Tuesday, June 4, 2024

What I saw outside the courthouse at Trump's trial in NYC




What I saw outside the courthouse at Trump's trial at Collect Pond Park in NYC 5/29/24 is the title of that YouTube video that I just posted on Youtube a few minutes ago, as Trump fans, supporters and anti Trump protesters rallied and awaited a verdict that day. And I have found myself attempting to vend an Election Sale of Trump jewelry at those Trump campaign rallies of Wildwood New Jersey and the South Bronx where Trump Latinos sang that I stand with Trump song and also that day in the Bronx when you see yourself getting shut down by the parks department, the first of five times of getting shut down by the NYC Parks Department that day....., as a #trump2024 jewelry vendor at one of those Trump campaign rallies that have been in the New York City area the past month.

And as I type this blagh post, Trump has been found guilty on all 34 counts in Hush Money Trial and former US President Donald Trump has arrived in Florida after his trial at the courthouse in New York as he awaits to be sentenced in New York City July 11th.

And there is a Rally For Trump On The Day Of His Sentencing Thursday July 11th 2024 at Collect Pond Park outside the courthouses in NYC 130 Leonard Street, New York, New York from 10am-5pm that's posted on King Jesus AOK News Instagram page.

And if I were to try and describe those photos that find themselves posted above of Cafecito Break and Official DVS 7.0  interviewing Patriot- Artist-Activist. #1 Freedom Fighter Scott LoBaido and news headlines producer for WBAI radio in NYC, Member of Pacifica National Board, semi-retired park bench warmer at Tompkins Square Park and reading advocate Paul DeRienzo were interviewing people there also and those other photos posted above would say something like every picture tells a story or every video tells a story, I think.

We are still living in crazy times