Monday, May 7, 2018

A Vegan Food Fest Fundraiser Party

And being that I have found myself blogging about events, events and more events on this blog lately, I guess I'll post yet another event on this blog that I found myself attempting to vend those DecorForU #blacklivesmatter, #notmypresident, #occupywallstreet, #berniesanders, #nopolicestate, #yoga, #brooklyn, #bushwick & #iloveny necklaces, magnets, key chains and pins at for $2 each this past weekend and attempting to post this blagh post solely for the purpose of posting those photos and video from that event that find themselves posted above. And that event was a Vegan Food Fest Fundraiser Party! that Stacie Vegan-Peirce helped put together at Mayday Space, this really cool all things revolution and beyond space in Bushwick, Brooklyn to be found in that state of New York.  And if I must blogger say, there was plant based food, food and more food to be found at this event that I found myself sharing a table with Qusic - Wildlife Music and his dj music at.  And what more can I say about this all things vegan and beyond event that this Vegan Food Fest Fundraiser Party! facebook event invite does not already say.  And that Vegan Food Fest Fundraiser Party! facebook event invite reads like:

Have you wondered why so many sports stars and celebrities are making the shift to plant-based nutrition?

Ricky Williams - Jahil Okafor - Adrian Foster - Mike Tyson - Erik Horne - Kyle Irving - Venus & Serena Williams - Ellen DeGeneres - Jermaine Dupri - Chaka Khan - Alicia Silverstone - Russell Simmons - Erykah Badu - Rza

Are you aware that heart disease/obesity/diabetes can all be prevented, and even reversed, with a plant-based diet?

Are you prepared to get pro-active about your health and begin to thrive through plant-based living?

Come join us on Sunday, May 6th, from 12:30-4:30pm, for a fun, educational and inspiring event that will take you to another level of self-improvement - the next level - to improve your health and overall wellness! Let us show you that diets and self-restriction don’t work, but that lifestyle changes can and do.

Whole Food Plant-Based Coach Marc Wood and Health & Wellness Coach/ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Jamie Robinson will share the importance of whole foods on our mind, body and spirit.

They are living proof that opening your heart to a compassionate, mindful life (before choosing to open it to a surgeon’s knife) can make all the difference - for everyone, including me ... and including YOU!

What is VFFF?

A (Plant-Powered) Vegan Food Fest Fundraiser!

You're in for a deliciously fun educational experience featuring vegan athlete Marc Wood and a host of other plant-based enthusiasts! You'll sample specialties from NYC's finest restaurateurs, chocolatiers, pastry chefs, home cooks, and shops. There'll be face painting, plant-based recipe demonstrations, live dj - dance music, a vegan cupcake contest, cruelty-free shopping (20+ vendors!), a raffle (BIG $ PRIZES) & silent auction! And.. all net proceeds go to Catskill Animal Sanctuary- so it's a helluva good time for a helluva good cause!

Who is Marc S Wood and why do we love him?

Marc is a Sexy Scottish Success Story! He 's helping hundreds of humans improve their health (while simultaneously helping animals AND the environment) by demonstrating the endless benefits of a whole food plant-based diet. He sprints; he bikes; he swims - all to raise money for animals! He's making compassion sexy.

Why Catskill Animal Sanctuary?

We are doing this all (ok, mostly) for Travis, the rooster - Winner of Stacie's 2017 Cocktober Contest!

Travis is a celebrity chicken who has been warming the hearts of humans since he came from a Philadelphia school hatching project, back in 2013. He and his brothers are known for their dancing performance on Jasmine the pig's belly, followed by a delicate grooming session.

Why come to VFFF?

Hell. Why not?! Why not spend a Sunday with Salty Stacie, Jovial Jessica, Transcendental Tracey, and a herd of inspiring folks?!? Enjoy complimentary fresh pizza from Screamer's!, hot bread & vegan cakes courtesy of Bread Alone!, tasty homemade potluck dishes and vegan cupcakes [made by VFFF cupcake competitors]! (speaking of which, we need more vegan cupcake competitors....! why not throw your 'chef hat' in the ring!?)

...the line-up...

