Saturday, March 1, 2008

These Events

For some reason I do not see this blog every too often as usual these days, and yet here I go blah bloggng about events of the day again because I see them listed everywhere and also because hey, it's less writing sometimes, especially when I find myself in bloggerland with blogger burnout approaching. And in my attempt to maintain my other blog, that other blog seems as if it wants to confuse me and give me twice as much work sometimes, and it also seems as if it is becoming a replica of this blog. So as I was blah blogging again, what's up with that Frigid New York Festival 2008 February 27th - March 9th, that has been listed everywhere this past month. Is that another version of that Fringe Festival? Well, it seems as if there a lot fun plays to check out at their festival. Their website describes it as 3 theaters, 12 Days, 30 shows, and over 150 performances. Here are some of the 2nd Annual Frigid New York Off Broadway shows, and some of these plays seem funny as heck:

American Badass:
Written by: Chris Harcum
Directed by: Bricken Sparacino
Cast: Chris Harcum

American Cake:
Written by: Jonathan Pereira
Directed by: Kristen Williams
Produced by: Prickly Pear
Cast: Jonathan Pereira

Antonin...Mon Artaud:
Written by: Roi 'Bubi' Escudero
Produced by: ETdC Projects’ Lab
Cast: Roi 'Bubi' Escuder

Clinical Depression (the funny kind):
Written by: Drew Winniger
Directed by: Bilgin Turker
Presented by: Jonathan Tessero
Cast: Drew Winniger

Diversity Harbour:
Written by: Marisa Wegrzyn
Directed by: Annie Coburn
Produced by: Don't Eat the Pictures
Cast: Dana Berger (Grace), Dorien Makhloghi (Dennis), Avery Pearson (James) and Amanda Sayle (Stephanie).

Great Hymn of Thanksgiving/Conversation Storm:
Written by: Rick Burkhardt
Produced by: Nonsense Productions
Cast: Rick Burkhardt, Andy Gricevich and Ryan Higgins

Speedo and the Straight Man:
Written by: Gerard Karabin
Directed by: Peter A. DuBo’
Produced by: MeLu Communications Group
Cast: Lucio Fernandez

Conceived by: Jason Tyne
Directed by: Jason Tyne
Produced by: Rising Sun Performance Company
Cast: Andrea Snell, Julie Bain, Nicolette Callaway, Josh Hyman, Brian Schell, Courtney J. Boddie, Chris Enright, Kerri Ford and Ben Rameaka

Written by: Jennie Franks
Directed by: Sasha Cucciniello
Produced by: Jennie Franks Production
Cast: Jennie Franks

Curated by: Alexander Carson
Cast: The crew - Alexander Carson, Nicholas Marti, Kyle Thomas, Zachary Cox and Benjamin Carson

Diary of a Mad Fashionista:
Written by: Elisa DeCarlo
Presented by: S&D Production
Cast: Elisa DeCarlo (Fashionista) and Shannon Sutherland

Fool For A Client:
Written by: Mark Whitney
Cast: Mark Whitney

Hap Scotch:
Presented by: Sapling Players

Her Majesty:
Written by: Sean Owens
Presented by: EXIT Theatre production
Cast: Christina Augello and Sean Owens.

Korean Badass:
Written by: Stevie Lee Saxon
Presented by: Korean Kneivel
Cast: Stevie Lee Saxon

Leaving Normal:
Written by: Melissa McNamara
Cast: Melissa McNamara

Preparation Hex:
Written by: Bob Brader
Directed by: Suzanne Bachner
Produced by: John Montgomery Theatre Company
Cast: Bob Brader

Rebel Without a Niche:
Written by: Kurt Fitzpatrick
Directed by: Gabe Hakvaag
Presented by: Too Much Free Time
Cast: Kurt Fitzpatrick.

