Saturday, May 12, 2007

Day of Mother's

Hey Bloggers, tomorrow is Mother's day. Here is an event and item of note.

Human Rights/Anti Psychiatry Rally
Honoring Mothers and Protesting Human Rights Abuses Against Them and Their Loved Ones

Sunday May 13th will be a day of annual family gatherings. Loved ones will celebrate in warm family surroundings. But for many families across this city the day will be anything but happy.

Lately, there has been a huge increase of very aggressive government agencies activities placing basic constitutional rights in real danger. Agents of Child Protective Services have seized thousands of children often without reasonable cause and forced them into Foster Care. Adult Protective Services have removed hundreds of elderly from their apartments forcing them into very questionable nursing homes or long-term care facilities, making them lose their apartments to the benefit of landlords. There has been a very significant increase in average citizens being placed under guardians without valid cause, some of them involuntarily confined in psychiatric facilities. Many children falsely labeled ADHD have been placed in special education classes and drugged without parental consent. Public Schools at present are not providing a proper education and preparing children to succeed in life. In psychiatric facilities, there has been a big increase in the use of ECT/shock and far stronger forced drug "therapies". Many other human rights abuses have occurred in the last four years. Our prison, homeless and mentally ill population keeps raising.
But across this city concerned citizens are rallying to halt the present spiral of abuses and safeguard their non-negotiable and God-given constitutional rights and human rights.
Protect Human Rights, Your Life Depends on It!

May 11, 2007, 11:00am - Steps of City Hall, Manhattan
Press Conference and Rally - Come and Join Us

Parents In Action.


Free Motherhood Manifesto DVD

In honor of Mother's Day, MomsRising is offering MoveOn members a free DVD of the Motherhood Manifesto. MomsRising is working to get out the word about the challenges mothers face in America a funny. The Motherhood Manifesto is a powerful and engaging documentary that makes the case for a revolution in the way America treats moms. Order your free DVD today.

Happy Mother's Day

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