Thursday, May 29, 2008

Those Dish TV's

And I am starting to wonder about those Dish TV Cablevision satellite tv antennas that I see atop of roofs of buildings everywhere throughout New York City and beyond with those pointy antennas sticking out of them in some sort of direction pointing towards the sun or something. And it is like something out of a science fiction movie when I visit a friends apartment who lives on the top floor of their building, and out of their window is what seems like a whole landmine of at least one hundred cable television dish tv antennas on the rooftops of the surrounding buildings pointing in their direction, almost right at their window as if to zap them indefinitely with those invisible zapper rays. And I am starting to wonder about how safe are they in the zap you with those invisible electromagnetic waves everywhere throughout your body department. And then again, isn't just about every modern high tech device giving off those invisible zap you everywhere throughout your body invisible electromagnetic waves. Aren't those invisible rays and signals flying through the air everywhere already? And I imagine there's the cell phone that could top this list also, and even those wireless computers, wireless everything else's, cordless telephones and other communication devices that are possibly radiating radiation everywhere through the air, flying invisible. And what about those satellites beaming down from outer space and other aeronautic outer space devices. And what about the blue light beaming from that television and this computer. And that's not even including microwaves radiating the food, metal detectors, cat scans, and other x ray devices radiating the body. And what does to radiate mean anyway? Do these devices affect the human body, mind and spirit or the electro magnetic pole of the earth and universe. Could these invisible waves be related to this recent, new and modern climate change go green thing. And will there be some sort of side affects from all of these invisible waves and rays a billion years from now. What would some scientist have to say about all of this. What would those environmental save the world groups have to say about this. Does Wikipedia have an entry for this, and what category would it fall under, environmental technological hazards? And whatever this may all mean, have a great electromagnetic radiating day.

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