Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Blue Man Group

And so this posting happens to be about The Blue Man Group and their blueness. And I have hard of that group, as isn't that that popular group of men painted blue who perform awesome performances in those theater venues around the world? And I have always wondered how do they get themselves painted so perfectly blue, as if it could be one of those blue man mysteries. And have you aver wondered how those actors and actresses get themselves to turn blue? Well now there's blue man group makeup , a make up kit where you can paint yourself blue just like the blue man group. And that makes for a really cool costume to me. And this kit comes with powder, gum, foam, latex and a host of other ingredients that seem almost too complex for me to comprehend though the application seems as if it can be as easy as one two three to apply the makeup. And even if you're not becoming blue, the idea of dressing up in costumes for any occasion other than Halloween can always be a fun occasion, as any day of the year can be a dress up costume day.

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