopian thoughts. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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This Telephone Call

Ever wonder Who Just Called you and you can not figure it out. At WhoJustCalledHere, you can find out who just called you. You can also register your number with a do not call list as well as find phone number information from that reverse number look up search, which can be helpful when it comes to receiving those telemarketer phone calls every millisecond of the day and night. At the Who Just Called website, finding out who just called has just become easier.

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Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Dance Parade

Hey again bloggers, and from what I hear and read in the papers this past week, that Dance Parade is taking place today in New York City. And it seems as it if is a parade and festival of dance, dance and more dancing in the streets, rain or shine, and that there will be just dancing everywhere you look, or at least dancing everywhere you look in the Manhattan streets. And anyone can sign up to dance at their website. And it almost sounds as if you can just show up and dance, dance, and more dance. And there will be dance companies and dance individuals and floats and bands and music and DJs down Broadway from 32nd Street toward Tompkins Square Park at the end where there will be performances, dance lessons and a dance party. And the list of dancers and dance groups looks as if there are thousands and millions of people and organizations participating that go on and on including:

Dance companies: Agape Drum, Agua Dulce Dance Theater, Albanian Folkloric Ensemble,Amy Marshall Dance Company,Anatolian Folk Dance,ASAmed Inc.,Athens Dance Network / To Diktuo Xopou tis Athinas,Ballet International Africans,Batucada 'Atelier,Belly Rhythm,Best Kept Secret,Bloco Quimbombo,Brookyln Bombshells,C. Eule Dance,C.H.I.C.KChampagne Entertainment Inc,CheerfulCirkulock Inc,Contemporary Ballet Theatre,rybal
lettheatre,Cultural Fraternity Pachamama,Dance Central New York, Inc,Dance Dance Party Party,Dance Manhattan,Dance of Venus,Dance Professionals Social Network,Eboni Foxx Dance Company,Eidolon Ballet5Ballet,Elephant Ride Inc,Elisa Monte Dance,Energy in the Middle,Fusion of Youth,Georgian Youth Folkloric Ballet "Egrisi",Gold Tooth entertainment,Gotham Swing Club,GRAND MARSHAL,Greek American Folklore Society,Groupe Folklorique - El Alaoui,Haunted Possie,House of YES,Hustle On One - Miguel Marrero Dance Company,Hypnotized Dance Company,Ivycare,Jorday Rivera's Dance Studio,Julia Kulakova Dance,Knicks City Dancers,Latin Dance Connection, Luis and Mary Ann Rosa, Rhythms and Soul Dance,Manhattan Samba,Manhattan Syckness,Manhattan Tribal,Mazurdance,Mega / Spanish Broadcasting System,Metropolis in Motion,Millennium Hustle/New York Hustle Congress,Miss Dance of the United States and the United States Dance Team,Mortal Beasts and Deities,Natalia Starkova Dance,Neville Dance Theatre,New York Music In Motion,New York State Chapter of the American Dance Therapy Association,NY USA DANCE,NYC Flaggers,Nzassa Company INC,Opéra Brut /nyc-paris,Orgullo Taino,Orquesta Los Soneros - Salsa Band,Party People Central,Peter Munch,Protege,PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment),Remembering New Orleans,Rhythm Locura,Rubulad,Samba Amour,Santo Rico Kids,School of Traditional Argentine Tango,Seasons Dance Factory,Septik Nexus,Sha-Rock (formerly of Funky Four Plus 1),Sisters In Motion,Song Hee Lee Dance Company,Sound Mind Media,Stage Stars,Sueño Con Cuba Ensemble,T. Lion Dance/BodyStories,Team Dynasty Crew,The House Coalition,The Jitterbug Kids,The Korean Traditional Music and Dance Institute of New York,The Love Show,The Movement Collective,The New York Flamenco Meetup Group,Toury Chivas - 1960's Columbia Fun Bus,Tropical Image Dance Studio,Urban Sanctuary,X-Sight Dance Team,YMCA Hip Hop Dancers and YWCA at Murry Bergtraum HS.
Individual Dancers: 1A I2Aarona Lewis3Abdulla Al-ammari4Abe TOrkelton5Abeni Garrett6Adam Dare7Adercio Delima8Adrianna Tobar9Aeishah Abdul-Raheem10Aida Orellana11Aileen Roehl12Aimee Perdomo13Aj Puleo14Akilah Lovell15Al Mattei16Al Braun17Alaina Van Pak18Alaine Handa19Alan Avila20Alan Haimowitz21Alana Guevara22ALBERT CRINO23Alberto Eleon24Aldo Bueno25Aleksandr Dronov26Alena Kosik27Alessia Di palma28Alex Rodriguez29Alex Kim30Alexander Rodriguez31Alexander Rodnignel32Alexander Rudenko33Alexander `aluanez34Alexander Brauer35Alexandra Karigan36Alexis Melendez37Alice Lee38Alicia Diaz39Alicia Alvarenga40Alicia Stevenson41Alicia Moore42Alina Koltunova43Aline Porte44Aline Gimenes45Alison MacKenzie46Alisoun Price47Alix Alvarez48Alliosha Soriano49Allison Firestone50Alvarito Tejada51Alyssa De52Alyssa F53AMALIA ROMBOTIS54Amalia Retrepo55Amanda Ritondo56Amanda Johnson57Amanda Ashcraft58Amanda Jonnson59Amantha May60Amena Raja61Amina Heckstall62Amnel Holguin63Amu Amu64Amy Marshall65Amy