Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Techie NPSG

Again, this Internet tech stuff for blogging is straining my brain and causing me lack of sleep. I can still use an anti Internet get sleep soon routine and IAA (Internet Addicted Anonymous). I can still always use a tech guru and wizard, and the online blogging tutorials are still mind boggling to me. How do bloggers maintain five sites at a time? Are they computers? They make it seem like a breeze to have ten or more sites. I can barely maintain this one. And I am always stumbling upon new discoveries in the blogosphere for blogging everyday. And I am still forever trying to figure out ways how to make money online with these pay you to post and blog websites. I have discovered that I think I may need ten or more blogs to spread my postings out and post paid content on if I want to get rich Internet quick. So I don't think I will be getting rich Internet quick anytime soon with my one blog and I will not be quitting my day job. So either get more blogs or get a Google page rank of 100. And how do I try and continue to maintain this sites content on a regular basis? What if I am too tired and lazy to write daily? Can I clutter my page and post photos, videos, poems, cartoons and calendars for content. Is that creative content? Does that make my page all the better? And so I finally figured out months later what an anchor text keyword means, how to make a link appear on a page without the http://www thing, it seems to be some sort of html code that needs to be written. And two months later I finally figure out what a posting template is, something that you want to appear after every post. And I finally figured out how to place a social bookmarking widget on this post template. And I kept wondering what the phrase "SEO" means, because I kept seeing it everywhere as the title of a lot of blogs. Oh...Search Engine Optimization!, something I've been trying to do every since I started this blog, for the purpose of advertising sponsorship of for promoting and marketing this site. And yet more websites I have discovered clicking around at random in bloggerland. Associated Content, wow!, they pay you $5 to submit articles to their site. How much time do I actually have to write content? And I tried out Digital Point Forums and V7N forums to see if I could increase visitors to this site, and how much time do I have to visit forums on a regular basis. Am I a computer? And I haven't checked my Google Adsense page in decades because I have given up on the idea of ever getting enough visitors to click on those ads to generate any kind of income revenue from them. And I still haven't figured out how that link building page ranking popularity thing works. And that Blogrolling.com blogroll, how do you set it up to show links when you click on links? Is that even possible? And I still love MyBlogLog, their site is great for everything blogging. They rock. And at Pingoat just now when I visited their site to ping my blog, I entered the title "Techie" and got an error message: "Hold on right there!, your blog may be blacklisted or whitelisted or something for inappropriate content or excessive pings or something..." Oh No!,.. and after I entered the secret code in one of three tries, I passed the test and my blog was pinged. And how do bloggers get thousands and millions and billions of page views a day? I still have yet to figure that one out. Is there a magic trick to all of this? Have a great day.

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