Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Gone Fishing

And I am gone fishing, or at least going fishing on a mission to that place in America called Kansas City, Missouri in middle america where seemingly lots of american flags are waved. And from what I hear, that inner City of Kansas City Missouri and Kansas is still reeling in the midst of a crack epidemic, and crime and gun violence are running rampant. And who invented that drug crack anyway, the State? And who is the state? And that drug crack and guns are the worst invention of a death industry ever, and it seems to be the Iron age and Kali Yuga and what seems like the beginning of the end of the world and the deterioration of humanity in these days and times. And there is a blight in this City I hear, so much that the only businesses open in the inner city are the churches and liquor stores. And schools are closing from segregation and desegregation as people move further and further out to the suburbs to avoid the inner city and its changing population and times. And has the face and population of the suburbs changed in time also? And I plan to be another one of those travelling travailling tourists again who attempt to blah blog their travelling travels I guess of whatever the tourists sites there are that that city has to offer. And from what I read, Kansas City Missouri is mostly known for Charlie Parker, that great jazz musician, and bar b que. And some tourists sites there to visit are places like Arthur Bryant BBQ, 18th and Vine, a historical jazz district which is located at the former railroad tracks and border of what was once the street where african americans could not travel past or move beyond in downtown Kansas City Missouri. And decades later, times seem to have changed indeed. And there is also the Negro Baseball Museum located there, The American Jazz Museum, The Black Archives of Mid America and a few other tourists sites I imagine. And I am not sure how my blogahohlicness and trying to find one of those computers to blog my blogaholicness may hold up during these times. And however these days and times may go have a great travelling and blogging day.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

An Alzheimer's Walk

And I have heard of Alzheimer's before, as I think it is a disease that afflicts humanity, particularly older people who may sometimes lose their memory amongst other things. And there will be an Alzheimer's Memory Walk for those who wish to sign up to walk for a cause. By walking with the Alzheimer's Association, you can walk with a purpose and help them toward a world without Alzheimer's. There will be walks in more than 600 communities, and there should be a community walk near you. A typical Memory Walk is a 2-3 mile walk held on a weekend morning in the fall. There is also a need for team captains who would like to participate in this event. And by participating in the Alzheimer's Association Memory Walk you can help to raise awareness and funds for Alzheimer care, support and research and you can join over 200,000 people walking to end Alzheimer's. They are on the move to end Alzheimer's. This walk is the nations largest walk for Alzheimer's and this can be one of many great ways to help save humanity and planet mother earth. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.
Sponsored by Alzheimer's Walk

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The Enemy

And for what reason when I read a magazine or watch a television commercial are mostly all of the advertisements for cars and the automobile industry. Is it historical that the world has been chocked with the selling of automobiles with the result being the oil crisis, global warming, climate change and a never ending ending George Orwellian 1984 war. And in other thoughts, there are so many people losing their lives to gun violence yesterday, today and so the story will be told again tomorrow that I can not keep track of the fastly changing headlines and have almost seemingly become desensitized to gun violence in the news, an industry that seems to feed on crime and violence. And for what reason when I read the Daily Newspaper are mostly all of the content related to crime and violence, as if it is the if it bleeds it leads thing. And should this paper be renamed "The Sensational Daily Crime Blotter Newspaper". And what if nobody dies today, would most of the media industry be out of a job? And guns are the worst invention of an industry every. I can not post over and over enough in my appeal to end gun violence, to banish guns from every human being on the face of planet earth, and to ban the images of guns from every form of advertising, marketing and from video games and toys. And to rewrite that constitution to say the right to bear sticks and stones instead of the right to bear arms, as if human life has become disposable and property is worth more than people. Is this all that Kali Yuga and the age of Iron, the deterioration of humanity, society and its morals and values. Is another world possible. No one is free when others are oppressed. And in other thoughts, I have been thinking about that word enemy lately. What does that word mean, does that Internet Bible Wikipedia have an entry for that. And who or what is the enemy and for what reason. And I have heard it said that with friends like these, one does not need enemies. And there are many other sayings about that word, love thine enemies as one would love their self or something like that. And for what reason is humanity at odds with each other, for what reason is man against man, brother against brother and kingdom against kingdom, and a mans enemies those of his own household. And what would the world be like without an enemy. And what does this have, if anything, to do with a No Police State. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eighteen Forever