We kick off at 1230 with Pastry Chef "Emily Cakeboss" who will demonstrate how to make her favorite jack fruit "pulled pork" recipe, in the kitchen. Sampling to follow!

at 12:45pm, Certified Holistic Health Coach and Certified Plant Based Nutritionist Leah Negrin, along with Jaclyn Kiernan [Registered Dietitian Nutritionist], Rechelle Abalos [Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach] & Lupe Colangelo [Holistic Health and Life Coach] demo a delicious no-bake cheesecake. They'll also be bringing along cupcakes with essential oils baked into them! Demo of icing included!

at 1:10pm, Award winning Chef Rootsie will demonstrate how to make summer rolls w/peanut sauce. Yum!

at 1:30pm, Don Dilillo of SproutBox: Grow Your Own whill show us how we can grow our own sprouts at home!

at 1:45, Whole Food Plant-Based Coach Marc S Wood + Health & Wellness Coach / ISSA certified Personal Trainer Jamie Robinson will share with us the importance of whole foods for our mind, body and spirit. Q&A to follow.

at 245, VFFF will hold its first ever" VFFF Vegan Cupcake Contest"! Join us as Tere Fox (pastry chef, owner of Rockin' Raw restaurant), our star Marc Wood, and pastry chef Emily Cakeboss judge the cakes and award a winner! Winner of the V cake contest gets first pick of the raffle pot of prizes!

at 3, Dr. (and comedian) Russ L'HommeDieu, DPT! ..."I am a Doctor of physical therapy, vegan for 12 years, weight loss expert and co-founder of a vegan meal-kit company on Long Island. At 36 years old, I was over 400 pounds, and really sick. I lost over 200 pounds and literally cured myself with a whole-food plant-based diet. I am so excited to talk to you all about my journey from a state of disease to one of complete ease as well as my experiences as a vegan business owner. We will also answer some of these age-old questions like.. Why are there overweight vegans? Is there a difference between a vegan diet and eating a whole food plant-based diet? How do I talk about my food choices with my meat-eating friends? What is it like to start a vegan business?"

at 340, Stacie Vegan-Peirce will walk us through her heart warming experience at Catskill Animal Sanctuary.

at 4, The first ever VFFF Raffle Winners will be drawn + Silent Auction winners announced!

Big Raffle prizes from: peacefood cafeChickpea & OliveMarty's V Burger,MooshoesLittle Choc ApothecaryThe Whole Food Plant Based Cooking ShowMNM natural productsLoving Hut WilliamsburgI Heart Keenwah,GUNAS New YorkVan Leeuwen Artisan Ice CreamPeaceful Provisionsdonuts ,Brittle and Beyond , ocka treats & Gristle Tattoo+Art Gallery !!

Silent Auction Items: A Gift Pack from Catskill Animals Sanctuary [books, tote bag, hat, mug, skull cap], Luxury Vegan Muffs by Jessica Pezzlo [House of Churchill], X-Ray Vision Reading by Goldy Handler, Chicken Art fromEllen Carranza & Shark art from Zofia Bogusz Art!

Special Guests

Whole Food Plant-Based Coach Marc S Wood

Health & Wellness Coach / ISSA certified Personal Trainer Jamie Robinson

Dr. Russ L’Hommedieu of Harvest Food Box

Tere Fox, Vegan ROCKIN' RAW Chef (bearing treats!)

Jessica Pezzlo (House of Churchill)

Christopher Jaie of Save The Animals Rescue (STAR) Foundation & Long Island Vegan Extravaganza

Hadara Slok , Executive Vegan Chef & Owner of RAWCLATES (also bearing treats!)

Emily Cakeboss, Chef (French Culinary Institute)

Leah Negrin, Plant Based Nutritionist & Holistic Health Coach (also bearing treats and essential oils!)

Jaclyn Kiernan, Dietitian Nutritionist

Lupe Colangelo, Life Coach

Rechelle Abalos, Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach, Certified Behavior Change Specialist

Ravi of IHEART KEENWAH (co-founder, bearing even more treats!)

