Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Land of Plenty

And while I am on the topic of food, is the earth really on fire? Literally it may be for there are wildfires raging in several states and countries now. Are forest fires the norm? I am not a scientist and I do not follow the weather pattens of history, only I do see the headlines of global warming everywhere now. And the food crops, the drying and browning of the earth is causing concerns. For feast or famine, the news has it that farmers are in an emergency crisis over the loss of millions of dollars from damaged, destroyed and lost crops this past year from freezes and frosts and farmers in the South are seeing the worst drought they have ever seen in the past thirty years with no end in sight. Yet the supermarkets are stocked to the rim, the restaurant and catering businesses are flourishing, the harvests are plentiful and milk and honey (at least milk) is overflowing freely.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Bees are Dying

I just comprehended from the news yesterday that the bees are dying and that this could mean the end of the human race. I read an article the other day about the honeybees disappearing and dying off but I did not fully register it until yesterday why all of the recent honeybee articles and blog entries. Apparently honeybees are the most important insect to the human food chain. They pollinate %80 of the fruits, vegetables and nuts that we eat and are responsible for a third of the food we eat. No bees, no fruits and vegetables, no cattle, no life. Where have all the flowers gone? Scientists are calling this disappearing, vanishing bee colony syndrome Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). CCD has affected half of the bee population of the United States and parts of Europe. This is the first national affliction and scientists are attributing this to cell phone usage and other factors such as mites, pesticides, genetically modified food and global warming. Bees fly away from their hives and are unable to navigate their way back to their hives due to the interference of radiation from mobile phones and other high tech gadgets that interfere with a bees navigation system. This year hundreds of beekeepers opened their beehives to find empty boxes. Albert Einstein once said "If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe, then man would only have four years left to live." Are the bees the canary in the coal mine? Is this written in prophecy somewhere? Are the Mayans correct, is 2012 near? Is the earth on fire? Is this the beginning of the end? Will it be bread and water from hereafter? Will everyone in the world give up their cell phones in order to avoid a worldwide famine or will scientists just invent more cloned, fake food? Here is a quote I saw on another website in regards to the bees:
Revelation 6:6
Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, "A quart of wheat for a day's wages, and three quarts of barley for a day's wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!"

This passages describe “a time of famine in the last days when life will be reduced to the barest necessities.” Grape and olive oil production will only be minimally impacted by Colony Collapse Disorder while much of the fruit, vegetable and nut production will be severely reduced resulting in famine. These end time biblical prophecies are coming to pass within our own lifetimes. If you believe. Have a great day.

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Food Glorious Food

I am a fan of food. Cooking and eating food is one of the greatest things to do in life. Eat, drink, and be merry...Food is life. Do I ever think about how many calories are in food? Not really, I am not exactly sure what a calorie even is. A calorie could be something about a heat unit in food maybe. Well if one does calorie counting for every single calorie of their food because they are on a diet or for other reasons, MyFitnessPal's free calorie counter may be just for you. With MyFitnessPal's calorie counter you can track your diet and your meals quickly and easily. You'll get the tools you need to lose weight easily. At MyFitnessPal you can learn how to make better food choices and get on the path to a healthier living and lose weight the healthy way and their membership is %100 free. This is a sponsored review.

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Monday, May 28, 2007

Honoring the Dead and the Fallen?