Marrisa66Amy Adams67Amy Persico68Amy L69Amy Kohtz70Amy Staub71Amy Werba72Amy Verebay73Amy Lin74Ana Beatriz Squassoni75Analyn San Rafael76Andre Viti77Andre Knight78Andrea Firmino79Andrea Amico80Andrea Restrepo81Andreas Berlind82Andres Vasquez83Andres Valdez84Andrew Inomata85Andrew Nunziata86Andrew Corcoran87Andrey Tartyshnyy88Andy Reinnie89Andy Mohammed90Andy Mohammed91Anester Cleveland92Aneta Smolko93Ang Kami Sherpa94Angel Ventura95Angel Cruz96Angel Angel97Angel birch Cruz98Angela Lee99Angela Navarro100Angelina Rao101Angelina Villapiano102ANGELO LES103ANGIE TAKOS104Anisha Gay105Anita Brown106Ann Cminn107Ann Chinn108Anna Griffin109Anna Roytman110Anna Bidnaya111Anna Yurevich112Anna Shapiro113Anna Holtzman114Anna Souvorov115Anne Smith116Anne Moroney117Anne Mah118Anne Jacobs119Annel C.120Annette Hernandez121Annie O122Annoid Guadalupe123Anthony Aavello124Antonio Marte jr.125Antonio Saltalamacchia126Antonio G. Fernandez127Antoniya Borisova128Anyta Costales129Anyta Anyata130April Palmieri131Ariel Pizano132Ariele Riboh133ARJUNA SHANTI134Arkadiusz - Erock Lesniak135Arriel Arriel136Arrieli Arrieli137ARSIE ROMBOTIS138Arslan Satkanbayev139Arvetter Marine140Asako Nakano141Ashalee Cooper142Ashley Roessner143Ashley Palley144Assboeck Simone145Aubade Raynbo146Audrey Rigsbee147Audrey Sussman148Audrey Melikian149Augencio Ferreira150Aura Renta151Austin Roberts152Austio Dussin153Awu Awu154Ayanna Davis155Aylmer Salomon156Baked Soyes157Barbara Tibaldi158Barbara Donahue159Barbara Daly160Barbara Nesmith161Barbara Russell162Bart Bowman163Basmah El Enabrim164Baxter Joen165Beata Kowal166Becky Nordmann167Belabbas Abdennasser168Belinda Kwan169Bell Bell170Belmahi Abderrahmane171Ben Ben172Ben Crock173Benjamin Hung174Benjamin Arthur175Bensamion Soto176Bernadette Ayala177Bert Pinnock178Beryl Tobin179Beth Hunderski180Bethany Davis181Betsy Light182Betsy Mata183Beverly Evans184Bianca Atkinson brown185Bidemi Obitor186Bill Sirparr187Bill White188Bill Darby189Bill Haasters190Billie Mannarino191Birnur Siren192BLAKE GENTILE193Blanca Zelaya194Blazej Mulik195Blue Blue196Bob Stein197Bobo Han198Boo Shelby199Boris Pinto200Boyani Michieka201Bradley Foreman202Bradley Foreman203Brandon Bolling204Brayan Guevara205Brenda Linard206Brian Wonsever207Brian Lin208Brian Stone209Brianna Bussfeld210Brigette Gomas211Brigette Milicay212Brigitte Gagon213Brittany Winkler214Brret Bret215Bruna C216Bruni Bruni217Bryan Arbelaez218Bryan Mancuso219Bryan Saunders220Brynda Brynda221Bryon Haynes222Bueno Miguel223BYRON RIVERS224Cadesa Ramharrack225Caitlin Nelms226Cameron Krewson227Cameron Toth228Candace Crawford229Cara Wolinsky230Carey DeMoss231Carina Amendolara232Carleton Palmer233Carlos Sepulveda234Carlos Henriquez235Carmelo Hernandez236Carmen Lopez237Carol Henning238Carol Carol239Carolina Loiola240Caroline Holland241Caroline Krueger242Caroline Ruda243Caroline Baez244Carolyn Hernandez245Carolyn Grimaldi246Caron Eule247Caryl Liebmann248Cassandra Porter249Catalina Guerrero250Catalina Guerrero251Catherine Lau252Catherine Williams253CB CB254CC CC255Cecilia Landi256Cecilia Rodriguez257Celeste Gertsen258Celia Gianfrancesco259Celson Placido260Cermelo Hernandez261Cesar Restrepo262Cesar Bayona263Ceyda Ataman264Chad Davis265Chad Levy266Chantelle White267Charisse Early268Charlene Gariey269Charlene Lam270Charles Zelaya271Charles Thomas272Cheo Sanchez273Cherae Ward274Cheryl Ziskroit275Cheryl Yanek276Cheryl Purvis277Cheryll Lynn278Chia Bloch279Chiko Lai280Chloe Le281Chris Lowes282Chris Leone283Chris Liu284Chris White285Chris Goodmacher286Chris Szymczak287Chris Vaas288Christian Van Pak289Christie Rivera290Christina Siesto291CHRISTINA VENTURA292CHRISTINA LES293Christina Devereaux294Christina Neil295Christina Petnal296Christina Savulov297Christine Kohler298Christine Colon299Christine Maucelli300Christopher Lowes301Christopher Marlborough302Cindy Almodovar303Cindy Restrepo304Ciro Rosselli305CJ-Jacinto Cruz306Ck CK307Clara Tow308Clarissa Landi309Claudia Di zenobio310Claudio Barbosa311Clay Chalem312Cloiness Cloiness313Coco Coco314Cola Jade315Colette Antonelli316Colin Cootes317Colin Shepherd318Collette Nivel319Conchi Alarcon320Constina Alston321Cory Davenport322Courtney Bolton323Crystal Jones324Cubi Cubi325Curdapia Perpektua326Cynthia Tian327Cynthia Morrison328D. Skye Mitton329D.J. POOKEY330Dafna Soltes Stein331Dain Nan332Dajon Mountcastle333DAMARIS MERCADO334Damir Mouzdybaev335Dan Fisher336Dana Fortunato337Dana Chomko338Dana Johns339Danaies Guzman340Danalys Guzman341Dancing Casey342Daniel Rozum343Daniel Maldonado344Daniel Peer345Daniel Soutiff346Daniel Uncles347Danielle Zuccheri348Danielle King349Danielle Seidita350Danielle Dees351Danielle Pignatello352Danielle Nicolas353Dante Jenifer354Dara Patrusky355Daria Sanchez356Darius Melendez357Dariusz Bil358Darnell Jefferson359Darya Chernikhova360Dassian Dassian361Dave Kers362Davey "Mashala" Mitchell363David Ferino364David Lizcano365David Leventhal366David Mukbaniani367David Sharpe368David Husney369David Martinez370David