Monday, December 22, 2008

The Binary Code

We wrestle not against the flesh, but against spiritual wickedness that lies in high places. And that is one of those verses from that book the Bible that passes me on this day. And Christmas, that holy holiday of the birth of Jesus is almost hear, and the air seems still and quiet in his approach as everything seems as if it wants to stand still and come to a halt in anticipation of his appearance, or birth, or something like that. And everything seems so much as if it wants to come to a halt that even this blog finds itself seeming as if wants to become blogaholicless in my blogaholicness these days and times, so much that I find myself asking that question "To blog or not to blog" that is the question. And what's that Binary code number system all about. Isn't that what computers operate on, that 10110010010100010111 system thing. And how is that. And 0 plus 0 = 0 as 0-0=0 and with the addition or subtraction of zero there is only zero. Nothing. And with nothing and from nothing there is only nothing. What's that all about. Is that an infinite endless number that can go on and on throughout all time endlessly. Is that some sort of secret code to unlock all things. And these are random thoughts I find myself blahging. Have a great binary day.

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