Today is Memorial Day in America. A celebration of the war day. Another one of those patriotic holidays. The flag wavers are out and yellow ribbons, badges of honor, medals, parades, marches, prayers, patriotic songs, tributes and ceremonies are being broadcast everywhere. The headlines read "Honor the dead soldiers, honor the fallen soldiers and comrades". Today is the ultimate patriotic fanatic holiday. My question of the day; for what reason is it an honor to volunteer to be fodder for the canon. For what reason is it an honor to die for nothing, to fight for reasons that do not exist, to fight against the flesh for powers that be that one cannot even see. For what reason is it an honor to be so poor that one will volunteer their life in exchange for money after one leaves the service, if one leaves the service. For what reason is it an honor for persons to be brainwashed with propaganda, theirs or mine. For what reason is it an honor to become a violent person and pick up a gun and kill another person for no reason at all. For what reason is it an honor to be a veteran who now make up the majority of the homeless population. For what reason is it an honor to attend one of those military sponsored funerals and cry over the image of a flag that propagates violence, the same flag that caused ones death. For what reason is it an honor to fall and die for nothing. For what reason is it an honor to promote this ideology. What is heroic about all of this? And why does the word "Patriot" have the word "Riot" in it? And why does the word "Military" militant militia have the word "Mal" in it? "Parens Patriarch, Father of our country", that phrase seems to be the basis of endless deaths of the world. I saw Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11 documentary. It is nineteen eighty four and Orwellianism is everywhere at its best today. Is it written somewhere that this must all come to pass? Happy beach bar b queing Memorial day. Peace on earth. And what does this have to do with a No Police State?

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

The Police

Here is an interesting email I received today from Edward in my inbox at MySpace. I thought to repost it.

Edward TM ®: Revolt!Ideas For Change!
Join in the and stop the Police State America has fallen victim to,by the Fraternal Order Of Police, Corrupt Politicians,Judges and the Lawyers. Here Is how to make a lasting impact! when you see a Police Officer in any stores do not shop there! If you see the police in the mall or a theater do not go there! There are many alternatives to entertainment now days! Have a party with some friends. etc. there are also alternatives available for shopping. Shop online or frequent stores where there are no Police Patrols stationed! We must band together as a Nation and stop the Unconstitutional Government Imposition Into Our Lives!! We Do Have The Power To Change It.
Write letters to Corporations! Tell them we will not shop where a Police State is being supported through utilization of armed Police Officers! Only You can change the enviroment in this country!! Dont let our streets be poluted with Tyranny!!
In closing...I will post letters all you have to do is print them and sign and mail them Its so easy to make a diference!!
Wether you are at Mardigra or Wallmart!
See a cop Turn away!! send a message! Do something else... Go somewhere else!!
Save your money!!! Send a letter!
Thank you!
Support Freedom!!
Edward - This section is for taking over the world!

And what does this have to do with a No Police State? Happy Memorial Day Weekend.

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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Need a New Nose?

It's vanity time again, and sometimes the world can be very vain. There is always something about ones features that one may not be truly content with . Maybe you look around at other people and say to yourself "Oh, if only I had their hair" or whatever feature you would like to swap with that person. Or maybe you are truly content with yourself and the way you look and need not change your look. Well, this time it is the nose. Could you use a more marketable nose? Have you been walking around most of the time thinking "I could use a new nose?" You can get rhinoplasty in Beverly Hills. The nose job that you have always wanted. And what better place to get your nose job done than rhinoplasty Los Angeles on Rodeo Drive, the most prestigious street in all of Beverly Hills representing the most glamorous and exclusive of the exclusiveness. And if you're looking for Hollywood, Los Angeles is the way to go. Rodeo Drive Plastic surgery is located in Beverly Hills California. Their surgeons work as a team and provide the best possible surgical outcome both in aesthetics and in breathing function and their staff attends to your needs before, during and after rhinoplasty. Their approach to rhinoplasty in Los Angeles has been making news. Breathe easy now, rhinoplasty Beverly Hills is there for you. This is a sponsored review.

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Red Gold

Memorial day weekend is this weekend and you may be planning to travel out of town for the beginning of the summer season by car. Have you noticed the gas prices lately? Why are gas prices going through the roof? I passed by a gas station the other day and gas prices were a whopping $3.50 a gallon, the highest I have ever seen. How are people able to afford to drive at this point without going in debt? Is it possible to decrease the worlds dependency on oil and petroleum products? Can oil companies use other forms of alternative energy; wind, bio diesel, solar, more bicycles or electric powered cars? Planet earth is being plundered for profit. Is it possible to live in a non plastic world, to go green for a sustainable future? Is another world possible? And what does this have to do with a No Police State? Bike for Peace. Happy Memorial day. Peace on earth.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Will the War ever end?

