Tuesday, April 6, 2010


And from what I can recall, music makes the world go round. And music can make you dance. And I have been hearing so many songs and more songs since I found myself as one of those dwellers here on planet earth. And then there are those many forms that music can and has been found in to listen to that music, as I can remember the eight track tape, the cassette tape, the vinyl lp and even the is it the 45 record of long lore ago. And so that is exactly that, those music playing formats of long lore ago. And so welcome to the age of high tech technology seemingly everything and free mp3 streaming . And I would assume that if you have not heard of that term mp3 by now when it comes to music, that you must have been living in a cave the past ten years or so, maybe. And if you happen to have one of those computers, blackberry's, iPhones, mobile phones or other high tech gadgets, you can download a ton of songs online and listen to them anywhere on the go. And with the age of MySpace, Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks, you can now share that music with anyone. And what an awesome idea this whole concept is to me even to this high tech communications day. And what a ways from long lore ago the age of music and communications has transformed itself. Have a great music and more day.

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