Sunday, May 26, 2024

Scenes from a Trump campaign rally in the Bronx


And in between reading the headline news of the day, which sometimes reads like a horror story, and in the midst of The Loisaida Festival, the 29th Annual Lower East Side Festival of the Arts and a hardcore punk rock concert in Tompkins Square Park that's taking place this Memorial Day weekend in the Lower East Side or East Village for real estate marketing purposes in the New York City area, I somehow found myself attempting to vend an Election Sale of that Trump jewelry at another Trump campaign rally at Crotona Park in the South Bronx the other day as part of those 2024 United States elections where all the colors everywhere seem to be red maga. And in between getting shut down by the New York City Parks Department every time I tried to set up, I guess I could say thank you D'Anna Andreá, Madeline Brame, Dion Powell, Robert WhiteMan Kisses Flag and others for buying one of those #trump2024 necklaces, magnets, key chains and/or pins, and Rocky Granata for buying 30 pieces of #trump jewelry for that Trump Store.

And this same thing happened during the Wildsood Beach Trump campaign rally in New Jersey the other day where they, I guess the New Jersey Parks Department were not allowing vendors to vend on the Wildwood Beach boardwalk during the Trump rally.

And there was an estimated 30,000 people who attended this rally in the South Bronx, and some of the scenes from that video that finds itself posted above are of a Trump impersonator who caused chaos as he walked through the crowd, OfficialDVS7.0 and his maga music band performed their 'I Stand for Trump" song and other vendors were being shut down by the parks department and were told that they could vend across the street from the park.


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