Saturday, April 10, 2010


As so on this day here on planet earth, I find myself blogging about boats. And not just any boats but Palm Beach boats. And that's where you can find the palm beach boat club. And when I see the photos of some of those fancy yachts and boats, grand spectacular images come to mind of boats traveling down the oceans and waterways, cruising along the coastlines. And what better way to have a boat in Florida than renting it from one of those boat share clubs that usually have a fleet of boats to choose from. And from what I recall, Florida can be an awesome place to take in some fishing and fun in the sun. And with those boat club membership fees you can have all the advantages of having a boat without owning it and all the responsibilities that comes with ownership of a boat such as maintenance and repair and a host of other trials and travails that come with ownership. Though who is supposed to be the driver of this boat I am not exactly sure, as I am sure those boat clubs could address this question. So if you happen to be looking to boat your way across the waterways of Florida, one of those boat clubs could be the way to go.

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