And on the cover of yesterdays paper was yet another shooting. Yet another person loses their life to gun violence. For no reason at all. The civil rights groups, 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement and the National Action Network have been very busy with the headlines these days. Should I just turn the page of the newspaper and put the headline out of my mind? And yet there will be another shooting tomorrow and the day after, and the day after that and more headlines the day after that, that never ends. There seems to be calls for justice against gun violence on a daily basis now. Will the war ever end? Are these the end times? The end of days? There are a few entries in my blog about gun violence and I could easily copy the same entry over and over. An appeal to stop gun violence. An appeal to banish guns from every human being on planet earth so that we can all be equal. Everyone throw away their guns. Who is responsible for the invention of gunpowder and guns? It is the worst invention ever. Who is responsible for the flooding of humanity with guns? I am just one blogger alone in my appeal and there are many other individuals and the media who appeal for an end to gun violence. Yet it seems as if every ones cries are going unheard by whoever the powers are that be. An interesting statistic in yesterdays paper; Firearm control: Past vs Present. Why do in the United States 5.6 persons per 100,000 get murdered every year versus 1.2 in the United Kingdom where arms possession is not free? It is great that the Mayor of New York City and Mayors Against Illegal Guns address ending gun violence, yet it is discouraging to read that in response to this, gun dealers and gun shops held a gun giveaway in protest. I cannot think of any last words to write for this blog entry except to say will there ever be peace on earth? And what does this have to do with a No Police State? Have a great day.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hawaiian Beach Rentals

Summer is almost here and it's Hawaiian beach time fun and sun again. If you are looking for that perfect Hawaiian vacation rental, Aloha! Hawaiian Beach Rentals can help you. Hawaiian Beach Rentals specializes in Big Island vacation rentals. They can help you find the perfect hotel, condo, villa, resort, cottage, bed and breakfast and apartment for your vacation stay. They offer thousands of popular luxury condo Maui Wailea rentals in Maui, Wailea and other exotic Hawaiian Islands. You can view the photos, names, locations and rates of their featured accommodations. Let Hawaiian Beach Rentals arrange your travel plans to paradise. Whether you are looking for a place right on the beachfront or downtown, Hawaiian Beach Rentals is there for you. You can call them toll free for any questions you may have.

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Blogging goes Mainstream

Has blogging gone mainstream? Or has blogging been mainstream for a while and I just haven't realized it? Yesterdays New York Daily Newspaper had an article titled "Keep your job, make more money". The article mentioned various freelance jobs such as babysitting, selling on eBay, freelance writing, and blogging as money making solutions that don't require quitting your day job. It mentioned websites that pay people to blog reviews about products. Wow, I wanna try that!,,and were websites and companies that were mentioned where the rates vary between $20.00 and $200.00 per review. Really? That much? Is it really that easy to generate some revenue? Where can I find these companies? I would like to quit my day job now and start blogging for bucks.

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Monday, May 21, 2007


Eastern religion is really cool and the colors red and gold in Chinatown are awesome. Eastern religion's path seems to lead to nirvana and bliss. Today the Little Book of Buddha says:
The First Noble Truth: "To Live is to Suffer-Sorrow is the Universal Experience of Mankind"
The Second Noble Truth: "Suffering is Caused by Craving, Attachment and Desire"
The Third Noble Truth: "The Removal of Sorrow Can Only Come from the Removal of Desire"
The Fourth Noble Truth: "Desire Can Be Systematically Abandoned by Following the Noble Eightfold Path"
And what's the Eightfold Path?
Ohm Shanti.

