Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Lincoln Square Free Summer Concert

And so goes another one of those get rich internet quickless, blog your way to the bankless days that I have found myself blogging about lately every so often to where I find myself instead blah blogging about a Lincoln Square Free Summer Concert at Richard Tucker Park that I found myself attending on this blogger day. And some good friends were performing at this concert that I found myself at as in that photo and video above. And according to that flyer that was handed out at this Lincoln Square Free Summer Concert, this concert at Richard Tucker Park that is sponsored by Music Under New York and the Lincoln Square Business Improvement District takes place every Wednesday, July 6-August 31 from noon to 2pm in that city of New York in Lincoln Square that finds itself across from that arts institution of Lincoln Center. And so according to that flyer again, grab your lunch and some friends and enjoy a taste of New York's Eclectic "Underground" music scene! With different musicians from MUNY that play in the New York City subways from the underground. And this concert subway musicians rocks. Have a great music and more day.
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