And I am not exactly sure how vain I could be or if I could be one of those people who would want to be eighteen forever and never age or show any signs of age. And yet in this youth obsessed culture of our times, or at least that entertainment culture of some sorts here in this City of New York, looks can be everything. or looks are everything when it comes to casting for the entertainment industry maybe, or maybe even when it comes to daily life. And it seems as if every time I take one of those walks around the streets of this town of New York, that I can see people doing different things to battle the signs of that process called aging. And maybe one is not vain at all and just goes with the natural aging process of life. And there must be lots of sayings more about that word vanity. And yet there are a ton of products out there on the market to suffice ones vanity needs, maybe. And one of these products is an anti wrinkle cream called Replexion. And Replexion helps to reduce one of the most visible signs of aging, wrinkles. And there must be a lot of different reasons why one may find themselves with these things called wrinkles such as stress of some sort, environmental pollution, the air. maybe even light, smoking, UV damage, lack of moisture, even facial expressions like squinting, and if only one could control that squinting somehow. And then there is that plain simple thing called aging that can cause wrinkles. And short of living ones life in complete darkness or ones of those oxygen chambers or some other miracle cure of some sort, Replexion is a product that uses peptide and other technology to smooth away fine lines and helps to take those wrinkles away. Replexion includes moisturizers and botanicals including shea butter, aloe, algae extract, coneflower extract, cocoa butter, and mango butter and other ingredients. And if you would like to smooth away those facial wrinkles and fine lines, or get rid of crows feet, or those sun spots and dark circles under your eyes, Replexion can be magic in a bottle and they are there for you. With their skin care products you can start looking younger in weeks. How beautiful.

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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Hey Bloggers, Zebulon is having a lot of concerts and performances. I know because this pink flyer on this table says so. And it is a pink flyer with their monthly July schedule with artists and musicians like Pogo in Togo, Noveller, Willy Wierd and Sister Resistor, Andy Friedman and The Other Failures, The Defibulators,Kaoru Watanabe, Tatsuya Nakatani,Kakande ,Famoro Dioubate and Friends, Guinee brooklyn, Kaneng Lolang Zozo Afro Beat,Moisturizer, Burnt Sugar,Lucibel Crater, twi the humble feather plus Benjamin wetherill,Ryan Sawyer,Susan Alcorn, Patrick Holmes,Sharon Van Etten plus Boutros Effendi, Drew Victor, Rock Banned, Nick Panken, and the Tougarake,The Waaw Band, the Dutch East India Company, Mamma Macabre, Die Haifische,Taylor Ho Bynum, Abraham Gomez Delgado project, Michael Attias, Megachurch, Melanie Moser and the eleventh hour band, Stagger Back Brass Band, Accordion Death Squad,Ivana XL , Airwaves , Luke Temple , Lizzy Grant, Cleve Pozar, Cooper Moore, Darius Jones, The SuperPowers brooklyn, Effi Briest,Marques Tolliver and the Sometimes, Anna K Jarosz,Paraguaylofi,Moonengineer,Glasser plus Shock Cinema,Baye Kouyate , Eli, Samba and Friends presents Mighty AfroAmerico Percussion,Meta and the Cornerstones,Unicornicopia Natalie Weiss plus Skeleton,Taylor Ho Bynum, Abraham Gomez, project in sounds,Polka Madre, Nicky,Jess, Tyler , Jordi and friends, DJ Jaiko Suzuki, Dub Is A Weapon,Casperous Vine,Spanish Prisoners, miles benjamin anthony robinson, Rasp Thorne Presents, Stuart Bogie and Friends, Super Human Happiness, Clinton Van Gemert,Container plus Sonido Chongo Bicycleta, Paris Suit Yourself Holly Miranda and more in Brooklyn.
And how exactly this pink flyer wound up on my friends table, I am not exactly sure as maybe they went to that club and bar at some point and got it there, as I have also found myself there every once in a blue moon as one of those New York City dwellers looking for entertainment nightlife, jazz and other music. And Kenny and that group "The Himalayas" played there at some point in time also, with their orchestra and horns that's a great marching sound indeed. And so I found myself visiting Zebulon's MySpace page that is listed on this flyer also, and that page rocks. And if you are not exactly who, what or where a Zebulon is, at least the name sounds interesting, almost like that other really cool club Nublu in the East Village of New York. And what's a Zebulon anyway, does that word mean or translate into something else in another language. And does that internet bible dictionary Wikipedia have an entry for that. And Zebulon is this really cool happening place in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn and they are all music all the time. Have a great music day.
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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Kali Yuga

