Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Statement

And so I received this email with the subjest title "Damn... It ain't 2012 yet!", the other day that was sent from two different people, or maybe the same person twice with two different names in internetland. And I am not exactly sure what to make of this email or what commentary to comment on it, if its words are a poem, commentary, statement or what not. And I thought it interesting enough to post as follows, because hey, it's less writing sometimes in my attempt to maintain content for this blog whenever possible. And for some reason I found myself exchangng those nationalities with the words so and so people.....:

They tried to sell me out the day I was born… injecting me with disease thru vaccination…

Yet I survive.

They tried to mentally beat me into submission, telling me that asking questions was a bad behavior… prescribing Ritalin, holding back grades…

Yet I am stronger through the education of life after conquering their system

They tried to suppress my individuality, condemn my sexuality, sell my self-image to me as a damaged fallacy…

Yet I love me more the more I get to know.

They tried to bar me from my brothers… teaching us to kill each other not only with guns and violence- but indifference and resentment, hatred and lust.

Yet, I love them more than ever with every atrocity and victory- because I understand.

They tried to blame my people for our current state, knowing that the corruption of this system is the real issue…

Yet, I still admire the resilience of a spirit in the smile of Harlem, Tuskegee, Atlanta, Africa that just won’t die…

They tried to teach me to fear and hate "filled in the word with so and so" people…

They tried to mask the "filled in the word with so and so people" community as inferior…

They tried to de-sexualize "so and so people"…

They tried to paint "so and so people" as nerdy and un-cool…

They tried to paint "so and so people" as terrorist…

They tried to de-humanize "so and so people" as impoverished ignoramuses

They tried to say that "so and so people" were no good.

Yet when I look at the various array of beautiful friends and lovers that I embrace from ALL of these cultures, none of these stigmas reign true.

They tried to kill is with Polio, then poison us with cancer thru its vaccine

They killed over 150 "so and so" men with Syphilis, experimenting its affects 40 years after a “cure” was found

They are taking new born babies not even 12 hours old and administering “vaccine” shots to them with drugs that the FDA has tried to ban from animal vaccines…coincidentally autism in new borns is skyrocketing.

They are producing a new influenza virus every year, then selling shots to us

They are releasing air borne germs thru pollution

They are poisoning our foods with hormones

They are lacing our vitamins with drugs

They are taking our troops and using them as human guinea pigs- shooting them up with inoculations of drugs with unknown side affects; holding them up in VA hospitals using them as human experiments for their sick, graduated 6th grade science project agendas…

They injected "so and so" men in NYC and San Francisco as well as "so and so" people in Africa with a Hepatitis B “vaccine” in the late 70’s that killed the same monkeys that they tested it on who supposedly started the spread of “AIDS” in NYC, San Francisco, and Africa in the mid 80’s.

There is nothing new under the sun

History only repeats itself

There is no issue without resolve… There is no disease without cure as sure as there is gravity.

There is man made law…

There is chemical war fare

This AIDS is a lie

This HIV is a lie

There is no virus… there is propaganda and fear.

There are people too emotional to look at logic with common sense and see the truth.

There are people willing themselves to die because they BELIVE they are going to die, thus giving up on life.

There is masonry and illuminati, and all types of other crazy s..t.

There are gangsters… the real ones wearing lab coats and goggles, three piece business suits swearing “Justice For All” while standing on certain peoples shoulders… Piggy back riding injustice all the way to the bank…

Swearing “Justice For All” on The Bible, promoting perjury while condemning dishonesty when that is what this whole system is built on.

The greed of man is amazing… The lust for these worldly possessions profuse.

Don’t they know that none of it means anything?

There are misunderstandings

There is mind manipulation.

There is evil… so much of it that I sometimes feel overwhelmed.

Yet, I do not despair…

Not when I see you smile.

Not when I see you laugh.

Not when I see you loving each other.

Not when I see you sharing.

I will not despair…

Because any force dumb enough to think it can con the God in us is a fool so supreme that the joke is already on them.

The wicked is laughable… They have no power.

Don’t they know we are unbreakable?

Don’t they know that we will not be used for their agenda?

Don’t they know that it is time to get it together?

When there is Haiti and Chile, 911, and Katrina- not even within a full decade span of each other?

It has arrived…

It is already unraveling… and the information is too easy to access.

They monitor text and facebook messages, listen to our cell phone calls… They know your ip address, look out for key words, trace everything you google, have copies of all of your emails… Mapquest registers your whereabouts, hopstop traces your steps… Bank account and credit transactions from online ordered services logged and reported… not to mention that we already post our inner most thoughts and feelings all over social networking sites.

Your whole life is LITERALLY in the palm of your hand via Blackberry and Iphone from which you obtained off of your social security number… Hope you don’t lose it…

There is no more mystery… no privacy.

Yet it means nothing because we’re all talking about the same things.

Yet it means nothing because it’s still relative… viral technology works both ways. We can be monitored, yet…

Internet f....d up your crooked music and entertainment industry

Your television is becoming obsolete, your movies are hawked for free…

Your agendas are being ignored… independence is being born due to the lack of control that can be implemented…

We can’t all be controlled… and we are no longer oppressed by LACK OF EDUCATION

Networks share information… and people are making love without shame or fear, experimenting with the highs of life on their own will, people are eating better, people are not ashamed to be weird, gay, artistic, confused…

People okay with not being okay…

Not looking for the answers in…


We don’t need your cures.

People are okay with being… PEOPLE.

Don’t they know it has arrived?

When we ALL know that our votes don’t count…

When we all know that there is no iron fist, there are no records…

Just fear in the injustice of man…

Don’t they know that it isn’t real?

Do you know that it isn’t real?

The only real thing is love.

Do what you want and love as hard as you can, and please READ AND EDUCATE YOURSELVES… this life is too short and the world as we know it is ending.


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