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iPods Rock

iPods rock. Those little white music players that come in different colors are everywhere and are all the rage these days. And now one can convert their favorite DVD movies, your own videos and your favorite TV shows into iPod movies. Wow, that's really cool! Now you can enjoy watching your favorite movies anywhere, even underground in the New York City Subway while you are going your way. It is easy to use their iPod Video Converter software which converts all kinds of videos with just a few mouse clicks. And you can place your movies and videos in your iTunes Library. Now on iTunes. What a great entertainment idea. The software offers free trial. This is a sponsored post.

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Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Meaning of Life

Today is Sunday, a day of rest. A time to rest from the week, a time to relax and a time to reflect on life maybe. There is a time for everything under the sun so it has been said. I am not sure if I have any great philosophies on life except to say that "Life is a bitch and then you die", or "Eat, drink and be merry, for to morrow we die." And everything happens for a reason, the only thing constant is change and some stories do not end as you expect. There are a lot of great books out there that ponder the meaning of life and I am sure that each one of those books has a different meaning of life. The bible is a good book for morals, philosophies, parables, psalms and proverbs if one believes in it. It is Sunday, a day of rest.

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Computer World

It's late at night or early in the morning and computers are driving me up the wall again. I've been consumed with a tech frenzy again the past few days, and I am dazed, so much this time that I almost forgot that I do blogging, and why do I blog again? I forgot, oh yeah, it is because I have nothing else to do at the moment. Again I could use IAA (Internet Addicted Anonymous) cause why else would I be in a computer frenzy if it were not for the multiple websites that I visit daily. And I could still use that get sleep soon routine I have been looking for. This time it is trying to find a computer for cheap because as I mentioned earlier, the computer that I use now is so slow that you can click on a website, go to the kitchen, make dinner and come back to the computer and the page will still be loading. And I did find a computer for cheap on Craigs List, so cheap that it is useless for my purpose in computing and I plan to put it back up for sale on Craigs List. And what's a Wi Fi wireless connection? How far back in the stone ages am I? Is that where everyone sits in a cafe coffee shop with laptops one uses to surf the Internet away from home? I long to keep up with the Jones's. Sometimes the super highway passes me by.

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Hawaii Real Estate

Aloha! It's time to discover Hawaii. I have always thought of Hawaii as one of those tropical paradise locations in the world where you can hula your troubles away. There is an assortment of activities and adventures in Hawaii. Everything about Hawaii conjures up images of sun, fun, oceans, white sandy beaches, flowers, tropical forests, beautiful colors and people, and lots of islands. The breathtaking beauty and warm tropical waters can renew you and energize you. There's no place on earth like Hawaii. Do you want to move to Hawaii? If you are you planning to make the Islands your home Hawaii real estate can help you when searching for a home. Hawaii is a Hawaii real estate search engine that maps all properties available for sale through the Hawaii MLS using Google maps. You can search for your dream home, condos or land and find Hawaii property for sale using Hawaii Life real estate services. You can do your own research and Hawaii Life will help you connect with one of their expert buyer’s agents. You can search listings for Kauai real estate and Big Island real estate. Their site has a learning center where real estate is discussed, resources are shared and you can leave comments and ask questions. Hawaii Life real estate services provides the best research tools, experienced agents, and buyers services that can save you time and money. This is a sponsored review.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Sun Ra Space Circus

Hey Bloggers, if you are in the neighborhood, I would like to invite you to an event that good friends will be performing at.

Sunday, May 20th - 10pm-2am

24 First Ave between 1st and 2nd streets - East Village, NYC
entrance below red lanterns to the right of Lucky Cheng's

Swing, Blues, R&B, Doo-Wop, Funk, Tone Poems, Abstract Sounds of Outer Space.