Lilith Jones (long-time mural painter and illustrator who specializes in depicting animals and nature)

Lisa Clemett (artist, face painter)

Sweet Soul Bakery

Compassionate Cookery (in the kitchen)

Chef Rootsie (Caribbean style cuisine)

Sprout Box (grow your own)

V-Rolls (Bombay inspired wraps)

Culiraw (raw desserts)

Krystal of Gunas New York (carrying premium crafted vegan fashion)

GT's Kombucha, CoCoYo and other Living Foods!

MNM Natural Products (specializing in skin conditions)

Green Brooklyn Brand, LLC

Beth Litt (Brittle & Beyond)

Christine's Garden (Pure Pups Pet Care & Cruelty-Free Skin Care)

Leslie Viviana (Berrylicious Delights: Vegan Cheesecake)

Andrea Young (Sweet Vegan)

Vegans of Queens

DxE (Direct Action Everywhere)

Anonymous for the Voiceless

Coalition for Healthy School Food (will test how well you know your beans!!)

The Veggie Republic (veg bracelets)


Shannon Corley of Arbonne (100% VEGAN since the company started in Switzerland, 1975)

Carranzart (Chicken Art)

Jamie Diamond (animal prints and jewelry)

Jeanine Boubli (animal photography and shirts)

Carla Jean (freedom pins)

Lisa's Mighty Balls (vegan energy bites)

Green Bites (sprouted and raw snacks)

D.J. Greene Ayala

The Owl & The Pussycat Apothecary & Sundries

Ocka Treats


Lisa of Loving Hut (more treats!)

Tickets are $10 now or $15 at the door! Kids age 16 and under are free! Get your tickets now, before this event sells out! Questions or comments? email Stacie !

Interested in volunteering for this event? ..entering the vegan cupcake contest? Rewards include free admission and raffle prizes! email Stacie !

Interested in vegan vendoring for this event? email Stacie !

I look fwd. to meeting you all! Please share this event FAR and WIDE!

#animallivesmatter Have a great all things vegan and beyond day.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

A May Day At Union Square Park

Hey again bloggers or whoever could be reading this blog. And so I happened to find myself at another May Day event yesterday in New York City as I went to go vend those DecorForU #blacklivesmatter, #notmypresident, #occupywallstreet, #berniesanders, #noplicestate, #yoga, #brooklyn & #unionsquarepark necklaces, magnets, key chains & pins for $2 each at Union Square Park.  And this event happened to be a Fight Together! Strike to Win! May Day NYC 2018 May Day event held by Peoples Power Assemblies and Workers World Party on this day.  And there was also a May Day Bike Bloc Anticapitalist Ride at Union Square Park on this day as well who I think were also giving away free dumpster dived food.  And if it's free then it's for me. And then there was also a host of other street performers and vendors in this historic revolutionary gathering of a park as well. And that Fight Together! Strike to Win! May Day NYC 2018 facebook event invite read something like:


Join us on International Workers' Day to celebrate the collective power of migrants and workers in New York and around the world! 

12 PM Program Start
2 PM Break 
3 PM Program Resumes
5 PM March 

We will be marching alongside Immigrant Worker Justice at 5pm, who will be ending their NYC Freedom Cities May Day + IWJ Tour 2018 ! at Union Square! Support their tour which starts at 2pm! 

Over the past year, we have seen the Trump administration consistently deceive the American people as attacks against migrants and workers only worsen. We have seen rapidly growing numbers of ICE raids, thousands of deaths due to military air strikes throughout the Middle East, and the approval of a $700 billion dollar defense budget. At the same time, we have seen an intensification of resistance—from migrants putting their bodies on the line to stop deportations to huge strikes of teachers demanding better working conditions across the country. We must unite to demand an end to the growing imperialist crisis that burdens the working class, migrants, and people of color—as well as celebrate the growing resistance of our communities!

The organizations that are putting together May Day @ Union Square 2018 are not only resisting Trump but holding the whole corrupt system accountable. We are groups coming together representing Black, Brown, People of Color, Trans, LGBTQGNC, Migrant, Muslim, People with Criminal Convictions, Indigenous communities, and Workers who are uniting to defend our people!

To sign up as an endorser or convener for May Day this year, please fill out this form:

#MayDayUnionSq #MayDay18 #StrikeToWin

Like May Day Union Square for more updates!

And as usual, every picture tells a story as in those photos and videos that find themselves posted above. Have a great International  Workers Day 2018.