Rodriguez371David Gonsier372David Bryant373David Bae374David alexander Loarau375David alexander Hoarau376Davin David377Davina Askin378Davis Bethany379Dawn Giambalvo380Dayna Peters381Deanna Delicous382Debbie Lakis383Deborah Ford384Deborah Rivers385Deborah Tint386Deborah Bagg387Deepak Sharma388DeEtte Whiteman389Deidre Vidro390Deigratia Daniels391Delcio Acosta392Delicia Reynolds393Della Hasselle394Delmar Rincon395Delores Asse'Jules396Denis Gilbert397Denise Lugo398Denise Wallach399Denise Perez400Denise LaBelle401DENISE THOMAS402Dennis Murray403Dennis Pustylnikov404Denyse Goddard-Jones405Derek Rusinak406Derek Samuel407Deshawn Paul408Desiree Mendez409Dex Neblette410Diamond Rivera411Diana Uva412Diana Rodriguez413Diana Duarte414Diane Garnick415Diane Resnick416Diane Garnick417Diannah Sparks418Dianne Sokol419Dianne Bazan420Dick Michael421Diego Bonilla422Diego Sousa423Dillard Boone424Dionis Santana425Dipak Patel426Disco Jim Epiacopio427Diviana Marin428Diviana Marin429Diviana Marin430Dixie Rock431DJ McDonald432DJ Rob Rekshyt Lewis433DJ Soul Heaven434Dj tommy Bones435Dj tony tone Rivera436Djuna Passman437Don Don438Donna Gianell439Dough Davis440Douglas Gles441Douglas Rozum Jr442Douglas Giles443Douglas Wink444Dreena Reyes445Dru Robertson446Dunia Lipowel447Dushane Ramsay448E. Bellas449Eamon Howley450EBA ZE SYLVAN451Eboni Foxx Dance Company Foxx452Eddie Soutiff453Eddie Vidro454Eddie Dean455Eden Atencio456Edith Ollwerther457Edna Davoll458Eduardo Camelyer459Edward Hollings460Edwin Ramoran461Edwina Morgan462Eick Hanna463Eila Masur464Eileen Jaworowicz465Eileen Zhou466Eirini AINDILI467Ekaterina Ponomareva468Elaine Holmes469Elaine Huff470Elaine Janssen471Elaine Roman472Elena Salcedo473Elena Granovksy474Elena Reccagni475ELENA KYRIAKIDES476Elena Nunez477ELENI CASSIMOS478Elenor Alberto479Elias Sandoval480Elijah Hutchinson481Elinoar Astrinsky482Elis Edwards483Elise White484Elizabeth Bueno485Elizabeth Jaeger486Elizabeth Gonzalez487Elizabeth Petrossian488Elizabeth LaBue489Elizabeth Hervas490Elizabeth Zimmerman491Elizabeth Simancas492Elizabeth Silver493Elizabeth (Dj DatGurl) Ruiz (aka Curly)494ELLENA TAKOS495Ellyn Penza496Elsa Garza497Em Bellas498Emi Ito499Emilie Souza500Emily Chesler501Emmy Scelsi502ERic Schimmel503Eric Dorso504Eric Nelson505Erica Holmes506Erica Nicole507Erica Ferrari508Erica Brabon509Erich Rivera510Erick Betancourt511ERIKA BLACK512Erika Veils513Erika Buchholz514Erin Jennings515Erin Burkett516Ernest Soto517Ernie Dimitropolos518Erwin & Linda Protter519Esma Korn520Esma Korn521Esther Stern522Ethan Baldwin523Eugene Wheeler524Eugenia Pigassiou525Eunice Chen526Eva Wu527Eva Ng528Eveline Pompeu529Evelyn Monloe530Evelyn Evelyn531Evelyn Rubin532Evelyn Delgadillo533Evelyn Monloe534F Michael Williams535Fabia Dorea536Fabiani Leon537Fabio Nogueira Liguori Alves538Farrukh ( fooks ) Hani539Felipe Ceballos540Felix Pinto541Filippo Masetti542Fiona Hopkins543Fire Fly544Fletcher Perez545Fox Michelle546Frances Bartolomeo547Frances Olajide548Frances Montera549Francesca santangelo550Francine Corriere551Frank DePalma552Fred Baker553Fred Ruiz554Freda Le Prevost555Funk Buddha556Gabriela Andrade557Gabrielle Gosselin558Gamila El Masri559Gary Wade560Gayle Allard561Gee Steve562Geison Bacilio563Gene Rombola564Gennaro Rea565George George566George Reed567George Macys568Georgia Madway569Gerard Gerard570Gerardo Vital571Gerry Spanger572GianMaria Morra573Gilad Rosner574Gilda Oliveira575Gildy Monroe576Gina DeFreitas577Gizela Andrade578Gladys Garcia579Glenda Springer580Glenn Diamond581Glenna Palley582Gloria Peccora583Gosha Karpowicz584Grace Del Val585Gradia Jones586Grae Matter587Grant Gilliam588Grant Gilliam589Greg Miller590Greg Babko591Greg Thorpe592Greg Lustberg593Greg Miller594Greg Infante595Gregorio Gonzalez596Gregory Cleveland597Gregory Rollins598Gregory Seeley599Gretchen Craig600Griselle Alfonso601Guilherme Andrade602Guilherme Medeiros603Gunner Write604Gustavo Lima605Gwen Sheinfeld606Gypsy Mason607Habby Jacques608Hadar Burger609Haider Hamza610Haines Haines611Hamara Holt612Hanna Hanna613Harrison Weiss614HARRY JR GASKIN615Harry Ray Gaskin Jr.616Harshad Chaudhari617Havi Le618Haydee Villanueva619Heather Kaden620Heather Bondra621Heather Flock622Hector Rivera623Heidi McClure624Heidi Turzyn625Heidy Correa626HELEN SKARLA627Herika Da costa628Herminio Gonzalez629Heyoka Dancer630Hilda Rodriguez631Hiromi Shimamura632Hirosi Mitsumine633Hischam Hafez634Horacio Tovar635Hristo Stoychev636Hsini Ma637Ian DeJesus638Ian Keldoulis639Ilan Patao640Ileana Adamos641Ily Zislin642Indhalia R643Insup Shin644IRENE AINDILI645Irene Canova646Irene Baigor647Irina Georgescu648Isaac Loloey649Isabel Kurth650Isabel Ma651Isabelle Sigal652Ivy Quinones653Jack Kim654Jackie burgos Burgos655Jacquelin Franklin656Jacqueline Cohen657Jacqueline Tolentina658Jade Durkee659Jaime Jaime660Jaime Jaime661JAIR IZAGUIRRE662Jairo Velasques663Jala Adolphus664Jalila A. Bell, Esq.665James DeFato666Jamie Donat667Jamilah **668Jan Lasalle669Jan Van Pak670Jan-Margaret