Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Jekyll and Hyde

Who are Jekyll and Hyde? Those two characters came across my mind this week. Who are those people? I have heard a lot about them over the years in this lifetime and I associate them with the three faces of Adam and Eve, or it that the two faces of Adam and Eve. I think of them all as characters from out of some psycho nightmare suspense thriller horror story movie, or is that some other kind of movie. Are these all the same people? Is Jekyll and Hyde the same person or two different people. Are the three faces of Adam and Eve all the sames faces or different faces? And what are these different faces. Does that mean the 2000 different personalities of the same person that changes from one second to the next. What is the story behind these characters, where do they come from, what path do they walk; straight or crooked, good or evil? And what have they to do with one another. Who are they then and who are they now. I would really like to meet them, or have I met them already? I hear they have been around for quite a while.

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