And I am not exactly sure what this blog posting is all about, but I think it has something to do with the beginning of the end of the world and my religious fanaticism. And I somehow came across a copy of this DVD titled "2012 The Odyssey". And an odyssey indeed it is to watch this tape for me. And the cover jacket of this tapes describes it as "The Mayan Calendar is ending December 21st 2012. What will happen to us between now and then? Are there other prophecies that also predict the closing of this world age and the start of a new beginning.
Join author Sharron Rose on an adventure into the future. In this exciting and thought provoking feature documentary she travels across the entire United Stated speaking to many experts on this fast approaching prophecy.
Featured noted experts Jose Arguelles, Gregg Braden, John Major Jenkins, Rick Levine, Geoff Stray, Moira Timms, Alberto Villoldo, Jay Weidner, the Incan Elders and more, this film shows us that the coming world is ours to reshape and to remake in any way that we deem possible.
Sharron Rose also travels to the Georgia Guidestones, Washington D.C., the Denver Airport and many other places to discover that there are numerous groups and people who understand that this present age is ending and a new world is now just beginning.
Discover the secrets of the Mayans, the Incans, the Alchemists, the Christians, the Masons and others of our ancient ancestors concerning the end of time and the promise of our destiny as human beings. Written and Directed by Sharron Rose". And this tape gets me to thinking in my religious fanaticism. And I would like to watch this tape again and attempt to blah blog about it again. And from what I remember, it said something about 26,000 years and 4 ages are complete for something in time and life. And is not 26 the number of God. And there was, was it the 16th, 17th,and 18th card that of the tarot deck that depicts judgement day of the sun, moon and stars or something like that. And humanity is living in the age where the father and son will meet in the sky and Jesus may return or something like that where the galactic alignment of the sun will meet the middle of the milky way on December 21, 2012, and this only occurs once every 26,000 years. And then there is that iron age, golden age and Kali Yuga thing, something about that Kali Yuga, a Hindu Krishna prophecy, the age of Kali, the age of vice, and it is the apocalypse demon, the age and time of the devil, the age humanity is now living in and is the present Vedic knowledge, the Dark Age and is one of the four ages, and that this age is an age of spiritual darkness, ignorance, violence, hypocrisy, sin, materialism, strife, discord, quarrel, contention, short lifespans and humanity deteriorates, human morality deteriorates and people are gone the furthest astray from God. And Kali Yuga is 1200 years of something. And for what reason does Vedic sound like that Ayurvedic yoga center here in New York and ayurvedic medicine. And for what reason does all of these stone, iron, golden and other ages remind me of that Daniel the Prophet guy and Nebuchadnezzar's dream and vision in the bible that marked the beginning of the end of something. And this wisdom is all too much for me to understand or comprehend as it seems as if it can all be the secret knowledge of the unknown. And 12.21.2012, it is yoga and cycles. Lo, and behold. Here is one of many secrets that the yoga guy, "Spiritual God" says in the text below him in the drawing above, he depicts the progression of humanity. A-L=12, halfway through the alphabet, O-Z=12, halfway through the alphabet. ALOZ, ALLAH. 12.21.2012, 0102. OLOZ, AL-OZ, ALOZ, ALLAH. M and N the middle of the alphabet = the Millennium, the head of Christ, Grist, the Holy Grail, The Holy Ghost, a thousand years shall Satan be let loose? And there is much more to be written in the text below the yoga guy above (Yahweh,Jehovah,JHVH,YHVH,YHWH, YOGA), part of the trinity. Have a great spiritual day.
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Thursday, July 17, 2008


Clocks and the grandfather clock, well there must be lots to say about clocks and time. And who is the father of time, those two sticks that tell us what to do, sometimes. And I could imagine there are a lot more philosophies to say abut this word time. And who does not find themselves looking at a clock each day for some reason or another, maybe a child. And the only thing constant is change. And in case you happen to be looking for grandfather clocks, 1-800-4clocks has a clock for you. You can find Grandfather clocks, Grandmother clocks, Wall clocks, Atomic clocks, Mantel clocks, Cuckoo clocks Alarm clocks and more clocks at their website. And at Clocks Blog you can find the time of your life along with other interesting blog posts to read about clocks, clocks and more clocks. And that blog posting on their blog, "Taking Stocks of Clocks", seems to take me back in time after reading it and it gives me a different perspective of the history of clocks and their era. And you can find great designs for clocks for your home and anywhere else at their website, as their clocks are really cool to look at, and with their clocks, you can look at time with style.