Llorens671Jane Wong672Jane Bae673Jane Arakelyn674Janette Dishuk675Janine Lyons676Janson Mao677Jaron Joiner678Jarret Wolfman679Jasmine Vasquez680Jasmine Sante681Jason Byers682Jason Parson683Jason Ritchie684Jason Gill685Jason Myra686Jason (Ecco) Vandoimen687JC Cassis688Jean Abel689Jeana Lisa McLeod690Jeanette Holmes691Jeanette Arnone692Jeanna Paredes693Jeannie Beaumont694Jeannie Irizarry695Jeff Hammond696Jeffrey Vinokur697Jeffrey Truong698Jeffrey Webb699Jehan Kamal700Jen Pringle701JEN ONE702Jenene Cook703Jenifer Giammanco704Jenna Anttila-hughes705JENNA VENTURA706Jennifer Sowden707Jennifer Rossi708Jennifer Marlborough709Jennifer Grabowski710Jennifer Libran711Jennifer Lamonica712Jennifer Riggin713Jennifer Rasinski714Jennifer Browning715Jennifer Cheng716Jenny Sierra717Jeremiah Shawl718Jeremy Zucker719Jermaine Mountcastle720Jerry Feldman721Jesse Rosenfeld722Jessica Jones723Jessica Pierson724Jessica Pierson725Jessica Schultz726Jessica Herrera727Jessica Krigsman728Jhoneen Preece-doswell729Joanna Feliz730Joanne Ip731Jocelyn Lam732Joe Oles733Joe Preval734Joel Morales735Joergen Geerds736Johan Vargas737Johana Sanchez738John Jaeger739John Abadia740John Quarto-vonTivadar741John Baldwin jr.742John Fuerstien743John Rawlins744John Green745John Oconnor746Johnny Rodas747Johnny Quinn Alston748JoJo Jack749Jon Hanley750Jonathan Jimenez751Jonathan Ribecca752Jonathan Azua753Jordan Reese754Jordan JAZ Juliano755Jorge Mercado756Jorge Vasquez757Jorge Mora758Jose Tejeda759Jose Rodrigues760Jose antonio Pavlich761Joseph Maldonado762Josh Campoverde763Josh Ziegelman764Joshua Rothenberg765Josie Ritondo766Joy Bergmann767Joy Arico768Joyce Lee769Joyce Cardenas770Juan Escobar771Jud Gardner772Judith Z. Miller773Jules The774Julian Tirsu775Juliana Simoni776Juliana Novoseletsky777Julie Lian778Julie Sherbooringer779Julie Radchenko780Julie Varela781Juliet Fuisz782Julius Ceasar783Justin Van Vorst784Justin Dewolf785Justin Bozinta786Justin Bardawill787Justine Pepicelli788K.d. Isaacs789Kaeshi Chai790Kanita Ahmed791Karen Kahn792Karen Kirschner793Karen Ann Elizabeth Kriegel794Kari Wolk795Karmyn Caraballo796Kat Noel797Katherine Gonzales798Katherine Rodriguez799Kathleen Flannelly800Kathrun Veltre801Kathy Tabbanella802Kathy Gaskins803Katie Zerzan804Katie Clancy805Katrina Lucas806Katrina Taylor807Katrina Leshinsky808Kay Ortiz809KayKay Davis-Daniels810Kaylin Roth811Keiko Ito812Keirnyn Ross813Keisha Franklin814Keith Harrison815Keith Silcio816Kelley McKinnon817Kelly Molina818Ken Soriano819Ken Romo820Kenneth Bing821Keri Badach822Kerry Weber823KEVIN LAM824Kevin Porter825Kevin McNally826KEVIN BRYANT827Khan Hannan828Khrytyna Cusimano829Kike Olaya830Kilby Browne831Kim Bain832Kim Braun833Kimberly Rivera834Kimbery Russo835Kin Wan836Kinley Doucette837Kip Britton838Kj Bowen839Kristen Lepore840Kristin Radakovits841Kristina Lopez842KRISTY KOH843Ksenia Kudashkina844Kseniya Linov845Ky Nguyen846Kyeatta Hendricks847Kyle Gorjanc848Kyler Rolo849La MAGDALENA850Lalette Cottrell851Landy Kosmik852Lanlen San Rafael853Laura Selikson854Laura Skibiski855Laura Siegel856Laura Hoos857Laura Shay858Laura Duverge859Laura Brooks860Laure Lion861Lauren Magdalena862Lauren (Alura) Lewis863Laurinda Wilson864Lawrence Wang865Lawrence Medina866Layla Juma867Leandro Decarvalho868Leandro Barbosa869LeeAnne Homsey870Leigh Ann Eliseo871Leilani Dias872Lena Price873Leonardo Chaverra874Leonardo Dominguez875Les Tejeda876Leslie Martin877Leslie McLaughlin878Lewis Rawlings879Lid Ster880Liene Vargo881Lilian Welch882Lily Hou883Linda Madueme884Linda Castro885Linda Rodriguez886Lindsay Silcox887Lindsay Brickel888Lindsey Kromer889Lindy McNeil890Lisa Rabinowitz891Lisa Sanders892Lisa Lisa893Lisa Biagini894Lisa Frantzen895Lisa James896Lisa Rivern897Lisa Lisa898Lisa marie D'amato899Lisa roxanne Walters900LisaRoxanne Walters901Lise Fisher902Liz Kemble903Liz McClachlin904Liz Free905Lizzie Czerner906Loao luis Landi907Lockwood Ball908Lois Castrignano909Lopi LaRoe910Loren Herbery911Lorena Grandas912Lori Brizzi913Lori Flynn914LoriAnn Holmes-Wheaton915Lorrette[Sweet and Low] Jones916Lou Militello917Louis Mejias918Louis "Loose Louie" Kee919Louise Giuliano920Lsai Rodriguez921Lucas Rusinak922Lucey Cummins923Luciana Fisher924Lucida Sans925Luie Baez926Luis Carbono927Luis Santi928Luis Martinez929Luis Vargas930Luka Bryn931Lya Wigder932Lymarie Perez933Lymarie Perez934Lymarie Perez935Lynn Rigoletto936Lyubena Trendafilova937Mabel Bejarano938Maciej Szetela939Maddie Elling940Madeleine Sievens941Madelyn Garcia942Mafa Edwards943Magali Derey944Magalie Traverso945Magda Niedzwiecka946Magdalena Palms947Mahayana Landowne948Majed Al madani949Majestic Bellydance950Manaw Mohan951Mandar Mirashi952Manetho Cleveland953Manny Gross954Manuela Senatore955Mar Puente956Marcela Henao957Marcella Benitez958Marcella Giardano959Marcello Ritondo960Marcello Alfone961Marco Victor962Marcos Moura963Marcos Hernandez964Marcos Lima965Marcus Marcus966Marcus Charles967Margaret Fuhrer968Margot Williams969Margot Olavarria970Margot Silvera971Maria