Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eighteen Forever

And I am not exactly sure how vain I could be or if I could be one of those people who would want to be eighteen forever and never age or show any signs of age. And yet in this youth obsessed culture of our times, or at least that entertainment culture of some sorts here in this City of New York, looks can be everything. or looks are everything when it comes to casting for the entertainment industry maybe, or maybe even when it comes to daily life. And it seems as if every time I take one of those walks around the streets of this town of New York, that I can see people doing different things to battle the signs of that process called aging. And maybe one is not vain at all and just goes with the natural aging process of life. And there must be lots of sayings more about that word vanity. And yet there are a ton of products out there on the market to suffice ones vanity needs, maybe. And one of these products is an anti wrinkle cream called Replexion. And Replexion helps to reduce one of the most visible signs of aging, wrinkles. And there must be a lot of different reasons why one may find themselves with these things called wrinkles such as stress of some sort, environmental pollution, the air. maybe even light, smoking, UV damage, lack of moisture, even facial expressions like squinting, and if only one could control that squinting somehow. And then there is that plain simple thing called aging that can cause wrinkles. And short of living ones life in complete darkness or ones of those oxygen chambers or some other miracle cure of some sort, Replexion is a product that uses peptide and other technology to smooth away fine lines and helps to take those wrinkles away. Replexion includes moisturizers and botanicals including shea butter, aloe, algae extract, coneflower extract, cocoa butter, and mango butter and other ingredients. And if you would like to smooth away those facial wrinkles and fine lines, or get rid of crows feet, or those sun spots and dark circles under your eyes, Replexion can be magic in a bottle and they are there for you. With their skin care products you can start looking younger in weeks. How beautiful.

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