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Power And Authority

And I have heard it said that power and authority breeds corruption. And I have seen it that this statement could be true; many times, many ways, many places, many organizations, many groups, many people and many individuals. And though the names may change, the story is always the same, power and authority breeds corruption. And there is usually some sort of money involved that breeds this corruption. And there is usually pen and paper involved whose power is the sword in corruption. And what exactly is corruption, and power and authority for what? And is it bureaucracies, cooked books, accounting schemes, money that disappears and more things gone astray that are passing me at the moment. And again, does Wikipedia have an entry for this. What would that Internet bible dictionary have to say about this. And in other thoughts, for what reason does the word lawyer sound like liar, or does it. And for some reason that Bible verse comes to mind again when I think of this phrase. "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows." 1 Timothy 6:10

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Face Of Poker

Hey Bloggers, what's a poker face? I just came across something on the internet about the game of poker which has me to wondering what's a poker face, among many other thoughts. Is that a face of poker. And what is poker? Does Wikipedia, that internet bible dictionary have an entry for that? And from what I remember, does it have something to do with that The Emperor Wears No Clothes story where one puts on a sort of pretend face and does not show their true feelings, and it is a child who sees clearly, or what is the moral of that story. And is this some sort of strategy of life, some sort of defense of life, some sort of game that is played with a deck of cards or something. And what about that deck of cards, what kind of cards are in that deck of cards. What does this phrase mean. And I think I may have seen people wearing this face sometimes throughout my travels, and I think I wear it sometimes, but how and when and for what reason. And what if ones does not wear this face, and does this face really exist at all? What does this all mean. And in other blah blog thoughts, I've been Twittering a lot lately in my blogaholicness as npsgirl, and boy are some of those profile names on Twitter funny, with names like "Father Time", "EvilPRGuy", "Dr. Blogstein" "Dr of Love", "paperchasr", "grantsrant", "RSS Vanity Spy", and "Philosopher X". And in other thoughts, have a great blogging day.
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These Bills

And one thing that seems to be constant with me as I find myself taking upon financial responsibility and the cost of life, even in the midst of a recession depression of the economy, is bills, bills and more bills. And is there anyone who is exempt from bills, bills, and more bills on a monthly basis. And it seems as if ones life can exist and revolve around the concept of living month to month, and paycheck to paycheck, and bill statement to bill statement. And then there is debt and Debt consolidation for those bills one may find themselves having trouble paying sometimes. And are you financially fit? Well, if you want to see if you are financially fit, can tell you. They are your one stop resource for saving money, and with their Bills IQ score they can help you understand your overall financial health. And from what I can understand after using their BillsIQ score is that my financial health has died and could use some coming back to life. And if you happen to be looking for debt consolidation, tips, resources, mortgages, loans, insurance, credit, you can find all of that that and more at their website. And try to remember to pay the creditors back before you find yourself hiding out from the telephone if the telephone has not been repossessed by that point.

