Saturday, April 10, 2010


Hey again bloggers. And I have been finding myself blah blogging a lot lately on this blog for some reason or another. So much, that I find myself just really making up random topics to blagh about simply just to fill up space. At some point I might just start reciting words from the dictionary in my web 2.0 user generated contentness, if I'm not doing that already, from having a lack of things to blagh about. And so another of today's random topics is that video game Freecell. What's up with that game? As I have seem many a people playing it in their homes, on subway trains, buses and other forms of transit as if in a robot nation game playing trance haze. And is this that free cell addiction thing maybe, where whole lives can be devoted to the playing of this solitaire card like game to the point of where ones family and friends can disappear from discord and having being lost to this technology advanced device, much like television and the internet maybe. One of those freecellaholic, televisionaholic, internetaholics. And there must be some sort of AA meeting or freecellaholics anonymous meeting out there maybe. Freecell, what's up with that?

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