Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another Game

Baseball. What can I say about baseball to go along with that really big huge photo about baseball that I find myself posting on this blog posting today about baseball. And when I think of baseball for some reason I think of sports and baseball, apple pie, 2.5 kids, a white picket fence, the American flag, the Star Spangled Banner and the American dream, whatever that dream could be. Isn't that one of those all American games, or maybe it isn't. And baseball is one of those games that is usually played in school also I think. And then what about those big league baseball teams, is that what they call them? And then there are those baseball fans. And then there is fantasy baseball. Fantasy baseball you say? What could that be, baseball that is a fantasy, a dream, an illusion. Oh, that's baseball that you can play in the comfort of your own home without ever having to go anywhere or leave home. Fantasy Sports Prophet's Fantasy Baseball software is web based and lets you choose the baseball players for that baseball game you are playing, and you can also choose your own scoring rules and scoring parameters as outlined by your league host. Player rankings based on Predictive Modeling by PhD scientists and Sports Prophet’s fantasy baseball draft software uses Artificial Intelligence, Predictive Analytics, and Data Mining techniques to create the most accurate player projections available. Their website also has a full season roster management including updated mid-season projections via artificial intelligence, and you can also find news, rumors about your favorite players and teams and injury reports and major updates. And there is also a $10 off special for using promo code BMC200. Fantasy Sports Prophet's Fantasy Baseball software system is the key tool to winning fantasy baseball leagues.

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