Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Blog about this blog

Hey Bloggers, as I sit here blah blogging away, I am finding myself writing more and more in an attempt to blog to riches and I am also finding myself running out of things to blah blah blog about again in the blogosphere of a zillion blogs. Maybe it's some sort of writers block, or blogger burnout or something. What are bloggers writing about these days and what do bloggers do when they run out of things to blog about? Or does that ever happen. And what happens if ones stops blogging altogether? Is there life after blogging? Is there life after the Internet? As there was life before the Internet was invented, wasn't there? And what's the purpose of blogging again? Is it to ramble and rant to an online diary or journal or something. I wonder if at some point I may start writing about every word in the dictionary just to have something to blog about. This blogging whatever random thoughts that come to mind in a web 2.0 social media networking technology thing world has got me going.

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