Working It Out:
Written by: Amanda Sage Comerford
Directed by: Helena Gleissner
Produced by: An International BTC

Written by: Andrew Connor
Produced by: IL Productions

Written by: Rick Vorndran
Directed by: Rick Vorndran
Presented by: A Dysfunctional Theatre Company Production
Cast: Rob Brown, Danaher Dempsey, Allison Sell, Amy Beth Sherman, Theresa Unfried and Alexander R. Warner.

Excess Secret Circus: Guess What ‘It’s’ About?:
Conceived by: Theatre Reverb
Choreography by: Miranda Zukowski
Presented by: Theatre Reverb
Cast: Kristin Arnesen, Radoslaw Konopka, Christopher Thomas Gilkey, Rachael W. Gilkey

Giant Invisible Robot:
Written by: Jayson McDonald
Produced by: Stars and Hearts
Cast: Jayson McDonald

Modern Medieval:
Written by: David Tyson
Presented by: A David Tyson's Weaver of Tales Theatre production
Cast: David Tyson

Subway Series:
Written by: NewFormat Improvsation
Produced by: NewFormat Improv Production
Cast: Jason Surratt, Jeff Stevens, Dan Levy, Chris McCue, Megan Bernard, Greg Moss, Cole Stitelman, Aaron Stoker-Ring.

Thanks for the Scabies, Jerkface!:
Written by: Dan Bernitt
Produced by: Dan Bernitt Production
Cast: Dan Bernitt.

Two in the Bush!:
Written by: Tracey Erin Smith
Directed by Anita La Selva
Produced by: Burning Bush Productions
Cast: Tracey Erin Smith.

Whence Came Ye Scarlett O'Hara O'Hanrahan?:
Written by: Melle Powers
Directed by: Anita La Selva
Produced by: 53 Hysterics
Cast: Melle Powers

Written by: Kestryl Lowrey
Cast: Kestryl Lowrey

And now there are even more events, so many that the list could seem endless, especially in New York. Here is an excerpt from this weeks nonsense nyc that seems interesting, and their list is even more extensive:

The Fifth Annual NYC Grassroots Media Conference 2008, March 2nd, at Hunter College. Participate in one of the most exciting, local, grassroots media and activism events in New York City. In addition to a full day of workshops and panels, there will be a full day film festival, exhibition room featuring displays by local organizations, and tons of networking opportunities. free103point9 "Protest Radio" workshop will explain how free103point9 will use the open-source Asterisk software, and other streaming software, and how it can be used at other events and shared by many media outlets. Their schedule of workshops, speakers, panelists, and presenters include: FAIR, Center for Media Justice, Marymount Manhattan College, Coalition of Institutionalized Aged and Disabled (CIAD), Arts Engine, Inc., Hunter College, Tiltfactor Game Research Lab, Radical Reference, Reporters Without Borders, Learning Matters Inc., Listen Up!, Groundswell, Inc., Time's Up!, Transportation Alternatives, Street Films, Street Memorial Project, Manhattan Neighborhood Network, Center for Digital Democracy, Name.Space and WiFi-NY, Common Cause, Sarah Lawrence College and the New York Solidarity Coalition for Katrina/Rita Survivors, movement in motion, The Media Justice Fund of the Funding Exchange, The North Star Fund, The Social Science Research Council, People's Production House and ChicaLuna Productions, The Indypendent - Newspaper of NYC Independent Media Center,
Workers Independent News, Queens Community House, Paper Tiger TV, The Lower Eastside Girls Club, MNN Youth Channel, Global Information Network, Guttmacher Institute, Brooklyn Museum, Youth Views and POV and more.
And this social media evolution of that web 2.0 user generated content thing has really got me going, and it makes me want to say "Power To The People", when I read their schedule.
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Mad Fashionista said...

Dahling, thank you ever so for mentioning my show, "Diary of A Mad Fashionista"! If you want to come see it, please do hurry down to the Red Room theater before March 8! Ciao, the Fashionista

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