Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Venture Capitalism? I mean Venture Capital? I am not exactly sure what that phrase means but it sounds like some sort of adventure having to do with capitalism and I have never been a really big fan of capitalism for I have always thought the word meant having something to do with money and rich and poor. And what is capital and capitalism, that's a whole another post. Well, VentureDeal is a state of the art venture capital database and I still have to look at their website to see what that means. VentureDeal Venture Capital Database is a a venture capital database that provides subscribers the latest information about technology related venture capital transactions and deal makers in the United States and Israel. This is a sponsored post.

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Mark said...

"The Mind and the Market" by Jerry Muller

One of the best books concerning Capitalism. From Adams to Marx, Hegel to Hayek.

Mark said...
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