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Monday, July 14, 2008

The Tea Lounge

And so I somehow found myself winding up at this place called the Tea Lounge that's this really cool lounge in Park Slope, Brooklyn with seemingly a ton of couches everywhere and people all sitting there looking at their laptops all the time drinking tea and lots of tea. And that place seems so cool that I could just sit there all day and night blah blogging away on some laptop, seemingly if they have free wi fi at least. And that place is located across the street from another place that I have heard of called the Park Slope Food Co op, or is that the Park Slope food coop? Anyway, and so my friends band "Funk Monk" was playing there that night, and so was this other band called "The Bird Hive Boys". And Funk Monk was a jazzy night, and Bird Hive Boys was a bluesy, bluegrass sort of night that night. And their music rocked. And then there is another story of gentrification, almost genocide of yet another long time establishment that has fallen to the housing crisis of New York in this rent going through the roof, one needs ten roommates to survive era. Someone said that the Tea Lounge on 7th Avenue, or is it 10th Street will be closing at the end of this month. And will this place be replaced by yet another bank. And does the housing crisis in New York, where even the yuppies can no longer afford the rent, reflect the state of the nation and the state of the world. And there seems to be overdevelopement and a wrecking ball going through this town so fast that I can not keep track, as a new building seems to go up or out of business, or opens for business and seems to appear and disappear out of nowhere that was not there the week before, each week I walk down most any block of this city. And the landscape is changing. And it seems as if someone should keep track and write some sort of obituary for all of the businesses that are losing and have lost their lives so fast in this town for usually the sake of money. And CBGB marked an end of an area along with a host of other merchants and individuals in this city and its housing crisis of the decade 2000. And it seems as if every decade in real estate in New York has its era and is different, as New York seems to be ever changing, and the only thing constant is change. And what does the next decade hold for New York and its real estate, if anything. And will squatting and the land of the free ever arise again. And for some reason that phrase "Class War, Class War, Class War on the Poor" comes to mind. Long Live The Lower East Side. And in other thoughts I read that there is a recession and a depression, a foreclosure crisis, Uncle Sam is going broke with the European Union and the food is disappearing, and the animals are dying and disappearing and the globe is warming, and the climate is changing, and there are wars, wars, and rumors of wars, and the world seems to be spinning out of control. Is there hope for the world. And what if anything, does this have to do with a No Police State? Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind. Have a great music day.
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Sunday, July 13, 2008

This Summer Tour

Now political comedy and satire shows are something I could watch sometimes, as they can usually give you a more realer point of view and understanding of the meaning of politics, whatever that could be. And Glenn Beck has a political satire comedy summer tour coming to a city near you. You can get to know Glen in select theaters nationwide and at the Dallas show July 17 that will be broadcasted live via FathomEvents. And that "Right To Bear Arms" video he has on is website is interesting. And you can also find books, interviews, headlines, featured videos, Glen Beck's Store and much more at his website. And if you happen to be looking for politics and satirical comedy, Glenn Beck is the place to look.
Sponsored by NCM Fathom

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

A Red Hook Art Show

Hey bloggers, and there is a Red Hook Art Show happening next week. I know because the flyer sitting on this table says so. It is a cool looking colorful kind of brochure that says "Free, Red Hook Art Show, Live Music, Craft Festival, Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, July 26-August 17". And I have heard of those BWAC people, as they usually have some really cool art shows out there in Brooklyn on the waterfront pier. There is a Brooklyn Craft Festival and the 26th Annual Outdoor Sculpture Show "Relative Environment" is happening July 20-August 30 also. And this brochure goes to on to say that the featured artists are Judith Eloise Hooper and Tom Vega, and that there is 700 works of art, 200 artists, 40 artisans, 20 filmmakers, 10 actors, and one great view. And there is a preview July 12 with free South African food, drink, and music. Free you say? And there is also free performances UnPlugged in Red Hook at 3pm with scheduled performances including Big Bang Big Band, Le Nozze di Carlo, Yukiko Tanaka, William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing, Blue Vipers, Ardigo, Eclectics, Art Speaks with Poet S. David, Chris Lind Duo, Paula Jeanine India Songs, Philomel's Song, Andrew Green Ensemble and more. And this event is free you say? And being that this event is being held in the summer, this festival is hot. Have a great summer festival day.
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Day of Bastille

And I think I could be finding myself encountering that blah blog bloggers block again as I find myself running out of things to blah blog about again, as it seems as if it has been a while since I blahgged on this blog, maybe. And that question comes to mind again, to blog or not to blog, that is the question. And how do those other bloggers out there in bloggerland find things to write about. And what's the purpose of having a blog again? Is it to rant and rave or write ones diary online or to ramble thoughts to the web. And what does that word blog mean anyway. And what if I am unable to blah blog on this blog all the time, could I hire a thousand other bloggers to help me maintain and blog on this blog. Maybe I should consider posting one of those 'Bloggers wanted' ads online for this blog, maybe. And in other thoughts, it's another holiday coming up again soon, or some sort of unofficial non state mandated day to be observed called Bastille Day. And I blogged about that holiday before last year, as this blog seems as if it wants to repeat itself sometimes with the same holiday, different year, and I thought to repost that posting because hey, it's less writing sometimes:

No one is free while others are oppressed. Did you know that July 14th is Bastille Day? Maybe you do. If you do not know it already, Bastille Day is a national French holiday whose anniversary is celebrated each year with festivities commemorating the storming of the Bastille prison in Paris, France in 1789 which marked the beginning of the French Revolution. This prison symbolizes freedom for all. There will be lots of Bastille day events and parties, food and fun here in America also. And if the thought does not scare you, break the silence and remember the psychiatric prisoners. Psychiatry Kills. Mad Pride celebrates the human rights of people considered different by our society. It may be celebrated anytime but is most often observed in the month of July, usually on or around July 14, Bastille Day. 2007 marks the 26th anniversary of psychiatric survivors using Bastille Day to celebrate Mad Pride. The tradition of using Bastille Day as Mad Pride Day was started in New York by the Mental Patients Liberation Alliance and has since spread around the world. When the Bastille was stormed, two prisoners with psychiatric labels being detained there for that reason were freed. Mad Pride celebrations have grown directly out of an historic but little known international social change movement led by psychiatric survivors and mental health consumers that began in about 1970. MindFreedom International is one of the groups in this movement. The name Mad Pride got its start in London when activists there saw a Gay Pride event and got madly inspired. Mad Pride is not only for psychiatric survivors, it is open to all, whether or not you have been labeled by the psychiatric, psych-cia-trick system. Mad Pride is really about Human Pride. Do not allow our very humanity to be done in by a corporate mental health (death) system that has gone out of control. Stigmatize yourself with pride, celebrate mad pride. To find out more about Mad Pride events in your area visit Mind Freedom. And what does this have to do with a No Police State? Happy Bastille Day.
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Friday, July 4, 2008

The 4th of July

And here on this day is another one of those holidays that seem to repeat itself each year as if to say same holiday, different year, so much that I find myself reposting those holiday blog entries again, as this blog seems as if it wants to repeat itself sometimes over the days, months, years, centuries and infinity, maybe:
It's July 4th again. Another one of those national American patriotic holidays that is celebrated and observed only in America and nowhere else in the world. And what does the word "Patriotic" mean? That could be a whole another post. It's that time of year again when the image of the American flag is worshiped and honored for whatever the reason may be and more patriotic songs are sung and more pledging of allegiance to the flags are pledged. Didn't the flag waving just end last month with memorial day, the other ultimate patriotic American holiday? And what is being celebrated this time? I can't remember the meaning of July fourth. Doesn't it have something to do with freedom or the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia? I am not sure if anyone is free when others are oppressed and civil liberties are disappearing at the speed of light in the name of "Security and terrorism" and now, the latest trend "Plots". Although the fireworks for this day can be really cool to look at and the rooftop parties can be fun. Again, I should consult Wikipedia, the ultimate internet bible to understand the meaning of this holiday. Happy July 4th, great travels, fireworks, barbecues, beachgoing and picnics.
And this one also.....
Today is July 4th. The fourth of July. It's a day when there will be lots of events, celebrations, parties, barbeque's and outdoor activities going on. Have you ever thought about the amount of plastic that will be disposed of today in all of this activity? Have you taken time to think of where that plastic cup or bag goes when you throw it in the garbage. As most of the parties today will most likely not be contributing to the recycling program. There are countries in Europe that impose a plastic bag tax, PlasTax of .5 cents for every plastic bag you receive to discourage the frivolous use of plastic. Ireland has reduced their consumption of plastic bags by 90 percent as a result. As New York City is contemplating a plastic ban, the plastic pimper corporations are not. America is drowning in plastic. As I have mentioned before, the evils of plastic are many. It is a non biodegradable object fueling the petroleum oil industry. The health hazards of plastic are many. Greenhouse gas emissions have run amok. Drains are being clogged and drain flooding is increasing. The birds of the earth are dying and choking from it and people are suffocating from it. For what reason is not a more natural material and product being created to replace plastic? If you are at a party today, consider the environment. Consider reusing your cup or your bag today. Go Green. And what does this have to do with a No Police State? Happy July 4th.