Paccione972Maria Urregui973Maria Gata974Maria Jaramillo975Maria Garces976Maria Richardson977Maria Clausen978Maria Piovanetti979Maria Hoffman980Maria Valdez981Maria-Jose Alvarez982Marianne Gonzalez983Marie Stock984Marie Aguirre985Marie Sicari986Marie Lombardo987Marilia Barbosa988Marilia Moura989Marilyn Figueroa990Marina Melnik991MARINA PAPIC992Marina Masina993MARINA JR. PAPIC994Marino Pincay995Mario Galeano996Marion Delya997Marissa Bachu998Marissa Bachu999Marizete Browne1000Mark Tudda1001Mark Leininger1002Mark Alexander1003Mark Kornegay1004Mark Hoashi1005Mark Rybakov1006Markella Kefallonitou1007Marko Lyerly1008Marleen Corner1009Marlon Proverbs1010Marlon Mills1011Marni Halasa1012Marsha Silvestri1013Marta Hogan1014Marta Borazanian1015Martha Tornay1016Martha Perl1017Martin Carrier1018MARY BADILLO1019Mary Ann Giordano1020Mary Anna (Layla) McKenzie1021Mary-Grace Papatheodorou1022Marybell Ortiz1023Mateusz Hanclich1024Matt Norris1025Matt Farrington1026Matt Taylor1027Matthew Jezycki1028Matthew Adams1029Matthew Gershner1030Matthew Buell1031Matthew Thornton1032Matthew Pennacchio1033Matthew Picca1034Matthieu Boardman1035Max Martinez1036Maya Apfelbaum1037Maya Sakile1038Maylin Martin1039Mbatjiua Kanguatjivi1040Meer Musa1041Megan De Caro1042Megan Berg1043Megan Rusignolo1044Megha Kalia1045Meghan Hickey1046Megumi Oyama1047Mekesia Brown1048Mel Lisiten1049Melba LaRose1050Melinda Kay1051Melissa Santley1052Melissa Chan1053MELISSA BRUSIC1054Melissa Eboli1055Melissa Saleh1056Melissa Canaday1057Melissa Roberti1058Mercedes Fiallo1059Merle Mceldowney1060Miami Jade1061Michael Oliveira1062Michael Chang1063Michael Vieira1064Michael York1065Michael Solamnov1066Michael Fiftynites1067Michael Ko1068Michael Anaya1069Michael Robinson1070Michael Tieso1071Michael M1072Michael Scioli1073Michael Laing1074Michael Meyer1075Michael Banks1076Michael Longheira1077Michael Murphy1078Michal Tal1079Michel Grimard1080Michel Batista1081Michele Chioco1082Michele Sanchez1083Michele Cruz1084Michelle Mantione1085Michelle Lim1086Michelle Rivera1087Michelle Rizo1088Michelle Colon1089Michelle Lelo1090Michelle Martell1091Michelle Gonsalves Powell1092Michelle Sanchez1093Micki Balder1094Micol Raab1095Miguel Astor1096Miguel Marrero1097MiJEY Tejada1098Mika Lettsome1099Mike Rehrer1100Mike Miller1101Mike Nichols1102Miku Yokota1103Milagros Rivera1104Milana Krupetsky1105Milica Arneric1106Milton Oleaga1107Milucci Messias Gatti Mello1108Mimi Fontana1109Minyon Rhodes1110Mirta Cotto1111Mitsi Fink1112Mizuno Kyoko1113Mohamed Filali chahad1114Mollie Desir1115Molly Baeszler1116Molly Mishos1117Monica Wolfson1118Monica Saumoy1119Monique Mahbeer1120Moriah Rosa1121Mr. C1122Muema Lombe1123Myla Mercer1124Myriam Soto1125Myrna Guerra1126Nabeel Lutfala1127Nadav Naeh1128Nadav Bengal1129Nancy Braun1130Nancy D'Amore1131Nancy Rose Correa1132Nansi Xu1133Naser Akbari1134Natacha Popovici1135Natalie Kan1136Natalie Thomas1137Natalie Pena1138NATALY SANTIAGO1139Natalya Grigoriev1140Natasha Czarniewy1141Natasha Arango1142Natasha Arango1143Nathaly Leo1144Nathan "realm" Bunce1145Nelli Gluzman1146Nelly Deoleo1147Nelson Espinosa1148Nelson Seda1149Nia Li1150Nichele N!Ni Juliano1151Nick Ventura1152Nick Olson1153Nicola Marino1154Nicolas Schott1155Nicole Marquez1156Nicole Rodriguez1157Nicole Failla1158Nicole-Azalee Dan1159NicoleK Knight1160Niki Tacha1161Nina Goede1162Noele Phillips1163Noelia Espinoza1164Noelle Contey1165Noelle Robinson1166Noelle Conte1167Noopoor Akruwala1168Norma O'Neill1169Nyah Beaulieu1170Nygel Black1171Olawale Oladunni1172Omaira Garcia1173Omar Thomas1174Orlando Fabian1175Oscar Mendoza1176Owen Waite1177Ozge Cig1178Pablo Rincon1179Padmaja Venkatesh1180Palash Agarwal1181Pamela Paul1182Pamela Cachera1183Pamela Molinari1184Paola Diaz1185Papa Hanne1186Patricia Tinkerbelle1187Patricia Glass Schuman1188Patrick Liu1189Paul Johnson1190Paul Nagle1191Paul Peloquin1192Paul Gessler1193Paul Landsbergis1194Paula Cortes1195Paula Wickersty1196Paula Ferreira1197Pavel Rozhkov1198Pawel Krasicki1199Peggy Gordon1200Penelope Maguffin1201Penelope Melendez1202PENNY TAKOS1203Penny Cash1204PENNY TAKOS1205Peter Oppermann1206Peter Grisafi1207Peter Cannizzaro1208Phanie Napoli1209Philip Gee1210Philip Dituri1211Phillip James1212Phoebe Berg1213Pia De Soiza1214Piotr Dzimira1215Pradeep Thapa1216Puela Lunaris1217Quetcy Bou1218Rachel Mosher1219Rachelle Reznikova1220Rafal Wolk1221Raj Sahulee1222Ramos Daniel1223Randy Devone1224Randylyn Masse1225Raphael Pungin1226Raul Romero1227Rava Daley1228Ravah Daley1229Raven Pease1230Ray Sampson1231Ray Sussman1232Ray Bruno1233Ray Decos1234Raymond Berrios1235Reagan Wilson1236Rebeca Toledo1237Rebecca Crane1238Rebecca Roman1239Reggie Parker1240Regina Andrade1241Regina Harris1242Regina Harris1243Reid Bruggemann1244Remi Harris1245Renat Zarbailov1246Renata Terase1247Renee Raiche1248Rhina Mercado1249Rhonda Tuchow1250Rhonda Rhodes1251Rich Sin-Clair1252Richard Mugerwa1253Richard Bruke1254Richard York1255Richard Kurtzer1256Richard Adams1257Rick Sekula1258Rick