Monday, December 25, 2023

A Fly - O - Art & Carla Holiday Market!

It is Christmas as I type this blog post, the day of Christ or Jesus Christ's day of birth, a few days until a new year according to that Gregorian calendar. A 123123 years end has rolled around here on planet earth and Israel is still at war as Jesus is in rubble and Christmas is Cancelled in Bethlehem, Jesus birthplace , there are "Free Gaza" protests happening on a seemingly daily basis in the New York City area and I am wondering if it is still a Dark Winter 2023.

And so this Fly - O - Art & Carla Holiday Market! in that city of New York, that finds itself posted in those photos and videos above, has also been a Morus Holiday Market that I have found myself vending at in years past, also turned into a Fly E bike story for Fly Orr who found herself posting on her Instagram page a few days before the holiday market:

Broken wrist. Got run over today. I mean yesterday by an E bike that took me down and then took off. Spent about seven hours in the ER before they finally put a cast on me. I am smiling because I am happy to be home finally but the pain is pretty bad. I can definitely say though that getting hit by an E bike is less painful than getting run over by an SUV so. .. There’s that. Six weeks they say. Ugh… I am doing my big annual holiday art sale on Friday, Saturday and Sunday with Carla at the museum of reclaimed urban space. I have new Zine hot off the press. And some other cool stuff. But I left too much to the last minute, so it’s going to be, hard to get it all finished. Please come by the Art sale and say hi or just hang out or buy a new Zine or some cool holiday cards etc. I would really love to see my peoples.

And if I could rant and rave, I would reply to that e bike story that "These DoorDash, Grubhub and delivery for speed apps suck. I wish someone would get rid of these ebikes and scooters. They are a menace to society, outpacing cars for pedestrian injuries. I am scared to walk down the street because of them. These ebikes are not regulated and should require licenses and insurance for them, and that's not even including the lithium battery fires they are causing.'

And so the Facebook event invite for this event reads something like:

Join us. Fly - O - Art & Carla Holiday Market! Holiday ( & Any Day). Hand - stamped & signed greeting cards....Zines, Pins, Books, T-Shirts, Jewelry, CDs, etc... + Fly-O-Art Prints... & some free stuff!!
Lotsa MoRUS Merch!
Friday. Dec 22. Sat. Dec 23. & Sun. Dec. 24. 1-6pm at Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space - MORUS

And thank you Frank Morales, for taking those "Manhattan" and "Money"  boxes out of my closet that's been sitting there for years, and thank you Fly's friend for buying that "Death Tarot Card" box that's been sitting in the closet for years. And thank you Katie and Elana for buying one of those Tompkins Square Park and Washington Square Park t shirts. Your Survival Without Rent film is really cool.

And then there is a Facebook photo from Frank Gonzalez that I came across in facebookland that reads:

Please join us for the first annual New Year's Eve Brunch at the Loisaida CommUnity Office. Special thanks to Kareem Holmes Big City Tourism Loisaida Realty lescommunityconcerns19 & LES Small Biz Alliance #LESsba #NewYearsBrunch #CommUnity


We understand the holidays and New Year's can be hard for most people. If you like a free meal and some good company. Please feel free to join us for the first annual New Year's Eve Brunch at the Loisaida CommUnity Office. Special thanks to our sponsors @bigcitytourism @bigcityreem1 @loisaidarealty @lescc19 & @les.sba #TY #LESsba #NewYears #Brunch #LES #CommUnity

Every picture tells a story. One generation passeth away, and another generation cometh: but the earth abideth for ever. The only thing constant is change and some stories do not end as you expect. We are still living in crazy times. Peace on earth and goodwill to all mankind.