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Thursday, July 3, 2008

These Times

And as the headlines each day read more and more about the economy of America going downhill and broke, and while I was on the subject of that mortgage meltdown crisis a couple of blog posts ago, there is some article I came across in the Suddeutsche Zeitung Magazin that I came across a while ago during those travail travelling times in Germany that reads "II. Krise, Bislang haben wir nur von den vielen Amerikanern gehort, deren Hauser infolge der Finanzkrise zwangsversteigert wurden. Hier sehen wir, wie sie jetzt leben." and the first paragraph of this article goes on to read "Die Sonne uber Kalifornien sorgt fur angenehme Temperaturen. Herb duftende Holzapane bedecken den Boden. Darauf stehen in Reih und Glied 149 grun-weisse Polyesterzelte, fabrikneu. Ein Campingplatz? Das Idyll trugt. Alle zehn Minuten peitscht ein startender Jet uber den kargen Staubplatz. Erholung finder hier sowieso niemand." And the article goes on for a few more pages. And this is a language of German that I do not really understand and confuses me. And I can only understand the photograph of a full page that accompanies this article of an encampment of about 100 or so green tents forming straight military like lines in a big open field. And I think this article says something like, in California people have lost their homes and are homeless because of the foreclosure housing and mortgage crisis and are now sleeping in tent encampments. And this seems like something of a surreal photos that could have been taken from the great depression dust bowl era of the 1930's itself. And for some reason that verse comes to mind "The foxes have holes, and the birds of the air have nests; but the son of man hath not where to lay his head". And that other verse, "For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows". And whose right is it to say that the land is for sale anyway, a basic necessity of human life. And maybe and hopefully squatting and homesteading may prevail during these times and the land and people can be free, as no one is free when others are oppressed. Is another world possible. And what, if anything does this have to do with a No Police State?

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Planet Mother Earth

And it seems as if the world is spinning out of control these days and times when I look around me and turn on the news of the day. So much that I start to wonder about those top ten prophetic signs of the end of the world that I blah blogged about some time ago. And the world is ever changing, and the only thing constant is change. And then there is the mortgage meltdown crisis where half of America seems to be becoming homeless at the moment and homeless shelters, tents, shantytowns and soup kitchens are becoming overcrowded with working class people, and maybe squatting and squats may rise and come to life and everyone can be free and live off the land for free, and then there is the oil crisis, created by some creator and plundering the earth for more oil, and the impending doom of the stock market down jones bear market economy collapse crisis, and the depression recession era, and the United States dollar and Uncle Scam going broke with the European Union, and the ecosystem collapse crisis, and the bees that are dying, the bats that are dying, the fish that are disappearing and whole species of animals dying off crisis, and then the corn is disappearing, the rice is disappearing, and food prices are increasing, and food is disappearing and the weather is extreme, floods are flooding, wildfires are firing and earthquakes are quaking. And then there is global warming, the go green it's the new thing thing and climate change. And there are famines, and wars, and nations against nations, and kings against kings, and guns are the worst invention of an industry ever, and there could be way too many people on planet earth, and the population is projected to double and go straight up in twenty years or something with that j bell curve thing. Is the earth running out of space for humanity yet? And who are those survival plan survivalist people. And technology is ever advancing. And who or what is Sodom and Gomorrah. And could this be the story of the rise and fall of a nation or the world or something, or anything. And is this just the beginning of birth pains? Is the end yet to come, if ever? What days and times are we on planet mother earth living in. What does the future hold, is there hope for the world. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.
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This Pot

Hey Bloggers, now this is one of those International Oddities posts that I do not find myself blah blogging about every so often. And I could have posted one of those really big marijuana leaf photos in this posting to help explain this post, but that photo is not there. And if you happen to smoke pot and like it a lot, Legal Bud at International Oddities is actually a world leader in selling legal bud. Now that sounds really, really, really, really interesting. You can save up to 75% when you buy legal buds at their website and 25 years of legal bud makes their products the best. And at their prices they just smoke the competition away. And that phone number that they advertise on their website 1-800-730-i-get-bud is actually sort of funny to me to read. And does this mean that I could actually call this number and get some legal pot without having to go outside and hide in dark corners to find. And their website is so covered with photos of really big huge buds such as Stinkbud, Skyscraper, Panama Gold, Bahli Bubble Bud, Hawaiian Bud, Combinations of all sorts of buds and more, that I experience an herbal experience just looking at their website, or do I? At Legal Buds International Oddities, you can find that herbal experience that you could be looking for and their website is all high times all the time.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Central Park SummerStage

