Saturday, October 18, 2008

Nonsense NYC

Hey Bloggers, and it's events time again. And usually it's events time again because hey, it's less writing sometimes when I am trying to figure out what to blah blog about in my blogaholicness on this blog. And I received another one of those Jeff Stark nonsense nyc emails the other day, this really cool event list that seems to be all events in that City of New York all the time. And so one of their weekly events that they have listed for this week seems really cool if you happen to be in the neighborhood, is that:

ABC No Rio Gala Benefit at Angel Orensanz Foundation for the Arts

Join us for cocktails, buffet, burlesque performances, brilliant conversation and spirited bidding in the art auction.

Master of Ceremonies: Reverend Jen. Performance: Hungry March Band, Aurora Boob Realis, Boobie von Trapp, and Jezebel Express.

Auction: Bullet Space, Kathe Burkhart, Michael Cataldi, Mel Chin, Maureen Connor, Martha Cooper, Linus Coraggio, Molly Crabapple, Peggy Cyphers, Bill Daniel, Arnon Ben David, Mike Estabrook, Robert Flynt, Chitra Ganesh, Brian George, Judy Glantzman, Mike Glier, Robert Goldman, Mimi Gross, Hans Haacke, Julie Hair, Jacob Hashimoto, Geoffrey Hendricks, International Graffiti Times, Vandana Jain, Fawad Khan, Barney Kulok, Lady Pink, Anne Arden McDonald, Joseph Nechvatal, Shirin Neshat, Nils Norman, Claes Oldenburg, Alice O'Malley, Tom Otterness, Trevor Paglen, Francis Palazzolo, Anton Perich, Judy Pfaff, Kembra Pfahler, James Romberger, Christy Rupp, Kelly Savage, Kristen Schiele, David Schmidlapp, Andres Serrano, Greg Sholette, Kiki Smith, Chris Stain, Swoon, Seth Tobocman, Marguerite Van Cook, Anton van Dalen, Tom Warren and Lawrence Weiner.
And this event rocks. Have a great art and music day.
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