The sound of joy

Is enlightment

The space-fire truth

Is enlightment


Sometimes it's music

Strange mathematic

Rhythmic equations

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Introducing the Newly Designed USD $100 Bill

This news just in. So there was this discussion yesterday about the the newly designed $100 bill with security features for counterfeiters that will be introduced to the world. Is it 1984 yet? Look at this twenty dollar bill, analyze it, then look at this 1,000 Switzerland Croner Bill, analyze it and tell me what you see? Do you see any design features that would be counterfeit? How does it's texture feel? The United States Treasury will be introducing a newly designed $100 bill that looks similar to foreign money and food stamp money in its design with so many busy design features, it's sensory overload. Is the Us Treasury able to stay one step ahead of the counterfeiters and their photo copy machines? Are these new designs to counteract counterfeiters or to compete with the European Union or something else? Their mission is to introduce a new program campaign with slogans to "educate" consumers about counterfeit money. There will be patriotic images on the bills, the Statue of Liberty, the Liberty Bell and of course the Eagle. There will be slogans of "If the bells ring, it's the real thing", meaning if the hologram images of the bells are not appearing or disappearing correctly when one tilts the bill, turn your neighbor or yourself in! or "Tip the Strip", meaning that if the five silvery shiny encoded holographic bars with 000's in it running across the bill do not appear, disappear or reappear correctly, turn yourself or your neighbor in immediately! Or if the faces are just smiling funny, turn yourself or your neighbor in. Why does this campaign remind me of the NYC MTA, (New York City Metropolitan Terrorize it's subway riders Association) with those pre recorded "If you see something, say something" and "If you see a suspicious package say something", and random bag search campaigns? Do I now give up my civil liberties in the name of security? Does not this instill fear into people to turn everyone against each other? Is this a civil liberties concern for the masses? A job for the American Civil Liberties Union? Is my job now to be a fraud counterfeit money detective every time I receive a dollar bill? Must I now start washing, dipping, stripping, wringing, drying, tying and spying every dollar bill I receive? I never really pay much attention to fraud counterfeit money, I am too busy spending it. Isn't that the store merchants job to check for counterfeit money? As I see merchants holding my twenty dollar bills up to the light and writing on them with markers all the time as if they are looking for something every time I buy something. This is not the first time the dollar bill has been redesigned, I should be used to it changing colors every year by now. Money is now being marketed and $100's are the new $20's. And how should the US Treasury present this campaign? Who should represent the campaign? Oprah Winfrey, the elderly, the common person, the US Treasury? Should the campaign be advertised on bus stops, posters, subway platforms, television, radio and telephone booths? Can the US Treasury just simply publish photos of the old currency before its redesign and after its redesign as it has done in the past? And for what reason is counterfeit money such a big issue? Will paper money ever be obsolete? Isn't plastic credit cards and identity theft the big issue these days? I am still a fan on the one dollar bill. It is the only currency that has not been redesigned over and over. And what does this have to do with a No Police State? Have a great day.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Paperless Office

If you have papers and file cabinets stacked up to the ceiling of your office, and the only place for you to walk is a path that is cleared on either side, you may be in need of an Accountants Paperless Office. Flickthru's paperless office solutions accountancy document management software is a simple to use and inexpensive replacement for any filing cabinet system. Flickthru's paperless office solution is an electronic document management system which allows you to look through your correspondence files. Their paperless office software is an inexpensive replacement for filing cabinets and storage space. It is designed for accountants by accountants. To experience the benefits of Flickthru's paperless office software for yourself, visit their website to book a free demonstration. This is a sponsored post.