Richardson1259Rie Ishibashi1260Rieanne Longo1261Rik Panganiban1262Rita E. Argueta1263Rob Rodriguez1264Rob Hayter1265ROBERT OVIEDO1266Robert Logan1267Robert Burns1268Robert Rothman1269Robert Panzer1270Roberta Pinheiro1271Roberta Ramos1272Robin MacRostie1273Rodriguez Ana1274Roela LaMazing1275Ron White1276Roosevelt Anderson1277Rosa amelia Perez1278Rosaamelia Perez1279Rosabell Jimenez1280Rosalyn Chi1281Rosario Mariel1282Roseanne Raccuglia1283Rosemarie Antonelli1284RoseMarie Fortino1285Rosemary Mercedes1286Roxanne Earnest1287Roxanne Iapicca1288Rudy Machado1289Rudy Winter1290Russ Fulmore1291Rusudan Jigauri1292Ruth Wong1293Ruthy Monroe1294Ryan Tyas1295Ryan Rockmore1296Ryan Blackwell1297Ryan Haskett1298Ryan Merkin1299Ryan Vargo1300Saalim Muslim1301Sabine Blaizin1302Sabrina Chekroun1303Sabrina Ippolito1304Sahara Nubiana1305Salima Tashman1306Sally Nazari1307Salvatore Bartolomeo1308Sam Kofman1309Samantha Tarnawski1310Samir Bitar1311Sandi Levine1312SANDRA HUNT1313Sandra Ribicic1314Sandra Guillen1315Sandra Ferreira1316Sandralis Gines-Gonzalez1317Sandrine Van Slee1318Sang Park1319Sara Tashman1320Sara Simone1321Sarah Jandelli1322Sarah Gallogly1323Sarah Rosner1324Sarah Hannah1325Sarah Rice1326Sarah Briscoe1327Sarah B Caliman1328Sarit Israel1329Sasha Laumeister1330Sasha Michi Laumeister1331Savannah Vaughan-Wasser1332Savannah Vaughan-Wasser1333Sayward Robinson1334Schulster Jill1335Scott McNabb1336Sean Maxwell1337Selika Murchison1338Serena Kamal1339Serge Magdyuk1340Severine Licodia1341Sexy Gyal1342SHA-ROCK FUNKY 4 PLUS 1 MORE1343SHA-ROCK Funky 4 Plus 11344Shaina Gomez1345Shakespeare Newsome jr.1346Shannel Stevens1347SHANTI OWEN1348SHAQUASIA BROOKS1349Sharif Zamayar1350Sharine Mohamed1351Sharon Sena1352Sharon Chisom1353Sharrone Travis1354Shawn O'malley1355Shawn Theagene1356Sheila Rindler1357Shelly Wilson1358Sheree Allen1359Shereen Vacanti1360Sherianne Secaras1361Shiuan Butler1362Shuli Passow1363Shumaila Shamim1364Sid Moore1365Sidney Oolongo1366Sier Spady1367Simon Heyliger1368Simon Applebaum1369Simone Alsafeer1370SIRRAH NUR1371Sirrano Baldeo1372Song Hee Lee1373Sophia Bazile1374SOPHIE LES1375Soul Heaven1376Spencer Bernhard1377Stacey Dinner1378Stacey Letalien1379Stacy Ricks1380Stanley Buell1381Stefani Kaufman1382Stefanie Jones1383Stella Psihis1384STELLA FRAGIOUDAKIS1385Stephanie Musclow1386Stephanie Rodrigez1387Stephanie Hakun1388Stephanie Rubino1389Steve Davis1390Steven Lenard1391Steven Fuller1392Steven Harris1393Steven Guadalupe1394Steven Oliander1395Stuart Newman1396Suelynn Loo1397Sujoya Roy1398Sura George1399Susan Haynes1400Susan Adriensen1401Susan Rollins1402Susannah Pryce1403Suzanne Maxx1404Suzanne Z.1405Sydra Junaid1406Sylwia Wdowiak1407T.danielle Winter1408T.danielle Winters1409Tabatha Miklos1410Taina Fiote1411Taina Lopez1412Takako Ishikawa1413Takyiah Stevenson1414Tami Carpenter1415Tania Fuentez1416Tanisha McCray1417Tanner Brunsdale1418Tanya Tripi-Weiss1419Tara Sikorski1420Tariq Brown1421Tatiana Peer1422Tatiana Smith1423Tatianya Rocker1424Ted Pikul1425Teresa Gotay1426Terron Schoonerman1427Terry Scelfo1428Tess Wonson1429Test Tes1430Thaisha Hernandez1431Thalia LLosa1432The Luvely Rae Spice! a variety show1433The Polorican Alarm1434THEODORE KOUDELLOU1435THERESA PIAZZA1436Theresa Marko1437Thiago De oliveira1438Thomas Gallagher1439Thomas Schaefer1440Thomas Brandefine1441Thrive Dance Co NY Liz Coco/Keri Peterson1442Tian Loh1443Tiffany Hundley1444Tim Lischke1445Tim Stone1446Tim Chen1447Tim Winters1448Timothy Stanne1449Tina Setia1450Tisha Tara1451TOMMY HEMMERLY1452Tomoko Kubo1453TONI TAKOS1454TONI TAKOS1455Tonia Champagne1456TONY TRIANO1457Tonya Schwartz1458Tooku Tek1459Tracie Benton1460Tracy Molina1461Tracy Martin1462Trevis Wimer1463Trevor Hochman1464Tristan Jamieson1465Troy Robinson1466Tullah Sutcliffe1467Tunde Mendes1468Uli Futschik1469Urbi Malone1470Valerie Campbell1471Valerie Green1472Valintino Guxxi1473Vanessa Agudelo1474Vanity Blue1475Vaughn Ames1476Vera Mikhalchuk1477Vera Churillo1478Vera Churilov1479Veronika Pokrovskaia1480Veronika Kapesova1481VICKIE KASSAPIDIS1482Victor Rodriguez1483Victor Oliveira1484Victor Dessis1485Victoria Kelly-Osorio1486Victoria Winter1487Victoria Crispo1488Victoria Marks1489Vika Chasen1490Vincent Hernandez1491Violeta Stojic1492Virna Tavarez1493Vito Fun1494Vivian Garcilazo1495Viviana Jimenez1496Vladimir Petrenko1497Vladimir Osipenko1498Vladislava Shneider1499Wagner Barbosa1500Walter Varela1501Wanda Farrington1502Waqas Ahmed1503Ward Brooks1504Wardah Zahur1505Wayne Rhodes1506Wellington Leite1507Wendy Shao1508Wes Corner1509WILFREDO DAVILA1510Will Luong1511Will Ortel1512William Kelley1513William Kane1514William Ayala1515William Diver1516William Jones1517Winda Mayor1518Xavier Cooper1519Yafit Finkelstein1520Yamilka Tejeda1521Yasmeen El Qahira1522Yesenia Alzate1523Yesenia Lugo1524Ylenia Frasca1525Yolanda Daniels1526Yomi Richardson1527Yumilka Ortiz1528YuriY Alterman1529Yusuf Aljanahi1530Zane Zane1531Zara Watkins1532Zeev Horovitz1533Zeno Lee1534Zola Moloi1535Zrinka Martnovi