Hey Bloggers, it's that summertime of year again and summer festivals are happening again. It seems to be time for those outdoor concerts here in New York City and around the world again. And Central Park Summer Stage is one of those festivals that seem to happen each summer time of year in that city of New York. And that festival is happening now and it's free. I know because this weeks Nonsense NYC list and a bunch of other publications and advertisements says so. And so I thought to post their schedule if you happen to be in the neighborhood, that Central Park SummerStage music is worth checking out, and also because, hey, it's less writing sometimes:

Friday, June 13,Mavis Staples, Stephanie McKay,
Saturday, June 14, Vampire Weekend, Kid Sister
Sunday, June 15, Victor Manuelle and Special Guests
Friday, June 20,Comedy Central Park Featuring: Stephen Lynch and Mike Birbiglia, hosted by Julian McCullough, The 2nd Annual evening of comedy and music presented in association with Comedy Central.
Saturday, June 21, Definitely Poetry Featuring: Kokayi, Lemon, La Bruja, Will Power, JLove Calderon, A special evening of live music and poetry.
Sunday, June 22, Yael Naim, David Donatien, Piers Faccini
Thursday, June 26, Thievery Corporation (live) with Seu Jorge with Special Guests Bebel Gilberto & Federico Aubele
Saturday, June 28, Vieux Farka Toure, Fallou Dieng, Kaleta & ZoZo Afrobeat, Dj Sirak
Sunday, June 29, Mosh Ben Ari, Rupa and The April Fishes, Y-Love, DJ Diwon
Saturday, July 05, Rachid Taha, Dengue Fever, Apollo Heights
Sunday, July 6, Seun Kuti and Egypt 80, Afrika Bambaataa, Love Trio with U-Roy
Wednesday, July 9,Music & Film, La Lupe Queen of Latin Soul, directed by Ela Troyano
Bragging Rights: Stickball Stories, directed by Sonia N. Gonzalez, Cucu Diamentes
Thursday, July 10, Music & Film, The Harder they Come, directed by Perry Henzell
Friday, July 11, Rennie Harris / Pure Movement, Francesca Harper Project
Saturday, July 12, Julieta Venegas, Plastilina Mosh, DJ Bitman
Sunday, July 13,Global Family Day!, Big Nazo, Baby Loves Salsa, featuring Jose Conde,
Cinderella Samba
Thursday, July 17, Junot Diaz
Friday, July 18, Video Music Box 25th Anniversary Concert
Saturday, July 19,Gospel Day, Donald Lawrence, Hezekiah Walker, Dave Hollister
Sunday, July 20, Santogold, Diplo, Plastic Little, A-Trak, Kid Cudi
Wednesday, July 23, Mark Knopfler, A benefit concert for Central Park SummerStage produced by Live Nation.
Saturday, July 26, Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, PeepDance
Sunday, July 27, Taj Majal, Skatalites, Los Pinguos, A special concert in association with Putumayo World Music in celebration of their 15th Anniversary.
Tuesday, July 29, Crosby, Stills & Nash, A benefit concert for Central Park SummerStage produced by Live Nation.
Thursday, July 31, Richard Price, Charles Bock
Friday, August 1, DanceBrazil, Max Pollak and RumbaTap
Saturday, August 2, Roy Hargrove Big Band and Special Guests
Sunday, August 3, Janelle Monae, Little Jackie, Jose James, Gilles Peterson Presented in association with Giant Step.
Wednesday, August 6, Sonny Rollins, A benefit concert for Central Park SummerStage produced by Bowery Presents.
Friday, August 8, Jennifer Muller / The Works, Erica Essner Performance Co-Op
Saturday, August 9, Mexican Heritage Day, Kinky, Alejandro Escovedo with Strings
Sunday, August 10, CineFest Brasil, The House of Tom - Mundo, Monde, Mondo, directed by Ana Jobin, Maria Rita
Thursday, August 14, Los Lonely Boys, Los Lobos
Friday, August 15, Bajofondo, Osunlade & The Yoruba Soul Orchestra
Saturday, August 16, Battles, Black Dice,
Sunday, August 17, Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings, Menahan Street Band, Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens
Have a great summer festival day
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