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The Internet Super Highway

I'm on the Internet information digital super highway and my computer stalls sometimes so I have to pull over to the side of the road and do maintenance and get back on again. I was asking a friend the other day how he thinks my computer can pick up speed and he suggested I throw it out the window and then it will pick up some speed. I am amazed that I am able to surf the internet at all and especially MySpace on this computer because I have a slow computer. It is one of those computers where you can click on a page, go to the kitchen, make dinner and come back to the computer and the page will still be loading. I can use a new computer. A fast computer, or an upgrade from a Chevy to a Corvette. I have been searching on Craigs list for the past few weeks now for a computer $100 or less to no avail. Maybe it is not possible to find a computer for $100 or less. Internet addiction and computers have taken over my life for the moment. I remember twenty years ago, I was at some tech school sitting in a computer class, before computers were invented and everyone was typing and key punching out slots on vanilla cards on some big refrigerator sized machine that was then called a computer or something, and a classmate told me, "Watch out! Computers are coming!, fifteen years from now computers will be everywhere!" And I was wondering, "What the heck is she talking about? I don't see no computers anywhere." Well somehow she was a prophet who was able to see into the future. And now I wonder how was it possible to live life without the Internet and email. What was life like before these inventions. Did life really exist? Technology is amazing to me. Now it is the dawn of the Digital Age. The dinosaurs have become extinct and the Cretaceous Period is over.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Question of the Day

I was reading todays AM New York daily newspaper and there is an article that reads: "Troops lose access to MySpace, YouTube". Apparently the Pentagon says service members can no longer use the military's computer system to socialize and trade videos on MySpace, YouTube and nine other Web sites. What does this mean and what does this have to do with a No Police State? Have a great day.

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Vanity World

Oh boy, this is a good one. What can I say about plastic surgery
except that can I afford it even if I wanted it? Or maybe my insurance could cover it. It's a plastic world sometimes and I am vain, very vain. There has always been certain features about myself that I am not fully content with and could swap with another person, though maybe most people could have some features about themselves that they are not fully content with. Or maybe you are fortunately content with yourself. For me it is the nose, I could use a different nose, a more marketable nose. I can use some Beverly Hills rhinoplasty, just like in the movies. And then there's the hair, height and weight, and is there plastic surgery for the hair, height and weight yet? And that's not even mentioning my breasts, they could use some reducing or increasing in size, I am not exactly quite sure which one yet. And if you are into the entertainment business, Hollywood can be based solely on looks sometimes and that's where Los Angeles Plastic Surgery can help you. Or maybe you want plastic surgery for other reasons. At Plastic Surgery 101, their goal is to provide you with detailed information about plastic surgery and to help you make informed decisions if you are considering plastic surgery. They offer information about various plastic surgery procedures such as Facelifts, Eyelifts, Browlifts, Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentations, Liposuction, Botox and other cosmetic procedures. Their site includes detailed procedure descriptions, the latest news and trends and before and after photos. Plastic Surgery 101 is a resource guide for plastic surgery. Courtesy of American Society of Plastic Surgeons. This is a sponsored review.

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Monday, May 14, 2007

What's A Police State Anyway?

Today's question of the day that is going through my mind is "What's a Police State anyway?" I call this page No Police State, but what is a Police State? Well I'm not sure what a Police State is except to say that when police brutality is everywhere. A martial law. And so again I called up three friends to ask them "What's a Police State to you?" And here's what they said:
Friend #1: A Police State to me is a situation in a place where there is no freedom occurs and every ones personal freedom is restricted by the powers that be.
Friend #2: I don't even know, but Police State is like, I'm not quite sure what that means. States with lots of police around? I don't have a clue what it means. I don't know what it means to be honest.
Friend #3: Hugh? Let me call you back in a few minutes because (Insert excuse). Friend #3 never called me back.
Friend #4: A Police State means the government is uhm, repressing the people with violence to conform to some sort of like ah, say like it wants them to behave in a certain manner. It's when the government is controlling the people with the use of force taking away their personal liberties and freedom such as their religious beliefs and freedom of speech...and there's more...keep writing.
And for some reason lately I have been referring to Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, as the bible dictionary of the Internet and Wikipedia's definition is:
The term police state is a pejorative term for a state in which the government exercises rigid and repressive controls over the social, economic and political life of the population, especially by means of a secret police force which operates above the normal constraints found in a liberal democracy. A police state typically exhibits elements of totalitarianism and social control, and there is usually little distinction between the law and the exercise of political power by the executive. Police states are authoritarian, and are often dictatorships.
What's a Police State to you and what does it mean? And what does this have to do with a No Police State. Have a great day.

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