Have a great dance day.
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America: Land Of The Police

Hey Bloggers, what happens when you get a ticket and a summons for playing a musical instrument in the subway? And whatever happened to freedom of speech. So what's up with that New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority. And if you have ever been to New York City you may have heard of them. And these days I find myself thinking of them as the Metropolitan Terrorist Authority with the horror stories I hear from the riders and musicians that ride and play their instruments in their subway system. And that authority seems to have more police in its system underground than riders of its subways and New York City as a whole, and seems to have historically flooded its system with cops, police, and enforcers of policy makers. And New York City seems as if it is a state of police sometimes to me in my travels anyway. And so the stories go, a person who does not pay their fare receives summons that they never paid, that becomes a notice of claim against their income tax refund from the NYCTA New York City Transit Authority Transit Adjudication Bureau years, even decades later. And another story goes Musicians that play as part of their Music Under New York Arts for Transit program at Times Square 42nd Street, 14th Street Union Square, and 34th Street etc; constantly receive tickets and summonses for playing a musical instrument and or hindering traffic or too loud music or anything else one can think of with or without a permit and are shut down on a regular basis. And these musicians are usually told to "Do not ever come back here," by the police. And those musicians that I know of, their horns, drums, trumpets, saxophones, baritones and music rocks, and they make a lot of money down there playing their music sometimes, enough to make me want to ask them if they are hiring. And another story goes another person who does not pay their fare is sent to prison requiring court visits to their court. And another story goes another person received a summons for walking through a subway car, requiring a court visit or payment of ticket. And for what reason does the NYC MTA Transit Adjudication Bureau get its own court anyway. Is it possible that everyone could just not go to their appointed court date for whatever reason, what would that mean? Is another world possible or is that a utopian thought. And that NYCMTA MUNY performance schedule and bookings does not seem to offer or provide any support groups for its traumatized and harassed musicians and performers by the police down there in its system. And those tickets and summons are enough to make a musician want to consider to stop playing in that subway underground, maybe. And since when is art a crime. And then I start to wonder what are the statistics of musicians that are getting arrested for playing their music down there, and does it make any difference anyway if one knew the statistics. And Is it not possible the MTA could free its riders from its subway system and terrorizing and make its fares free and remove all of those millions of police from down their in their space anyway, and end those prerecorded "If you see something say something " messages and random bag checks. People seem to be losing their civil liberties at the speed of light down their underground. Could not the New York City Metropolitan Transit Authority just print up a long list of dos and donts to add to its list of do's and dont's it already has anyway and post these on signs everywhere throughout its system or is that not a good idea. And then there is that 'Can we see some id identification" to use against you for whatever reason down there that one encounters from policy maker enforcers every so often. And what if one does not have I.D.? And it seems as if it is no longer America, land of the free down there in subway land as property of the New York City MTA. It seems as if it has become America, land of the police down there in subwayland as a rider or musician playing an instrument as part of that subway grasp of a system. And then what about subway trains, buses and other transportation systems around the country and world, how are they. And what's up with that social security UPC bar code number, save no man that he may buy or sell except that he have the mark of the beast thing. And there are other stories and atrocities going on in the news today too innumerable to mention that seems never ending in these days and times. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?
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Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Tourist

