Monday, May 26, 2008


Museums. Now those places are usually fun to go to. And usually when one is being one of those tourists in their travels around the world, one can sometimes end up at museums, as those places are always usually on tourists routes. And I know that from a dweller in this city where I reside that museums are usually always first on the list that someone visiting would request to go. And museums are great for looking at art, art, and more art. And those places are great for learning about history and historical art. And one can usually spend hours and days at a time going to museums, museums, and more museums. And usually when one in travelling throughout America, one can see the landscape, names of towns, and even souvenirs for each town and city change and become more western with Indian art and names appearing everywhere. And those Indian names and symbols that are to be found out west are beautiful. And one can sometimes learn how whole cities and states are usually named after Indian tribes throughout America. And then there is the Stark Museum of Art. The Stark Museum of Art is part of the Stark Foundation and this museum explores the art of the American West. Their museum has different collections of Western Art, American Indian Art, Decorative Arts, and Rare Books and Manuscripts. And that photo that is placed in this blog entry looks really interesting. And the design of their website looks interesting with photos of cowboys and indians, and red rock mountains on it. At the Stark Museum of Art, they have many collections of American Western art.
You can find paintings, sculptures, prints, furniture and other items from around the world from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries of the people and wildlife of that region. Their museum has collections, exhibitions, educational materials, a Media Center and a store to find out about everything art and the west. And their current featured exhibition is called "Celebrate Shangri La". And by visiting their museum, one might think that it has always been cowboys and indians since the beginning of time, or maybe not. Their museum is located in Orange, Texas and Texas sounds like it can be a great place to visit. For all things American Indian and Western Art, The Stark Museum of Art can be an interesting museum to visit.

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