Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Face Of Poker

Hey Bloggers, what's a poker face? I just came across something on the internet about the game of poker which has me to wondering what's a poker face, among many other thoughts. Is that a face of poker. And what is poker? Does Wikipedia, that internet bible dictionary have an entry for that? And from what I remember, does it have something to do with that The Emperor Wears No Clothes story where one puts on a sort of pretend face and does not show their true feelings, and it is a child who sees clearly, or what is the moral of that story. And is this some sort of strategy of life, some sort of defense of life, some sort of game that is played with a deck of cards or something. And what about that deck of cards, what kind of cards are in that deck of cards. What does this phrase mean. And I think I may have seen people wearing this face sometimes throughout my travels, and I think I wear it sometimes, but how and when and for what reason. And what if ones does not wear this face, and does this face really exist at all? What does this all mean. And in other blah blog thoughts, I've been Twittering a lot lately in my blogaholicness as npsgirl, and boy are some of those profile names on Twitter funny, with names like "Father Time", "EvilPRGuy", "Dr. Blogstein" "Dr of Love", "paperchasr", "grantsrant", "RSS Vanity Spy", and "Philosopher X". And in other thoughts, have a great blogging day.
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