Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Dogs

The dogs. The canines. The barking dogs. Beware of the dogs, bewares of the dogs everywhere all over the world, in every house, nook, corner and cranny. And sometimes I wonder if the world is going to the dogs, the animals, as it seems as if there are more dogs, domesticated dogs, non domesticated and stray dogs everywhere these days, so much that I am starting to wonder if there are more dogs on earth than people. I actually read an article in, was it the am NY or the Metro the other day? And the title of the article was "100,000 dogs to be killed in Indian city", as "The dogs have become a big nuisance and are threatening humans" there. Are dogs now overpopulating the world more than people on planet mother earth these days. And what would those animal activists PETA have to say about this? And then there was another article in The Villager newspaper the other day, something about "A dogfight over a dog run..", that had something to do with people are signing petitions to not include dog runs in neighborhood parks and playgrounds. And then there are those no dog allowed signs that are on just about every other store in New York City that say "No Dogs Allowed". And then there is the usual sighting of what seems like about every other person walking their dog around town so much that it seems like the city is one big dog walk. And where are the cats. And what does this all mean anyway.
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