And I think I actually found myself in Las Vegas at some point some time ago for some reason or another, and gee do I remember that it can be one Disneyland of a place with those big hotel casinos and neon lights that take up whole blocks. And I can imagine gamblers anonymous must be a big institution out there. And then there's New York City. And I have found myself residing in that town for a while now. And as a dweller in New York City I am always looking for Things to do in New York City. And those 101 things to do when one travels somewhere tourist books can only take me so far. And then what if you happen to be looking for tourist ideas for your tourist vacation. At Trusted Tours & Attractions, they are vacation ideas and tours and attractions all the time. You can find sightseeing tours, museums, attractions and more to just about any state in America that you can think of at their website. And when I click on that state of New York, their website offers tickets and discount tours for New York’s Top of the Rock atop Rockefeller Center, Double Decker Bus Delux Tour, Madame Tussauds New York Wax Museum, Central Park, Times Square, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Complete Harbor Cruises, Jazz in Harlem Amateur Night at the Apollo Theatre, helicopter tours, photo tours and more. And there is a special promotion where one can win a $150 itunes gift card by signing up for their Trusted Tours Newsletter at their website.

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Plastic Nation

And I was watching this program called "Strange Days On Planet Earth" the other day, well actually the other month ago on Channel 13 and it was very interesting as their programs usually are. And I tried to take notes for this program to post on my blog in my blogaholicness and those notes became something of a garbled gibberish without complete sentences like this: human contaminants along the coast, coral reefs disappearing, the Sonate underground rivers from the Mayas are disappearing. From the human population trash is getting dumped and releasing pollution from a world of concrete and steel. Protect the rivers, save planet mother earth. The stripped bass are sick with lesions, humans are trashing the planet, the coral reefs are turning pale, fish are being found with bacteria, the sea gulls are starving to death. From overpopulation, action creates reaction. Protect the coral reefs, developers are draining mangroves, the ocean is being over fished and the fish are disappearing. Save the fish, save the sea, save the water, save the planet. The ecosystem is all connected with global change. The restaurant industry and cater waiter dispose of tons of fish going down the drain and into the trash on a daily basis. The fish industry is over farming and depleting life in the ocean. There is global warming, the food chain and the ecosystem is out of balance, there is an ecoapocalypse of the bees, frogs, bats, rice and wheat dying. Maybe we should all stop eating fish to save the oceans and environment. And those stripped bass lesions could be the canary in the coal mine as stripped bass do not like warm waters where there is no oxygen creating stress on the body from chemical fertilizers washed into rivers. No oxygen waters become dead zones. Humanity becomes the enemy of the earth from chemical run off in streams from urban areas, water contamination, car auto oil, the Valdez Exxon oil spill from cars. Pollution is plaguing the seas with trash. Sea birds are dying from chemicals, albatross birds are dying from plastic trash and there is a plastic continent twice the size of Texas with a toilet bowl vortex effect somewhere out there in the middle of the ocean,a plastic soup that does not biodegrade or go away. The Albatross bird species are dying and disappearing from the plastic ocean and from plastic pellet food. One person produces 1500 pounds of plastic per year that finds its ways to the rivers, seas and oceans as the tide of the ocean reverses. And then there was that scary topic of plastics ill effects on human beings. Plastic actually leaches into the water and mimics estrogen in animals producing gender benders, reproduction and health problems amongst humanity. There is some poly carbon resin plastic hormone called phthalates, bisphenol A and BPA's that are FDA approved and leach into the water pipes, containers that hold food, baby bottles and the like. And those chemicals get absorbed into our bodies. Now that is enough to make me not want to buy that plastic bottle of mile, water, juice and soda anymore. And what other container is there left then? It is a plastic poly carbon, hormone, time bomb in the genes of humanity and the Japanese do not use this phenol product. And then there is the ocean again,the heat and light causing coral reefs to bleach. lose their pigmentation and turn pale like the skeletons of the rainforest, trapping carbon dioxide gases in the atmosphere,changing the chemistry of the sea water making it acidic to where nothing can live in it, which mimics and imitates the sea water of the blood of humanity as nothing can live in an acidic environment. And then there is that go green its the newest thing slogan of these days that asks one to make smart choices to protect planet mother earth. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.
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Monday, May 12, 2008

This Broker

Ever wonder where those telemarketer phone calls may come from? Some of those calls could possibly come from a list broker. List Brokers can be helpful when it comes to looking for lists for marketing. And if you happen to be looking for a a list broker to find a list of people to market your product to, you can find thousands of different lists available in the commercial marketplace to reach an almost infinite variety of special markets at Direct Contact Marketing Group Inc. Their company maintains a list of computerized databases for all of your list marketing resource needs.

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Blueprint For Global Enslavement?

Endgame:Blueprint For Global Enslavement. Gee, what the heck is the title of this email all about. Is this one of those conspiracy theories? I have somehow found myself as a subscriber to New Pacifica, one of those yahoogroups that sends a ton of emails each day on their list serve. And this email has actually been sitting in my email inbox for a while now. Well, at least it seems as if it can be an interesting video to watch if one is looking to pass the time watching movies. And this description of the movie came along with it: A movie by Alex Jones (click on link below). It is a documentary about the plan for the one world government, population control and the enslavement of all the middle and lower class people. It's about 2:20 hrs. long but well worth the time. Only massive understanding of the information presented here will preserve liberty. There is actual footage of Bilderbergers arriving at meetings.
This Google Video.. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?
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These Picks

It's nfl picks time again. If you happen be into sports, nfl picks, baseball and apple pie, football, hockey and other sports, is there for you. You can find sports talk, free nfl picks, baseball talk, football predictions, fantasy baseball, fantasy football, news, announcements, blogs, stats, humor, what's going on in sports and more at their website. They are all sports all the time.

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The Wheather

Who knows what tomorrow may bring, for today is all we have. And I was sending my friend an email the other day about how life can be full of pain and sorrows sometimes and she replied, "Like the buddhists say, life is suffering. helps to have positive things to offset it. as long as I can grow things it gives me something positive; there's not a whole lot else. Spending a lot of time on line or listening to broadcast news means ongoing exposure to a never ending barrage of sorrows around the globe. I wonder if there's such a thing as news poisoning". Now that's an interesting thought. And in other thoughts, gee, I turned on this computer this day and the headlines read tornadoes kill people in the midwest plain states, an earthquake kills people in China, a cyclone has killed people in Asia, earthquakes are in Nevada, California is on fire from wildfires, wildfires are in Florida.. And there seems to be natural weather occurrences, storms and disasters on a daily basis these days. Planet mother earth and nature seems to be ever changing with humanity on its surface. And the news says there is a north easter in New York City at the moment. Go Green, it seems to be the new thing in this global warming climate change impending 2012 magnetic pole thing. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.

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The Bed Bugs

And from what I hear, there is a bed bug infestation in New York City at the moment and the bedbugs are back. And if you happen to to be looking for ways to battle the bedbug Bed Bugs Guide is a web site that helps you to find out how to rid yourself of a bed bug infestation, and all the problems associated with it. Their website site has bedbug information and will tell you everything you need to know about bed bugs and how to get rid of them.

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