Sunday, May 13, 2007

Review My Guns?

So I received this blogger opportunity to review guns the other day. Guns...Guns???? I still cannot believe the idea that I received a sponsored opportunity to write about guns. Aren't I supposed to be against guns? I believe guns should be outlawed and removed from every person on the planet. Everyone throw away your guns. Guns are the worst invention ever. What am I supposed to say about guns, guns are great? Let's all go buy a gun now and shoot each other? Because as far as I know, guns are usually used to kill people. And I still cannot comprehend the idea that it is possible not only to advertise guns on the Internet, but to buy a gun over the Internet. How is that possible? Am I dreaming? At first I thought it was an art site because their website referred to art. But when I visited their site I saw guns. Oh, art guns and art supplies. Art for painting and drawing. I like art. Art is cool. But where are the paints and brushes to go along with the guns? All I see are images of guns all over the page; and the words sniper. Sniper!? What?, And grenade, air systems, tactical vests, masks, hoppers, barrels, harnesses, and brand names TIPPMANN A5 Tippman A-5 Marker Gun FLATLINE EGRIP SET-2,Spyder MR1 Military Tactical Paintball Marker Gun Sniper Set, Opened WGP Trilogy PRO Paintball Autococker Marker Gun and other scary sounding brand names. Oh my goodness, this can not be real. I must be hallucinating. Do I dare Google the word gun and see what websites come up? Are gun shops now all over the Internet? Help! Okay, so I Googled the term "Paintball Gun", what the heck is a paintball gun? Oh, a blow gun, what is that? Well anything with the word gun in it I am not a fan of except maybe a water gun. At least I had the option to not take the review. Does this mean the gun shops will not want to be my friend anymore? And what does this have to do with a No Police State. Happy Mother's day.

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