Thursday, September 2, 2021

An Appalachian Mountains Camping Trip


And I throw these Appalachian Mountains photos up in somewhat of a rush on this day as A host of New York Freedom Rally events and beyond have come to pass and remnants of a historic hurricane Ida has crippled the Northeast area on this day.

And it has actually been a few weeks or so since I found myself on one of those road trips and made it to those Appalachian Mountains, where the bears live, camping somewhere in between Woodland TrailsHigh Point State Park and Mountain Creek Waterpark in those road trip travels.

And it’s also been two years since that virus started here on planet earth and it seems as if the great reset and a new world order in the name of a virus is still somewhere on the horizon here on planet earth on this day. 

And as usual, there are no other words I can think of to end this blog post, except to blagh every picture tells a story, I think.  Have a great road trip camper day in bloggerland day and more, if possible in these days and times